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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Digestive symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Digestive symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Digestive symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Digestive symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Digestive symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Digestive symptoms: Nausea (2486 causes), Vomiting (2706 causes), Diarrhea (2028 causes), Constipation (562 causes), Belching (26 causes), Flatulence (162 causes), Abdominal symptoms (5780 causes), Abdominal pain (2250 causes), Abdominal swelling (388 causes), Heartburn (141 causes), Bowel problems (2483 causes), Anal symptoms (456 causes), Meal symptoms (10 causes), Gastrointestinal bleeding (129 causes), Indigestion (35 causes), Gastroparesis (1 cause), malabsorption (125 causes), gastroenteritis (7 causes), intestinal obstruction (38 causes), intestinal hemorrhage (2 causes), intestinal cramps (1 cause), gastrointestinal upset (9 causes), gastrointestinal distress (1 cause), stomach problems (397 causes), stomach obstruction, stomach inflammation (1 cause), ulcers (8 causes), intestinal blockage (17 causes), intestine inflammation (1 cause), stomach upset (8 causes), upset stomach (4 causes), bowel obstruction (27 causes), Abdominal cramps (313 causes), Abdominal rigidity (5 causes), Acute diarrhoea (2 causes), Appetite changes (1158 causes), Bowel infrequency (4 causes), Bowel movements (2359 causes), Bowel sounds, absent [Silent abdomen], Bowel sounds, hypoactive (4 causes), Fecal incontinence (25 causes), Fecal straining (19 causes), Gastroesophageal reflux (39 causes), Steatorrhoea (1 cause), Changes in bowel habits (6 causes), Abdominal hyperresonance, Peristaltic waves, visible, Visible peristalsis, Altered bowel habit (35 causes), Absent bowel sounds (1 cause), Colon symptoms (10 causes), Rectal discharge, Hemorrhoids (2 causes), Anal lump (9 causes), Anal pain (8 causes), Rectal tenesmus, Piles, Anorectal pain (23 causes), Rectal lump (9 causes), Proctitis (1 cause), Rectal pain (8 causes), Rectal mass, Anal fissure, Urge to defecate, Anal ulcer (3 causes), Anal swelling (11 causes), Anal bleeding (2 causes), Anal bruise, Anal rash (4 causes), Rectal ulceration, Anal discomfort (1 cause), Rectal prolapse (2 causes), Anal cancer (1 cause), Rectal bleeding (286 causes), Anogenital pruritus, Anal itching (19 causes), Pulsatile Abdominal swelling, Abdominal distention (57 causes), Ascites (75 causes), Flank mass (1 cause), Abdominal fullness (19 causes), Abdominal mass (96 causes), Stomach cramps (375 causes), Stomach Rash (6 causes), Stomach Bruise, Stomach bleeding (4 causes), Stomach Tingling, Stomach ache (375 causes), Intermittent stomach pain (1 cause), Stomach pain (29 causes), Stomach Itch, Stomach tingling/ paresthesias, Epigastric pain (67 causes), Acid regurgitation (2 causes), Gas with discharge, Eructation, Dyspepsia (35 causes), Excessive hunger (47 causes), Fullness (16 causes), Dysphagia (100 causes), Poor appetite (1000 causes), Genital ulcer (1 cause), Leg ulcer, Decubitus ulcers (1 cause), Upper abdomen pain, Kidney pain (9 causes), Upper abdominal pain (28 causes), Flank pain (20 causes), Liver pain (11 causes), Central abdominal pain (2 causes), Abdominal discomfort (109 causes), Stomache, Biliary colic (5 causes), Abdominal rebound tenderness, Acute abdominal pain (8 causes), Lower abdominal pain (25 causes), Upper abdominal discomfort (6 causes), Travellers diarrhoea, chronic diarrhea (52 causes), Persistent diarrhea (71 causes), Chronic diarrhoea, Malabsorption diarrhoea, Fecal urgency (4 causes), Loose stool (46 causes), Bloody diarrhea (55 causes), Severe diarrhea (26 causes), Watery stool (53 causes), Infectious diarrhea, Frequent stools (3 causes), Tenesmus (17 causes), Irritable bowel syndrome (20 causes), Bowel inflammation (1 cause), Frequent bowel movements (4 causes), Megacolon (6 causes), Stool symptoms (2482 causes), Bowel ischemia, Bowel incontinence (2063 causes), Self-induced