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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Aaa_unused symptom qualifiers

About prevalence data for causes of Aaa_unused symptom qualifiers: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Aaa_unused symptom qualifiers as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Aaa_unused symptom qualifiers: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Aaa_unused symptom qualifiers in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Aaa_unused symptom qualifiers: Chronic non- productive cough, Cough in children, Nocturnal non- productive cough, Recurring hay fever-like cough, Decreased salivation (2 causes), Depression due to brucellosis, Recurring depression-like symptoms, Chafing, Chest numbness, Abdominal pain in mesenteric ischemia, Acute chronic kidney pain, Acute concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Acute liver pain, Arm pain in children, Belly pain, Bilateral adnexal tenderness, Chronic shoulder pain on one side, Constant jaw pain, Constant thigh pain, Flank pain in pregnancy, Forearm pain worsened on exercise, Intermittent chronic finger pain, Intermittent neck pain, Intermittent quadriceps pain on one side, Kidney pain in pregnancy, Loin pain in pregnancy, Mild feet arch pain, Mild gerd-like chest pain, Mild ibs-like abdominal pain, Rectum pain, Recurring chronic headache not migraine-related, Recurring chronic spinal pain, Recurring finger pain on one side, Recurring ibd-like abdominal pain, Recurring migraine-like symptoms, Recurring pain in one ear, Severe chronic kidney pain, Severe chronic pain in multiple joints, Severe chronic uterine pain, Severe concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Severe, continuous abdominal pain, Severe palm pain, Severe, tearing pain in the flank, Sudden onset of hip pain in children, Sudden onset of hypogastric pain, Sudden onset of neck pain, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Gradual onset of steadily aching pelvic pain, Sudden onset of paroxysms of pain, Groin burning sensation, Groin paresthesia/ tingling, Bad taste (61 causes), Heat intolerance (20 causes), Urogenital triangle numb, Pubic area tingling, Popliteal fossa tingling, Penis burning sensation, Larynx tingling, Joints burning sensation, Inguinal area sensitive, Hinge joint( elbow joint) itch, Ilium sensitive, Femur burning sensation, Calcaneal bone numb, Big toe sensitive, Artery burning sensation, Vigorous appetite as seen in diabetes mellitus, Paresthesia of the upper extremity, Itchy anus in children, Interdigital itchiness, Intense itching (1 cause), Heartburn with acid reflux in pregnancy, Cold intolerance (16 causes), Breast coldness, Back coldness, Miosis (9 causes), Abnormal sensory nerve action potential and sensory conduction velocity, Finger weakness (2 causes), Clammy skin (50 causes), Skin, clammy, floppy baby (5 causes), Excessive yawning, Daytime drowsiness in children, Regurgitation in adults, Spitting blood (110 causes), Hospital acquired fever, FUO (26 causes), Coughing blood (110 causes), Wet cough (278 causes), Cough in COPD, Gradual onset of hemoptysis, Recurring chronic bronchitis-like cough, major depression, Upper back pain (3 causes), Thumb burning sensation, Acute collarbone pain, Acute quadricep pain in the lower limb, Constant Anorectal pain, Constant eye pain, Constant nose pain in children, Constant quadriceps pain, Constant spinal pain in children, Costovertebral angle tenderness, Tetany (24 causes), Frontal headache (4 causes), Fybromyalgia-like chronic pain symptoms, Gradual onset of chest pain, Hand pain in children, Hip pain in children, Hypogastric pain, Wincing, Intermittent chronic liver pain, Intermittent chronic pain in multiple bones, Intermittent chronic tailbone pain, Intermittent ear pain on both sides, Intermittent forearm pain, Intermittent toe pain, Diaphragmatic pleurisy, Large tender liver, Mastodynia, Menstrual pain (4 causes), Pain in jaw, Recurring chronic vaginal pain, Recurring heel pain on both sides, Recurring palm pain on one side, Severe collarbone pain, Severe heartburn-like chest pain, Severe Unilateral flank pain, Sharp chest pain (2 causes), Spinal pain experienced on movement, Stinging pain, Tenderness of the symphysis pubis, Testicle pain in children, Thunder-clap headache, Acute heartburn-like chest pain, Cervix pain, Fibula pain, Humerus pain, Gradual onset of toothache, Sunburn (1 cause), Thumb paresthesia/ tingling, deafness (941 causes), Tooth pulp numb, Temple numb, Stinging sensation in the eyes, Phalanges numb, Periosteum tingling sensation, Mouth numb, Middle ear sensitive, Lower jaw sensitive, Ischial tuberosity numb, Inguinal area burning sensation, Lower Digestive system burning sensation, Ilium burning sensation, Fingernail sensitive, Finger pulp burning sensation, Cervix itch, Neck Itch, Leg coldness (1 cause), Excessive thirst in children, Endocrine pruritus, Elbow itch, Ear coldness, Cold sensitivity in children, Chronic diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Burning eyes in children, Eyelid weakness (7 causes), Upper arm weakness, Vaginal irritation (5 causes), Yawning excessively in pregnancy, Foul smelling sputum similar to lung abscess, Neck pain (82 causes), Elbow pain (15 causes), Acute emphysema-like cough symptoms, Chronic cough similar to tuberculosis, Ineffective coughing, Severe emphysema-like cough symptoms, Anxiety in pregnancy, Acute recurring depression-like symptoms in pregnancy, Lack of interest, Mild recurring depression-like symptoms, Recurring hypomania-like symptoms, Severe joint pain (6 causes), Elbow numbness (1 cause), Neck numbness, Paresthesias (452 causes), Chest burning (6 causes), Mesenteric adenitis due to HIV, Antalgic gait in children, Chronic bilateral thigh pain, Chronic cheek pain on one side, Chronic concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Chronic liver pain, Chronic pain in both elbows, Chronic pain in multiple bones, Chronic tailbone pain, Constant backache in children, Constant heel pain, Constant Whiplash pain, Continuous neck pain, Epigastric tenderness in pregnancy, Feet arch pain and strain, Heel pain on one side, Inner arm pain of both sides, Intermittent ankle pain on both sides, Intermittent chronic collarbone pain, Intermittent knee pain, Jaw pain in children, Painful menstruation (4 causes), Periumbilical pain (1 cause), Recurring chronic pain from intercourse, Recurring chronic pain on exertion, Recurring collarbone pain on one side, Severe chronic internal organ pain, Severe jaw pain on both sides, Severe pain in both knees, Severe thigh pain on both sides, Severe thumb pain on one side, Sudden onset of knee pain, Tender regional lymph nodes, Teeth pain, Bilateral loin pain, Optical pain, Pharynx pain, Temporal pain, Recurring fibromyalgia-like chronic pain symptoms, Upper maxillary bone burning sensation, Triceps tingling, Tooth numb, Thumb cold, Thoracic vertebrae burning sensation, Thoracic sensitivity, Tendon numb, Temporal itch, Radius numb, Pharynx itch, Palm sensitive, Optical itch, Nasopharyngeal tonsil burning sensation, Mandible numb, Lower jaw burning sensation, Fingernail burning sensation, Finger pulp cold, Finger burning sensation, Choroidal tissue itch, Buccal mucosa sensitive, Eyelid sensitive, Teeth itch, Tongue itch, Tactile numbness or tingling, Seeing things floating within the eye or past the field of vision, Itchy scalp in children, Itchy hand in children, Intermittent heartburn after eating, Generalized Pruritus, Forearm itch, Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, Ankle coldness, Vulvitis, Generalized Myokymia, Severe fibromyalgia-like symptoms in multiple locations, Acute fibromyalgia-like symptoms in multiple locations, Excessively sleepy, Facial paralysis (33 causes), Rust-colored sputum (2 causes), urethra inflammation (1 cause), toenail pain, Painful sexual intercourse (5 causes), Throat pain (50 causes), Regurgitation (12 causes), Bladder pain (10 causes), Forearm pain (4 causes), Sexual pain (99 causes), Toe pain (12 causes), Urinary pain (91 causes), Increased anxiety, Apprehension (8 causes), Acute hay fever-like cough, Constant hemoptysis, Severe hay fever-like cough, Decreased salivary function, Hypochondriasis (1 cause), sadness (4 causes), Acute depression-like symptoms, Severe depression-like symptoms, Thought of injuring one self as in depression, Brow ache (1 cause), Toe numbness (8 causes), Chin numbness, Analgesia (4 causes), Abdominal Cramps in Pregnancy, Acute chronic headache not migraine-related, Acute chronic spinal pain, Acute ibd-like abdominal pain, Acute migraine-like symptoms, Ankle pain on both sides, Anorectal pain in children, Arthralgia similar to that in Inflammatory bowel disease, Intermittent claudication (5 causes), Chronic collarbone pain, Chronic heartburn-like chest pain, Constant aching muscles of both arms, Constant pain in the inguinal region, Epigastric pain in pregnancy, Eye pain in children, Gradual onset of hypogastric pain, Gradual onset of neck pain, Gum pain (7 causes), Heartburn pain resistant to treatment in pregnancy, Intense Muscle aches, Intermittent chronic herpes-like genital pain, Intermittent chronic joint pain, Intermittent chronic pain symptoms, Intermittent colicky pain, Mild chronic finger pain, Pain in the penis, Patellofemoral pain on one side, Perineum pain (1 cause), Recurring hip pain related to osteoporosis, Recurring toe pain in both