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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Bleeding symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Bleeding symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Bleeding symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Bleeding symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Bleeding symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Bleeding symptoms: Bruising (350 causes), Blood in urine (282 causes), Bloody stool (286 causes), Nosebleeds (210 causes), Postpartum hemorrhage (6 causes), Gastrointestinal bleeding (129 causes), Bleeding gums (113 causes), Rectal bleeding (286 causes), Vaginal bleeding (68 causes), Bleeding under skin (63 causes), Blood abnormalities (11 causes), Bloody sputum (104 causes), Internal bleeding (6 causes), Bleeding from the mouth (3 causes), Buttock bleeding, Chest bleeding, Chin bleeding, Elbow bleeding, Eye bleeding (4 causes), Facial bleeding (1 cause), Finger bleeding, Fingernail bleeding, Foot bleeding, Groin bleeding, Lip bleeding (3 causes), Scalp bleeding (1 cause), Gastrointestinal bleeding (129 causes), Rectal bleeding (286 causes), Vaginal bleeding (68 causes), heavy bleeding, Severe abnormal bleeding, Bleeding from ear (2 causes), Bloody ejaculation (1 cause), Conjunctival haemorrhage (1 cause), Haemorrhagic joint effusion, Spitting blood (110 causes), Breakthrough bleeding, Epistaxis (17 causes), Hematoma (326 causes), Abnormal uterine bleeding (2 causes), Abnormal vaginal bleeding (24 causes), Anal bleeding (2 causes), Bleeding after sex (13 causes), Bleeding in the brain (12 causes), Bleeding in the eye (4 causes), Bleeding nipple (1 cause), Bleeding under the skin (7 causes), Excessive menstrual bleeding (20 causes), Increased bleeding tendency in eye, Stomach bleeding (4 causes), Vaginal bleed in pregnancy (3 causes), Vaginal bleeding after menopause (1 cause), Bloodshot eyes (13 causes), Bloody diarrhea (55 causes), Bloody semen (19 causes), Coughing blood (110 causes), Vomiting blood (97 causes), Ecchymosis (1 cause), Light periods (10 causes), Spotting (7 causes), Intestinal hemorrhage (2 causes), Blood-stained phlegm, Hemoptysis (110 causes), Easy bruising (231 causes), Epidural hematoma, Subdural hematoma (1 cause), Nipple bruise, Neck bruise (1 cause), Gum bruise, Penile bruise (1 cause), Fingernail bruise, Calf bruise, Forearm bruise, Toenail bruise, Foot bruise (2 causes), Chin bruise, Shoulder bruise, Knee bruise, Arm bruise (1 cause), Testicle bruise, Stomach bruise, Scalp bruise, Jaw bruise (1 cause), Genital bruise, Facial bruise, Breast bruise (1 cause), Chafing, Underarm bruise, Thigh bruise (1 cause), Hand bruise (5 causes), Groin bruise, Eye bruise, Ear bruise (1 cause), Leg bruise, Shin bruise, Anal bruise, Vein bruise, Thumb bruise, Buttock bruise (1 cause), Back bruise (1 cause), Upper bruise, Lip bruise, Ankle bruise (3 causes), Heel bruise, Mouth bruise, Chest bruise, Palm bruise, Wrist bruise (2 causes), Vulva bruise, Nose bruise (2 causes), Finger bruise (1 cause), Rib bruise (1 cause), Eyelid bruise, Elbow bruise (1 cause), Abnormal bleeding in children, Abnormal infrequent menstrual bleeding, Metrorrhagia, Abnormal vaginal bleeding in children, Abnormal vaginal bleeding in pregnancy, Absence of vaginal bleeding, Missed period, Acute Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Amenorrhea (94 causes), Female athlete triad, Anal hematoma, Anterior epistaxis, Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, Bleeding after sex in pregnancy, Bleeding from ear in children, Bleeding gums in children, Bleeding gums in pregnancy, Bleeding in the brain in children, Bleeding oesophageal varices, Bleeding tendencies, Bleeding