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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Blood vessel symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Blood vessel symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Blood vessel symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Blood vessel symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Blood vessel symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Blood vessel symptoms: Vein symptoms (46 causes), Artery symptoms (39 causes), Cerebrovascular symptoms (68 causes), Varicose veins (54 causes), Aneurysm (6 causes), Blood vessel inflammation (8 causes), Peripheral vasoconstriction, Blood vessel damage (3 causes), Vasculitis (3 causes), Capillary refill time, increased, Intracranial bruit, Venous hum, Bulging abdominal veins, Bulging neck veins (1 cause), Bulging veins (2 causes), Deep vein thrombosis (10 causes), Engorged Neck Veins, Engorged scalp veins, Jugular vein distention (1 cause), Varicose Abdominal Veins, Vein bruise, Vein pain, Vein swelling, Venous insufficiency, Telangiectasias (6 causes), Stroke symptoms (69 causes), Aneurysms (4 causes), Arteriosclerosis (7 causes), Atherosclerosis (11 causes), Abdominal pain in mesenteric ischemia, Absent carotid pulses, Mesenteric ischemia, Mesenteric venous thrombosis, Anal bruise, Anal hematoma, Aneurysmal dissection, Ankle bruise (3 causes), Arm bruise (1 cause), Arterial dilation, Arterial luminal narrowing, Turner's sign, Back bruise (1 cause), Basilar artery insufficiency, Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, Blanching vascular reactions in children, Blood shot ring around the cornea, Bloodshot eyes (13 causes), Breast bruise (1 cause), Bruit, Bruits (1 cause), Buttock bruise (1 cause), Calf bruise, Caput medusae (1 cause), Cardiac abnormalities (9 causes), Cardiac defect (34 causes), Cardiopulmonary insufficiency, Cardiovascular disorder, Cardiovascular disorders (2 causes), Carotid artery stenosis, Carotid bruit on one side, Carotid bruits, Carotid bruits on both sides, Cerebrovascular disorders, Cervical bruit, Chest bruise, Chest bruise in children, Chin bruise, Atelectasis, Circulation symptoms (1396 causes), Circulatory infections, Circulatory occlusions, Coarctation of the aorta (16 causes), Dissecting aortic aneurysm, Dissection of an aortic aneurysm, Late medullary strangulation, Continuous bruit, Contusion (1 cause), Contusion following exercise, Cranial bruit (1 cause), Cutaneous vasoconstriction, Cutaneous vasodilation, Decreased vascularity, Deep vein thrombosis in pregnancy, Dilated capillaries of the nail fold, Myocardial infarction (1 cause), Myocardial ischaemia, Distended neck veins (3 causes), Ear bruise (1 cause), Easily bruised skin (22 causes), Elbow bruise (1 cause), Episodic arterial vasospasm, Compartment syndrome, Mild basilar atelectasis, Palpable thrill, Angiokeratoma due to Fabry's disease, Expanded intravascular pressure, Eye bruise, Eyelid bruise, Facial bruise, Femoral lump, Femoral mass or swelling, Finger bruise (1 cause), Fingernail bruise, Fingernail bruise in children, Foot bruise (2 causes), Forearm bruise, Prostaglandins, Genital bruise, Genital bruise in children, Groin bruise, Groin bruise in children, Gum bruise, Haemorrhoids in pregnancy, Hand bruise (5 causes), Hand bruise in children, Heel bruise, Hematoma (326 causes), Epidural haematoma, Epidural hematoma, Hemorrhoids (2 causes), HIV-associated cerebrovascular complications, Increased capillary refill time, Increased venous distention with inspiration, Telangiectasia (28 causes), Jaw bruise (1 cause), Jugular vein distension, Knee bruise, Leg bruise, Lip bruise, Mouth Bruise, Neck Bruise (1 