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Symptoms of Heart failure

Symptoms of Heart failure: Introduction

Symptoms of heart failure can vary between individuals and can differ depending on the severity of the disease and the underlying cause. In some cases, an individual may not have symptoms until the disease has progressed and become severe. Early symptoms can develop slowly.

The primary symptom of heart failure is shortness of breath, which can occur at rest or with exertion. Shortness of breath often occurs when lying down and can interrupt sleep. It can be relieved to various degrees by sleeping in a semi-upright position.

Congestion and fluid in the lungs also leads to wheezing, chest pain, and an ongoing cough that brings up frothy phlegm that may be blood tinged. Fluid in the lungs also increases the risk of developing infections of the lungs, such as pneumonia, which can be fatal in some cases.

Symptoms can also include swelling (edema) of the feet, ankles, and legs. In severe cases, swelling can occur in the abdomen and arms as well. General symptoms include weakness, fatigue, and dizziness, confusion, restlessness, anxiety, and an alteration in consciousness, because the brain and body are not getting sufficient oxygen and nutrients to function properly. Paleness, or cyanosis, a bluish discoloration of the lips, feet and hands, may also occur.

Heart failure is not always fatal, but serious complications can occur, including arrhythmias. Certain arrhythmias that may occur with heart failure are fatal if not immediately treated and can result in cardiac arrest and death. Another life-threatening complication of heart failure is acute pulmonary edema, in which large amounts of fluid accumulate in the lungs....more about Heart failure »

Symptoms of Heart failure

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A number of symptoms are associated with heart failure, but none is specific for the condition. Perhaps the best known symptom is shortness of breath ("dyspnea") . In heart failure, this may result from excess fluid in the lungs. The breathing difficulties may occur at rest or during exercise. In some cases, congestion may be severe enough to prevent or interrupt sleep.

Fatigue or easy tiring is another common symptom. As the heart's pumping capacity decreases, muscles and other tissues receive less oxygen and nutrition, which are carried in the blood. Without proper "fuel," the body cannot perform as much work, which translates into fatigue.

Fluid accumulation, or edema, may cause swelling of the feet, ankles, legs, and occasionally, the abdomen. Excess fluid retained by the body may result in weight gain, which sometimes occurs fairly quickly.

Persistent coughing is another common sign, especially coughing that regularly produces mucus or pink, blood-tinged sputum. Some people develop raspy breathing or wheezing.

Because heart failure usually develops slowly, the symptoms may not appear until the condition has progressed over years. The heart hides the underlying problem by making adjustments that delay--but do not prevent--the eventual loss in pumping capacity. The heart adjusts, or compensates, in three ways to cope with and hide the effects of heart failure:

  • Enlargement ("dilatation"), which allows more blood into the heart;

  • Thickening of muscle fibers ("hypertrophy") to strengthen the heart muscle, which allows the heart to contract more forcefully and pump more blood; and

  • More frequent contraction, which increases circulation.
By making these adjustments, or compensating, the heart can temporarily make up for losses in pumping ability, sometimes for years. However, compensation has its limits. Eventually, the heart cannot offset the lost ability to pump blood, and the signs of heart failure appear. (Source: excerpt from NHLBI, Heart Failure: NHLBI)

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