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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Breathing symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Breathing symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Breathing symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Breathing symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Breathing symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Breathing symptoms: Breathing difficulties (2710 causes), Wheezing (740 causes), Apnea (72 causes), Breath holding (2 causes), Chest pain (917 causes), Breath odor (58 causes), Choking (40 causes), Rapid breathing (336 causes), Shallow breathing (160 causes), Hyperventilation (24 causes), Bad breath (29 causes), Accessory muscle use (2 causes), Apneustic respirations, Bradypnea (1 cause), Chest expansion, asymmetrical, Cheyne-Stokes Respiration (1 cause), Expiratory wheeze, Nasal flaring (34 causes), Orthopnoea (2 causes), Respirations, grunting, Respirations, shallow, Respirations, stertorous, Retractions, costal and sternal, Hyperpnea, Hypoventilation (6 causes), Breath symptoms (2958 causes), Breath with fecal odor, Breath with fruity odor, Breathlessness on exertion (5 causes), Irregular breathing (28 causes), Shortness of breath (1320 causes), Shortness of breath from exercise (1315 causes), Acute Dyspnoea, Nocturnal dyspnoea (1 cause), Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea (2 causes), Wheezing on exertion, ARDS (1 cause), Orthopnea (18 causes), Asthma-like reaction, Asphyxiation (2 causes), Suffocation (3 causes), Chest discomfort (37 causes), Pleuritic chest pain (6 causes), Chest tenderness (3 causes), Flank pain (20 causes), Rib pain (5 causes), Acute chest pain, Chest pressure (169 causes), Epigastric pain (67 causes), Angina (32 causes), Chronic chest pain (7 causes), Stridor (740 causes), Halitosis (15 causes), Rhonchi (3 causes), Abdominal paradox, Abnormal movement during inspiration, Acquired stridor in children, Acute allergy-like breathing symptoms, Acute asthma-like breathing attacks, Acute asthma-like breathing difficulty, Acute asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Acute croup-like breathing difficulty, Acute wheezing symptoms, Acute dyspnea following trauma, Acute Dyspnoea in pregnancy, Adult respiratory distress syndrome (3 causes), Acute epiglottitis, Pink puffer, Acute expiratory wheeze in children, Acute expiratory wheeze in infants, Acute hay fever-like breathing symptoms, Acute severe asthma-like breathing attacks, Acute wheezing at night, Acute wheezing attacks, Acute wheezing symptoms with stridor, Acute wheezing worse when lying down, Adam-Stokes respirations, Agonal respiration, Air hunger, Airway collapse, Airway hyperactivity, Airway obstruction (10 causes), Airway obstruction in children, Airway occlusion, Allergy-like breathing symptoms, Altered respiratory pattern, Amphoric breath sounds, Apnea in children, Apnea in infants, Apnea in premature infants, Apneustic breathing, Asthma-like breathing attacks, Asthma-like breathing difficulty, Asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Asymmetrical chest expansion, Ataxic respiration, Trapped air, Bibasilar crackles, Bilateral crackles, Biot's respiration, Breathing difficulties in pregnancy, Breathing difficulty when lying down in children, Breathing problems worsened by exercise, Breathing problems worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Breathing symptoms in pregnancy, Breathing worsened by exercise, Breathing worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Breathlessness on exertion in children, Breathlessness in children, Breathlessness on exertion in pregnancy, Bronchial breath sounds, Cellophane -type crackles, Cellophane-like crackles, Chronic allergy-like breathing symptoms, Chronic asthma-like breathing attacks, Asthma (275 causes), Chronic asthma-like breathing difficulty, Chronic asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Chronic croup-like breathing difficulty, Chronic wheezing symptoms, Chronic expiratory wheeze in children, Chronic expiratory wheeze in infants, Chronic hay fever-like breathing symptoms, Chronic pain related to breathing, Chronic stridor in children, Chronic wheezing at night, Chronic wheezing attacks, Chronic wheezing symptoms with stridor, Chronic wheezing worse when lying down, Coarse crackles, Complete respiratory arrest, Constant emphysema, Constant severe dyspnea, Constant wheezing, Cor pulmonale due to copd, Cor pulmonale due to obstructive sleep apnea, Crackles (1 cause), Crackles in children, Suprasternal retraction on inspiration, Suprasternal retractions, Croup-like breathing difficulty, Wheezing symptoms, Crowing breathing noises, Deep respirations, Delayed expiration, Dependent crackles, Dependent crackles similar to that in pulmonary fibrosis, Decreased diaphragmatic excursion, Decreased diaphragmatic excursion in pregnancy, Decreased respiratory excursions, Difficulty breathing when lying down (5 causes), Diffuse moist crackles, Diminished breath sounds, Dry crackles, Dyspnea in asthma, Dyspnea in children, Dyspnea in heart failure, End-inspiratory crackles, Supraclavicular retraction on inspiration, Supraclavicular retractions, Respiratory acidosis (17 causes), Exertional dyspnea (6 causes), Expiratory wheeze in children, Expiratory wheeze in infants, Fast breathing, Fine crackles heard at the lung bases, Gasping respirations, Glottic airway obstruction in children, Glottic airway obstruction in newborns, Grunting respiration, Hay fever-like breathing symptoms, Hyperventilation in children, Hyperventilation in pregnancy, Moist, bubbling crackles, Increased respiratory excursion, Increased tactile fremitus with crackles, Increasing respiratory distress, Inspiratory arrest, Inspiratory whoop, Intercostal retractions (3 causes), Intermittent wheezing attacks, Rapid, shallow breathing in children, Intermittent apnea, Intermittent glottic airway obstruction, Intermittent allergy-like breathing symptoms, Intermittent asthma-like breathing attacks, Intermittent asthma-like breathing difficulty, Exercise induced asthma, Intermittent asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Intermittent crackles, Intermittent croup-like breathing difficulty, Intermittent wheezing symptoms, Intermittent dyspnea, Croup (6 causes), Croup syndrome, Intermittent glottic airway obstruction in newborns, Intermittent glottis airway obstruction in children, Intermittent hay fever-like breathing symptoms, Intermittent supraglottic airway obstruction in children, Intermittent supraglottis obstruction, Intermittent wheezing at night, Intermittent wheezing symptoms with stridor, Intermittent wheezing worse when lying down, Irregular respiratory pattern, Kussmaul's respiration, Kussmaul's sign, Labored respirations, Altered vital signs, Altered vital signs due to dehydration, Altered