cause), Neovascular glaucoma in both eyes, Neovascular glaucoma in one eye, Neurovascular damage, Nipple Bruise, Non-bleeding oesophageal varices, Nose Bruise (2 causes), Occlusion of renal veins, Lung embolism, Palm bruise, Patches on the skin look like bruises, Penile Bruise (1 cause), Peripheral arterial trauma, Piles, Pleural effusion as occurs in case of pulmonary embolism, Multiinfarct dementia, Brain stem infarction, Prominent veins over chest, Pulmonary capillary pressure perfusion, Pulmonary embolism (8 causes), Pulmonary embolus, Pulsations in the capillary beds, Pulsations in the capillary nail beds, Raccoon eyes, Racoon eyes, Renal artery stenosis (1 cause), Renal artery stenosis on both sides, Renal artery stenosis on one side, Renovascular disorders, Renovascular stenosis, Renovascular stenosis of both sides, Rib Bruise (1 cause), Scalp Bruise, Shin bruise, Shoulder bruise, Signs of circulatory collapse as seen in intestinal hemorrhage, Sluggish peripheral circulation, Spider angiomas (2 causes), Spider naevi (3 causes), Stomach Bruise, Subdural haematoma, Subdural hematoma (1 cause), Sudden onset of MELAS syndrome (mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, stroke), Systolic bruit, Telangectasia, Testicle Bruise, Thigh bruise (1 cause), Thumb bruise, Toenail bruise, Underarm bruise, Upper bruise, Urinating blood, Varicose veins in pregnancy, Vascular clots, Vascular collapse (2 causes), Vascular damage, Vascular headache, Vascular reactions in children, Vasovagal syncope, Vessel hemorrhages, Vulva bruise, Wrist bruise (2 causes), Gums bruise, Abdomen bruise, Abdominal wall bruise, Anal triangle bruise, Arterial obstruction, Artery burning sensation, Artery infection, Artery inflammation, Artery numbness, Artery redness, Artery stiffness, Artery swelling, Artery tingling, Artery weakness, Biceps bruise, Big toe bruise, Ear canal bruise, Earlobe bruise, Bronchial bruise, Brow bruise, Buccal mucosa bruise, Calcaneal bone bruise, Lung bruise, Cervix bruise, Cheekbone bruise, Clavicle bruise, Conjunctival bruise, Connective tissue bruise, Coracobrachialis bruise, Cornea bruise, Cubital fossa bruise, Digit bruise, Femur bruise, Fibula bruise, Fingers bruise, Forehead bruise, Humerus bruise, Ilium bruise, Lower abdomen bruise, External os bruise, Hinge joint( elbow joint) bruise, Inguinal area bruise, Internal os bruise, Ischial tuberosity bruise, Joints bruise, Kneecap bruise, Knee joint bruise, Larynx bruise, Lateral epicondyle bruise, Liver bruise, Lower jaw bruise, Lower leg bruise, Lumbar bruise, Mandible bruise, Maxillary bone bruise, Medial epicondyle bruise, Metacarpal bruise, Metacarpophalangeal joint bruise, Middle ear bruise, Nasopharyngeal tonsil bruise, Nostril bruise, Ocular bruise, Optical bruise, Optical nerve bruise, Pelvis bruise, Perineum bruise, Periosteum bruise, Phalanges bruise, Pharynx bruise, Popliteal fossa bruise, Prostate bruise, Pubic area bruise, Pulmonary bruise, Radius bruise, Rectal bruise, Respiratory bruise, Sacrum bruise, Scapula bruise, Scrotum bruise, Skin bruise, Temple bruise, Temporal bruise, Tendon bruise, Testis bruise, Thoracic bruise, Thoracic vertebrae bruise, Tibial bruise, Triceps bruise, Upper abdominal bruise, Upper maxillary bone bruise, Urogenital triangle bruise, Vertebral bruise, Voice box bruise, Vulval area bruise, Dissection syndromes, Ecchymosis of the temporal bone, Sudden onset of subdural hematoma, Gradual onset of pulmonary embolism, Impaired distal circulation, Sudden onset of basilar artery insufficiency, Battle's sign (1 cause), easy bruising (231 causes), Chafing, Arterial hypertension (9 causes), TIA, Fingernail blueness, Finger blueness (3 causes), Raynaud's phenomenon (26 