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Glossary for Anal itching

Medical terms related to Anal itching or mentioned in this section include:

  • Abdominal symptoms: Symptoms affecting the abdomen or digestive tract
  • Allergic reaction: A hypersensitivity reaction produced by the body, which results in an exaggerated or inappropriate immune reaction to a particular substance.
  • Anal bleeding: The loss of blood per rectum
  • Anal cancer: A cancerous malignancy that is located anatomically in the anus
  • Anal conditions: Conditions that affect the anus
  • Anal disorder: diseases of the anal region
  • Anal fissure: A painful ulcer linear to the margin of the anus
  • Anal itching: Itching near or around the anus
  • Anal lump: Lump in the anal area as a symptom
  • Anal pain: A sensation of pain that is located in the region of the anus
  • Anal swelling: Swelling near or around the anus
  • Anal symptoms: Symptoms affecting the anus.
  • Anogenital pruritus: An itching located in the anal and genital regions
  • Blastocystis hominis: Common parasitic condition often causing digestive symptoms.
  • Body symptoms: Symptoms affecting the entire body features.
  • Brain symptoms: Symptoms affecting the brain
  • Candidiasis: Fungal infection of moist areas such as mouth or vagina
  • Celiac Disease: Digestive intolerance to gluten in the diet.
  • Cellulitis: inflammation of the subcutaneous fat
  • Common symptoms: The most common symptoms
  • Dermatitis: Inflammation of the skin.
  • Diabetes: Symptoms similar to those of diabetes
  • Diabetes-like symptoms: Symptoms similar to those of diabetes
  • Diarrhea: Loose, soft, or watery stool.
  • Digestive symptoms: Any symptoms affecting the digestive tract.
  • Dipylidiasis: A parasitic intestinal infection caused by a tapeworm called Dipylidium caninum. The parasite commonly infects dogs and cats but can occur in humans. Transmission usually occurs through accidental ingestion of infected cat or dog fleas. Children are more likely to become infected and are also more likely to have symptoms.
  • Dipylidium: The dog tapeworm
  • Dipylidium caninum infection: A tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) infection. Transmission can occur when infected animal fleas are accidentally ingested.
  • Eczema: Skin rash usually from allergic causes.
  • Fecal incontinence: The loss of control of a persons bowel motions
  • Fistula: The abnormal passage between two internal organs
  • Food intolerances: Any inability to tolerate particular foods.
  • Fungal infections: Symptoms from various fungal infections
  • Fungal symptoms: Symptoms from various fungal infections
  • Genital herpes: Sexually transmitted infection of the genital region.
  • Genital warts: Skin warts in the genital regions.
  • Gonorrhea: Common sexually transmitted disease often without symptoms.
  • Head symptoms: Symptoms affecting the head or brain
  • Helminthiasis: Infection of the human body with a parasitic worm such as roundworms and pinworms. The worms usually only involve the intestinal tract but sometimes they may invade other organs. The type and severity of symptoms is determined by the type of worm and the part of the body infected.
  • Hemorrhoids: A condition characterized by the prolapse of an anal cushion that may result in bleeding and pain
  • Hygiene symptoms: Changes to personal hygiene habits.
  • Hymenolepiasis: A rare parasitic disease caused by a tapeworm called Hymenolepis nana or Hymenlepis dimunita. Infestation occurs through fecal contamination or by accidentally consuming insects that have eaten the parasitic eggs.
  • Internal bleeding: The loss of blood internally from the circulation
  • Intertrigo: This is an erythematous skin condition which occurs in areas where there is apposition of the skin surfaces
  • Itching skin: Itching feeling of the skin.
  • Jaundice: yellowish discoloration of the skin and mucous membrane
  • Lactose intolerance: lactose intolerance is the inability to metabolize lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products, because the required enzyme lactase is absent in the intestinal system or its availability is lowered
  • Methacycline -- Teratogenic Agent: There is evidence to indicate that exposure to Methacycline during pregnancy may have a teratogenic effect on the fetus. A teratogen is a substance that can cause birth defects. The likelihood and severity of defects may be affected by the level of exposure and the stage of pregnancy that the exposure occurred at.
  • Molluscum contagiosum: Common wart-causing virus.
  • Nerve symptoms: Symptoms affecting the nerves
  • Neurodermatitis: Lichen simplex chronicus refers to thickened itchy skin that results from persistently rubbing or scratching an area of skin.
  • Neurological symptoms: Any symptoms that are caused by neurological conditions
  • Pain: Any type of pain sensation symptoms.
  • Piles: Prolapse of blood vessels through the anal passage
  • Pinworm: Small, threadlike parasitic worms mainly in colon and rectum
  • Polyp: A usually benign growth protruding from a mucous membrane.
  • Proctitis: Inflammation which occurs in the rectum
  • Pruritus ani: common condition which causes itching and irritation around the anus
  • Psoriasis: Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition where the defective immune system causes skin cells to grow rapidly. It affects a significant number of people. Arthritis, which can be severe, is associated with the psoriasis in up to a third of cases. Not all patients who are susceptible to the condition will develop it - roughly 10% of those susceptible will actually develop the condition. There are various environmental factors which can trigger the onset of the disease e.g. strep throat (common trigger), some medication, stress and cold weather. Once the disease develops, it may resolve on its own or with treatment or may become a persistent chronic condition. The severity and duration of symptoms is variable.
  • Rectal abscess: Abscess in the rectal area
  • Rectal bleeding: Bleeding from the anus or rectum.
  • Rectal fistula:
  • Rectal itch: Unpleasant sensation in the rectal area.
  • Rectal pain: Pain occurring on or around the rectum
  • Rectum symptoms: Symptoms affecting the rectum at the end of the digestive tract.
  • Scabies: Mite infection of the skin common in institutions.
  • Sensations: Changes to sensations or the senses
  • Sensory symptoms: Symptoms affecting the sensory systems.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Various diseases spread by sexual contact.
  • Skin allergy: A skin allergy is an adverse response by the body's immune system to an allergen. The response may occur when the allergen comes into contact with the skin or when it is inhaled or ingested. A skin allergy manifests in skin symptoms such as hives and itchy skin. The severity of the response is variable.
  • Skin problems: Any condition that affects the skin
  • Skin symptoms: Symptoms affecting the skin.
  • Squamous Cell Skin Cancer: Aggressive skin cancer arising due to sun exposure; lesions are locally invasive to surrounding tissues and may metastasise
  • Sudden onset of anal itching: Sudden onset of anal itching refers to the rapid development of an itching sensation in the anus.
  • Syphilis: A sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacteria (Treponema pallidum). The condition is often asymptomatic in the early stages but one or more sores may be present in the early stages. Untreated syphilis usually results in remission of visible symptoms but further severe damage may occur to internal organs and other body tissues which can result in death.
  • Thrush: A condition which is characterized by an infection caused by a fungus
  • Toxocara canis: A form of nematode found in the dog
  • Toxocara cati: A form of nematode found in the cat
  • Vaginal discharge: Discharge from the vagina as a symptom
  • Worm conditions: Any condition that is caused by infestation of worms

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