vital signs due to encephalopathy, Altered vital signs due to road traffic accident, Altered vital signs in case of diabetic ketoacidosis, Altered vital signs in meningitis, Altered vital signs in pulmonary embolism, Mild allergy-like breathing symptoms, Mild asthma-like breathing attacks, Mild asthma-like breathing difficulty, Mild asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Mild croup-like breathing difficulty, Mild wheezing symptoms, Mild hay fever-like breathing symptoms, Mild wheezing at night, Mild wheezing attacks, Mild wheezing symptoms with stridor, Mild wheezing worse when lying down, Moist crackles, Moist crackles as seen asthma, Noisy breathing in children, Noisy respirations as seen in asthma, Off and on shortness of breath occurs at night and is relieved by sitting upright, Orthopnea in pregnancy, Loud crowing noises, Paradoxical breathing, Partial obstruction of upper airway, Periodic breathing, Progressive respiratory muscle weakness, Prolonged expiration (3 causes), Prolonged expiratory time, Pursed-lip breathing, Rales (14 causes), Rapid respirations, Rapid respiratory rate, Recurring allergy-like breathing symptoms, Recurring asthma-like breathing attacks, Recurring asthma-like breathing difficulty, Recurring asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Recurring croup-like breathing difficulty, Recurring wheezing symptoms, Recurring wheezing at night, Recurring wheezing attacks, Recurring wheezing symptoms with stridor, Recurring wheezing worse when lying down, Respiration abnormalities, Respiratory arrest in children, Respiratory changes, Respiratory depression as in case of acute severe asthmatic attack, Respiratory disorder, Respiratory distress (126 causes), Respiratory distress in children, Respiratory distress in children (postneonatal), Respiratory distress in infants, Respiratory distress in pregnancy, Respiratory distress in the newborn, Respiratory failure (29 causes), Respiratory lag, Respiratory muscle paralysis, Respiratory rales in adults, Respiratory rales in children, Respiratory symptoms (4957 causes), Rhonchi in pregnancy, Scattered rhonchi, Severe allergy-like breathing symptoms, Severe asthma-like breathing attacks, Severe asthma-like breathing difficulty, Severe asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Severe croup-like breathing difficulty, Severe wheezing symptoms, Severe hay fever-like breathing symptoms, Severe wheezing at night, Severe wheezing attacks, Severe wheezing symptoms with stridor, Severe wheezing worse when lying down, Severe wheezing worse when lying down as in case of COPD, Shallow respiration, Shortness of breath from exercise in pregnancy, Shortness of breath in pregnancy, Shortness of breath similar as in pulmonary hypertension, Sleep apnea (23 causes), Slow breathing (3 causes), Spasmodic croup, Stertorous breathing, Stridor in adults, Stridor in children, Stridor in infants, Stridor in newborns, Subglottic airway obstruction in children, Subglottic airway obstruction in newborns, Substernal retractions, Sudden onset of respiratory distress in children, Sudden onset of stridor, Sudden onset of stridor in the newborn, Supraglottic airway obstruction in children, Supraglottic airway obstruction in newborns, Tachypnea in children, Unilateral crackles, Recurring hay fever-like breathing symptoms, Wheeze (5 causes), Wheezing at night, Wheezing attacks, Wheezing due to asthma, Wheezing in adolescents, Wheezing in children, Wheezing in infants, Wheezing in pregnancy, Wheezing in toddlers and children, Wheezing similar to asthma, Wheezing symptoms with stridor, Wheezing worse when lying down, Wheezing worsened by exercise, Adam Stokes attacks, Biots's respiration, Breath sound symptoms (757 causes), Breathing rate symptoms (339 causes), Constant Tachypnea, Dependent lower lobe crackles, Diaphragmatic depression, Respiratory depression as in case of respiratory coma, Respiratory stiff, Respiratory wheeze, Dyspnea in younger age group, Exertional paroxysmal dyspnea, Fetal dyspnea, Wet crackles, Wheeze as of asthma, Sudden onset of stertorous breathing, Sudden onset of tubular breath sounds, Hyperresonant chest breath sounds, Intercostal rib retractions, Rattling or crackling noises, Sudden onset of rales in children, Sudden onset of respiratory distress in the newborn, Sudden onset of bradypnea, Sudden onset of breathing worsened by exercise, Sudden onset of apnea in premature infants, Noisy respiratory breathing, Nonmusical clicking, Stertorous respirations, Sweaty feet breath odor in children, Musty sweet breath odour, Ammonia breath odor, Alcohol breath odor, Fruity breath odor in children, Fetor hepaticus (2 causes), Sudden onset of halitosis, Breath symptoms in pregnancy, Halitosis in children, Unusual breath odor in children, Sudden onset of rancid breath, Breath odor symptoms (45 causes), Ripe cheese breath odor in children, Rancid Breath, Breath with ammonia odour, Musty smelling breath, Fruity breath odour, Breath with ammonia odor, chest tightness (162 causes), Acute reflux-like vomiting, Change in volume of cry, Constant regurgitation after food, Dysphagia due to achalasia cardia, Dysphagia in children, Gastrooesophageal reflux in pregnancy, High-pitched mewing voice in children, Regurgitation in adults, Sudden onset of odynophagia, Macroglossia in children, Tooth enamel dysplasia in children, Taurodontia in children, Bad taste (61 causes), Decreased salivation (2 causes), Severe reflux-like vomiting, Heartburn with acid reflux in pregnancy, Dyspepsia in pregnancy, Mild gerd-like chest pain, Lower jaw weakness, Recurring pimples on lips, Lip smacking (1 cause), Large mouth (90 causes), Jaw symptoms (901 causes), Jaw spasm, Constant jaw pain, Blue lips in children, Recurring pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Intermittent seasonal asthma-like symptoms, Severe pimples on nose, Recurring acne-like nose symptoms, Acute pimples on nose, Mild chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Voice box blister, Larynx tingling, Larynx bruise, Mild recurring COPD-like symptoms, Lung obstruction, Thickened nose, Sudden onset of hiccups, Recurring hay fever-like cough, Pneumothorax as in case of tuberculosis, Nocturnal non- productive cough, Large nose (55 causes), Decreased vocal fremitus, Cough in children, Chronic non- productive cough, Chronic hay fever-like runny nose, Atelectasis, Chronic allergy-like sneezing symptoms, Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, Pleural effusion (10 causes), Spitting blood (110 causes), Wet cough (278 causes), Coughing blood (110 causes), Coarse voice (3 causes), Gradual onset of hemoptysis, Hairy leukoplakia, Gradual onset of toothache, Tooth pulp numb, Dental swelling, Dental infection, Tooth agenesis in children, Acute heartburn-like chest pain, Peristaltic contractions, Dyspepsia as in case of chronic digestive disorders, Severe