causes), Diminished peripheral pulses, Cyanosis of the extremities, Blue lips in children, Transient ischaemic attack, Cyanotic newborn, Gradual onset of blue lips in children, Pulsus alternans (1 cause), Orthostatic hypotension in pregnancy, Intermittent cyanosis, Bluish discoloration of the skin similar to that in the case of acute severe asthma, Blue tongue (1 cause), Blood clot (328 causes), Shortness of breath similar as in pulmonary hypertension, Paradoxical pulse, High blood pressure (283 causes), Facial blueness, Diminished Korotkoff sounds, Cyanosis (393 causes), Sudden onset of cyanosis due to cardiac etiology, Cyanosis due to respiratory etiology, Vaginal bleeding (68 causes), Face blueness, Dramatic fall in blood pressure, Weak rapid pulse, Weak peripheral pulse (1 cause), Signs of circulatory collapse in pregnancy, Petechial rashes in children, Gradual onset of cyanosis, Cyanotic skin (1 cause), Blue nails in children, Poor blood supply to legs, Postural hypotension (8 causes), Petechiae (42 causes), Hypertension in children, Clotting symptoms (185 causes), Breast blueness, Bluish discoloration of both arms, Back blueness, Wide pulse pressure (1 cause), Vaginal bleeding within 24 hours of delivery, Vaginal bleeding after menopause (1 cause), Pulse rhythm abnormality, Leg blueness, Ear blueness, Bluish discoloration of both hands, Sudden onset of raised blood pressure, Pulse irregularity, Essential hypertension, Blue tongue in children, Ankle blueness, Hypertension-like symptoms, Cyanosed nails, Pulsating bleeding, Pulmonary hypertension (34 causes), Increased systolic blood pressure (10 causes), Elevated blood pressure (1 cause), Cyanosis in children, Buttock blueness, Bluish black discoloration of the mucous membrane, Blood clots in pregnancy, Pulsus bisferiens, Neonatal hypertension, Bluish discoloration of the mucous membrane, Sudden onset of cyanosis of the arms, Raynaud phenomenon in children, Peripheral cyanosis in the nail beds, Lower blood pressure in the legs than in the arms, High-output heart failure, Calf blueness, Bluish discoloration of the skin similar to that in case of acute severe asthma, Absence of pedal pulse on both sides, Unequal radial pulses, Petechiae in children, Nose Blueness, Raynaud's syndrome, Chronic orthostatic hypotension, Absent femoral pulse (1 cause), Vaginal bleeding in the first trimester, Nipple Blueness, Hypertension in children under one year, Extensive bleeding, Eclampsia (1 cause), Absence of femoral pulse on one side, Poor blood supply to arms, Orthostatic hypotension due to pheochromocytoma, Mottled cyanosis, Impaired circulation, Gradual onset of cyanosis due to respiratory causes, Chin bleeding, Blood clot in pregnancy, Low blood pressure (342 causes), High blood pressure in pregnancy, Gradual onset of cyanosis due to cardiovascular causes, Gastrointestinal bleeding (129 causes), Raynaud's disease, Blood pressure symptoms (664 causes), Arm blueness, Thready pulse, Petichiae in children, Pedal pulses, Intermittent labile hypertension, Exercise hypertension, Blood pressure changes (6 causes), Elevated Diastolic pressure, Weak pulse (33 causes), Pulsus paradoxus, Labile hypertension, Fainting episodes similar as in pulmonary hypertension, Diminished pulse, Decreased cerebral perfusion, Blood loss (1 cause), Abnormal pulse (3 causes), Widened pulse pressure, Bilateral stroke, Popliteal pulses, Mild hypotension, Decreased cardiac output, Cyanosis in infant, Coagulation defects, Sudden onset of orthostatic hypotension, Very low blood pressure, Swollen ankles similar as in pulmonary hypertension, Severe drop in blood pressure, Portal hypertension similar to cirrhosis of liver, Palpate peripheral pulses, Blue face