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Glossary for Anthrax

  • Bacillaceae Infections: Infection with bacteria from the Bacillaceae family. Bacillaceae infection can cause a variety of diseases depending on the specific bacteria involved e.g. anthrax, tetanus, botulism.
  • Bacterial diseases: Diseases caused by a bacterial infection
  • Bioterrorism: The use of biological warfare for the use of terrorism
  • Boil: Infected puseous hair follicle on the skin
  • Carbuncle: Group of multiple boils
  • Cold-like symptoms: Symptoms similar to the common cold.
  • Conditions involving a pathogen: Medical conditions involving some type of pathogen, such as a virus or bacteria.
  • Cutaneous Anthrax: A skin infection caused by the spores of the anthrax bacteria called Bacillus anthracis. The infection occurs when the spores enter broken skin and result in a small red bump which blisters. The blister ruptures and forms a dark scab over dead tissue.
  • Death: The cessation of life
  • Digestive Diseases: Diseases that affect the digestive system
  • Diseases contagious from animals: Diseases that can be contracted from animals
  • Gangrene: Tissue death
  • Gastrointestinal Anthrax: Anthrax of the digestive system.
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding: Internal bleeding in the digestive tract
  • Lung conditions: Various conditions affecting the lungs or related airways.
  • Malaise: General feelings of discomfort or being ill-at-ease.
  • Mediastinitis: Inflammation of the area between the lungs called the mediastinum which contains the heart, thymus gland, windpipe, esophagus and large blood vessels. The condition may occur suddenly (acute) or slowly over a period of time (chronic). It is often a complication of open chest surgery or penetrating chest wounds.
  • Meningitis: Dangerous infection of the membranes surrounding the brain.
  • Plague: A rare but serious bacterial infection involving the bacterium Yersinia Pestis which can be carried by rodents and transmitted to humans by flea bites or through direct contact with an infected animal.
  • Pleural effusion: Fluid in the pleural spaces.
  • Pulmonary Anthrax: Inhaled lung anthrax, most severe form of anthrax.
  • Septic shock: serious medical condition caused by decreased tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery as a result of infection and sepsis, though the microbe may be systemic or localized to a particular site
  • Septicemia: A systemic inflammatory response to an infection.
  • Shock: Severe condition from reduced blood circulation
  • Skin bumps: Bumps or lumps on the skin.
  • Skin conditions: Any condition that affects the skin
  • Skin ulcer: The occurrence of an ulcer that is located on the skin
  • Sore Throat: Discomfort in the throat or with swallowing
  • Tularemia: A rare infections disease caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis (a gram-negative pleomorphic coccobacillus). Transmission occurs through contact with infected animals or there habitats e.g. bites from infected insects or other animals, eating infected wild animals, contact with contaminated water and soil. Symptoms can vary greatly depending on the method of infection. For example infection through inhalation can cause symptoms similar to pneumonia, eating infected animals can cause a sore throat and abdominal symptoms and transmission through the skin can cause result in a painful skin ulcer.
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases: Any disease that can be prevented by the administration of a vaccine
  • Zoonotic Diseases: When a condition is transmitted through a zoonotic organisms


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