that occurs after a woman has stopped menstruating, Blood in stools as in case of inflammatory bowel disease, Blood in the anterior chamber, Blood in urine in children, Blood loss (1 cause), Blood loss in pregnancy, Blood streaked diarrhea, Blood streaked diarrhoea, Bloody nipple discharge, Bloody vaginal discharge (1 cause), Bloody vaginal discharge in pregnancy, Changes in normal menstrual cycle, Chronic Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Constant hemoptysis, Chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenia, Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Decreased menses, Eliminating blood, Epistaxis in pregnancy, Compartment syndrome, Extensive bleeding, Eye bleeding in children, Eye hemorrhage, Fingernail bleeding in children, GI bleeding, GI hemorrhage, Gingival bleeding, Gradual onset of hemoptysis, Gum bleeding (10 causes), Haematuria (21 causes), Haemoglobin in urine, Haemolytic anaemia, Hemorrhage in both eyes, Hemorrhage in one eye, Heavy periods (63 causes), Hematemesis due to Mallory-Weiss syndrome, Hematochezia (5 causes), Hematuria during menses, Hematuria with proteinuria in children, Epidural haematoma, Hematuria without proteinuria in children, Hemoptysis in children, Hemoptysis in newborns, Hemoptysis in the newborn, Hemoptysis similar to tuberculosis, Hemopytsis as in case of bronchitis, Hemorrhagic pus-filled blisters, Hemorrhagic rash (3 causes), Hemorrhagic rashes, Hemothorax, Hyphema, Increased thrombin clotting time, Infantile purpura, Intermittent Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Intermittent gross hematuria, Intermittent menstrual disturbances, Intraocular hemorrhage, Medications or substances causing blood-stained phlegm, Late start of menstruation (5 causes), Lower gastrointestinal bleeding in children, Massive haemoptysis, Massive hemoptysis, Melena (13 causes), Melenous stool, Melenous stools, Menstrual bleeding that occurs between menstrual periods, Menstrual changes (19 causes), Menstrual disorders (16 causes), Menstrual irregularities (493 causes), Microscopic hematuria (5 causes), Mild Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Musculoskeletal hemorrhages, Not getting a menstrual period, Oligomenorrhoea (1 cause), Pain during bleeding, Petechiae (42 causes), Petechiae in children, Petechial rashes in adults, Petechial rashes in children, Petichiae in children, Petichiae in pregnancy, Posterior fossa hemorrhage, Post-menopausal bleeding (5 causes), Premenstrual syndrome, Primary amenorrhea (16 causes), Primary amenorrhea in children, Primary amenorrhoea in children, Profuse or extended menstrual bleeding, Profuse or prolonged menstrual bleeding, Pulsating bleeding, Purpura bleeding, Purpura in adults, Purpura in children, Purpura in infants, Rectal bleeding in children, Rectal bleeding in pregnancy, Rectal passage of bright red clots, Recurring Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Reduced menstrual flow (3 causes), Retinal hemorrhage in children, Roth's spots, Rust-colored sputum (2 causes), Secondary amenorrhea (1 cause), Secondary amenorrhea in children, Secondary amenorrhea in young adults, Secondary amenorrhoea in children, Severe Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Chronic thrombocytopenic purpura, Signs of circulatory collapse as seen in intestinal hemorrhage, Spotting in pregnancy, Subarachnoid hemorrhage (2 causes), Sudden onset of abnormal vaginal bleeding in adults, Sudden onset of amenorrhoea, Sudden onset of hematemesis, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in adults, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in newborn, Sudden onset of vaginal bleeding in children, Urethral bleeding, Urinating blood, Urinating blood in pregnancy, Vaginal