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Fertility symptoms

Fertility symptoms: Introduction

Further information about Fertility symptoms is below, or review more specific information about these types of Fertility symptoms: infertility, male infertility, reduced sperm count, female infertility, subfertility, Disorders of the ovaries, Disorders of the uterus in the reproductive age group, Hypogonadism or other types.

Fertility symptoms: Fertility problems for men or women. See detailed information below for a list of 370 causes of Fertility symptoms, Symptom Checker, Assessment Questionnaire, including diseases and drug side effect causes.

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Home Diagnostic Testing and Fertility symptoms

Home medical tests possibly related to Fertility symptoms:

Causes of Types of Fertility symptoms:

Review the causes of these more specific types of Fertility symptoms:

Fertility symptoms: Symptom Checker

Listed below are some combinations of symptoms associated with Fertility symptoms, as listed in our database. Visit the Symptom Checker, to add and remove symptoms and research your condition.

Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker

Fertility symptoms Treatments

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Diagnostic tests for Fertility symptoms:

Various tests are used in the diagnosis of Fertility symptoms. Some of these are listed below :

  • Physical examination of female
    • Inspect the secondary sexual characteristics . If abnormal consider Turner's syndrome, Simmond's disease, Frolich's syndrome and virilism
    • Complete endocrine examination. If abnormalities consider hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Simmond's disease or Acromegaly
    • Female Pelvic examination. Look for abnormalities such as cervicitis, stenosis of the cervix, fibroids, retroverted uterus, tubo-ovarian abscess and polycystic ovaries
  • Physical examination of male
  • more tests...»

Fertility symptoms: Animations

Fertility symptoms: Comorbid Symptoms

Some of the comorbid or associated medical symptoms for Fertility symptoms may include these symptoms:

Causes of General Symptom Types

Research the causes of these more general types of symptom:

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Causes of Similar Symptoms to Fertility symptoms

Research the causes of these symptoms that are similar to, or related to, the symptom Fertility symptoms:

Assessment Questionnaire: Questions your doctor may ask (and why!)

During a consultation, your doctor will use various techniques to assess the symptom: Fertility symptoms. These will include a physical examination and possibly diagnostic tests. (Note: A physical exam is always done, diagnostic tests may or may not be performed depending on the suspected condition) Your doctor will ask several questions when assessing your condition. It is important to openly share any pertinent information to help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

It is also very important to bring an up-to-date list of all of your all medical conditions, medications including dosages, and names of numbers of any specialist you see.

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Fertility symptoms: Deaths

Read more about causes and Fertility symptoms deaths.

Misdiagnosis and Fertility symptoms

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Fertility symptoms: Research Related Doctors & Specialists

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Hospitals & Clinics: Fertility symptoms

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Fertility symptoms: Related Rare Diseases

Rare types of medical conditions and diseases in related medical categories:

Fertility symptoms: Undiagnosed Conditions

Conditions that are commonly undiagnosed in related areas may include:

Organs affected by Fertility symptoms:

The list of organs typically affected by Fertility symptoms may include, but is not limited to:

Detailed list of causes of Fertility symptoms

The list below shows some of the causes of Fertility symptoms mentioned in various sources:

How Common are these Causes of Fertility symptoms?

This information refers to the general prevalence and incidence of these diseases, not to how likely they are to be the actual cause of Fertility symptoms. Of the 370 causes of Fertility symptoms that we have listed, we have the following prevalence/incidence information:

  • 6 causes are "very common" diseases
  • 8 causes are "common" diseases
  • 5 causes are "uncommon" diseases
  • 0 causes are "rare" diseases
  • 11 causes are "very rare" diseases
  • 350 causes have no prevalence information.

Conditions listing medical symptoms: Fertility symptoms:

The following list of conditions have 'Fertility symptoms' or similar listed as a symptom in our database. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete. Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the cause of any symptom.

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Conditions listing medical complications: Fertility symptoms:

The following list of medical conditions have Fertility symptoms or similar listed as a medical complication in our database. The distinction between a symptom and complication is not always clear, and conditions mentioning this symptom as a complication may also be relevant. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete. Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the cause of any symptom.



















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Causes of Fertility symptoms Based on Risk Factors

This information shows analysis of the list of causes of Fertility symptoms based on whether certain risk factors apply to the patient:

  • Travel - has the patient travelled recently?
  • Diabetes - history of diabetes or family history of diabetes?

    Doctors and specialists: Who should I consult about Fertility symptoms?

    Depending on the seriousness of the onset of Fertility symptoms, you may want to consult one of the following medical professionals.