reflux-like symptoms, Acute reflux-like symptoms, Severe heartburn-like chest pain, Upper maxillary bone lump, Lower jaw sensitive, Lower jaw lump, Buccal mucosa weakness, Swelling on both sides of the jaw, Stomatitis in children, Pain in jaw, Oral lesions in children, Open mouth (19 causes), Yawning excessively in pregnancy, jaw deformities (2 causes), Succussion sounds, Recurring chronic bronchitis-like cough, Voice box spasm, Nasopharyngeal tonsil lump, Severe COPD-like symptoms, Acute COPD-like symptoms, Sudden onset of pneumothorax, Peritonsillar abcess, Nasal discharge in children, Congestion (4 causes), Mild AIDS-like recurring respiratory infections, Diaphragmatic pleurisy, Hiccups (8 causes), Foul smelling sputum similar to lung abscess, Cough in COPD, Constant nose pain in children, Constant chronic airway obstruction, Bulbous nose (101 causes), Air in the pleura, post-nasal drip (24 causes), Voice symptoms (484 causes), Mouth lesions (5 causes), Blue tongue (1 cause), Tongue itch, Regurgitation (12 causes), throat itch, Purple tongue, Pale tongue in children, Furry tongue in children, Tooth numb, Teeth pain, Teeth itch, Gum retraction, Candida esophagitis, Sudden onset of hematemesis, Intermittent heartburn after eating, Chronic reflux-like vomiting, Gradual onset of blue lips in children, Upper maxillary bone burning sensation, Mandible numb, Lower jaw burning sensation, Buccal mucosa sensitive, Buccal mucosa lump, Severe jaw pain on both sides, Jaw rash, Jaw pain in children, Infectious oral lesions in children, Bluish discoloration of the skin similar to that in the case of acute severe asthma, Chronic pimples on nose, red nose (32 causes), Rust-colored sputum (2 causes), Gradual onset of pleural effusion, Erythematous tonsils, Pharynx pain, Pharynx itch, Nasopharyngeal tonsil burning sensation, Bronchial bleeding, Tracheal tug, Throat pain (50 causes), Stuffed nose in pregnancy, Severe emphysema-like cough symptoms, Pneumothorax (3 causes), Ineffective coughing, Edema of the larynx, Chronic rhinitis in children, Chronic cough similar to tuberculosis, Acute emphysema-like cough symptoms, pharyngitis (18 causes), respiratory obstruction (4 causes), Cracked mouth corner (1 cause), Glossitis (3 causes), White tongue (6 causes), Constant hemoptysis, Voice changes (61 causes), Hearing voices (2 causes), Strawberry tongue in children, Raw looking tongue, Fissured tongue in children, Tooth pulp bleeding, Gum itch, Gum pain (7 causes), Dental caries (53 causes), Decreased salivary function, Visible peristalsis, Perforated esophagus, Intermittent heartburn unrelated to eating, Heartburn without reflux in pregnancy, Heartburn pain resistant to treatment in pregnancy, Heartburn after eating, Barrett's oesophagus-like weight loss symptoms, Chronic reflux-like symptoms, Chronic heartburn-like chest pain, Sudden onset of oral ulcers, Sudden onset of submandibular swelling, Maxillary bone numb, Lower jaw cold, Buccal mucosa burning sensation, Stuttering (6 causes), Severe pimples on lips, Mucous plugs as in case of asthma, Mouth rash in children, Lip symptoms (1017 causes), Dysarthria (118 causes), Cheilosis (5 causes), Acute pimples on lips, jaw ache, Chin numbness, Severe pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Late stage finger clubbing as in case of pulmonary fibrosis, Acute pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Mild seasonal asthma-like symptoms, Acute attack of asthma, Severe acne-like nose symptoms, Acute acne-like nose symptoms, loss of smell (29 causes), Foul smelling sputum, Foul sputum odour in children, Voice box rash, Nostril pain, Nostril itch, Chronic COPD-like symptoms, Adenoids pain, Adenoids itch, Tracheal displacement away from the side of the lung lesion, Sneezing in children, Severe hay fever-like cough, Secretions into the lungs, Oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal airway obstruction in newborns, Noncardiogenic pulmonary oedema, Laryngeal edema in children, Increased secretions in the lung, Dry throat (22 causes), Acute hay fever-like cough, Laryngotracheobronchitis, Acute sinusitis, Parotid Swelling, Recurring reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, throat redness (2 causes), smooth tongue (13 causes), Tooth bleeding, Teeth redness, Altered teeth shape, White discoloration of teeth in children, Tooth enamel defects in children, Orange stained teeth in children, Gum numbness, Sudden onset of parotid enlargement, Yellow-green vomit in newborn, Recurring heartburn after exercise, Intermittent reflux-like regurgitation, Inflammatory bowel disease esophagitis, Heartburn unrelated to eating, esophagus inflammation (1 cause), Intermittent gerd-like sternum pain, Upper maxillary bone infection, Mandible bleeding, Lower jaw ulcer, Lower jaw swelling, Lower jaw infection, Unusual vomitus odor in children, Chronic progressive dysarthria, Red and swollen lips, Numb lips (24 causes), Fine wrinkles around the mouth, Cheilitis in children, loss of facial expression (4 causes), Recurring asthma-like symptoms non-responsive to treatment, Recurring asthma-like symptoms, Hamman's sign, Tracheal symptoms (1 cause), Pharynx redness, Nasopharyngeal tonsil ulcer, Nasopharyngeal tonsil swelling, Nasopharyngeal tonsil infection, Cyanosis due to respiratory etiology, Lung bleeding (1 cause), Upturned nose (38 causes), Severe tonsillitis, Severe chronic bronchitis-like cough, Intermittent COPD-like cough symptoms, Dullness on percussion, High nasal bridge (16 causes), Chronic emphysema-like cough symptoms, Acute chronic bronchitis-like cough, Lung embolism, Sputum symptoms (209 causes), Megaesophagus (1 cause), Aphthous Ulcer (12 causes), Red inflamed tongue (1 cause), Hemoptysis in children, Reflux-like regurgitation, Sudden onset of swallowing difficulties in children, Painful tongue in children, Toothache in children, Malocclusion in children, Macrodontia in children, Gingival lump, Itchy gums in children, Gum abnormalities, acidic tastes (59 causes), Recurring heartburn with acid reflux, Mild heartburn after eating, Intermittent projectile vomiting in children, Bleeding oesophageal varices, Gerd-like sternum pain, Recurring heartburn-like sternum pain, Lower jaw stiff, Buccal mucosa infection, Short philtrum (28 causes), Oral lesions at birth in infants, Midline cleft lip in children, Diseases of the mucosa of the lips, Chronic pimples on lips, Mucosa inside the lips, Chronic pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Recurring asthma-like symptoms at night, Recurring emphysema-like symptoms, Chronic acne-like nose symptoms, Clear sputum, Sudden inflammation of tonsils, Voice box obstruction, Throat blister, Pulmonary sensitive, Pharynx blister, Nostril redness, Larynx weakness, Bronchial inflammation, Bronchial deformity, Adenoids redness, Nose and nasopharyngeal airway obstruction in children, Hyperresonant lung