in children, Corpus luteum hematoma, Pulse irregularity in pregnancy, Orthostatic hypotension (14 causes), Nonpathologic cyanosis, Hypertension in children one to ten years, Chest blueness, Bluish discoloration of the skin, Blue hands (2 causes), Absent pulse (5 causes), Consumption coagulopathy, Vaginal bleeding before normal menarche in children, Unequal pulses, Peripheral cyanosis, Increased Systolic pressure, Hypertension in children from 11 through adolescence, Fingernail bleeding, Elevated blood pressure in pregnancy, Blue skin (392 causes), Asymmetrical brachial pulses, Absence of pulse on one side, Circulatory collapse as seen in shock, Abdomen bleeding, Pulse changes (2 causes), Petichiae in pregnancy, Elbow blueness, Large embolus, Accentuated fall in systolic pressure, Sudden onset of paroxysmal hypertension, Signs of circulatory collapse, Inadequate intravascular pressure, Excessively reduced blood pressure, Chin blueness, Transient ischemic attack (7 causes), Sudden onset of hypovolemic shock, Wrist blueness, Lower blood pressure in legs than arms, Knee blueness, Bluish discoloration of one arm, Blue lips (52 causes), Vaginal bleeding from 28 weeks onwards, Vaginal bleeding after menarche in children, Malignant hypertension, Bluish discoloration of one hand, Vaginal bleeding after mmenopause, Inadequate oxygenation of systemic arterial blood, Blue hands in children, Systemic hypotension, Petechial rashes in adults, Low blood pressure in pregnancy, Hypovolemia (2 causes), Fluctuating blood pressure (1 cause), Gradual onset of Raynau'd phenonmenon, Diffuse apical impulse, Bounding pulse (4 causes), Blood clots (23 causes), Vaginal bleeding after 24 hours of delivery, Vaginal bleed in pregnancy (3 causes), Reduced intravascular pressure, Narrowed pulse pressure, Central cyanosis, Absent pedal pulse, Sudden onset of blue lips in children, Sudden onset of Raynaud's phenomenon, Altered vital signs in pulmonary embolism, Enhanced postural hypotensive reaction, Blue nails (3 causes), Tissue hypoxia, Absence of pedal pulse on one side, Eyelid blueness, Eye blueness (1 cause), purple skin (6 causes), Light periods (10 causes), Abnormal uterine bleeding (2 causes), Abnormal vaginal bleeding (24 causes), bleeding after sex (13 causes), Bloody vaginal discharge (1 cause), spotting (7 causes), Reduced menstrual flow (3 causes), Inceased prothrombin time, Partial thromboplastin time with kaolin, High Platelets, Platelet clumping, Increased thrombin clotting time, Low Platelets, Bleeding tendencies, thrombocytopenia (137 causes), Raised activated partial thromboplastin time, Increased prothrombin time (1 cause), Chronic hypertension-like symptoms, Intermittent hypertension-like symptoms, Mild hypertension-like symptoms, Hypertension-like symptoms in pregnancy, Recurring hypertension-like symptoms, Severe hypertension-like symptoms, Acute hypertension-like symptoms, Altered vital signs in case of diabetic ketoacidosis, Altered vital signs in meningitis, Altered vital signs due to road traffic accident, Altered vital signs due to dehydration, Altered vital signs due to encephalopathy, Altered vital signs, intestinal hemorrhage (2 causes), stomach bleeding (4 causes)

Symptoms related to Blood vessel symptoms: Artery symptoms (39 causes), Vein symptoms (46 causes), Vein disorders, Artery disorders, Vascular pain, Aneurysm (6 causes), Blood vessel inflammation (8 causes), Peripheral vasoconstriction, Blood vessel damage (3 causes), Vasculitis (3 causes), Increased capillary refill time, Intracranial bruit, Venous hum, Bulging abdominal veins

Blood vessel symptoms type of: Circulatory system symptoms (1396 causes)

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