feet, Severe chronic headache not migraine-related, Severe chronic spinal pain, Severe ibd-like abdominal pain, Severe migraine-like symptoms, Severe quadriceps pain on both sides, Sore vagina in pregnancy, Sudden onset of rebound tenderness, Sudden onset of shoulder pain, Throbbing pain, Adenoids pain, Conjunctival sensitivity, Connective tissue pain (1 cause), Gastric pain (1 cause), Nostril pain, Gradual onset of chronic abdominal pain, Gradual onset of hip pain in children, Pain in the joints (1 cause), Palm paresthesia/ tingling, Eyelid burning sensation, Palm burning sensation, Upper arm burning sensation, Upper arm paresthesia/ tingling, Eyelid paresthesia/ tingling, Breast paresthesia's/ tingling, Breast tingling/paresthesias, Back tingling/paresthesias, Stiff joints (233 causes), Sudden onset of arm paraesthesia, Scapular numb, Nostril itch, Maxillary bone numb, Lumbar tingling, Lower jaw cold, Knee joint sensitive, Kneecap sensitive, Gastric itch, Fingernail cold, Finger cold, Digit numb, Connective tissue itch, Conjunctival burning sensation, Buccal mucosa burning sensation, Adenoids itch, Abdomen sensitivity, Abdomen burning sensation, Wrist itch (1 cause), Upper arm tingling/ paresthesia, Shin coldness, Sensory distrurbance, Nausea during pregnancy, Loss of smell (29 causes), Knuckle itch, Knee itch, Intermittent heartburn unrelated to eating, Heartburn without reflux in pregnancy, Heartburn after eating, Gum itch, Proprioception, Excessive thirst and urination in children, Buttock coldness, Burning urination in male children, Burning during urination in pregnancy, Facial weakness (52 causes), bell's palsy (1 cause), Fatigue in pregnancy, Cheilosis (5 causes), Foul smelling sputum, Foul sputum odour in children, Knee pain (42 causes), Knuckle pain (1 cause), Tenderness (18 causes), Wrist pain (17 causes), Extreme fatigue (87 causes), Acute chronic bronchitis-like cough, Chronic emphysema-like cough symptoms, Intermittent COPD-like cough symptoms, Severe chronic bronchitis-like cough, Parotid Swelling, Sudden onset of parotid enlargement, Labyrinthitis, Growth suppression, Migraine (34 causes), Back muscle pain, Gum numbness, Acute chronic vaginal pain, Acute pain sitting down, Acute upper arm pain on one side, Claudication (7 causes), Backache in pregnancy, Complex regional pain syndrome, Chronic herpes-like genital pain, Chronic pain symptoms, Colicky pain (3 causes), Constant periumbilical pain in adults, Constant renal pain in children, Colicky pain in the lower sacrum, Cramping pain in both legs, Foot arch pain similar to arthritis, Heel pain in children, Intermittent stomach pain (1 cause), Intermittent elbow pain on one side, Intermittent gerd-like sternum pain, Lacrimation similar to cluster headache, Lower abdominal pain in pregnancy, Lower back pain in children, Mild chronic liver pain, Mild chronic pain in multiple bones, Mild chronic tailbone pain, Mild triceps pain on both sides, Pain on urination in female children, Painful joints (4 causes), Painful rib cage in children, Perisitent headache during pregnancy, Recurring thigh pain related to osteoporosis, Sacroiliac pain, Severe chronic vaginal pain, Throbbing headache in pregnancy, Vaginal pain in pregnancy, Fingers pain, Lower abdominal cramps, Sacral pain, Tingling in Both Feet, Head tingling/paresthesias, Sudden onset of itchy vagina, Sudden onset of sensation disorders, Vertebral burning sensation, Upper digestive system burning sensation, Testis sensitive, Sacral itch, Palm cold, Nail itch, Metacarpal itch, Knee joint burning sensation, Kneecap burning sensation, Internal os burning sensation, Forehead numb, Arm numb, Vulva itch in pregnancy, Violent Shivering, Tactile numbness or tingling affecting one side of the body, Shoulder itch, Seeing spots (17 causes), Recurring heartburn after exercise, Paraesthesia of the lower extremity, Numbness in both arms, Numb lips (24 causes), Nipple itch in pregnancy, Itch vagina, Diabetic neuropathy, Hematologic pruritus, Heartburn unrelated to eating, Halo vision (1 cause), Excessive hunger (47 causes), Ear itching (1 cause), Cold feet in children, Noxious stimuli, Abnormal sensitivity to light in one eye, Chronic fibromyalgia-like symptoms in multiple locations, Listlessness (33 causes), Eye fatigue in one eye, Sedative effect, progressive weakness (11 causes), Penile Burning Sensation (1 cause), painful intercourse (41 causes), Sputum symptoms (209 causes), Bone pain (237 causes), Shoulder pain (49 causes), Central abdominal pain (2 causes), vague symptoms (91 causes), pain (6380 causes), Chronic hay fever-like cough, COPD-like cough symptoms, Dry cough in children, Hemoptysis in children, Chronic depression-like symptoms, Anhedonia (3 causes), Acute hypomania-like symptoms, Severe hypomania-like symptoms, Aura (11 causes), Arthritis-like symptoms (725 causes), Abdominal pain worsened by exercise, Acute fibromyalgia-like chronic pain symptoms, Rigid, tender abdomen, Acute pain in both cheeks, Acute pain in the maxillary sinus on one side, Arthralgia (29 causes), Burst of intense pain, Chest pain in children, Chronic ibd-like abdominal pain, Chronic migraine-like symptoms, Chronic myalgia and exercise, Constant anterior knee pain, Constant elbow pain, Constant hip pain in children, Constant hypogastric pain, Constant neck pain, Gerd-like sternum pain, Girdle pain, Headache in pregnancy, Intermittent cheek pain, Intermittent chronic pain sitting down, Intermittent forearm pain on one side, Intermittent sternum pain, Intermittent toe pain on one side, Midepigastric pain, Mild chronic collarbone pain, Pain in one thumb, Painful tongue in children, Patellofemoral pain in children, Recurring heartburn-like sternum pain, Severe chronic pain from intercourse, Severe chronic pain on exertion, Stomach pain (29 causes), Toothache in children, Sudden onset of sternum pain, Severe fibromyalgia-like chronic pain symptoms, Facial burning sensation, Ankle tingling/paresthesias, Toe paresthesia (7 causes), eyelid infection (1 cause), Nerve deafness (26 causes), acidic tastes (59 causes), Testis burning sensation, Scrotum itch, Sacrum numb, Retinal itch, Pulmonary sensitive, Metacarpophalangeal joint numb, Medial epicondyle burning sensation, Knee joint cold, Kneecap cold, Digestive system numb, Face sensitive, Eyebrow tingling, Achilles tendon tingling, Stomach Itch, Recurring heartburn with acid reflux, Pricking sensation, Loss of proprioception (5 causes), Numbness of both eyes, Mild heartburn after eating, Local itching, Itchy gums in children, Itchy feet (1 cause), Gradual onset of toe numbness, Feeling under the weather, Cold legs (5 causes), Calf coldness, Air hunger, itchy vagina, Twitches (35 causes), Eyelid twitch (13 causes), Aphthous Ulcer (12 causes), red inflamed tongue (1 cause), Back paralysis, Clear sputum, Urinary burning (47 causes), Postpartum fever, Side pain (18 causes), Urethral pain (2 causes), Muscle cramps (217 causes), Numbness (435 causes), Shallow cough, paroxysmal coughing (1 cause), Mild depression (2 causes), stabbing pain (1 cause), Pelvic inflammatory disease (2 causes), Pressure in Head, Numb thigh (6 causes), Dental pain, Aching eyes (1 cause), Acute toe pain in both feet, Cervical motion tenderness (1 cause), Chronic pain sitting down, Chronic upper arm pain on one side, Constant forearm pain, Constant Lower abdominal pain similar to inflammatory bowel disease, Constant periumbilical pain, Constant throat pain, Constant toe pain, Tender tumour, Gradual onset of shoulder pain, Intermittent groin pain, Intermittent knuckle pain on one side, Intermittent rib pain on both sides, Knuckle pain similar to that of gout, Loin pain on either sides, Mild chronic herpes-like genital pain, Mild chronic joint pain, Mild chronic pain symptoms, Pain in both eyes, Recurring colitis-like abdominal pain, Recurring knee pain on both sides, Recurring toe pain in one foot, Renal pain in pregnancy, Spine Tenderness, Sudden onset of groin pain, Tender gums (3 causes), Tenderness with guarding, Cornea pain, Nagging upper abdominal pain, Optical nerve pain, Sudden onset of substernal pain after eating, Tingling hands (7 causes), Shin tingling/paresthesias, Buttock tingling/paresthesias, Mild arthritis symptoms, Partial loss of taste, Sudden onset of sensory ataxia in adults, Uveal tissue sensitive, Urogenital triangle tingling, Pubic area sensitive, Popliteal fossa sensitive, Optical nerve itch, Ocular tingling, Lateral epicondyle burning sensation, Gingival burning sensation, Dental itch, Cornea itch, Sinus numb, Calcaneal bone tingling, Brow numb, Earlobe sensitive, Face burning sensation, Abdominal wall inflammation, Substernal tightness, Sick (5743 causes), Polydipsia (95 causes), Numbness of one eyelid, Numbness of both heels, Nose Coldness, Mild itch, Mild heartburn unrelated to eating, Lack of sense of smell in children, Itchy macular rash, Fullness (16 causes), Decreased appetite and poor growth in children, Cheek itch, Breast weakness, Back weakness (1 cause), Recurring fibromyalgia-like symptoms, Lethargy in pregnancy, Excessive yawning in children, Daytime drowsiness in pregnancy, Leg paralysis (8 causes), Foul sputum odor in children, Prolonged fever (5 causes), Fatal fever, Thinness (513 causes), Increased cough, Aches (903 causes), Cheek pain (3 causes), Cough in lung abscess, Mild COPD-like cough symptoms, Sudden onset of barking cough, Enlarged parotid gland (1 cause), Gradual onset of parotid