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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Behavioral symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Behavioral symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Behavioral symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Behavioral symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Behavioral symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Behavioral symptoms: Personality symptoms (3882 causes), Confusion (647 causes), Aggression (169 causes), Anxiety (752 causes), Fear (360 causes), Psychological problems (77 causes), Secrecy (10 causes), Behavior changes (34 causes), Compulsions (3 causes), Obsessions (21 causes), Impatience (12 causes), Inattention (45 causes), Preoccupation with appearance, Absenteeism (4 causes), Addiction symptoms (35 causes), Alcohol use (18 causes), Hygiene symptoms (18 causes), Malingering (1 cause), Mental problems (3013 causes), Noncompliance (1 cause), Regression (19 causes), Society problems (1632 causes), Psychotic Behaviour (40 causes), Severe anxiety (3 causes), Anxiety disorder (6 causes), Apprehension (8 causes), Nervousness (61 causes), Increased anxiety, Delirium (114 causes), Cognitive impairment (3575 causes), Reduced judgement, Brain disturbance, Depersonalisation, Dementia (208 causes), Delusions (155 causes), Acalculia (1 cause), Phobic disorder, Hallucinations (223 causes), Mental retardation (1782 causes), Psychogenic pain, Altered mental state (14 causes), Disorientation (175 causes), Abnormal thinking, Concentration difficulty (305 causes), Drug abuse (29 causes), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (1 cause), Postpartum psychosis, Psychotic symptoms (44 causes), Personality disorder (1 cause), Personality change (228 causes), Phobia (6 causes), Agoraphobia (1 cause), Panic (363 causes), Hostility (28 causes), Violence (6 causes), Anger (15 causes), Substance abuse (8 causes), Repetition (31 causes), Disorganization (44 causes), Irritability (714 causes), Social problems (81 causes), Social withdrawal (30 causes), Isolation (88 causes), Hyperactivity (224 causes), Impulsivity (39 causes), Aberrant behaviour, Aberrant behaviour in pregnancy, Abrupt mood swings, Abrupt Mood Swings in Pregnancy, Absenteeism in children, Acute hyperactivity in adults, Acute hyperactivity in the workplace, Acute inattention in adults, Acute inattentiveness in the workplace, Adjustment problems, Agitation (213 causes), Anxious frantic appearance, Apprehension in pregnancy, Attacks of crying, Attacks of laughing, Attacks of rage, Automatisms (4 causes), Behavior changes with irritability, Behavior problems at kindergarten, Behavior problems at school, Behavior problems at work, Behavior problems in adults, Behavior problems in children, Behavior problems in teens, Behavior problems in toddlers, Behaviour changes (22 causes), Behaviour changes in pregnancy, Behaviour changes with irritability, Binge eating (3 causes), Bizarre behaviour, Body focused repetitive behavior, Boredom-related behavior problems at school, Boredom-related behavior problems at work, Changes in infant behaviour, Chronic cry, Chronic hyperactivity in adults, Chronic hyperactivity in the workplace, Chronic impulsivity in adults, Chronic inattention in adults, Chronic inattentiveness in the workplace, Alcohol intoxication (1 cause), Alcohol abuse (9 causes), Claustrophobic experiences, Compulsions in children, Laxative abuse (4 causes), Episodic hyperactivity, Adhd, Act funny, Felon, Hoarding medication, Hydrophobia, Hyperactive behavior in adults, Hyperactive behavior in children, Hyperactive behavior in teens, Hyperactive behavior in toddlers, Hyperactivity in children (5 causes), Hyperactivity in the workplace, Impulsive behavior at kindergarten, Impulsive behavior at school, Impulsive behavior at work, Impulsive behavior in adults, Impulsive behavior in children, Impulsive behavior in teens, Impulsive behavior in toddlers, Impulsivity in adults, Impulsivity in children, Inappropriate laughter (1 cause), Inappropriate mannerisms (13 causes), Inappropriate responses, Inattention in adults, Inattention in children, Inattention in teens, Inattention in toddlers, Inattentive behavior at school, Inattentive behavior at work, Inattentiveness in the workplace, Intermittent bizarre behaviour, Intermittent hyperactivity in adults, Intermittent hyperactivity in the workplace, Intermittent impulsivity in adults, Intermittent inattention in adults, Intermittent inattentiveness in the workplace, Intermittent Psychomotor hyperactivity, Detachment (98 causes), Lip smacking (1 cause), Listlessness (33 causes), Listlessness in pregnancy, Mild hyperactivity in adults, Mild hyperactivity in the workplace, Mild impulsivity in adults, Mild inattention in adults, Mild inattentiveness in the workplace, Need to be in control, Panic attack (13 causes), Panic disorder, Paranoia (106 causes), Pica (2 causes), Picking at clothes, Puzzling behaviour, Recurring hyperactivity, Recurring hyperactivity in adults, Recurring hyperactivity in the workplace, Recurring impulsivity in adults, Recurring inattention in adults, Recurring inattentiveness in the workplace, Restlessness (358 causes), Self-harm (1 cause), Self harm in children, Self-induced vomiting (1 cause), Self-mutilation (35 causes), Self-mutilation in children, Severe hyperactivity, Severe hyperactivity in adults, Severe hyperactivity in the workplace, Severe impulsivity in adults, Severe inattention in adults, Severe inattentiveness in the workplace, Severe paranoid reaction, Short attention span (10 causes), Suicidal behaviour, Tendency to be startled, Trichotillomania, Unusual overactivity in children, Violent behaviour (2 causes), ADHD-like symptoms, Bouts of rage, Discipline problems, Gradual onset of inappropriate responses, Gradual onset of polyphagia, Gradual onset of puzzling behaviour, Inattention symptoms (54 causes), Overactive restlessness, Sudden onset of inappropriate responses, Sudden onset of puzzling behaviour, Sudden onset of panic disorder, Sudden onset of crying spells, Paranoid personality disorder, Paranoid schizophrenia, Hearing voices (2 causes), Auditory hallucinations (39 causes), loss of interest (1 cause), loss of interest in activities (5 causes), apathy (73 causes), alertness (2 causes), Restless Legs (1 cause), excitement (26 causes), Severe difficulty concentrating at work, Severe concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Mild seasonal concentration difficulty, Intermittent Alzheimers-like memory loss, Intellectual decline (1 cause), Acute difficulty concentrating at work, Acute concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Unable to respond logically, Severe Alzheimers-like concentration difficulty, Alzheimers-like memory loss, Acute Alzheimers-like concentration difficulty, Sudden onset of memory loss in the elderly, Severe concentration difficulty in adults, Mental sluggishness, Mental changes in pregnancy, Memory disturbances (2 causes), Indecision at school, Chronic difficulty concentrating at work, Chronic concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Acute concentration difficulty in adults, Poor memory (7 causes), Mild Alzheimers-like memory loss, Intermittent intermittent forgetfulness, Familiarity with unfamiliar events or environments, Chronic Alzheimers-like concentration difficulty, Memory loss (98 causes), Intermittent forgetfulness, Difficulty concentrating in adults, Decreased mental acuity, Constant deterioration of mental acuity, Chronic concentration difficulty in adults, Forgetfulness (276 causes), Sudden loss of the ability to comprehend speech, Mild intermittent forgetfulness, Difficulty concentrating in toddlers, Confusion leading to stupor, Acute intermittent forgetfulness in pregnancy, Abnormal thinking in pregnancy, Special abilities (24 causes), Slowly resolving confusion, Reduced concentration in children, Multiinfarct dementia, Loss of memory (8 causes), Acute forgetfulness in pregnancy, Sudden onset of mental impairment, Progressive dementia (37 causes), Mental deterioration in children, Dejavu (1 cause), Temporary memory