fields, Flail chest (4 causes), Dry cough in children, Decreased transfer factor on lung function, COPD-like cough symptoms, Constant acute airway obstruction in children, Chronic hay fever-like cough, Bronchospasm (177 causes), Hydrocarbon inhalation injury, Upper respiratory infection (3 causes), tongue symptoms (398 causes), Eructation, Mouth inflammation (4 causes), Tooth pulp inflammation, Tooth pulp deformity, Dental itch, Loss of teeth in children, Yellow stained teeth in children, Dark spots on teeth, Tender gums (3 causes), Dental pain, Tooth and nail syndrome, Gingival sensitivity, Gingival burning sensation, Spongy gums, Partial loss of taste, Graft versus host disease esophagitis, Slow peristalsis, Projectile vomiting in children, Non-bleeding oesophageal varices, Mild heartburn unrelated to eating, Intermittent gerd-like symptoms, mouth deformity (47 causes), Gradual onset of oral ulcers, Dysarthria due to lesion in the bulbar nuclei, Smile symptoms (77 causes), Palpable stone, Oral lichen planus, Chin symptoms (65 causes), Chin spasm, Twitching of the lip, Prominent lower lip (12 causes), nose coldness, Lack of sense of smell in children, Foul sputum odor in children, Shallow cough, Sudden onset of laryngeal spasm, Respiratory bleeding, Pharynx symptoms (18 causes), Nostril blister, Larynx lump, Recurring episodic COPD-like symptoms, Bronchitis-like symptoms, Bronchial bruise, Adenoids blister, Throat symptoms (3370 causes), Prominent nasal bridge (21 causes), Paroxysmal coughing (1 cause), Nasal polyps (17 causes), Nasal deformity (24 causes), Bronchial cancer, Constant throat pain, Increased cough, Pleural rub, flu-like symptoms (168 causes), Mouth bruise, Mouth Tingling (1 cause), Tingling mouth (140 causes), Acute reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, Deepening voice (3 causes), Mild reflux-like regurgitation, Odynophagia in children, Tooth pulp tingling, Tooth inflammation, Tooth deformity (87 causes), gum symptoms (182 causes), loss of taste (14 causes), Gradual onset of parotid enlargement, Enlarged parotid gland (1 cause), Gerd-like symptoms, Vomiting blood in pregnancy, Vomiting (2706 causes), Vomit blood, Severe heartburn after exercise, Acute heartburn after exercise, Mild gerd-like sternum pain, Mandible inflammation, Mandible deformity, Foaming at mouth, Severe asthma-like symptoms non-responsive to treatment, Severe asthma-like symptoms, Acute asthma-like symptoms non-responsive to treatment, Acute asthma-like symptoms, Mild recurring emphysema-like symptoms, nose bruise (2 causes), Rhinophyma, Hemothorax, Mucoid sputum, Mucopurulent sputum, Tenacious sputum, Sudden onset of barking cough, Voice box numb, Lung deformity (4 causes), Bronchial stiffness, Underdeveloped lungs (73 causes), Edematous tonsils, Nose Tingling, Mild COPD-like cough symptoms, Intermittent hay fever-like runny nose, Intermittent allergy-like sneezing symptoms, Hiccups in children, Palpable vibration, Depressed nose bridge (67 causes), Depressed nasal bridge (71 causes), Cough in lung abscess, Cold-like symptoms (702 causes), Bilateral nasal discharge in adults, Cor pulmonale (9 causes), Lung inflammation (169 causes), Pulmonary edema (26 causes), Productive cough (101 causes), upper respiratory tract infection (1 cause), Sore mouth (50 causes), Tongue rash (1 cause), Acute acid reflux into mouth during pregnancy, Hemoptysis in the newborn, Regurgitation in children, Weak cry (7 causes), throat rash (3 causes), Purple tongue in children, Blue tongue in children, Tooth tingling, Dental redness, Tooth abscess, Supernumerary in children, Gingival infection, Gums numb, metallic taste (59 causes), Severe heartburn with acid reflux, Recurring heartburn without reflux, Recurring heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Acute heartburn with acid reflux, Severe heartburn-like sternum pain, Acute heartburn-like sternum pain, Maxillary bone deformity, Mandible tingling, Mandible bruise, Spasm of the jaw muscles, Chin rash, Severe asthma-like symptoms at night, Acute asthma-like symptoms at night, Severe emphysema-like symptoms, Acute emphysema-like symptoms, Sudden onset of tightening of laryngeal muscles, Pulmonary ulcer, Pharynx rash, Lung bruise, Saddle nose (23 causes), Recurring lung fibrosis symptoms, Life-threatening bronchospasm, Hay fever-like runny nose, Flattened nose (31 causes), Lung cancer (2 causes), Irritation of carina, Antrochoanal polyp, Allergy-like sneezing symptoms, Lung abscess (4 causes), Barking cough (4 causes), Non-productive cough (24 causes), Mouth tingling/paresthesias, Palate symptoms (984 causes), Engorged Neck Veins, Hoarseness in children, Massive hemoptysis, Recurring acid reflux into mouth, Glossitis in children (1 cause), Yellow-green stain in teeth in children, Abscessed teeth, Gum rash, Sudden onset of bleeding gums, Gum pain in children, Worsening heartburn, Severe vomiting in pregnancy, Recurring reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Megaesophagus due to Chagas disease, Intermittent reflux-like vomiting, Chronic heartburn after exercise, Acute nausea in pregnancy, Mild gerd-like symptoms, Upper maxillary bone pain, Maxillary bone tingling, Maxillary bone bruise, Dysarthria in children, Lower jaw pain, Everted lower lip (37 causes), Edema of the mouth, Dysarthria of the bulbar nuclei, Chronic asthma-like symptoms non-responsive to treatment, Chronic asthma-like symptoms, Intermittent pimples on nose, smell symptoms (38 causes), Voice box bleeding, Respiratory inflammation, Respiratory deformity, Pulmonary stiff, Nostril rash, Nasopharyngeal tonsil pain, Nasopharyngeal tonsil itch, Larynx ulcer, Larynx swelling, Larynx infection, Recurring croup-like symptoms, Severe episodic COPD-like symptoms, Acute episodic COPD-like symptoms, Lung sound symptoms (742 causes), Adenoids rash, Severe sore throat (3 causes), Rupture alveoli, Recurring allergy-like runny nose, Pharyngeal muscle spasms, Hyperresonant lung fields as in case of COPD, Gradual onset of clubbing due to respiratory causes, Edema of the nose, Pulmonary hypertension (34 causes), Nasal allergies, Swallowing difficulty (564 causes), Dental symptoms (838 causes), Bleeding from the mouth (3 causes), Odynophagia similar to that in achalasia cardia, Sudden onset of tongue displacement, Orofacial dyskinesia (1 cause), Missing teeth (137 causes), tooth discoloration (65 causes), bleeding gums (113 causes), Gums bleeding, Lead line in the gums, Gum numbness in children, Bacterial gingivitis, Reflux-like vomiting, Cmv esophagitis, Feculant vomitus odour in children, Chronic heartburn with acid reflux, Recurring reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Intermittent reflux-like symptoms, Intermittent heartburn-like chest pain, Chronic heartburn-like sternum pain, Carcinoma of floor of mouth, Constant pain in the oral cavity, tingling lips (24 causes), Chronic