enlargement, Hydrophobia, Chronic hypomania-like symptoms, Spine pain (1 cause), Hand cramps (1 cause), Abdominal pain in adults, Acute pain in both thumbs, Acute pain when walking, Acute Vision Changes in Both Eyes (with pain or inflammation), Bellyache, Constant knee pain, Constant knuckle pain, Constant wrist pain, Elbow pain in children, Hip pain in pregnancy, Intermittent thumb pain, McBurney's sign, Mild gerd-like sternum pain, Pain after a high-fat meal, Painful breast and nipple, Recurring feet pain on both sides, Recurring sciatic pain, Recurring triceps pain on one side, Rib pain on both sides, Severe elbow pain on both sides, Sports and groin pain, Sudden onset of periumbilical pain in children, Sudden onset of thumb pain, Upper abdominal pain in pregnancy, Chronic fibromyalgia-like chronic pain symptoms, Gradual onset of muscle cramps, Burning feet (8 causes), Sole paresthesia's/ tingling, Tingling in one foot, Joint swelling (115 causes), loss of taste (14 causes), Tingling skin (22 causes), Mouth tingling (1 cause), Voice box numb, Uveal tissue burning sensation, Tooth pulp tingling, Temple tingling, Spinal tingling, Pubic area burning sensation, Popliteal fossa burning sensation, Phalanges tingling, Ischial tuberosity tingling, Femur itch, Face cold, Abdominal wall tingling, Upper arm numbness of one side, Tingling mouth (140 causes), Tearing sensation in the chest, Sick to your stomach, Severe heartburn after exercise, Nose Tingling, Nipple Coldness, Intermittent pruritus in adults, Groin itch, Exercise and paraesthesia, Clitoris itch, Car sickness, Burning on urination in female children, Acute heartburn after exercise, Leg weakness (155 causes), Severe fibromyalgia-like symptoms in sports, skin tingling (3 causes), Weak, tired and apprehensive, Drowsiness in pregnancy, Ankle paralysis, Mucoid sputum, Mucopurulent sputum, Tenacious sputum, productive cough (101 causes), Groin pain (17 causes), Clitoris pain, Penis pain (17 causes), Burning (62 causes), Abdominal discomfort (109 causes), vomiting (2706 causes), nausea (2486 causes), Non-productive cough (24 causes), Barking cough (4 causes), Hemoptysis in the newborn, Anxious frantic appearance, Postpartum blues, Recurring episodic depression-like symptoms, Middle back pain, Groin numbness, Hypersensitive (50 causes), Back burning sensation, Abdominal pain exacerbated by exercise, Abdominal pain in the elderly, Abdominal tenderness (22 causes), Aching muscles in children, Acute flank pain, Acute heartburn with acid reflux, Acute heartburn-like sternum pain, Acute pain in multiple joints, Acute testicular pain in children, Acute uterine pain, Anal pain in pregnancy, Chronic triceps pain, Colicky pain in pelvis, Constant lower back pain in children, Constant sacroiliac pain, Constant shoulder pain, Continuous spine pain, Corneal anaesthesia, Insidious back pain, Intermittent abdominal pain (4 causes), Intermittent bicep pain, Intermittent chronic pain throughout body, Intermittent chronic pain when walking, Intermittent chronic pelvic pain, Mild calf pain on both sides, Mild chronic pain sitting down, Muscle cramps following exercise, Periumbilical pain in children, Recurring chronic chest pain, Recurring heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Recurring knuckle pain in one hand, Severe forearm pain on both sides, Severe heartburn-like sternum pain, Severe toe pain on both sides, Sore mouth (50 causes), Toe pain in children, Lower digestive system pain, Tingling in one hand, Breast burning sensation, Back paresthesia (tingling) (5 causes), Calf tingling/paresthesias, throat rash (3 causes), metallic taste (59 causes), Tooth tingling, Tendon tingling, Radius tingling, Popliteal fossa cold, Mandible tingling, Heel numb, Head sensitive, Lower digestive system itch, Finger pulp itch, Ear sensitive, Gums numb, Thumb itch, Severe heartburn with acid reflux, Recurring heartburn without reflux, Polyneuropathic disorder, Paresthesias in children, Paresthesia of the legs, Numbness of leg related to nutrition, Light flashes in one eye, Intermittent tingling sensation in both arms, Intermittent diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Feeling cold (6 causes), Autonomic neuropathy (8 causes), Ankle weakness (4 causes), Radial nerve palsy, Scotoma (2 causes), burning when urinating (3 causes), Abnormal pain (1 cause), Thumb pain (1 cause), Massive hemoptysis, Agoraphobia (1 cause), Nervousness in pregnancy, shooting pain (4 causes), Sore eyes (150 causes), Acute colitis-like abdominal pain, Acute toe pain in one foot, Chronic pain throughout body, Chronic pain when walking, Coccydynia related to sports, Colicky abdominal pain (1 cause), Constant Arthralgia, Constant chest pain in children, Constant pain in one thumb, Deep, throbbing ear pain, Deep boring pain, Gradual onset of groin pain, Gum pain in children, Headache on both sides, Intermittent cheek pain on one side, Intermittent chronic kidney pain, Intermittent chronic pain in multiple joints, Intermittent chronic uterine pain, Intermittent concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Knee pain in children, Liver tenderness (4 causes), Mild wrist pain on one side, Pain during bleeding, Pain in one leg worsened by exercise, Recurring foot arch pain on one side, Recurring loin pain on one side, Recurring shin pain on one side, Severe colitis-like abdominal pain, Severe knuckle pain on both sides, Severe pain in and around the eye, Severe pain in both palms, Severe sore throat (3 causes), Severe wrist pain on both sides, Lower jaw pain, Middle ear pain, Nasopharyngeal tonsil pain, Thoracic vertebrae pain, Upper maxillary bone pain, Ear burning sensation, Leg burning sensation, Head paresthesia/ tingling, Ear paresthesia/ tingling, Mouth tingling/paresthesias, Sensorineural deafness (98 causes), conductive hearing loss (43 causes), Worsening heartburn, Vulval area numb, Triceps burning sensation, Thoracic vertebrae itch, Thoracic itch, Retina sensitive, Prostate burning sensation, Nasopharyngeal tonsil itch, Middle ear itch, Maxillary bone tingling, Lower leg numb, Head burning sensation, Lower abdomen tingling, Digit tingling, Clavicle numb, Ear canal sensitive, Vulvae pruritus, Vulvae pruritis in pregnancy, Transitory cold intolerance, Tingling sensation in both arms, Sudden onset of finger numbness, Sudden onset of arm tingling, Smell symptoms (38 causes), Shakiness (7 causes), Severe Dyspareunia, Sensory loss in the legs, Sensory ataxia (4 causes), Pruritus Vulvae, Pruritis vulvae in pregnancy, Numbness of both elbows (55 causes), Neuropathy-like symptoms of the lower limb, Itching skin (1218 causes), Impaired vibratory sense, Foot coldness, Finger itch, Feeling of being pulled sideways, Diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Fingernail itch, Chronic heartburn after exercise, Burning micturition in males, Arm coldness (1 cause), Acute nausea in pregnancy, Jerky movements (4 causes), Rectal itch, Severe fibromyalgia-like symptoms, Acute fibromyalgia-like symptoms, low-grade fever (28 causes), Mild nausea, Fever in the returning traveller, Chills (1075 causes), Failure to thrive (731 causes), Rectal pain (8 causes), Finger pain (25 causes), Abdominal rebound tenderness, abdominal pain (2250 causes), Loss of interest (1 cause), Osteoarthritis (9 causes), Finger numbness (17 causes), Acute shoulder pain on both sides, Acute triceps pain on one side, Burning pain at rest, Chronic forearm pain on both sides, Chronic heartburn-like sternum pain, Chronic kidney pain, Chronic pain in multiple joints, Chronic shin pain, Chronic uterine pain, Constant pain in the oral cavity, Continuous abdominal pain, Epigastrium pain in pregnancy, Adhesive capsulitis, Eyelid pain (10 causes), Gradual onset of thumb pain, Intermittent groin pain on one side, Intermittent heartburn-like chest pain, Intermittent hip pain on both sides, Intermittent kneecap pain, Intermittent pain of the lower limb, Leg cramps in pregnancy, Lower back pain in pregnancy, Male breast pain, Painless swelling of a cervical lymph node similar to lymphoma, Recurring chronic elbow pain, Recurring chronic sciatic back pain, Recurring heart-burn like chest pain in pregnancy, Recurring sole pain on one side, Right upper quadrant tenderness in a woman who is pregnant, Severe, tearing pain in the lower back, Shoulder pain in children, Substernal chest pain, Suprapubic pain (2 causes), Conjunctival pain, Sudden onset of collarbone pain, Sudden onset of muscle cramps in children, Ankle burning sensation, arm tingling (12 causes), Ankle paresthesia (tingling) (1 cause), Vulva tingling/paresthesias, Inflammatory joint effusion, breast warmth (1 cause), Sudden onset of itchy vagina in children, Triceps cold, Thoracic vertebrae numbness, Thoracic numbness, Lumbar burning sensation, External os burning sensation, Head cold, Forehead tingling, Cubital fossa tingling, Conjunctival itch, Calcaneus burning sensation, Bone tingling sensation, Anal triangle itch, Vaginal itching (11 causes), Upper arm itch, Tingling lips (24 causes), Thirst (142 causes), Testicle Coldness, Sudden onset of photosensitivity, Sudden onset of photophobia, Sensory deficits, Scalp Coldness, Pruritus (62 causes), Pruritis in pregnancy, Pruritis ani, Paraosmia due to amebic meningitis, Palm itch, Itchiness of both eyes, Intermittent photophobia, Hand coldness, Halo vision in children, Halo around lights (1 cause), Gum numbness in children, Finger numbness in both