bleeding after 24 hours of delivery, Vaginal bleeding after menarche in children, Vaginal bleeding after mmenopause, Vaginal bleeding before normal menarche in children, Vaginal bleeding from 28 weeks onwards, Vaginal bleeding in the first trimester, Vaginal bleeding within 24 hours of delivery, Vessel hemorrhages, Visible bleeding, Vomit blood, Vomiting blood in pregnancy, Sudden onset of hematuria in children, Gums bleeding, Abdomen bleeding, Abdominal wall bleeding, Adenoids bleeding, Teeth bleeding, Appendix bleeding, Auricle bleeding, Eyebrow bleeding, Eyelash bleeding, Eyelid bleeding, Ear canal bleeding, Earlobe bleeding, Bleeding auricles, Breast bleeding (1 cause), Bronchial bleeding, Brow bleeding, Lung bleeding (1 cause), Cervix bleeding, Colon bleeding, Conjunctival bleeding (1 cause), Connective tissue bleeding, Renal bleeding, Cornea bleeding, Cranial bleeding, Cubital fossa bleeding, Cubital fossa blister, Dental bleeding, Femur bleeding, Fibula bleeding, Finger pulp bleeding, Forehead bleeding, Humerus bleeding, Ilium bleeding, Lower abdomen bleeding, External os bleeding, Hinge joint( elbow joint) bleeding, Inguinal area bleeding, Internal os bleeding, Ischial tuberosity bleeding, Kneecap bleeding, Knee joint bleeding, Large intestine bleeding, Larynx bleeding, Lateral epicondyle bleeding, Lower jaw bleeding, Lower leg bleeding, Lumbar bleeding, Malleolar bleeding, Mandible bleeding, Medial epicondyle bleeding, Metacarpal bleeding, Metacarpophalangeal joint bleeding, Middle ear bleeding, Nail bleeding, Nasopharyngeal tonsil bleeding, Nostril bleeding, Ocular bleeding, Ocular hemorrhage, Optical bleeding, Optical nerve bleeding, Pelvis bleeding, Perineum bleeding, Phalanges bleeding, Pharynx bleeding, Popliteal fossa bleeding, Prostate bleeding, Pubic area bleeding, Pulmonary bleeding, Respiratory bleeding, Right lower quadrant bleeding, Ring finger bleeding, Sacral bleeding, Scrotum bleeding, Spinal lumbar bleeding, Temple bleeding, Temporal bleeding, Tendon bleeding, Testis bleeding, Thoracic bleeding, Thoracic spine bleeding, Thoracic vertebrae bleeding, Tooth bleeding, Tooth pulp bleeding, Upper abdominal bleeding, Urogenital triangle bleeding, Vertebral lumbar bleeding, Voice box bleeding, Vulval area bleeding, Sudden onset of subdural hematoma, Subdural haematoma, Gradual onset of bleeding gums, Gradual onset of hematochezia, Hemoptysis similar to lung cancer, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, Kidney bleeding, Shin bleeding, Sudden onset of bleeding gums, Sudden onset of hematochezia, Sudden onset of menstrual abnormalities, Sudden onset of blood in urine, Not getting a period, Red purpura, Battle's sign (1 cause), heavy menstruation (2 causes), bright red blood on toilet paper (1 cause), Disorders of the uterus in the reproductive age group, Menstrual pain (4 causes), Painful menstruation (4 causes), PMS, Delayed puberty (150 causes), dysmenorrhea (20 causes), Idiopathic dysmenorrhea, Premenstrual tension (2 causes), Abdominal pain that worsens with menses, Endometritis, Menopause (10 causes), Menstrual cramps (7 causes), menopause symptoms (11 causes), Menorrhagia (15 causes), Dysmenorrhea in young adults, Absent menses, eyebrow bruise, toe bruise

Symptoms related to Bleeding symptoms: Bruising (350 causes), Injury, Fractures (110 causes), Blood in urine (282 causes), Blood in stool (286 causes), Internal bleeding (6 causes), Very heavy bleeding with menstrual periods (menorrhagia), Unusual bleeding after injury or surgery, Bleeding from small cuts that starts and stops over several hours, Frequent or prolonged nosebleeds, Unusual bleeding from the mouth or gums after a tooth extraction

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