asthma-like symptoms at night, Chronic emphysema-like symptoms, Pimples on nose, Paraosmia due to amebic meningitis, Respiratory symptoms in pregnancy, Respiratory bruise, Larynx stiff, Intermittent COPD-like symptoms, Pulmonary oedema in pregnancy, Nosebleeds (210 causes), Mild hay fever-like runny nose, Mild allergy-like sneezing symptoms, Depressed diaphragm, Choanal stenosis or atresia in children, Pulmonary congestion (3 causes), Mouth ulcers (186 causes), Mouth infections (11 causes), Taste abnormalities, Cat's cry, Sore inflamed tongue, Large tongue (37 causes), Esophagus sensitive, Esophagus lump, Vomiting due to chemotherapy, Severe heartburn without reflux, Severe heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Heartburn (141 causes), Acute nausea and vomiting, Acute heartburn without reflux, Acute heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Reflux-like symptoms, indigestion (35 causes), Heartburn-like chest pain, Lower jaw redness, Vesicoulo-erosive and ulcerated oral lesions in children, Short philtrum in children, Lip bleeding (3 causes), Jaw deformity (8 causes), Intermittent jaw pain on both sides, Cleft lip (308 causes), Trismus (14 causes), Bluish discoloration of the skin similar to that in case of acute severe asthma, Sudden onset of sniffing, Nostril obstruction, Nasopharyngeal tonsil redness, Chronic episodic COPD-like symptoms, COPD-like symptoms, Tracheal deviation in pregnancy, Severe lung fibrosis symptoms, Recurring hay fever-like sneezing symptoms, Nasal voice (30 causes), Intermittent emphysema-like cough symptoms, Flat nose bridge (70 causes), Flat nasal bridge (54 causes), Edema of larynx, Augmented lung volumes, Aspiration of foreign body, Acute lung fibrosis symptoms, Pneumocystis (1 cause), High arched palate (217 causes), Salivary Gland Swelling, Acute acid reflux into mouth, Hemoptysis in newborns, Hoarse (322 causes), Hoarse voice in children, Voice abuse, Yellow tongue in children, Tongue symptoms in children, Teeth numb, Delayed tooth eruption (59 causes), Tooth eruption delayed, Gradual onset of bleeding gums, Esophagus burning sensation, Retching (6 causes), Mild reflux-like vomiting, Esophageal spam, Barrett's esophagus-like weight loss symptoms, Acute reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Sudden onset of jaw stiffness, Mouth weakness (1 cause), Lower jaw blister, Severe acid reflux into mouth, Jaw bruise (1 cause), Intermittent pimples on lips, Inflamed lips, Abnormal involuntary movements of the mouth, Intermittent pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Mild pimples on nose, Intermittent acne-like nose symptoms, Nose blueness, Voice box inflammation, Voice box deformity, Throat numb, Pharynx numb, Nasopharyngeal tonsil blister, Severe croup-like symptoms, Acute croup-like symptoms, Recurring seasonal COPD-like symptoms, Bronchial sensitive, Severe allergy-like runny nose, Rupture of alveoli, Nose and nasopharyngeal airway obstruction in newborns, Noncardiogenic Pulmonary edema, Intermittent hay fever-like cough, Emphysema-like cough symptoms, Constant throat pain in children, Acute allergy-like runny nose, Coughing (255 causes), Lung cavitation, Pneumonia (72 causes), Taste symptoms (85 causes), Mouth lump (2 causes), Uncontrolled tongue movements (1 cause), Red tongue (35 causes), Acid regurgitation (2 causes), Deepening voice in children, Dysphagia due to esophagitis, High-pitched voice in children, Laryngeal spasm in children, Sudden hoarseness of voice, Tooth pulp lump, Teeth chattering, Microdontia in children, Gums inflammation, Sudden onset of dysgeusia, Sudden onset of copious dribbling of saliva, Ptyalism, Parotid gland enlargement, Vomiting in children, Pyrosis, Feculant vomitus odor in children, Chronic heartburn without reflux, Chronic heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Acid reflux (1 cause), Mild reflux-like symptoms, Acute reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Mild heartburn-like chest pain, Mouth sensitive, Mouth cysts, Mandible weakness, Lower jaw spasm, Pimples on lips, Pointy chin (24 causes), Recurring episodic emphysema-like symptoms, nose lump (1 cause), Acne-like nose symptoms, Voice box tingling, Voice box bruise, Pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Nostril numb, Mild COPD-like symptoms, Adenoids numb, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction, Sudden onset of acute cough, Tonsil symptoms (21 causes), Red throat (31 causes), Intermittent viral pneumonia, Intermittent chronic bronchitis-like cough, Hay fever-like cough, Depressed nose bridge in children, Chronic lung fibrosis symptoms, Chest pain due to respiratory cause, Lung fibrosis (9 causes), Difficulty opening mouth (7 causes), Laryngitis (6 causes), Chronic acid reflux into mouth, Intermittent difficulty in swallowing, Odynophagia similar to that of Barrett's oesopahgus, throat bleeding, Tongue mass, Tooth pulp burning sensation, Tooth lump, Teeth bleeding, Loss of secondary teeth in children, Dental abnormalities in children, oral pain (126 causes), Gums bruise, Gum disorders, Metallic taste in children, Increased salivation (29 causes), Esophagus ulcer, Esophagus swelling, Esophagus infection, Cyclical vomiting syndrome, Mandible sensitive, Mandible lump, Temporomandibular disorders, Protruding jaw (59 causes), Lip coldness, Jaw tingling/ paresthesias, Inability to open the mouth, Edema of the jaw, Cold sores (1 cause), Chin bleeding, Pharynx bleeding, Larynx pain, Larynx itch, Chronic croup-like symptoms, Lung sensitive, Tracheal Stenosis, Tonsillitis (6 causes), Small nose (110 causes), Severe hay fever-like sneezing symptoms, Saddle nose in children, Recurring allergy-like cough, Nose tingling/ paresthesia, Nose shape symptoms (34 causes), Nose Burning Sensation, Nasal congestion during pregnancy, Mild emphysema-like cough symptoms, Gradual onset of cyanosis due to respiratory causes, Forward tilting nostrils (10 causes), Chronic bronchitis-like cough, Chronic allergy-like runny nose, Barking cough in children, Acute hay fever-like sneezing symptoms, Pneumonia, non-infectious, Increased chest phlegm, Acute cough, Severe cough (95 causes), Phlegm symptoms (1 cause), Hemoptysis similar to tuberculosis, Discoloured teeth in children, Tooth dentin disorders, Tooth burning sensation, Blue, gray or black stain in teeth in children, Dental enamel erosion, Congenitally missing teeth in children, Sore gums (15 causes), Premature Loss of Baby Teeth, Temporary tooth discoloration, Lead lines, Gum bleeding (10 causes), Sudden onset of sialorrhea, Heartburn after eating in pregnancy, Disorders of the oesophagus, Recurring gerd-like chest pain, Sudden onset of jaw lump with pain, Mouth cold, Maxillary bone lump, Mandible burning sensation, Lower jaw rash, Papillary oral lesions in children, Lip fissures in children, Lip bruise, Jaw locking (2 causes), Yawning (11 causes), Burping in children, Grotesque, grinning expression, Mild pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Mild acne-like nose symptoms, Recurring chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Pulmonary redness, Nostril bleeding, Nasopharyngeal tonsil rash, Severe seasonal COPD-like symptoms, Acute seasonal COPD-like symptoms, Bronchial ulcer, Adenoids bleeding, Sensation of something stuck in the throat, Regurgitation of food through nose, Prominent nose (37 causes), Pharyngeal edema, Persistant cough, Mild hay fever-like cough, Bilateral nasal discharge in children, Air and water in the pleura, Bloody sputum (104 causes), Coughing spasms (13 causes), Mouth swelling (24 causes), Mouth infection (1 cause), Mouth white patches (3 causes), Characteristic hacking, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in newborn, Phonation, Tooth pulp swelling, Tooth pulp infection, Dental numb, Widely-spaced teeth (28 causes), Failure of secondary teeth to erupt in children, difficulty chewing (43 causes), swollen gums (58 causes), Bleeding gums in children, Chewing difficulty (12 causes), Gradual onset of dysgeusia, Intermittent heartburn after exercise, Heartburn unrelated to eating in pregnancy, Heartburn that worsens if low down after eating, Papillary mouth lesions, Maxillary bone burning sensation, Mandible cold, Jaw paralysis (1 cause), Enlarged jaw (5 causes), Constant pain in the oral cavity in children, Lip sore (7 causes), Dilated nose and cheek pores, Intermittent asthma-like symptoms non-responsive to treatment, Intermittent asthma-like symptoms, Severe episodic emphysema-like symptoms, Acute episodic emphysema-like symptoms, Mild chronic bronchitis-like cough, Unusual sputum odour in children, Respiratory sensitive, Larynx redness, Strep throat (1 cause), Smokers cough (1 cause), Recurring AIDS-like recurring respiratory infections, Intermittent bacterial pneumonia, Low nasal bridge (51 causes), Floppy larynx, Children's interstitial lung disease, Chronic hay fever-like sneezing symptoms, Cardiopulmonary insufficiency, Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (10 causes), Chronic cough (95 causes), Salivary Gland Pain, Tongue discolouration (12 causes), High-pitched cry (9 causes), Reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, throat inflammation (57 causes), Mewing, Atrophy of the tongue (3 causes), cleft palate (689 causes), Tooth swelling, Tooth infection, Teeth inflammation, Teeth deformity (32 causes), Periodontitis in children, Failure of teeth eruption in children, tooth loss (150 causes), Vomiting in infants (10 causes), Intermittent heartburn with acid reflux, Heartburn after exercise, Intermittent heartburn-like sternum pain, Mandible ulcer, Mandible swelling, Mandible infection, Macrosomia, Cracked lips (7 causes), Chin coldness, Gas with discharge, Intermittent asthma-like symptoms at night, Asthma-like symptoms non-responsive to treatment, Intermittent emphysema-like symptoms, Mucoid sputum as in case of asthma, Pharynx inflammation, Larynx blister, Deteriorating respiratory muscle weakness, Chronic seasonal COPD-like symptoms, Lung ulcer, Reddened tonsils, Severe allergy-like cough, Idiopathic lung fibrosis, Dry coughing, Constant acute airway obstruction in newborn, Acute allergy-like cough, Lung infection (8 causes), asthma-like symptoms (371 causes), Tingling tongue (4 causes), Darkened tongue, Deep voice (21 causes), Gastro-oesophageal reflux, Low voice and growling in children, throat tingling, throat bruise, Cleft lip/palate in children, Dentin abnormalities, Dental bleeding, Teeth tingling, Green discoloration of teeth in children, Discolored teeth in children, oral candidiasis (2 causes), Non-ulcer dyspepsia, Heartburn with acid reflux, Dyspepsia (35 causes), Severe gerd-like chest pain, Acute gerd-like chest pain, Sudden onset of swelling of floor of the mouth, Maxillary bone infection, Mandible stiff, Stiffness in jaw, Jaw clicking (2 causes), Foul mouth odour, Belching (26 causes), Chin bruise, Recurring seasonal asthma-like symptoms, Asthma-like symptoms at night, Chronic episodic emphysema-like symptoms, Reduced sense of smell (10 causes), Severe chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Mucopurulent secretions, Emphysema-like symptoms, Voice box weakness, Pharynx tingling, Pharynx bruise, Nostril inflammation, Nostril deformity (1 cause), Larynx spasm, Severe recurring COPD-like symptoms, Intermittent episodic COPD-like symptoms, Acute recurring COPD-like symptoms, Lung stiff, Acute chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Adenoids inflammation, Snoring (16 causes), Pulmonary embolus, Nonidiopathic lung fibrosis, Nasal congestion (91 causes), Larynx symptoms (224 causes), Laryngeal oedema, Harsh cough, Hay fever (10 causes), Broad nose bridge (48 causes), Anteverted nostrils (188 causes), Pain swallowing (28 causes), Sore tongue (64 causes), Constant difficulty in swallowing, Yellow-brown discoloration of teeth in children, Premature loss of primary teeth in children (4 causes), Gum bruise, Gum symptoms in pregnancy, Blue line on gums in children, Sudden onset of dysgeusia in children, Esophagus itch, Cyclic vomiting syndrome, Vomiting in pregnancy, Mild heartburn after exercise, esophagus pain (1 cause), Upper maxillary bone numb, Lower jaw numb, Jaw burning sensation, Swelling on one side of the jaw, Jaw paresthesia/ tingling, Yawning Excessively, Mild asthma-like symptoms non-responsive to treatment, Mild asthma-like symptoms, Unusual sputum odor in children, Voice box lump, Respiratory ulcer, Nostril tingling, Nostril bruise, Nasopharyngeal tonsil numb, Episodic COPD-like symptoms, Adenoids tingling, Adenoids bruise, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction in children, Sore throat (414 causes), Severe AIDS-like recurring respiratory infections, Runny nose (698 causes), Perforation of wall between the nostrils, Increased transfer factor on lung function, Crowing non productive cough, Chronic allergy-like cough, Chest pain from the lungs, Aspiration lung infection, Acute AIDS-like recurring respiratory infections, Chronic bronchitis (9 causes), Lung congestion (6 causes), Blood-stained phlegm, Persistent cough (95 causes), Swollen tongue (221 causes), Tongue discoloration (1 cause), Dysphagia due to quinsy, Goiter (36 causes), Goitre (2 causes), Regurgitation in infants and children, Large gaps between teeth in children, Gray-black staining on teeth in children, Gums sensitive, Gums lump, Gustatory, bitter tastes (59 causes), Hypersalivation in children (4 causes), Heartburn-like symptoms, Vomiting in newborns, Recurring heartburn after eating, Mild heartburn with acid reflux, Intermittent heartburn without reflux, Intermittent heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Heartburn as in case of Barrett's oesophagus, Chronic gerd-like chest pain, Mild