hands, Seasickness, Excessive hunger in children, Decreased appetite and poor growth in infants, Chronic heartburn with acid reflux, Eye twitching (383 causes), Myokymia (7 causes), Self harm (1 cause), Palm pain (1 cause), Upper arm pain (5 causes), Biliary colic (5 causes), Liver pain (11 causes), Anxiety disorder (6 causes), Severe anxiety (3 causes), depressive symptoms (400 causes), Intermittent emphysema-like cough symptoms, Acute episodic depression-like symptoms, Severe episodic depression-like symptoms, Upper arm numbness, Eyelid numbness, Photophobia (315 causes), Shin burning sensation, Acute abdominal pain in pregnancy, Acute generalized headache in children, Acute heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Acute heartburn without reflux, Intermittent claudication of one lower limb, Chest pain in pregnancy, Chronic colitis-like abdominal pain, Constant groin pain, Groin pain on one side, Heartburn-like chest pain, Intermittent chronic internal organ pain, Intermittent jaw pain on both sides, Intermittent pain behind the knee, Intermittent pain in the ear, Intermittent thigh pain on both sides, Intermittent thumb pain on one side, Joint tenderness (36 causes), Mild chronic pain throughout body, Mild chronic pain when walking, Mild chronic pelvic pain, Muscle cramps in children, Pain on urination in a female children, Pain on urination in male children, Painful, Cracked nipples, Recurring chronic forearm pain, Referred pain (5 causes), Severe abdominal cramps (2 causes), Severe chronic chest pain, Severe heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Severe knee pain in lower limb, Sore inflamed tongue, Tension headache, Urination pain in pregnancy, Vague myalgias, Bilateral eye pain, Internal os pain, Upper digestive system pain, Vertebral pain, Recurring prostate pain symptoms, Sudden onset of joint pain, Referred pain of the abdomen, Sudden onset of facial pain, Shin paresthesia/ tingling, Moderate temporary burning sensation, Buttock burning sensation, Buttock paresthesia (tingling), Non inflammatory joint effusion, Heberden's nodes, Taste abnormalities, Scalp Tingling, Sudden onset of sensory ataxic gait, Vertebral itch, Upper digestive system itch, Upper abdominal tingling, Skull sensitive, Sacrum tingling, Metacarpophalangeal joint tingling, Internal os itch, Esophagus sensitive, Humerus numb, Fibula numb, Digestive system tingling, Conjunctival numbness, Eyelash numb, Achilles tendon sensitive, Abdomen numbness, Vaginal secretions with itching, Thigh Coldness, Severe heartburn without reflux, Photosensitivity (12 causes), Peripheral neuropathy (86 causes), Penile Itch (1 cause), Mild diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Kneecap itch, Itchy vagina in children, Itchy feet in children, Itchy eyelid (5 causes), Itching all over in pregnancy, Cold ears in children, Cholestatic pruritus, Intermittent fibromyalgia-like symptoms in multiple locations, Chronic fibromyalgia-like symptoms, Extreme tiredness in pregnancy, Acute nausea and vomiting, Kneecap pain, Burning pain (7 causes), Heartburn (141 causes), Severe fatigue (5 causes), Emphysema-like cough symptoms, Hemoptysis in newborns, Intermittent hay fever-like cough, Salivary Gland Swelling, Chronic anxiety (1 cause), Intermittent depression-like symptoms, Loss of interest in activities (5 causes), Hearing impairment (941 causes), Abdominal pain in the second trimester, Abdominal pain that worsens with menses, Acute liver pain in pregnancy, Chronic internal organ pain, Chronic shoulder pain on both sides, Coccydynia, Constant forearm pain in children, Constant periumbilical pain in children, Constant throat pain in children, Diffuse myalgia, Excruciating pain in the supraclavicular area, Intermittent bicep pain on one side, Intermittent chronic headache not migraine-related, Intermittent chronic spinal pain, Intermittent ibd-like abdominal pain, Intermittent migraine-like symptoms, Intermittent pain in one ear, Intermittent quadriceps pain on both sides, Leg pain during pregnancy, Leg pain worsened by exercise, Mild chronic kidney pain, Mild chronic pain in multiple joints, Mild chronic uterine pain, Mild concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Perineal pain (11 causes), Posterior knee pain and sports, Recurring hand pain, Recurring chronic knuckle pain, Recurring finger pain on both sides, Recurring pain in both ears, Severe shin pain on one side, Steady aching pain, Substernal ache in the lower back, Sudden onset of right hypochondrium pain, Sudden onset of right lower quadrant pain, Tender vertebral processes, Testicular pain (5 causes), Painful walk, Sole burning sensation, Finger paresthesia (14 causes), Presbycusis, Vertebral numbness, Throat numb, Testis itch, Temporal numb, Skull burning sensation, Pharynx numb, Optical numb, Medial epicondyle itch, Esophagus burning sensation, Forearm numb, Calcaneal bone sensitive, Brow tingling, Bronchial sensitive, Eyebrow burning sensation, Teeth numb, Achilles tendon burning sensation, Tingling thigh (6 causes), Sole tingling/ paresthesia, Sole paresthesia/tingling, Recurring diabetes-like neuropathy symptoms, Numbness of one ear, Gradual onset of arm tingling, Genital itching (20 causes), Facial itch, Burning sensation of the hand, Fibromyalgia-like symptoms in multiple locations, Cachexia (16 causes), Quadriplegia (6 causes), Sad, Retching (6 causes), Coughing (255 causes), Facial pain (37 causes), Joint pain (704 causes), Stomach ache (375 causes), Stomache, Malaise (440 causes), Hay fever-like cough, Intermittent chronic bronchitis-like cough, Sudden onset of acute cough, Parotid gland enlargement, Ptyalism, Sudden onset of copious dribbling of saliva, Panic (363 causes), Chronic episodic depression-like symptoms, Major depression in pregnancy, Moderate depression, Severe headache (100 causes), Facial numbness (16 causes), Taste symptoms (85 causes), Acute pain from intercourse, Acute pelvic pain in children, Acute sole pain on one side, Chest pain due to respiratory cause, Chronic headache not migraine-related, Chronic heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Chronic knuckle pain in one hand, Chronic spinal pain, Cluster headache, Constant knee pain in children, Cyclical mastalgia, Groin pain in children, IBD-like abdominal pain, Intermittent chronic vaginal pain, Intermittent ophthalmoplegic migraine, Mastalgia during pregnancy, Menstrual cramps (7 causes), Migraine-like symptoms, Mild heartburn-like chest pain, Pelvic pain worsened by exercise, Persistent painful erection, Recurring chronic shoulder pain, Recurring palm pain on both sides, Recurring thigh bone pain, Right lower quadrant pain, Severe chronic elbow pain, Severe chronic sciatic back pain, Sharp chest pain in pregnancy, Substernal ache in the shoulders, Thunder clap headache in pregnancy, Calf burning sensation, Calf paresthesia/ tingling, Scalp tingling/paresthesias, Pyrosis, Acid regurgitation (2 causes), hearing loss (201 causes), Sudden onset of dysgeusia, breast discomfort (1 cause), Sudden onset of anal itching, Wrist numb (1 cause), Voice box tingling, Urogenital triangle sensitivity, Urogenital triangle burning sensation, Tibial numb, Thoracic wall sensitive, Temple sensitive, Skull cold, Phalanges sensitive, Perineum numb, Pelvis numb, Ocular sensitivity, Ocular burning sensation, Nostril numb, Mouth sensitive, Lateral epicondyle itch, Knuckle numb, Knee numb, Ischial tuberosity sensitive, Gastric numb, Connective tissue numb, Akathisia, Adenoids numb, Sudden onset of paraesthesia, Numbness of one ankle, Nausea in children, Itchy cheek in children, Gradual onset of photophobia, Air sickness, Chronic heartburn without reflux, Burning feet in children, Nystagmus (364 causes), Red throat (31 causes), Postpartum depression, Croup (6 causes), weight gain (225 causes), Barking cough in children, Chronic bronchitis-like cough, Mild emphysema-like cough symptoms, Recurring allergy-like cough, Increased salivation (29 causes), Constant state of apprehension, Suicidal symptoms (52 causes), Recurring seasonal depression-like symptoms, Intermittent hypomania-like symptoms, Chest pressure (169 causes), Mesenteric lymphadenitis, Acute foot pain, Acute prostate pain symptoms, Anginal pain, Bladder pain in pregnancy, Breast tenderness (8 causes), Chronic cheek pain on both sides, Chronic loin pain on one side, Chronic shin pain on one side, Chronic vaginal pain, Constant palm pain, Constant upper arm pain, Intermittent chronic pain from intercourse, Intermittent chronic pain on exertion, Intermittent kneecap pain on one side, Loin pain during pregnancy, Mild chronic internal organ pain, Mild pain behind the knee, Pain radiating down the leg, Painful sexual intercourse in pregnancy, Recurring collarbone pain on both sides, Severe chronic forearm pain, Severe prostate pain symptoms, Severe thumb pain on both sides, Sexual pain in pregnancy, Urinary pain in pregnancy, Cranial pain, Intermittent fibromyalgia-like chronic pain symptoms, Larynx pain, Suddenonset of substernal pain, Burning Legs, Nose Burning Sensation, Jaw tingling/paresthesias, Joint redness (25 causes), Metallic taste in children, Shoulder numb, Uveal tissue itch, Tooth pulp burning sensation, Tendon sensitive, Temple burning sensation, Spinal burning sensation, Skin burning sensation (1 cause), Ring finger burning sensation, Radius sensitive, Phalanges burning sensation, Metacarpal numb, Mandible sensitive, Larynx itch, Ischial tuberosity