    Important:In extreme cases, always seek advice from emergency services :

    Classifications of Fertility symptoms:

    Subtypes of Fertility symptoms:

    Infertility (241 causes), Male infertility (125 causes), Reduced sperm count (19 causes), Female infertility (134 causes), Subfertility (31 causes), Disorders of the ovaries (11 causes), Disorders of the uterus in the reproductive age group (8 causes), Hypogonadism (129 causes), Light periods (10 causes), Menopause (18 causes), Ovary symptoms (68 causes), Spermatocele (2 causes), Underdeveloped ovaries (14 causes), Vaginal bleeding after menarche in children (23 causes), Vaginal bleeding after menopause (10 causes), Vaginal bleeding after mmenopause (1 cause), Vaginal bleeding before normal menarche in children (16 causes), Corpus luteum hematoma (1 cause), Endometritis (6 causes), Hirsutism in polycystic ovarian disease (2 causes), Male reproductive symptoms (577 causes), Sperm symptoms (32 causes), reduced menstrual flow (3 causes), menopause symptoms (17 causes), Semen symptoms (20 causes), Bloody semen (44 causes), Early puberty (21 causes), Cryptorchidism in children (38 causes), Puberty symptoms (219 causes), Delayed puberty (266 causes), Penis symptoms (346 causes), Pubertal delay in children (59 causes), Constant testicular pain (8 causes), Delayed sexual development (39 causes), Male impotence (25 causes), Testicle symptoms (247 causes), Sudden onset of precocious puberty (17 causes), Precocious puberty (71 causes), Precocious puberty in male children (22 causes), Vaginal discharge after onset of puberty in children (15 causes), Vaginal discharge before onset of puberty in children (9 causes), Late start of menstruation (34 causes), Precocious puberty in female children (26 causes), Chronic prostate-related urinary dribbling (5 causes), Scrotum swelling (13 causes), Swollen testis (4 causes), Scrotum infection (10 causes), Scrotum ulcer (9 causes), Penis burning sensation (6 causes), Ejaculate blood (18 causes), Prostate inflammation (9 causes), Testicle pain in children (8 causes), Testicle Rash (15 causes), Prostate deformity (2 causes), Boggy enlarged prostate (9 causes), Prostate disorder (8 causes), Prostate bruise (4 causes), Penis ulcer (11 causes), penis infection (7 causes), penis swelling (9 causes), Acute torsion of testis (2 causes), Missing testicle (7 causes), Testicular atrophy (56 causes), Pain in the penis (22 causes), Foreskin symptoms (13 causes), Intermittent prostate blockage like symptoms (1 cause), Intermittent prostate-related urinary symptoms (3 causes), Irritation of scrotum skin (8 causes), Testis sensitive (4 causes), Penile Burning Sensation (13 causes), impotence (203 causes), Genital lesions in male (17 causes), Prostate blockage like symptoms (1 cause), Prostate-related urinary symptoms (10 causes), Undescended testicle (29 causes), Scrotum itch (4 causes), Testis burning sensation (4 causes), Foreskin rash (17 causes), Delayed ejaculation (20 causes), ejaculation symptoms (55 causes), Recurring herpes-like penile ulcers (4 causes), Intermittent prostate-related urinary dribbling (7 causes), Mild prostate blockage like symptoms (1 cause), Mild prostate-related urinary symptoms (3 causes), Recurring prostate symptoms (12 causes), Testis infection (7 causes), Testis ulcer (9 causes), penis pain (53 causes), Acute testicular pain in children (16 causes), Prostate-related urinary dribbling (7 causes), Sudden onset of scrotal swelling (10 causes), Prostate lump (6 causes), Scrotum blister (7 causes), bent penis (6 causes), Benign prostate hypertrophy (1 cause), Scrotal swelling (47 causes), Scrotal Ulcer (20 causes), Prostate burning sensation (4 causes), Penis redness (7 causes), Severe herpes-like penile ulcers (6 causes), Acute herpes-like penile ulcers (3 causes), Acute prostate symptoms (10 causes), Mild prostate-related urinary dribbling (3 causes), Recurring prostate-related weak urinary stream (7 causes), Severe prostate symptoms (12 causes), Testicle Coldness (10 causes), Penis blister (6 causes), Congenital penile anomalies (10 causes), Gradual onset of scrotal swelling (7 causes), Induration of the prostate (8 causes), Scrotum rash (6 causes), Testicle Bruise (11 causes), Prostate infection (4 causes), Prostate swelling (4 causes), Prostate ulcer (3 causes), Recurring prostate pain symptoms (7 causes), Chronic herpes-like penile ulcers (6 causes), Inhibited ejaculation, Penile Itch (18 causes), Erectile dysfunction (112 causes), penis