heartburn-like sternum pain, Buccal mucosa numb, Severe jaw pain on one side, Difficulty opening mouth in children, Oral thrush, Chin tingling/paresthesias, Clubbing similar to COPD, Mild asthma-like symptoms at night, Mild emphysema-like symptoms, Sudden onset of nose pain, Sudden onset of quinsy, Larynx rash, Laryngeal spasticity, Chronic recurring COPD-like symptoms, Stuffed nose (698 causes), Streptococcal pharyngitis, Sniffing and children, Non productive cough with localised pain, Life threatening bronchospasm in pregnancy, Intermittent lung fibrosis symptoms, Flat nose (50 causes), Cranial bruit (1 cause), Polycythemia vera as in case of chronic lung disease, Acute cough in children, Mouth itch (137 causes), Mouth pain (100 causes), Vocal cord paralysis (8 causes), Changes in tongue color in children, Cleft lip with or without cleft palate in children, Tooth pulp pain, Tooth pulp itch, Dental inflammation, Dental deformity, Tooth dentin disorders in children, Supernumeracy teeth in children, Incisor abnormalities in children, Gum tingling/paresthesias, Gums burning sensation, swollen thyroid gland (1 cause), Gradual onset of xerostomia, Esophagus redness, Recurring heartburn unrelated to eating, Intermittent acid reflux into mouth, Heartburn without reflux, Heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Lower jaw bleeding, Benign jaw growths, Lip lump (1 cause), Jaw swelling (10 causes), jaw ulcer, Severe seasonal asthma-like symptoms, Acute seasonal asthma-like symptoms, Purulent sputum (1 cause), Salivary gland symptoms (353 causes), Painful pharyngeal spasms, Pulmonary obstruction, Nasopharyngeal tonsil bleeding, Intermittent croup-like symptoms, Mild episodic COPD-like symptoms, Catamenial pneumothorax, Tonsillar enlargement as in case of acute leukemia, Pleuritic chest pain that exacerbates by deep inspiration, Nose Itch (40 causes), Lung fibrosis symptoms, Intermittent allergy-like runny nose, Dull sounds, Chronic AIDS-like recurring respiratory infections, Beaked nose (125 causes), Bronchiolitis (7 causes), Dry mouth (231 causes), Mouth numbness (6 causes), Drooling (348 causes), Mouth pigmentation, Bad taste in mouth (2 causes), Tongue ulcers (18 causes), Coated tongue, Acid reflux into mouth, Laryngospasm (7 causes), Recurring reflux-like regurgitation, Tooth pain (9 causes), Tooth itch, Dental tingling, Bleeding gums in pregnancy, stained teeth (7 causes), Gradual onset of dysgeusia in children, enlarged tongue (28 causes), Reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Hematemesis due to Mallory-Weiss syndrome, Coffee ground vomitus, Recurring gerd-like sternum pain, Mandible pain, Lip sore in children, Lip burning sensation, Down-turned corners of mouth (51 causes), Chronic jaw pain on one side, Sudden onset of retropharyngeal abscess, Excessive mucus buildup in the nose, Voice box ulcer, Voice box infection, Voice box swelling (1 cause), Larynx obstruction (2 causes), Croup-like symptoms, Bronchial redness, Throat ulcers (9 causes), Rhythmic arm tremors, Recurring COPD-like cough symptoms, Pneumatocele, Pleural effusion as occurs in case of pulmonary embolism, Flared nostrils in children, Extremely painful pharyngeal spasms, Dry nose (4 causes), Chronic cough in children, Allergy-like runny nose, Night cough (6 causes), swallowing symptoms (659 causes), esophagus symptoms (3144 causes), Mouth redness (22 causes), Tongue weakness (3 causes), Sudden onset of dysphagia, Reddish tongue in children, Abnormal involuntary movements of the tongue, Migrating red and white patches, Cleft palate in children, Tooth pulp redness, Red-pink-brown stain in teeth in children, Gingival numb, Gums infection, Gingival fibromatosis in children, Foul taste (59 causes), Enlarged thyroid gland (1 cause), Esophagus spasm, Severe heartburn after eating, Mild heartburn without reflux, Mild heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Heartburn in pregnancy, Acute nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, Acute heartburn after eating, Reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Maxillary bone pain, Mucous plugs, Micrognathism in children, Cracked lips in children, Contact stomatitis, Chin blueness, Chronic seasonal asthma-like symptoms, Nasal fungal infection, Gradual onset of nose pain, Voice box stiff, Runny or stuffy nose in children, Retropharyngeal abscess, Mild lung fibrosis symptoms, Intermittent hay fever-like sneezing symptoms, Intermittent cough, Sudden onset of rhinorrhea, Epiglottitis, Enlarged adenoids (2 causes), Cough with sputum similar to chronic bronchitis, Chest abdomen asynchrony, Mouth Burning (3 causes), Burning mouth (62 causes), Macroglossia (8 causes), Dysphagia (100 causes), Laryngeal oedema in children, throat lump (8 causes), Acute cry, Intermittent Stomatitis, Tooth redness, Teeth lump, Visible teeth cavity, Tooth abnormalities (12 causes), sensitive teeth (7 causes), loose tooth (11 causes), Dribbling of saliva, Severe heartburn unrelated to eating, Perforated oesophagus, Mild acid reflux into mouth, Acute heartburn unrelated to eating, Recurring gerd-like symptoms, Upper maxillary bone deformity, Mouth blister, Mandible redness, Lower jaw inflammation, Lower jaw deformity, Oral cysts in newborn, Mouth held open (21 causes), Lip swelling (182 causes), Blue lips (52 causes), Angular cheilitis, Chin lump, Chin sensitive, Anterior epistaxis, Anosmia (3 causes), Sudden onset of pharyngeal spasm, Trapped lung volume, Pharynx lump, Nostril weakness, Nasopharyngeal tonsil inflammation, Larynx numb, Mild croup-like symptoms, Intermittent seasonal COPD-like symptoms, Lung redness, Snoring in children, Pulmonary disorders, Mild allergy-like runny nose, Intermittent nasal discharge, Hyperresonant sounds, Hay fever-like sneezing symptoms, Enlarged tonsils (10 causes), Chronic cough and children, Brassy cough (9 causes), Lung granuloma (1 cause), Cough (1332 causes), mouth symptoms (7039 causes), Small tongue (17 causes), Acute reflux-like regurgitation, Severe reflux-like regurgitation, Sores on tongue, Stomatitis (4 causes), Teeth burning sensation, Delayed Eruption of Teeth (1 cause), Gingival bleeding, Esophagus rash, Vomiting in first trimester, Vomiting blood (97 causes), Self-induced vomiting (1 cause), Chronic heartburn after eating, Acid Reflux in pregnancy, Severe gerd-like sternum pain, Acute gerd-like sternum pain, Sudden onset of jaw pain, Upper maxillary bone tingling, Upper maxillary bone bruise, Mandible blister, Lower jaw tingling, Lower jaw bruise, Buccal mucosa inflammation, Buccal mucosa deformity, Oral lesions (1 cause), Intermittent jaw pain, Constant foul mouth odor, Belching as in case of chronic digestive diseases, Chin paresthesia/ tingling, Chin burning sensation, Severe recurring emphysema-like symptoms, Intermittent episodic emphysema-like symptoms, Acute recurring emphysema-like symptoms, Gradual onset of