burning sensation, Heel tingling, Fingers numb, Lung sensitive, Earlobe itch, Biceps numb, Abdominal wall sensitivity, Abdominal wall burning sensation, Vigorous appetite, Psychosensory aura, Sudden onset of foreign body sensation in the eye, Numbness in one leg, Numb shoulder (4 causes), Nose tingling/ paresthesia, Lip coldness, Itchy groin in children, Intermittent foreign body sensation in the eye, Decreased responsiveness to light in one eye, Cold hands (21 causes), Chest coldness, Burning urination in pregnancy, Burning on urination in male children, Burning micturition, Anal itching (19 causes), Abnormal sensitivity to light (1 cause), Muscle weakness (4189 causes), Mild fibromyalgia-like symptoms in multiple locations, Eye fatigue, Foot paralysis (3 causes), Arm paralysis (14 causes), Suicidal tendencies, Acute cough, Severe cough (95 causes), Increased chest phlegm, Psychogenic pain, Oral pain (126 causes), Body pain (1 cause), Lack of energy (34 causes), Hemoptysis similar to tuberculosis, Mild hay fever-like cough, Persistant cough, Phlegm symptoms (1 cause), Sudden onset of sialorrhea, Mild depression-like symptoms, Hypomania-like symptoms, anorexia (266 causes), Pelvic discomfort (1 cause), Abdominal pain in children, Acute chronic knuckle pain, Breast pain (18 causes), Chronic pain from intercourse, Chronic pain on exertion, Chronic sole pain on one side, Constant collarbone pain, Dyspareunia similar to pelvic inflammatory disease, Finger pain in children, Gradual onset of right hypochondrium pain, Mild chronic headache not migraine-related, Mild chronic spinal pain, Mild ibd-like abdominal pain, Mild migraine-like symptoms, Morton's neuroma, Perineum pain in pregnancy, Recurring foot pain on one side, Recurring gerd-like chest pain, Recurring ibs-like abdominal pain, Left iliac fossa pain, Right-upper-quadrant tenderness, Severe chronic knuckle pain, Severe localized pain (2 causes), Severe rib pain on one side, Sore gums (15 causes), Sub-occipital headache, Sudden onset of triceps pain, Ulcerative colitis-like abdominal pain, Wrist pain in pregnancy, Fibromyalgia-like chronic pain symptoms, Sudden onset of jaw lump with pain, Vulva burning sensation, Vaginal burning sensation (4 causes), Burning symptoms (444 causes), Eye tingling/paresthesias, Vulva paresthesia/ tingling, Vaginal paresthesia/ tingling, sensory symptoms (7074 causes), Vulval area tingling, Tooth burning sensation, Tendon burning sensation, Temple cold, Stomach numb, Skin cold, Scrotum numb, Scapula tingling, Ring finger cold, Radius burning sensation, Phalanges cold, Mouth cold, Mandible burning sensation, Lower leg tingling (1 cause), Iris sensitive, Digit sensitive, Clavicle tingling, Buzzing or ringing in the ears, Abnormal peripheral neuropathy, Wrist itch in pregnancy, Variable sensory loss of lower limbs, Carcinomatous polyneuropathy, Severe diabetes-like neuropathy symptoms, Sensation of something stuck in the throat, Itchy rash (33 causes), Intermittent pruritus in children, Heartburn after eating in pregnancy, Facial paresthesia (18 causes), Electric shocks down the body, Constant peripheral neuropathy, Cold skin (118 causes), Burning ear sensation in children, Breast itch (1 cause), Back itch, Arm coldness in children, Acute diabetes-like neuropathy symptoms, Arm weakness (69 causes), Foot weakness (33 causes), shivering (362 causes), Tics (7 causes), Extreme fatigue in pregnancy, Yawning (11 causes), Bloody sputum (104 causes), Mental depression (5 causes), Postoperative fever, Coughing spasms (13 causes), Sensations (6457 causes), Back pain (272 causes), Characteristic hacking, Mild chronic bronchitis-like cough, Smokers cough (1 cause), Sudden onset of hemoptysis in newborn, Local tenderness (3 causes), Adnexal tenderness (1 cause), Pleuritic chest pain (6 causes), Back numbness (1 cause), Acute upper arm pain on both sides, Back muscle pain in pregnancy, Chest pain that mimics angina, Chronic foot pain (1 cause), Chronic prostate pain symptoms, Chronic sciatic pain on one side, Constant coccydynia, Constant pain in the ear, Constant pain in the oral cavity in children, Constant posterior knee pain, Constant testicular pain, Cramps (300 causes), Exercise and chronic elbow pain, Intermittent ankle pain, Intermittent elbow pain on both sides, Mild chronic vaginal pain, Murphy's pain, Painful intercourse in pregnancy, Right upper quadrant pain (3 causes), Severe chronic shoulder pain, Sudden onset of ankle pain, Suprapubic pain in children, Unilateral headache (1 cause), Waves of waxing and waning flank pain, Appendicular pain, Excruciating myalgia, Heel tingling/paresthesias, Hearing disturbance (2 causes), Gradual onset of dysgeusia, Respiratory sensitive, Radius cold, Prostate itch, Optical nerve numb, Maxillary bone burning sensation, Mandible cold, Iris burning sensation, Hinge joint( elbow joint) tingling, Lower abdomen sensitivity, Lower abdomen burning sensation, Forehead sensitive, Foot sensitive, Digit burning sensation, Dental numb, Cornea numb, Cheekbone numb, Arm sensitive, Seeing spots in pregnancy, Pruritus in children, Neck Coldness, Leg itch, Intermittent heartburn after exercise, Heartburn unrelated to eating in pregnancy, Heartburn that worsens if low down after eating, Head itch, Gradual onset of paraesthesia, Foreign body sensation in one eye, Elbow coldness, Breast numbness, Ankle paresthesia of one side, Abnormal sensitivity to light in both eyes, Hand weakness (58 causes), General discomfort (5 causes), Flaky scalp, Vulvovaginitis (1 cause), Eyelid Myokymia (3 causes), Wrist drop (2 causes), Listlessness in pregnancy, Eye fatigue in both eyes, Daytime tiredness (1 cause), Thigh paralysis, Jaw paralysis (1 cause), motor weakness (4 causes), Temporary increase in bone pain, Unusual sputum odour in children, Strep throat (1 cause), Chronic cough (95 causes), Leg pain (96 causes), Prostate pain (1 cause), Acute allergy-like cough, Dry coughing, Severe allergy-like cough, Acute seasonal depression-like symptoms, Severe seasonal depression-like symptoms, Mild hypomania-like symptoms, Ear numbness, Leg numbness (55 causes), Salivary Gland Pain, Arm burning sensation, Abdominal cramps during pregnancy, Acute pain in the maxillary sinus on both sides, Constant groin pain in children, CVA tenderness, Extremity pain, Strangury, Intermittent forearm pain on both sides, Intermittent heartburn-like sternum pain, Intermittent loin pain, Intermittent toe pain on both sides, Mastalgia (1 cause), Mild chronic pain from intercourse, Mild chronic pain on exertion, Muscle cramps in the lower limb following exercise, Pain in both thumbs, Point tenderness, Recurring thigh pain on one side, Rigid tender abdomen in pregnancy, Side pain in pregnancy, Stomach pain in pregnancy, Sudden onset of shin pain, Sudden onset of left hypochondrium pain, Sudden onset of loin pain, Urethral pain in pregnancy, Adiposis dolorosa, Ear canal pain, External os pain, Pelvic colicky pain, Mild fibromyalgia-like chronic pain symptoms, Patellar pain, Foot burning sensation, Genital paresthesia/tingling, Chest tingling/paresthesias, Metacarpophalangeal joint sensitive, Lumbar itch, Joints numb, External os itch, Humerus tingling, Forehead burning sensation, Fibula tingling, Femur numb, Digit cold, Cubital fossa burning sensation, Ear canal itch, Eyelash tingling, Auricle sensitive, Groin numb, Urinary burning in pregnancy, Toe coldness, Stomach itch in pregnancy, Numbness of both feet, Neck Tingling, Intermittent heartburn with acid reflux, Heartburn after exercise, Gradual onset of foreign body sensation in the eye, Feeling of fullness around the eyes, Facial numbness on one side, Chronic diabetes-like neuropathy symptoms, Chin coldness, Ankle itch, Thigh weakness, Tiredness (649 causes), Fatigue worsened by exercise, Eye paralysis (14 causes), lumbar pain (4 causes), Mucoid sputum as in case of asthma, Obesity (225 causes), Ankle pain (16 causes), Skeletal pain (1 cause), Pelvic pain (94 causes), Stomach cramps (375 causes), weight loss (2088 causes), Harsh cough, Mild to moderate anxiety, hopelessness (7 causes), Mild depression in pregnancy, Persistent headache (2 causes), Symptoms resembling arthritis, Ankle numbness (2 causes), Aches in pregnancy, Acute gerd-like chest pain, Acute ibs-like abdominal pain, Chronic pain related to breathing, Constant pain in the eye due to retinal disorders, Constant scrotal pain, Cramping abdominal pain (6 causes), Facial pain in children, Hyperalgesia, Intermittent colitis-like abdominal pain, Intermittent knuckle pain on both sides, Joint pain in children, Left lower quadrant pain, Pain on urination in a male children, Recurring chronic finger pain, Severe gerd-like chest pain, Severe ibs-like abdominal pain, Severe lower back pain (1 cause), Spinal pain experienced when lying still, Sudden onset of sole pain, Tender enlarged prostate, Vascular headache, Tingling toe (4 causes), Scalp Burning Sensation, Scalp tingling/paresthesia, Truncal paresthesia, Upper abdominal sensitivity, Upper abdominal burning sensation, Temporal tingling, Sacrum burning sensation, Pharynx tingling, Periosteum sensitivity, Periosteum burning sensation, Optical tingling, Metacarpophalangeal joint burning sensation, Inguinal area numb, Lower Digestive system numb, Ilium numb, Forehead cold, Digestive system burning sensation, Sinus sensitive, Arm cold, Teeth tingling, Wrist coldness, Tingling tongue (4 causes), Tingling sensation down the