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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Chest symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Chest symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Chest symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Chest symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Chest symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Chest symptoms: Chest pain (917 causes), Chest deformity (219 causes), Chest rash (1 cause), Chest tingling/paresthesias, Chest numbness, Chest itch, Chest coldness, Chest bleeding, Chest bruise, Chest spasm, Chest burning sensations, Chest lump (6 causes), Chest blueness, Barrel chest (17 causes), Chest burning (6 causes), Chest expansion, asymmetrical, Chest paresthesia/ tingling, Chest tenderness (3 causes), Rib symptoms (156 causes), Acute chest pain, Chest burning sensation, Chest discomfort (37 causes), Chest pressure (169 causes), Chest tightness (162 causes), Chronic chest pain (7 causes), Pleuritic chest pain (6 causes), Flank pain (20 causes), Rib pain (5 causes), Epigastric pain (67 causes), Angina (32 causes), Rib itch, Rib swelling (3 causes), Rib bruise (1 cause), Rib rash, Pectus carinatum (56 causes), Pectus excavatum (129 causes), Abnormal movement during inspiration, Acne-like chest skin symptoms, Acute acne-like chest skin symptoms, Retractions, costal and sternal, Acute gerd-like chest pain, Acute gerd-like sternum pain, Acute heartburn after eating, Acute heartburn after exercise, Acute heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Acute heartburn unrelated to eating, Acute heartburn with acid reflux, Acute heartburn without reflux, Acute heartburn-like sternum pain, Acute ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Acute pimples on chest, Acute psoriasis-like chest rash, Angina pectoris (1 cause), Anginal pain, Asymmetrical chest expansion, Trapped air bubbles in the mediastinum, Barrel chest in children, Chest abdomen asynchrony, Chest bruise in children, Chest deformities in children, Chest discomfort in children, Chest discomfort in pregnancy, Chest lag, Chest pain due to respiratory cause, Chest pain from the heart, Chest pain from the lungs, Chest pain in children, Chest pain in pregnancy, Chest pain that mimics angina, Chest pressure in children, Chest rash in children, Chest splinting, Chest tightness in children, Chest trauma (1 cause), Chronic acne-like chest skin symptoms, Chronic gerd-like chest pain, Chronic gerd-like sternum pain, Chronic heartburn after eating, Chronic heartburn after exercise, Chronic heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Chronic heartburn unrelated to eating, Chronic heartburn with acid reflux, Chronic heartburn without reflux, Chronic heartburn-like chest pain, Chronic heartburn-like sternum pain, Chronic ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Chronic pimples on chest, Chronic psoriasis-like chest rash, Constant chest pain in children, Suprasternal retraction on inspiration, Suprasternal retractions, Symmetric mediastinal widening, Decreased chest wall movement, Decreased diaphragmatic excursion, Decreased diaphragmatic excursion in pregnancy, Decreased respiratory excursions, Excruciating pain in the supraclavicular area, Subcutaneous crepitation in the chest wall, Subcutaneous crepitation of the upper trunk, Supraclavicular retraction on inspiration, Supraclavicular retractions, Palpable thrill, Feeling the heart skip a beat in the chest, Flail chest (4 causes), Gerd-like chest pain, Gerd-like sternum pain, Gradual onset of chest pain, Gross rhythmic movements of the trunk, Heartburn (141 causes), Heartburn after eating, Heartburn after eating in pregnancy, Heartburn after exercise, Heartburn after exercise in pregnancy, Heartburn as in case of Barrett's oesophagus, Heartburn in pregnancy, Heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Heartburn pain resistant to treatment in pregnancy, Heartburn that worsens if low down after eating, Heartburn that worsens if lying down after eating in pregnancy, Heartburn unrelated to eating, Heartburn unrelated to eating in pregnancy, Heartburn with acid reflux, Heartburn with acid reflux in pregnancy, Heartburn without reflux, Heartburn without reflux in pregnancy, Heartburn-like chest pain, Hemothorax, Hiccups (8 causes), Hiccups in children, Ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Increased chest phlegm, Decreased tactile fremitus, Decreased vocal fremitus, Depressed diaphragm, Intercostal bulging, Intercostal retractions (3 causes), Intermittent acne-like chest skin symptoms, Intermittent chronic chest pain, Intermittent gerd-like chest pain, Intermittent gerd-like sternum pain, Intermittent heartburn after eating, Intermittent heartburn after exercise, Intermittent heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Intermittent heartburn unrelated to eating, Intermittent heartburn with acid reflux, Intermittent heartburn without reflux, Intermittent heartburn-like chest pain, Intermittent heartburn-like sternum pain, Intermittent ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Intermittent pimples on chest, Intermittent psoriasis-like chest rash, Intermittent sternum pain, Mediastinal deviation, Mediastinal shift, Mediastinitis, Mild acne-like chest skin symptoms, Mild chronic chest pain, Mild gerd-like chest pain, Mild gerd-like sternum pain, Mild heartburn after eating, Mild heartburn after exercise, Mild heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Mild heartburn unrelated to eating, Mild heartburn with acid reflux, Mild heartburn without reflux, Mild heartburn-like chest pain, Mild heartburn-like sternum pain, Mild ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Mild pimples on chest, Mild psoriasis-like chest rash, Narrow chest (42 causes), Non-ulcer dyspepsia, Paralysis of the chest wall muscles, Pigeon breast in children, Pimples on chest, Pleural effusion (10 causes), Pleural effusion as occurs in case of pulmonary embolism, Pleural friction rub, Pleural pressure gradient disruption, Pleural rub, Pleuritic chest pain in pregnancy, Pleuritic chest pain that exacerbates by deep inspiration, Pleurodynia, Pneumothorax (3 causes), Pneumothorax as in case of tuberculosis, Precordial ache, Precordial thrill, Prominent veins over chest, Psoriasis-like chest rash, Pyrosis, Rash on chest and back in children, Recurring acne-like chest skin symptoms, Recurring chronic chest pain, Recurring gerd-like chest pain, Recurring gerd-like sternum pain, Recurring heartburn after eating, Recurring heartburn after exercise, Recurring heart-burn like chest pain in pregnancy, Recurring heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Recurring heartburn unrelated to eating, Recurring heartburn with acid reflux, Recurring heartburn without reflux, Recurring heartburn-like chest pain, Recurring heartburn-like sternum pain, Recurring ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Recurring pimples on chest, Recurring psoriasis-like chest rash, Retrosternal chest pain, Ripping sensation in the chest, Rounded chest, Severe acne-like chest skin symptoms, Severe chronic chest pain, Severe gerd-like chest pain, Severe gerd-like sternum pain, Severe heartburn after eating, Severe heartburn after exercise, Severe heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Severe heartburn unrelated to eating, Severe heartburn with acid reflux, Severe heartburn without reflux, Severe heartburn-like chest pain, Severe heartburn-like sternum pain, Severe ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Severe pimples on chest, Severe psoriasis-like chest rash, Sharp chest pain (2 causes), Sharp chest pain in pregnancy, Sternum pushed forward, Substernal chest pain, Substernal retractions, Sudden onset of chest pain, Sudden onset of hiccups, Sunken chest in children, Tearing sensation in the chest, Traumatic Chest injury, Wrist and fingers flexed on the chest, Sudden onset of pneumothorax, Acute heartburn-like chest pain, Bronchial bleeding, Bronchial bruise, Bronchial deformity, Bronchial inflammation, Bronchial redness, Bronchial sensitive, Bronchial stiffness, Bronchial ulcer, Chest blister, Chest sensitive, Chest stiff, Chest weakness, Diaphragmatic depression, Thoracic anomalies, Thoracic movement, Thoracic bleeding, Thoracic blister, Thoracic bruise, Thoracic inflammation, Thoracic itch, Thoracic lump, Thoracic numbness, Thoracic rash, Thoracic redness, Thoracic sensitivity, Thoracic spasm, Thoracic spine bleeding, Thoracic spine blister, Thoracic spine deformity, Thoracic spine redness, Thoracic spine ulcer, Thoracic tingling, Thoracic vertebrae bleeding, Thoracic vertebrae blister, Thoracic vertebrae bruise, Thoracic vertebrae burning sensation, Thoracic vertebrae deformity, Thoracic vertebrae infection, Thoracic vertebrae inflammation, Thoracic vertebrae itch, Thoracic vertebrae lump, Thoracic vertebrae numbness, Thoracic vertebrae pain, Thoracic vertebrae rash, Thoracic vertebrae redness, Thoracic vertebrae spasm, Thoracic vertebrae tingling, Thoracic vertebrae ulcer, Thoracic wall blister, Thoracic wall deformity (1 cause), Thoracic wall infection, Thoracic wall inflammation, Thoracic wall sensitive, Thoracic wall stiff, Thoracic wall ulcer, Thoracic wall weakness, Thorax burning sensation, Thorax infection, Thorax inflammation, Thorax sensitive, Thorax stiff, Thorax weakness, Dull thoracic and abdominal sounds, Forward displacement of the sternum, Truncal paresthesia, Worsening heartburn, Sudden onset of sternum pain, Sudden onset of substernal pain after eating, Gradual onset of pleural effusion, Gradual onset of barrel shaped chest in children, Heartburn-like symptoms, Hyperresonant chest breath sounds, Intercostal rib retractions, Q waves presence on an ECG, Rattling or crackling noises, Sudden onset of non-cardiac chest pain, Sudden onset of pleural effusion, chest numbness, chest bruise, chest bleeding, chest infection, chest rash (1 cause), chest coldness, chest inflammation, chest ulcer, chest spasm, chest itch, chest lump (6 causes), chest burning (6 causes), acid regurgitation (2 causes), Gastroesophageal reflux (39 causes), Costovertebral angle tenderness, Narrow rib cage (34 causes), Painful rib cage in children, Bumps on ribs, Intermittent rib pain on both sides, Rib pain on both sides, Abnormal rib number (19 causes), Severe rib pain on one side, Sports related stress fractures of the ribs, CVA tenderness, Sudden onset of rib pain, Intermittent rib pain, Rib abnormalities (21 causes), Gradual onset of rib pain, Intermittent rib pain on one side, Ribcage hurt, Pain below the 12th rib

Symptoms related to Chest symptoms: Lung symptoms (3101 causes), Respiratory symptoms (4957 causes), Chest pain (917 causes), Chest deformity (219 causes), Chest rash (1 cause), Chest tingling/paresthesias, Chest numbness, Chest itch, Chest coldness, Chest bleeding

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