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Glossary for Measles

  • Atypical pneumonia:
  • Brain damage: Damage to the brain from various causes
  • Breathing difficulty: Various types of breathing difficulty (dyspnea).
  • Bronchiectasis: Chronic bronchiole dilation from secretions and blockages.
  • Child health conditions: Any medical conditions typically afflicting children.
  • Cold-like symptoms: Symptoms similar to the common cold.
  • Conditions involving a pathogen: Medical conditions involving some type of pathogen, such as a virus or bacteria.
  • Conjunctivitis: Contagious eye infection
  • Cough: The noise produced from the sudden expulsion of air from the lungs
  • Dacryoadenitis:
  • Deafness: Inability to hear sounds.
  • Death: The cessation of life
  • Dengue fever: An acute viral disease characterized by fever, rash and myalgia and caused by a flavivirus which is transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • Earache: Pain in the ear called "otalgia"
  • Encephalitis: Dangerous infection of the brain
  • Flu-like conditions: Medical conditions similar to flu, or exhibition flu-like symptoms.
  • Human parvovirus B19 infection: An infectious disease caused by parovirus B19 which causes fifth disease and erythema infectiosum.
  • Kawasaki disease: A childhood illness that generally affects the skin, mouth and lymph nodes.
  • Maculopapular rash: A rash that occurs on the skin that appears reddish with macula and papules
  • Measles: Once common viral infection now rare due to vaccination.
  • Meningitis: Dangerous infection of the membranes surrounding the brain.
  • Meningoencephalitis: A condition which is characterized by inflammation of the brain and meninges
  • Middle ear infection: Infection of middle ear also called otitis media.
  • Mononucleosis: Common infectious virus.
  • Nezelof's syndrome: An immune deficiency disorder where the cells that normally fight infection don't work properly and patients suffer frequent severe infections.
  • Pneumonia: Infection of the lung by bacteria, viruses or fungus.
  • Red eye: Redness of the eyes
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever: A bacterial disease caused by Rickettsia rickettsii and transmitted by ticks. The condition causes fever and a characteristic rash and may be fatal in severe or untreated cases.
  • Roseola infantum: Contagious infant conditions
  • Rubella: A contagious viral infection caused by the Rubella virus which produces a rash and lymph node swelling. It can have serious implication in pregnant women as the virus can be transmitted through the placenta and cause serious fetal defects or even fetal death.
  • Runny nose: Rhinitis is the medical term describing irritation and inflammation of some internal areas of the nose
  • SCID: Major failure of the immune system, usually genetic.
  • Scarlet fever: A complication of infection from strep bacteria such as strep throat.
  • Severe headache: A condition which is characterized by a severe headache
  • Skin conditions: Any condition that affects the skin
  • Slap-cheek syndrome: Viral infection where children get rosy cheeks.
  • Sneezing: Nasal sneezing often from nasal irritation
  • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis: A progressive neurological disorder involving inflammation of the brain caused by a complication of the measles virus. It can occur up to 10 years after the initial measles virus and may be due to a defective immune response to the virus or a reactivation of the virus.
  • Thrombocytopenia: Decreased platelets in the blood
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases: Any disease that can be prevented by the administration of a vaccine
  • Very high fever: The occurrence of an extremely high temperature
  • Viral diseases: Any disease that is caused by a virus
  • Watering eyes: A condition which is characterized by eyes that profusely water


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