neck, Tingling hands in pregnancy, Temperature sensation, Anaesthesia, Shin itch, Sensory peripheral neuropathy (1 cause), Reduced sense of smell (10 causes), Poor appetite (1000 causes), Numbness of both eyelids, Light flashes, Knuckle coldness, Knee coldness, Heartburn with acid reflux, Genital itching in children, Buttock itch (1 cause), Anogenital pruritus, Clamminess, Muscle twitch (38 causes), Facial Myokymia (1 cause), Intermittent fibromyalgia-like symptoms, Easily fatigued (30 causes), Constant eye fatigue, Mucopurulent secretions, Loin pain (8 causes), Painful erection (3 causes), Vein pain, Shin pain (1 cause), Buttock pain (7 causes), Flank pain (20 causes), Kidney pain (9 causes), Chronic allergy-like cough, Crowing non productive cough, Phobic disorder, Sudden onset of anxiety, Sudden onset of anxiety in children due to psychiatric conditions, Chronic seasonal depression-like symptoms, Acute chest pain, Buttock numbness, Numbness in Both Feet, Underarm burning sensation (1 cause), Foreign body eye sensation (13 causes), Abdominal pain similar to Inflammatory bowel disease, Acute pain when walking in pregnancy, Chest pain from the lungs, Chronic loin pain as seen in chronic renal pathologies, Colicky pain in the lower abdomen, Colitis-like abdominal pain, Constant abdominal pain in children, Constant back pain, Lateral epicondylitis, Constant right-upper-quadrant tenderness, Dysuria (25 causes), Fibromyalgia-like symptoms, Flank to loin pain, Forearm pain worse on exercise, Gradual onset of ankle pain, Groin pain in pregnancy, Headache worsened by exercise, Intensely aching pain, Intermittent ear pain on one side, Pain swallowing (28 causes), Recurring chronic liver pain, Recurring chronic pain in multiple bones, Recurring chronic tailbone pain, Recurring heel pain on one side, Recurring triceps pain on both sides, Right lower quadrant pain in children, Sore tongue (64 causes), Sudden onset of ocular pain, Sudden onset of umbilical pain, Achilles tendon pain, Facial ache, Painful breast and nipple in pregnancy, Sudden onset of sports related fibromyalgia, Thigh Burning Sensation, Jaw paresthesia/ tingling, Neck tingling/paresthesias, Elbow tingling/paresthesias, Leg paresthesia (67 causes), Sudden onset of dysgeusia in children, Underarm paresthesia/ tingling, abnormal sensations (101 causes), Upper maxillary bone numb, Tibial tingling, Perineum tingling, Pelvis tingling, Nostril tingling, Nasopharyngeal tonsil numb, Metacarpophalangeal joint cold, Lower jaw numb, Jaw burning sensation, Esophagus itch, Gastric tingling, Connective tissue tingling, Sinus burning sensation, Brow burning sensation, Adenoids tingling, Upper arm numbness of both sides, Underarm tingling/ paresthesia, Throbbing sensation, Sole itch, Pressure (173 causes), Nausea in pregnancy, Mild heartburn after exercise, Gradual onset of leg numbness, Eyebrow itch, Coldness (12 causes), Ulnar neuritis, Akathisia in children, Reduced muscle tone (667 causes), Episodic severe fatigue, Yawning Excessively, difficulty rising from a chair (1 cause), Eye dryness, Blood-stained phlegm, Unusual sputum odor in children, Dyspareunia (16 causes), Persistent cough (95 causes), Sole pain, Intestinal cramps (1 cause), no symptoms (1407 causes), sore throat (414 causes), Acute cough in children, Hypersalivation in children (4 causes), Acute recurring depression-like symptoms, Intermittent episodic depression-like symptoms, Severe recurring depression-like symptoms, The blues, Anheidonia, self-mutilation (35 causes), Rheumatoid arthritis (13 causes), Myalgia (53 causes), Sole numbness, Tingling (851 causes), Calf pain (6 causes), Abdominal Tenderness in Pregnancy, Acute flank pain in pregnancy, Acute uterine pain in pregnancy, Chronic gerd-like chest pain, Chronic ibs-like abdominal pain, Chronic spinal pain increased by exercise, Constant leg pain, Constant suprapubic pain in children, Constant triceps pain, Epigastric tenderness (4 causes), Gradual onset of left hypochondrium pain, Gradual onset of loin pain, Gradual onset of shin pain, Inner arm pain of one side, Intermittent ankle pain on one side, Intermittent chronic chest pain, Intermittent heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Intermittent rib pain, Intermittent spinal pain, Medial knee pain related to sports, Mild foot arch pain, Mild heartburn-like sternum pain, Non productive cough with localised pain, Recurring chronic collarbone pain, Recurring knuckle pain in both hands, Scrotal pain in children, Severe jaw pain on one side, Severe thigh pain on one side, Sports related Fibromyalgia, Sudden onset of back pain in children, Sudden onset of epigastric pain, Sudden onset of rib pain, Sudden onset of spinal pain, Umbilical pain, Calcaneal bone pain, Ocular pain (2 causes), Sudden onset of non-cardiac chest pain, Sudden onset of nose pain, Tingling in both hands, Tingling fingers (20 causes), Eye burning sensation, Stinging eye (2 causes), Eye paresthesia/ tingling, Forearm tingling/paresthesias, Chin tingling/paresthesias, Gustatory, bitter tastes (59 causes), chest tightness (162 causes), Shoulder tingling, Heartburn-like symptoms, Palm numb, Ocular itch, Metacarpal tingling, Lower limb paresthesia, Heel sensitive, Fingers tingling, Sinus cold, Buccal mucosa numb, Eyelid numb, Biceps tingling, Gums sensitive, Variable sensory loss of lower limb, Tingling shoulder (3 causes), Shooting sensations, Recurring heartburn after eating, Numbness of one foot, Mild heartburn with acid reflux, Loss of sensation of body position, Light flashes in both eyes, Itchy face in children, Intermittent heartburn without reflux, Heartburn as in case of Barrett's oesophagus, Excessive eating before fullness, Cold hands in children, Chest pressure in children, Calf itch, Burning when you urinate, Back coldness sensation, Absence of thirst in children, Tic (35 causes), proximal muscle weakness (19 causes), Regurgitation in infants and children, Severe temperature increase, anxiety (752 causes), Gradual onset of xerostomia, Episodic depression-like symptoms, One or more episodes of decreased interest, temple pain (3 causes), Heel burning sensation, Heel paresthesia/ tingling, Chronic chest pain (7 causes), Aching joints (46 causes), Calf numbness, Mouth pain (100 causes), Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy, Abdominal rebound tenderness in Pregnancy, Acute elbow pain, Ankle pain on one side, Wry neck (40 causes), Back pain in children, Chronic pain in multiple muscles, Constant pelvic pain, Gradual onset of sole pain, Heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Intermittent cheek pain on both sides, Intermittent lower abdominal pain, Liver tenderness in pregnancy, Mild colitis-like abdominal pain, Mild fibromyalgia-like symptoms, Mild sole pain, Mild wrist pain on both sides, Pleuritic chest pain that exacerbates by deep inspiration, Recurring chronic herpes-like genital pain, Recurring chronic joint pain, Recurring chronic pain symptoms, Recurring foot arch pain on both sides, Recurring loin pain on both sides, Recurring pain in both hands, Recurring shin pain on both sides, Severe chronic finger pain, Severe quadriceps pain on one side, Severe upper back pain, Spinal pain on palpation of the spinal vertebrae, Spinal pain (2 causes), Tooth pulp pain, Mild dyspareunia, Painful pharyngeal spasms, Wrist tingling/paresthesias, Knee tingling/paresthesias, Gum tingling/paresthesias, Stomach Tingling, Vulval area sensitive, Upper digestive system numb, Tooth pulp itch, Temple itch, Spinal itch, Scrotum tingling, Ring finger itch, Phalanges itch, Ocular numbness, Knee joint numb, Kneecap numb, Chest sensitive, Abdominal wall itch, Gums burning sensation, Wrist tingling/paresthesia in a woman who is pregnant, Rib Itch, Recurring heartburn unrelated to eating, Pruritus vulvae in pregnancy, Peripheral neuropathy of the hands, Nose Itch (40 causes), Mouth Itch (137 causes), Itchy rash in children, Itching skin in pregnancy, Idiopathic photosensitivity in children, Heartburn without reflux, Facial burning in children, Cold skin in children, Change in appetite similar to that in depression, Behind knee itch, Elbow paralysis, Prostration (63 causes), Purulent sputum (1 cause), Salivary gland symptoms (353 causes), Burning during urination (35 causes), Sore vagina (1 cause), Behind-knee pain, Vague muscle aches, Rib pain (5 causes), Skin pain (110 causes), Abdominal cramps (313 causes), Epigastric pain (67 causes), fatigue (3129 causes), Chronic cough in children, Recurring COPD-like cough symptoms, Drooling (348 causes), Anxiety disorder in pregnancy, Chronic recurring depression-like symptoms, Depressive symptoms in pregnancy, aching pain (1 cause), Throbbing headache (5 causes), Backache (20 causes), Angina (32 causes), Numbness in one foot, Lip burning sensation, Accessory bone pain in children, Acute forearm pain, Acute chronic pain in multiple bones, Acute chronic tailbone pain, Acute triceps pain on both sides, Chronic jaw pain on one side, Intermittent sciatica, Constant foot arch pain, Constant left hypochondrium pain, Constant Left lower quadrant pain, Constant loin pain, Constant shin pain, Constant uterine pain, Cramping pain in one leg, Cramps in children, Decreased pain sensation, Extremely painful pharyngeal spasms, Foot arch pain and strain, Gradual onset of ocular pain, Gradual onset of umbilical pain, Intermittent chronic elbow pain, Intermittent chronic sciatic back pain, Intermittent groin