discharge (25 causes), Acute prostatitis (9 causes), Chronic prostate symptoms (8 causes), Testicular pain (33 causes), Testis itch (4 causes), Acute prostate-related weak urinary stream (6 causes), Lump in the testicle (12 causes), Severe prostate-related weak urinary stream (7 causes), Persistent painful erection (19 causes), Acute prostate pain symptoms (6 causes), Severe prostate pain symptoms (12 causes), Testis redness (7 causes), Chronic prostate-related weak urinary stream (7 causes), Enlarged testicle (16 causes), Scrotal swelling in children (17 causes), Scrotum numb (4 causes), Testis blister (7 causes), Chronic prostate pain symptoms (10 causes), Prostate pain (12 causes), Prostate itch (3 causes), Scrotal redness (11 causes), Bloody ejaculation (20 causes), Testicle lump (15 causes), Scrotum bleeding (4 causes), Penile rash (22 causes), Constant scrotal pain (8 causes), Small testicle (73 causes), Tender enlarged prostate (9 causes), Prostate redness (4 causes), Testis rash (11 causes), Intermittent herpes-like penile ulcers (5 causes), Retrograde Ejaculation (12 causes), Premature ejaculation (17 causes), painful erection (7 causes), Intermittent prostate symptoms (7 causes), Tensed enlarged prostate (8 causes), Prostate blister (2 causes), Penis rash in children (8 causes), Herpes-like penile ulcers (6 causes), Epididymal nodules (2 causes), Prostate symptoms (16 causes), Scrotal pain in children (11 causes), Scrotal rash (18 causes), Testicle swelling (43 causes), Testicular nodules (2 causes), Scrotum inflammation (9 causes), Scrotum bruise (2 causes), Scrotum tingling (4 causes), Intermittent prostate-related weak urinary stream (7 causes), Mild prostate symptoms (6 causes), Prostatitis (11 causes), Recurring prostate blockage like symptoms (1 cause), Recurring prostate-related urinary symptoms (5 causes), Prostate rash (3 causes), Penis deformity (15 causes), Foreskin tingling/ paresthesia (9 causes), Foreskin paresthesia/ tingling (10 causes), penis inflammation (6 causes), Intermittent prostate pain symptoms (5 causes), Prostate-related weak urinary stream (7 causes), Testis Scrotum numb (5 causes), Male genital symptoms (427 causes), penile sores (37 causes), Acute epididymitis (12 causes), Prostate pain symptoms (15 causes), Prostatic rigidity (8 causes), Testis bleeding (4 causes), Acute prostate blockage like symptoms (1 cause), Acute prostate-related urinary symptoms (10 causes), Mild prostate-related weak urinary stream (3 causes), Prostatic enlargement (8 causes), Recurring prostate-related urinary dribbling (4 causes), Severe prostate blockage like symptoms (1 cause), Severe prostate-related urinary symptoms (10 causes), Testicle Itch (12 causes), Testicle pain (35 causes), Underdeveloped scrotum (38 causes), Warm enlarged prostate (8 causes), Decreased penile sensation (4 causes), Genital lesions in the male (1 cause), Mild prostate pain symptoms (6 causes), Scrotal mass (18 causes), Swollen testes (38 causes), Bacterial prostatitis (5 causes), Chronic prostate blockage like symptoms (1 cause), Chronic prostate-related urinary symptoms (8 causes), Scrotum sensitive (5 causes), Testis inflammation (7 causes), Discharge from penis (8 causes), Penile Bruise (12 causes), Penile Tingling (10 causes), Acute prostate-related urinary dribbling (7 causes), Severe prostate-related urinary dribbling (7 causes), Prostate bleeding (4 causes), Scrotum burning sensation (4 causes), Testis bruise (2 causes), Testis tingling (4 causes), Painful ejaculation (35 causes), Penis sensitive (6 causes), Foreskin itch (12 causes), Penile tingling/ paresthesias (9 causes), Priapism (51 causes), penis lump (7 causes), Bilateral adnexal tenderness (14 causes), Benign ovarian cyst (1 cause), ovarian cyst (9 causes), enlarged ovaries (5 causes), Tender, fixed adenexal mass (6 causes), Acute oophoritis (10 causes), Enlarged ovary (17 causes), Adnexal tenderness (4 causes), ovarian cancer (4 causes), Oophoritis (13 causes), Ovarian tumour (13 causes), ovarian cysts (10 causes)

    Medical Conditions associated with Fertility symptoms:

    Sexual symptoms (1838 causes), Intercourse symptoms (258 causes)

    Symptoms related to Fertility symptoms:

    Infertility (241 causes), Pregnancy (699 causes), Childbirth (874 causes), Anovulation, Male infertility (125 causes), Reduced sperm count (19 causes), Female infertility (134 causes), Subfertility (31 causes), Premature ovarian failre, PCOS

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