loss (1 cause), Recurring episodic concentration difficulty, Intermittent difficulty concentrating at work, Intermittent concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Indecision in adults, Severe confusion, Recurring difficulty concentrating for long periods, Memory loss in children, Intermittent Alzheimers-like concentration difficulty, Difficulty concentrating at work (4 causes), Slight confusion, Progressive confusion in pregnancy, Intermittent concentration difficulty in adults, Indecision in toddlers, Alzheimers-like concentration difficulty, progressive mental deterioration (15 causes), Severe episodic concentration difficulty, Recurring Alzheimers-like confusion symptoms, Mild difficulty concentrating at work, Mild concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Difficulty concentrating in children, Concentration difficulty in adults, Cognitive problems in children, Acute episodic concentration difficulty, Disoriented state, Unable to respond logically as in case of Alzheimer's disease, Severe difficulty concentrating for long periods, Recurring feeling of having difficulty concentrating, Mild Alzheimers-like concentration difficulty, Memory symptoms (498 causes), Cognitive aura, Acute difficulty concentrating for long periods, Slowed mental response (1 cause), Short-term memory loss (6 causes), Recurring chronic forgetfulness, Racing thoughts (2 causes), Mild concentration difficulty in adults, Memory Disturbances in pregnancy, Inability to think quickly, Episodic difficulty concentrating, Difficulty concentrating in teens, Chronic episodic concentration difficulty, Amnesia (12 causes), Altered mental status (108 causes), neurologic disorders (1 cause), Sudden onset of disorientation, Severe Alzheimers-like confusion symptoms, Recurring seasonal concentration difficulty, Poor concentration in adults, Mental dullness (5 causes), Indecision at work, Dementia due to HIV disease, Chronic difficulty concentrating for long periods, Acute Alzheimers-like confusion symptoms, Severe feeling of having difficulty concentrating, Memory loss in pregnancy, Low performance I Q (13 causes), Acute feeling of having difficulty concentrating, Severe chronic forgetfulness, Poor concentration in toddlers, Indecision in children, Forgetfulness in pregnancy, Difficulty focusing (1 cause), Chronic Alzheimers-like confusion symptoms, Severe seasonal concentration difficulty, Recurring Alzheimers-like memory loss, Reading symptoms (73 causes), Learning disabilities (417 causes), Chronic feeling of having difficulty concentrating, Agnosia (2 causes), Acute seasonal concentration difficulty, Thought of one's death, Motormental retardation in children, Intermittent confusion, Indecision in teens, Unfamiliarity with a known event, Chronic seasonal concentration difficulty, mental changes (20 causes), Severe Alzheimers-like memory loss, Recurring intermittent forgetfulness, Mild temporary amnesia, Mental problems in pregnancy, Intermittent episodic concentration difficulty, Déjà vu (1 cause), Acute Alzheimers-like memory loss, Mental depreciation, Thought of injuring one self, Stress in children, Low verbal I Q (13 causes), Intermittent difficulty concentrating for long periods, Impaired concentration (44 causes), Episodic concentration difficulty, neurological problems (44 causes), Recurring difficulty concentrating, Poor concentration in children, Difficulty concentrating for long periods, Chronic Alzheimers-like memory loss, impaired thinking (19 causes), Severe intermittent forgetfulness, Mild episodic concentration difficulty, Language problems (120 causes), Irreversible confusion, Intermittent Alzheimers-like confusion symptoms, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Jamais vu (1 cause), Jaimas vu, Agnosia in children, Acute intermittent forgetfulness, intellectual impairment (29 causes), Temporary confusion, Poor concentration in teens, Mild difficulty concentrating for long periods, Memory symptoms in pregnancy, Intermittent feeling of having difficulty concentrating, Alzheimers-like confusion symptoms, Acute