pain on both sides, Intermittent headache, Leg pain in children, Liver pain in pregnancy, Loin pain on one side, Mild triceps pain on one side, Nipple pain (3 causes), Otalgia in acute otitis media, Precordial ache, Progressively severe pain, Recurring gerd-like sternum pain, Recurring sole pain on both sides, Severe chronic liver pain, Severe chronic pain in multiple bones, Severe chronic tailbone pain, Severe heel pain on one side, Severe, tearing pain in the abdomen, Sudden onset of headache, Mandible pain, Tendon pain, Tooth pain (9 causes), Gradual onset of sciatic pain, Chest burning sensation, Foreskin paresthesia/ tingling, Chest paresthesia/ tingling, Arthrogryposis (21 causes), Gradual onset of dysgeusia in children, Bad taste in mouth (2 causes), Vulval area burning sensation, Tooth itch, Tendon itch, Spinal numbness, Skin numbness (4 causes), Scapula burning sensation, Optical nerve tingling, Lower leg burning sensation, Dental tingling, Cornea tingling, Clavicle burning sensation, Cheekbone tingling, Abdominal wall numbness, Vulva itch (7 causes), Vaginal itching in pregnancy, Thirst in pregnancy, Ripping sensation in the chest, Pruritus in pregnancy, Pruritus ani, Numbness in one arm, Nipple itch (1 cause), Mouth numbness (6 causes), Intense vibration, Increased thirst (50 causes), Groin coldness, Foreskin tingling/ paresthesia, Extreme nipple itching, Lhermitte's sign, Bilateral corneal anaesthesia, Aquagenic pruritus, Neck weakness (3 causes), Elbow weakness (1 cause), tongue ulcers (18 causes), flashes (19 causes), vaginal pain (46 causes), High fever (67 causes), Recurrent fever (4 causes), Night cough (6 causes), Lower abdominal pain (25 causes), Intermittent cough, Mild episodic depression-like symptoms, Hemipariesis, Acute pain in one cheek, Ankle pain in children, Arthralgia in lower limb, Intermittent claudication of both lower limbs, Chronic elbow pain, Chronic sciatic back pain, Coccyx pain, Constant right lower quadrant pain in children, Constant sole pain, Excruciating pain in the neck, Gradual onset of epigastric pain, Gradual onset of rib pain, Gradual onset of spinal pain, Groin pain on both sides, Intense Muscle aches related to exercise, Intermittent chronic forearm pain, Intermittent prostate pain symptoms, Intermittent renal pain, Intermittent thumb pain on both sides, Midabdominal pain, Mild behind-knee pain, Mild chronic chest pain, Mild heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Otalgia in children, Pain on exertion, Pain over the temporal part of the eye, Painless swelling of one of the cervical lymph nodes, Recurring chronic pain sitting down, Recurring sciatic pain on both sides, Scapular pain, Severe chronic collarbone pain, Sprain, Sudden, severe ocular pain, Digit pain, Intestine pain, Maxillary bone pain, Gradual onset of back pain in children, Gradual onset of nose pain, Sudden onset of arm pain, Progressive descending myalgia, Stomach tingling/paresthesias, Foul taste (59 causes), Neuropathy (23 causes), Testis Scrotum numb, Lower abdomen itch, Joints tingling, Iris itch, Hinge joint( elbow joint) burning sensation, Gingival numb, Femur tingling, Artery tingling, Sudden onset of gritty sensation in the eye, Vaginal secretions with itching in pregnancy, Thumb coldness, Severe heartburn after eating, Numbness of one eye, Numb face (3 causes), Mild heartburn without reflux, Itchy head in children, Itchy ear in children, Intermittent increased thirst and urination, Heartburn in pregnancy, Flashes of lights and floaters in children, Disturbed position sense, Acute nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, Acute heartburn after eating, Abnormal sensations as in case of diabetes mellitus, Forearm weakness (2 causes), Toe weakness (2 causes), Tongue weakness (3 causes), Wrist paralysis, Knee paralysis, sciatica (2 causes), Cough with sputum similar to chronic bronchitis, Penile sores (1 cause), Earache (24 causes), Muscle pain (858 causes), Headache (2157 causes), Upper abdominal discomfort (6 causes), Brassy cough (9 causes), Chronic cough and children, Croup syndrome, Dribbling of saliva, despair, Anal discomfort (1 cause), Gouty arthritis (5 causes), Burning mouth (62 causes), Acute chronic herpes-like genital pain, Acute chronic joint pain, Acute chronic pain symptoms, Acute feet pain, Acute shoulder pain, Acute vision changes in one eye (painful or inflamed eye), Chronic finger pain related to sporting injuries, Chronic forearm pain, Chronic triceps pain on both sides, Forearm pain worse with weight training, Acrodynia, Gradual onset upper abdominal pain, Inner arm pain, Intermittent bicep pain on both sides, Intermittent chronic knuckle pain, Intermittent hip pain, Intermittent pain behind both knees, Intermittent rib pain on one side, Lateral knee pain and sports, Lower back pain during pregnancy, Pain in one eye, Prostate pain symptoms, Recurring knee pain on one side, Renal pain, Scalp tenderness (1 cause), Severe chronic herpes-like genital pain, Severe chronic joint pain, Severe chronic pain symptoms, Severe shin pain on both sides, Sticking pain, Stomach ache in pregnancy, Substernal ache in the abdomen, Sudden onset of upper abdominal pain, Upper abdominal tenderness, Antalgic gait in adults, Elbow burning sensation, Mouth Burning (3 causes), Elbow paresthesia/ tingling, Sudden onset of foot numbness, Toenail sensitive, Toe sensitive, Temporal sensitive, Pubic area numb, Popliteal fossa numb, Optical sensitive, Larynx numb, Inguinal area tingling, Lower abdomen numbness, Lower digestive system tingling, Ilium tingling, Humerus burning sensation, Forehead itch, Forearm sensitive, Fibula burning sensation, Cubital fossa itch, Choroidal tissue sensitive, Chin sensitive, Cervix burning sensation, Eyelash burning sensation, Thigh paresthesias (6 causes), Severe heartburn unrelated to eating, Paresthesia of the hands and feet, Numbness of calf, Numbness of both legs, Numbness of both ears, Intermittent diabetes-like neuropathy symptoms, Increased thirst and urination, Increased sensitivity to cold (1 cause), Foot itch (2 causes), Finger coldness, Decreased responsiveness to light, Arm itch, Acute heartburn unrelated to eating, Anosmia (3 causes), floaters (11 causes), paralysis (266 causes), Wrist weakness (5 causes), difficulty climbing stairs (14 causes), Daytime drowsiness (2 causes), Dysphagia (100 causes), Arm pain (39 causes), Foot pain (61 causes), Forehead pain (6 causes), Chronic fatigue syndrome, Lethargy (357 causes), Fear (360 causes), cough (1332 causes), Acute COPD-like cough symptoms, Cough in tuberculosis, Persistent cough in children, Severe COPD-like cough symptoms, Generalised anxiety disorder, Sudden onset of anxiety in children, Moderate depression in pregnancy, One or more episodes of depressed mood, Foot numbness (22 causes), Arm numbness (65 causes), Temperature sensitivity (56 causes), Eye discomfort (1 cause), Muscle aches (858 causes), Acute gerd-like sternum pain, Acute pain from intercourse in pregnancy, Acute sole pain on both sides, Angina pectoris (1 cause), Arthralgia of both lower limbs, Chronic aching back pain, Chronic knuckle pain, Chronic knuckle pain in both hands, Constant Back pain in children, Constant epigastric pain, Constant nose pain, Cramping leg pain, Dysuria in children, Gradual onset of headache, Heel pain related to sports, Hip pain (66 causes), Intermittent chronic shoulder pain, Intermittent jaw pain, Menorrhagia (15 causes), Migraine like symptoms in pregnancy, Mild chronic elbow pain, Mild chronic sciatic back pain, Pelvic pain worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Recurring shoulder pain on one side, Sacrum pain, Severe elbow pain on one side, Severe gerd-like sternum pain, Severe pain in and around the eye as present in acute congestive glaucoma, Sinus tenderness, Sore throat in children, Tenderness of the spinous processes, Testicle pain (13 causes), Thyroid Pain, Auricle pain, Continuous renal pain, Digestive system pain, Gradual onset of muscle pain, Sudden onset of antalgic gait, Sudden onset of jaw pain, Forearm burning sensation, Chin burning sensation, Toe burning sensation, Burning eyes (27 causes), Forearm paresthesia/ tingling, Chin paresthesia/ tingling, Groin tingling/paresthesias, Olfactory dysfunction, Cold sensitivity (28 causes), Heat sensitivity (6 causes), Sudden onset of itchy scalp, Wrist sensitive, Upper maxillary bone tingling, Upper abdominal itch, Throat burning sensation, Thoracic vertebrae tingling, Thoracic tingling, Temporal burning sensation, Pharynx burning sensation, Perineum sensitive, Pelvis sensitive, Optical burning sensation, Nostril sensitive, Nasopharyngeal tonsil tingling, Metacarpophalangeal joint itch, Lower jaw tingling, Knuckle sensitive, Knee sensitive, Digestive system itch, Connective tissue sensitive, Choroidal tissue burning sensation, Bladder burning sensation, Auricle itch, Teeth burning sensation, Tingling sensation of the hand, Testicle Itch, Tactile numbness or tingling affecting the entire body, Suprapubic pressure, Scalp Itch, Peripheral paresthesia, Paresthesia of the trunk, Palm coldness, Numbness of both calves, Numbness of both ankles, Intermittent feeling of rectal distension, Hand itch, Foreign body eye sensation in children, Eyelid coldness, Diabetes-like neuropathy symptoms, Decreased penile sensation, Chronic heartburn after eating, bone weakness (2 causes), weakness (3689 causes), Vomiting blood (97 causes), Self-induced