vomiting (1 cause), Regurgitation (12 causes), Retching (6 causes), Acute nausea and vomiting, Vomiting blood (97 causes), Severe vomiting (6 causes), Fecal impaction (1 cause), Hard stool (3 causes), Severe nausea (1 cause), Acute nausea, Mild nausea, Abdominal pain in mesenteric ischemia, Abnormal stool texture in children, Abrupt watery diarrhoea, Absence of bowel movement, Absent anal opening (25 causes), Acid reflux (1 cause), Acid Reflux in pregnancy, Acid reflux into mouth, Acute acid reflux into mouth, Acute acid reflux into mouth during pregnancy, Acute Crohns-like diarrhea symptoms, Acute Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Acute crohns-like rectal symptoms, Acute diarrhea in children, Acute digestive ulcer like symptoms, Acute heartburn after eating, Acute heartburn after exercise, Acute heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Acute heartburn unrelated to eating, Acute heartburn with acid reflux, Acute heartburn without reflux, Acute ibd-like diarrhea, Rubbery, orange precipitate in stool, Acute ibs-like diarrhea, Acute nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, Motion-sickness (2 causes), Acute nausea in pregnancy, Acute pancreatitis (1 cause), Acute reflux-like regurgitation, Acute reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, Acute reflux-like vomiting, Acute reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Acute stomach ulcer-like symptoms in pregnancy, Acute stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Viral exanthems due to enterococaal infection, Altered bowel habit in pregnancy, Alternating constipation and diarrhea as in case of ulcerative colitis, Alternating constipation and diarrhoea, Anal discomfort in pregnancy, Anal disorder, Anal disorder in pregnancy, Anal disorders in adults, Anal fissure in children, Anal hematoma, Anal lump in children, Anal lump in pregnancy, Anal pain in pregnancy, Anal swelling in pregnancy, Anal symptoms in pregnancy, Anorectal abscess (3 causes), Anorectal manometry abnormal, Anorectal pain in children, Barrett's esophagus-like weight loss symptoms, Barrett's oesophagus-like weight loss symptoms, Belching as in case of chronic digestive diseases, Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, Black stool (30 causes), Gastrojejunocolic fistula, Bleeding oesophageal varices, Abnormal scintigraphy, Blood in stools as in case of inflammatory bowel disease, Blood streaked diarrhea, Blood streaked diarrhoea, Bloody stool (286 causes), Borborygmi, Borborygmi: as in the case of inflammatory bowel disease, Bowel infrequency in pregnancy, Bowel movements in pregnancy, Bowel problems in pregnancy, Bowel spasm, Burping in children, Change in appetite as seen in chronic digestive diseases, Changes in elimination habits, Chronic acid reflux into mouth, Chronic crohns-like diarrhea symptoms, Chronic Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Chronic Crohns-like rectal symptoms, Chronic diarrhoea with weight loss in children, Chronic diarrhoea without weight loss in children, Chronic digestive ulcer like symptoms, Chronic fatty diarrhea in children, Chronic heartburn after eating, Chronic heartburn after exercise, Chronic heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Chronic heartburn unrelated to eating, Chronic heartburn with acid reflux, Chronic heartburn without reflux, Chronic ibd-like diarrhea, Chronic ibs-like diarrhea, Chronic reflux-like regurgitation, Chronic reflux-like vomiting, Chronic stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Clay coloured stools, Clay-colored stool in children, Clay-coloured stool in children, Diverticulitis (1 cause), Coffee ground vomitus, Colon polyp, Constant Anorectal pain, Constant chronic diarrhea, Constant diarrhea, Constant epigastric pain, Constant hemoptysis, Constant regurgitation after food, Constipation during pregnancy, Constipation in children (over 6 months), Constipation in infants (first 6 months), Constipation in pregnancy, Crohns-like diarrhea symptoms, Crohn's-like diarrhoea symptoms, Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Dark