retropharyngeal abscess, Throat burning sensation, Pulmonary bleeding, Pharynx burning sensation, Nostril sensitive, Nostril lump, Nasopharyngeal tonsil tingling, Nasopharyngeal tonsil bruise, Seasonal COPD-like symptoms, Adenoids lump, Tracheal displacement towards the side of the lung lesion, Throat clearing (3 causes), Sore throat in children, Severe COPD-like cough symptoms, Recurring hay fever-like runny nose, Recurring allergy-like sneezing symptoms, Profuse watery nasal discharge (2 causes), Persistent cough in children, Olfactory dysfunction, Nose symptoms (2070 causes), Disorders of the lung in adults, Cough in tuberculosis, Constant nose pain, Cardiopulmonary disorder, Acute COPD-like cough symptoms, Rapid rushing gurgling waves of sound, Pulmonary embolism (8 causes), Lung damage (19 causes), Furry tongue (3 causes), Glossodynia, Pale tongue (1 cause), Loss of voice (26 causes), Sudden onset of hemoptysis in adults, Chronic cry, Pink stain in teeth in children, Jaw pain (22 causes), Gum burning sensation, Gum paresthesia/ tingling, tooth decay (78 causes), Megaesophagous, Chronic heartburn unrelated to eating, Peeling of the lip skin, Mandible spasm, Buccal mucosa tingling, Buccal mucosa bruise, Yeast odour from mouth, Sucking reflex diminished (1 cause), Jaw itch, lack of facial expression (61 causes), Episodic emphysema-like symptoms, Sputum (4 causes), Sudden onset of sneezing, Respiratory redness, Nostril burning sensation, Larynx bleeding, Adenoids burning sensation, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction in newborns, Tonsillar biopsy, Pus accumulation in the pleural space, Pulmonary capillary pressure perfusion, Pleurodynia, Peritonsillar abscess, Oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal airway obstruction in children, Olfactory hallucination, Nasal regurgitation of food, Mild hay fever-like sneezing symptoms, Intermittent allergy-like cough, Rattling noises, Epistaxis (17 causes), Disorders of the nose, Lung symptoms (3101 causes), Mild cough (10 causes), Gastroesophageal reflux (39 causes), Strawberry tongue (4 causes), Chronic reflux-like regurgitation, Hemoptysis similar to lung cancer, throat swelling (195 causes), throat ulcer (6 causes), Brief, sharp, piercing vocal sound, Geographic tongue, Disorders of the tongue in young adults, Teeth swelling, Teeth infection, Gray stain in teeth in children, Abnormal teeth shape in children, Bilateral parotid gland enlargement, mouth rash (8 causes), Esophagus obstruction, Severe vomiting (6 causes), Recurring reflux-like vomiting, Intermittent projectile vomiting in adults, Heartburn that worsens if lying down after eating in pregnancy, Severe gerd-like symptoms, Intermittent gerd-like chest pain, Chronic gerd-like sternum pain, Acute gerd-like symptoms, Sudden onset of swelling of floor of mouth, Lip paresthesias (24 causes), Erythroplakia, Benign jaw growths in children, Long philtrum (205 causes), Chronic recurring emphysema-like symptoms, nose rash, Recurring pimples on nose, Gradual onset of pulmonary embolism, Voice box pain, Voice box itch, Pharynx ulcer, Pharynx swelling, Pharynx infection, Nostril cold, Mild seasonal COPD-like symptoms, Intermittent chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Throat white patches (3 causes), Throat infection (2 causes), Sneezing (422 causes), Pleural pressure gradient disruption, Mechanical airflow obstruction, Laryngeal Edema, Chronic COPD-like cough symptoms, Broad nose (131 causes), Allergy like cough, Bronchitis (240 causes), Black hairy tongue, Sudden onset of toothache, Dental lump, Delayed teeth eruption in children, Gum infection (1 cause), Gingival inflammation, Distorted sense of taste (1 cause), Bad taste in mouth in children, Drooling in children, Projectile vomiting similar to pyloric stenosis, Peristaltic waves, visible, Recurring reflux-like symptoms, Gerd-like chest pain, Recurring heartburn-like chest pain, Mandible rash, Chronic dysarthria due to lesion in the bulbar nuclei, Buccal mucosal pain, Superior maxillary lesion, Recessed jaw (65 causes), Dry mouth in children, Mild episodic emphysema-like symptoms, Thick, tenacious sputum, Pulmonary inflammation, Pulmonary deformity, Nostril ulcer, Nostril swelling, Nostril infection, Recurring COPD-like symptoms, Chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Adenoids ulcer, Adenoids swelling, Adenoids infection, Tracheal shift, Severe hay fever-like runny nose, Severe allergy-like sneezing symptoms, Resonant cough, Pleuritic chest pain in pregnancy, Intermittent AIDS-like recurring respiratory infections, Hemopytsis as in case of bronchitis, Extrinsic lung disorders, Dry cough as in case of allergic conditions, Constant cough, Acute hay fever-like runny nose, Acute allergy-like sneezing symptoms, Bronchial obstruction (1 cause), Pulmonary oedema (2 causes), Pleural friction rub, Hairy Tongue, Cry of a duck voice tone, Sucking and swallowing difficulty in children, Dental burning sensation, Natal teeth in newborns (5 causes), Double tooth in children, Gum hypertrophy (3 causes), toothache (7 causes), Gingival cancer (8 causes), Abnormal taste sensation, Sudden onset of projectile vomiting, Rupture of esophagus, Intermittent projectile vomiting, Heartburn after exercise in pregnancy, Chronic gerd-like symptoms, Sudden onset of circumoral paresthesia, Sudden onset of blue lips in children, Jaw blister, Stammering (18 causes), Short upper lip groove (51 causes), Red and swollen lips especially at the corners, Lip pain (7 causes), Lip itch, Intermittent jaw pain on one side, Cor pulmonale due to sarcoidosis, Sudden onset of pleural effusion, Gradual onset of sneezing, Enhanced lung volumes, Voice box redness, Pulmonary bruise, Larynx inflammation, Larynx deformity, Tracheal Deviation, Recurring emphysema-like cough symptoms, Nasal obstruction (17 causes), Mild allergy-like cough, Long nose (41 causes), Decreased tactile fremitus, AIDS-like recurring respiratory infections, Epiglottitis in children, Enlarged adenoids in children, Tissue hypoxia, Hemoptysis (110 causes), Allergic Rhinitis (4 causes), Dry cough (183 causes)

Symptoms related to Breathing symptoms: Shortness of breath (1320 causes), Difficulty breathing (2710 causes), Hyperventilation (24 causes), Lung symptoms (3101 causes), Chest symptoms (1328 causes), Chest pain (917 causes), Wheezing (740 causes), Apnea (72 causes), Breath holding (2 causes), Breath odor (58 causes), Choking (40 causes), Rapid breathing (336 causes), Shallow breathing (160 causes), Bad breath (29 causes), Accessory muscle use (2 causes)

Breathing symptoms type of: Breath symptoms (2958 causes), Respiratory symptoms (4957 causes), Respiratory tract symptoms (4957 causes), Throat symptoms (3370 causes), Mouth symptoms (7039 causes), Head symptoms (9978 causes), Face symptoms (8039 causes)

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