vomiting (1 cause), Hand pain (41 causes), Scalp pain (2 causes), Upper abdominal pain (28 causes), Drowsiness (943 causes), Intermittent allergy-like cough, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in adults, Anxiety in children, Intermittent seasonal depression-like symptoms, Arthritis (79 causes), Scalp numbness, Hand numbness (38 causes), Jaw pain (22 causes), Wrist burning sensation, Leg pain on walking (1 cause), Thigh pain (15 causes), Breast tenderness in pregnancy, Calf pain in children, Chronic feet pain, Chronic loin pain on both sides, Chronic shin pain on both sides, Chronic shoulder pain, Constant headache in the elderly, Constant Lower abdominal pain, Constant neuralgia, Constant triceps pain in children, Continuous upper abdominal pain, Glossodynia, Gradual onset of foot pain, Intermittent kneecap pain on both sides, Intermittent quadriceps pain, Loss of pain sensation (6 causes), Mild calf pain on one side, Mild chronic forearm pain, Mild prostate pain symptoms, Pleurodynia, Recurring chronic pain throughout body, Recurring chronic pain when walking, Recurring chronic pelvic pain, Retrosternal chest pain, Severe chronic pain sitting down, Severe forearm pain on one side, Severe toe pain on one side, Sinus pain (220 causes), Tender muscles (4 causes), Vague arthralgias, Antalgic gait, Tarsal tunnel syndrome due to jogging, Wrist paresthesia/ tingling, Knee paresthesia/ tingling, Gum burning sensation, Knee burning sensation, Gum paresthesia/ tingling, Thumb tingling/paresthesias, Migratory arthritis, reduced hearing (4 causes), Brow pain, Sudden onset of ankle paraesthesia, Upper abdominal numbness, Triceps numb, Tibial burning sensation, Temporal cold, Periosteum numbness, Perineum burning sensation, Pelvis burning sensation, Nostril burning sensation, Nail sensitive, Metacarpal sensitive, Knuckle burning sensation, Head numb, Gastric burning sensation, Forearm cold, Fingers sensitive, Connective tissue burning sensation, Conjunctival tingling, Buccal mucosa tingling, Eyelid tingling, Adenoids burning sensation, Abdomen tingling, Underarm itch (2 causes), Thirsty all the time, Thigh Itch, Seeing rainbow rings around lights, Seeing lights (19 causes), Recurring diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Paresthesia in the hands and feet, Not feeling hungry, Jaw itch, Itchy scalp (2 causes), Itchy eyebrow in children, Intermittent itchiness of the eye, Gradual finger numbness, Decreased responsiveness to light in both eyes, Chronic heartburn unrelated to eating, Chest tightness in children, Burning urination in female children, Nasal regurgitation of food, Sputum (4 causes), Very high fever (1 cause), Mild cough (10 causes), Underarm pain (1 cause), Anal pain (8 causes), Upper abdomen pain, fever (2063 causes), Allergy like cough, Chronic COPD-like cough symptoms, Hemoptysis similar to lung cancer, Bilateral parotid gland enlargement, Phobia (6 causes), Mental depression in pregnancy, Mild depression-like symptoms in pregnancy, Seasonal depression-like symptoms, Chest discomfort (37 causes), Back pain in pregnancy, Chronic gerd-like sternum pain, Chronic recurrent abdominal pain, Chronic sole pain on both sides, Chronic thigh pain in one leg, Constant coccyx pain, Constant headache (1 cause), Constant medial knee pain, Constant pelvic pain in children, Constant sole pain on one side, Epigastric pain in children, Headache on one side, Intermittent gerd-like chest pain, Intermittent ibs-like abdominal pain, Lower half headache, Mild chronic knuckle pain, Pain in the neck, Recurring chronic kidney pain, Recurring chronic pain in multiple joints, Recurring chronic uterine pain, Recurring concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Recurring upper arm pain, Severe knuckle pain on one side, Severe wrist pain on one side, Tenderness of the symphysis pubis during pregnancy, Sudden onset of heel pain, Loin pain as seen in chronic renal pathologies, Voice box pain, Sudden onset of colicky pain in lower abdomen, Arm paresthesia (66 causes), Foot paresthesia (40 causes), Gastroesophageal reflux (39 causes), Penile Tingling, Shoulder burning sensation, Gradual onset of foot numbness, Wrist cold, Voice box itch, Vertebral tingling, Upper digestive system tingling, Scrotum sensitive, Nostril cold, Nail burning sensation, Metacarpal burning sensation, Lumbar numb, Knuckle cold, Knee joint tingling, Kneecap tingling, Fingers burning sensation, Bone sensitivity, Bone burning sensation, Biceps burning sensation, Vulvae pruritis, Vulva burning sensation in pregnancy, Vaginal burning sensation in pregnancy, Tingling sensation in one arm, Pruritis vulvae, Numbness of one elbow, Mild diabetes-like neuropathy symptoms, Lip paresthesias (24 causes), Hyperacousis in children, Heartburn that worsens if lying down after eating in pregnancy, Facial coldness, Eye Itch, Burning foot, Fatigue in children, urethritis (5 causes), Acute nausea, Severe nausea (1 cause), Throat infection (2 causes), Severe vomiting (6 causes), Eye pain (370 causes), Anorectal pain (23 causes), Nervousness (61 causes), Constant cough, Dry cough as in case of allergic conditions, Hemopytsis as in case of bronchitis, Resonant cough, Drooling in children, Lower back pain (62 causes), Charcot joint, Eye numbness, Leg cramps (10 causes), Dry eye (6 causes), Acute shoulder pain on one side, Acute thumb pain, Anterior knee pain related to sports, Chest pain from the heart, Chronic forearm pain on one side, Colicky pain in lower abdomen, Constant foot pain, Constant lateral knee pain, Constant renal pain, Corneal anaesthesia in one eye, Cramping pain in the lower abdomen, Cramps in pregnancy, Epigastrium pain, Gerd-like chest pain, Intermittent hip pain on one side, Mild chronic shoulder pain, Muscle cramps of both lower limbs following exercise, Pain below the 12th rib, Pain when urinate, Painful stool in children, Pleuritic chest pain in pregnancy, Recurring heartburn-like chest pain, Recurring kneecap pain, Ribcage hurt, Sports related buttock pain, Sudden onset of chest pain, Transient pain, Buccal mucosal pain, Sudden onset of toothache, Gradual onset of sinus pain, Palm tingling/paresthesias, Eyelid tingling/paresthesias, Hand paresthesia (47 causes), Distorted sense of taste (1 cause), Bad taste in mouth in children, Thorax sensitive, Testis tingling, Stomach burning sensation, Scrotum burning sensation, Retinal burning sensation, Optical nerve sensitive, Nail cold, Metacarpal cold, Medial epicondyle tingling, Fingers cold, Cornea sensitive, Cheek sensitive, Biceps cold, Unilateral numbness, Tender, red or purple lesions on the palm, soles, finger pads and toes, Pruritis (8 causes), Loss of appetite in children, Itchy eye (284 causes), Itchiness of one eye, Heel itch, Foreign body sensation in both eyes, Finger numbness in one hand, Constant tinnitus, Cold feet (18 causes), Change in appetite as seen in chronic digestive diseases, Ankle paresthesia of both sides, Groin weakness, Daytime tiredness in pregnancy, Thick, tenacious sputum, Painful ejaculation (26 causes), Mild fever (61 causes), Generalised musculoskeletal pain, Heel pain (3 causes), Chest tenderness (3 causes), Mild allergy-like cough, Recurring emphysema-like cough symptoms, Anxiety due to labyrinthitis, Feeling futile, Loss of pleasure in activities, Mild seasonal depression-like symptoms, Heel numbness, Toothache (7 causes), Aching muscles of both arms, Gilmore's groin, Constant hand pain, Constant Sacrum pain, Constant upper abdominal pain, Earache in children, Headache in children, Homans' sign, Intermittent jaw pain on one side, Intermittent pain in both ear, Lip pain (7 causes), Mastalgia in pregnancy, Painless bladder distension, Pelvic pain in pregnancy, Recurring chronic internal organ pain, Recurring thigh bone pain on both sides, Severe chronic pain throughout body, Severe chronic pain when walking, Severe chronic pelvic pain, Lower leg pain (3 causes), Sudden onset of tarsal tunnel syndrome, Patellofemoral pain, Penile tingling/paresthesias, Haemorrhagic joint effusion, Abnormal taste sensation, Tingling face (18 causes), Sudden onset of cold intolerance, Sudden onset of circumoral paresthesia, Pins and needles sensation of the feet, Thorax burning sensation, Skull numb, Penis sensitive, Optical nerve burning sensation, Lateral epicondyle tingling, Joints sensitive, Dental burning sensation, Cornea burning sensation, Cheekbone burning sensation, Blowing sound in ears, Eyebrow numb, Achilles tendon numb, Groin sensitive, Weakness of the hands similar to diabetic neuropathy, Unilateral sensory loss, Uncomfortable fullness after meals, Severe diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Sensation of intense heat, Sensation of Heaviness, Lip itch, Light sensitivity in children, Itchy eyes in children, Itching all over (4 causes), Heartburn after exercise in pregnancy, Foreskin itch, Feeling as if you are spinning despite being still, Facial numbness on both sides, Chest itch, Appetite changes (1158 causes), Motion-sickness (2 causes), Acute diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Rhabdomyolysis (24 causes), Recurring fibromyalgia-like symptoms in multiple locations, Tiredness in pregnancy, Extreme tiredness (13 causes), Finger paralysis, Priapism (1 cause), hemoptysis (110 causes), Dry cough (183 causes), Chest pain (917 causes), Urination pain (102 causes), Acute abdominal pain (8 causes)

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