forgetfulness, Sudden onset of slowed intellectual activity, Severe difficulty concentrating, Psychogenic stress, Intermittent chronic forgetfulness, Inability to concentrate (2 causes), Feeling of having difficulty concentrating, Confusion in children, Chronic intermittent forgetfulness, Low concentration ability, Slowed intellectual activity, Recurring difficulty concentrating at work, Recurring concentration difficulty with headache-like symptoms, Mild Alzheimers-like confusion symptoms, Intermittent seasonal concentration difficulty, Flashback, Difficulty concentrating at school, Chronic forgetfulness, Seasonal concentration difficulty, Recurring Alzheimers-like concentration difficulty, Mild feeling of having difficulty concentrating, Learning disability (47 causes), Changes in intellectual functioning (1 cause), Gradual onset of slowed intellectual activity, Reduced alertness (12 causes), Recurring concentration difficulty in adults, Progressive confusion (4 causes), Mild chronic forgetfulness, Inability to think coherently, Memory problems (73 causes), Alzheimer's-like symptoms (23 causes), Alzheimer's disease (1 cause), Mild episodes of Alzheimers-like symptoms, Intermittent Alzheimers-like symptoms, Mild Alzheimers-like symptoms, Recurring episodes of Alzheimers-like symptoms, Severe episodes of Alzheimers-like symptoms, Acute episodes of Alzheimers-like symptoms, Chronic episodes of Alzheimers-like symptoms, Recurring Alzheimers-like symptoms, Severe Alzheimers-like symptoms, Acute Alzheimers-like symptoms, Intermittent episodes of Alzheimers-like symptoms, Chronic Alzheimers-like symptoms, Confusion symptoms (640 causes), Episodes of Alzheimers-like symptoms, fretfulness (5 causes), violent behavior (18 causes), Withdrawal symptoms (3 causes), writing symptoms (35 causes), school problems (455 causes), Sadness (4 causes), Histrionic personality disorder, Sad, Avoidant personality disorder, Sadness in pregnancy, Feeling of apprehension, Feeling of impending doom (3 causes), Mild personality changes (1 cause), Feeling as if the world is revolving around you, Feeling futile, Mild episodic adhd-like symptoms, Recurring adhd-like symptoms in adults, Recurring adhd-like symptoms, Acute adhd-like symptoms in adults, Severe adhd-like symptoms in adults, Acute adhd-like symptoms, Chronic adhd-like symptoms in adults, Severe adhd-like symptoms, Chronic adhd-like symptoms, Recurring adhd-like symptoms in children, Recurring episodic adhd-like symptoms, Acute adhd-like symptoms in children, Severe adhd-like symptoms in children, Intermittent adhd-like symptoms in adults, Acute episodic adhd-like symptoms, ADHD-like symptoms in adults, Chronic adhd-like symptoms in children, Severe episodic adhd-like symptoms, Intermittent adhd-like symptoms, Chronic episodic adhd-like symptoms, Mild adhd-like symptoms in adults, Mild adhd-like symptoms, Intermittent adhd-like symptoms in children, ADHD-like symptoms in children, Intermittent episodic adhd-like symptoms, Episodic adhd-like symptoms, Mild adhd-like symptoms in children, Unresponsiveness (21 causes), delirium tremens (2 causes), Level of consciousness, decreased, Anxiety in pregnancy, Hypochondriasis (1 cause), Labyrinthitis, Nervousness in pregnancy, Chronic anxiety (1 cause), Akathisia, Constant state of apprehension, Mild to moderate anxiety, Sudden onset of anxiety in children due to psychiatric conditions, Sudden onset of anxiety, Anxiety disorder in pregnancy, Sudden onset of anxiety in children, Generalised anxiety disorder, Anxiety in children, Anxiety due to labyrinthitis, Transient delirium, Intermittent delirium, Sudden onset of confusion in children, Delirium in children

Symptoms related to Behavioral symptoms: Personality symptoms (3882 causes), Personality changes (228 causes), Aggression (169 causes), Agitation (213 causes), Depressive symptoms (400 causes), Euphoria (54 causes), Mania (99 causes), Anger (15 causes), Shyness, Depression (400 causes), Restlessness (358 causes), Manicdepressive, Attention deficit disorder

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