stool (29 causes), Dark stool in children, Decreased bowel sounds in adults, Decreased bowel sounds in children, Intussusception, Decreased gastrointestinal motility (8 causes), Decreased intestinal motility, Intermittent obstipation, Intersussception, Irritation of carina, Irradiation of the bowel, Diarrhea in children, Diarrhoea similar to celiac disease, Difficulty going to bathroom, Disorders of the large intestine, Disorders of the oesophagus, Disorders of the small intestine, Disorders of the spleen in young adults, Disorders of the stomach, Dyspepsia as in case of chronic digestive disorders, Dyspepsia in pregnancy, Eating difficulty (2 causes), Eating dirt and other non-food materials in children, Eating symptoms (2364 causes), Enlarged liver and spleen (1163 causes), Enlarged spleen in children, Epigastric discomfort (3 causes), Epigastric discomfort in pregnancy, Epigastric pain in children, Epigastric pain in pregnancy, Epigastric tenderness (4 causes), Epigastric tenderness in pregnancy, Epigastrium pain, Epigastrium pain in pregnancy, Esophagus symptoms (3144 causes), Complete obstruction, Excessive watery diarrhea, Mild digestive ulcer like symptoms, Elevated faecal elastase, Extremely painful pharyngeal spasms, Failure to expel flatus, Meteorism (1 cause), Failure to expel stools, Fatty stool in children, Fecal soiling in children, Feculant vomitus odor in children, Feculant vomitus odour in children, Flatulence in children, Floating stool in children, Food symptoms (1879 causes), Foreign body ingestion, Foul stool odor in children, Foul stool odour in children, Foul-smelling stool (50 causes), Garlic stool odor in children, Gas in children, Gastro-oesophageal reflux, Gastrooesophageal reflux in pregnancy, Gastroparesis in children, GI bleeding, GI disorder, GI hemorrhage, GI infection, Gradual onset of clubbing due to gastrointestinal causes, Gradual onset of hemoptysis, Gradual onset of increased bowel sounds, Green stool, Haemorrhoids in pregnancy, Heartburn after eating, Heartburn after eating in pregnancy, Heartburn after exercise, Heartburn after exercise in pregnancy, Heartburn as in case of Barrett's oesophagus, Heartburn in pregnancy, Heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Heartburn pain resistant to treatment in pregnancy, Heartburn that worsens if low down after eating, Heartburn that worsens if lying down after eating in pregnancy, Heartburn unrelated to eating, Heartburn unrelated to eating in pregnancy, Heartburn with acid reflux, Heartburn with acid reflux in pregnancy, Heartburn without reflux, Heartburn without reflux in pregnancy, Hematemesis due to Mallory-Weiss syndrome, Hematochezia (5 causes), Hemoptysis (110 causes), Hemoptysis in children, Hemoptysis in newborns, Hemoptysis in the newborn, Hemoptysis similar to tuberculosis, Hemopytsis as in case of bronchitis, Hyperactive bowel sounds (1 cause), Hypoactive bowel sounds, IBS-like diarrhea, Dysentery (6 causes), Incomplete evacuation, Incontinence of faeces, Incontinence of feces, Increased bowel sounds in children, Decreased bile acid 75-selenium homotaurocholate (1 cause), Esophageal spam, Increased faecal urobilinogen, Increased intestinal motility, Indigestion in pregnancy, Inflammatory bowel disease esophagitis, Intense urge to defecate, Intermittent acid reflux into mouth, Intermittent Crohns-like diarrhea symptoms, Intermittent Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Intermittent Crohns-like rectal symptoms, Intermittent decreased bowel sounds, Intermittent decreased intestinal motility, Intermittent digestive ulcer like symptoms, Intermittent feeling of rectal distension, Intermittent heartburn after eating, Intermittent heartburn after exercise, Intermittent heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Intermittent heartburn unrelated to eating, Intermittent heartburn with acid reflux, Intermittent heartburn without reflux, Intermittent ibd-like diarrhea, Intermittent ibs-like diarrhea, Intermittent increased bowel sounds, Intermittent onset of anal fissure, Intermittent osmotic diarrhea, Intermittent projectile vomiting, Intermittent projectile vomiting in adults, Intermittent projectile vomiting in children, Intermittent reflux-like regurgitation, Intermittent reflux-like vomiting, Intermittent stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Intermittent sudden onset on diarrhea, Intestinal tract obstruction, Involuntary defecation (2 causes), Itchy anus in children, Leakage of liquid stools, Leakage of stool, Loud bowel sounds in adults, Loud bowel sounds in children, Lower gastrointestinal bleeding in children, Lump in the rectum, Lump in the rectum during pregnancy, Malabsorption in children, Malabsorption syndrome, Massive hemoptysis, Mechanical intestinal obstruction, Mechnical intestinal obstruction, Megacolon due to Chagas disease, Megaesophagous, Megaesophagus (1 cause), Megaesophagus due to Chagas disease, Melena (13 causes), Melenous stool, Melenous stools, Mild acid reflux into mouth, Mild crohns-like diarrhea symptoms, Mild Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Mild Crohns-like rectal symptoms, Mild heartburn after eating, Mild heartburn after exercise, Mild heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Mild heartburn unrelated to eating, Mild heartburn with acid reflux, Mild heartburn without reflux, Mild ibd-like diarrhea, Mild ibs-like diarrhea, Mild reflux-like regurgitation, Mild reflux-like vomiting, Mild stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Mild ulcerative colitis in children, Mucus in stool (50 causes), Mucus stool (75 causes), Nasal regurgitation of food, Non-bleeding oesophageal varices, Non-ulcer dyspepsia, Nose and nasopharyngeal airway obstruction in children, Nose and nasopharyngeal airway obstruction in newborns, Not feeling hungry, Obstruction of common bile duct, Oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal airway obstruction in children, Oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal airway obstruction in newborns, Luminal obstruction, Painful stool in children, Pale colored stools, Passing black, tarry stools, Pale stool (84 causes), Pancreas symptoms (193 causes), Pancreatic inflammation (3 causes), Pancreatitis (21 causes), Partial colon obstruction, Bacterial colitis, Pencil-thin stools, Perforated esophagus, Perforated oesophagus, Perforated ulcer, Perianal discomfort, Perianal lesions, Perianal lesions in pregnancy, Peristaltic contractions, Persistent diarrhoea, Pharyngeal edema, Pharyngeal muscle spasms, Pharyngitis (18 causes), Positive PABA test, Presence of micellar fat in the faeces, Projectile vomiting in children, Projectile vomiting similar to pyloric stenosis, Pruritis ani, Pruritus ani, Cmv esophagitis, Pus in stool (9 causes), Pyrosis, Rectal bleeding in children, Rectal bleeding in pregnancy, Rectal disorder, Rectal disorders in adults, Rectal distension, Rectal lump in pregnancy, Rectal passage of bright red clots, Rectal passage of jellylike material, Recto anal disorders, Rectum pain, Recurring acid reflux into mouth, Recurring Crohns-like diarrhea symptoms, Recurring Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Recurring Crohns-like rectal symptoms, Recurring digestive ulcer like symptoms, Recurring heartburn after eating, Recurring heartburn after exercise, Recurring heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Recurring heartburn unrelated to eating, Recurring heartburn with acid reflux, Recurring heartburn without reflux, Recurring ibd-like diarrhea, Recurring ibs-like diarrhea, Recurring reflux-like regurgitation, Recurring reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, Recurring reflux-like vomiting, Recurring reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Recurring stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Reflux-like regurgitation, Reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, Reflux-like vomiting, Reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Regurgitation in adults, Regurgitation in children, Regurgitation in infants and children, Regurgitation of food through nose, Retropharyngeal abscess, Rupture of esophagus, Ruptured spleen, Scybalous stools, Intra-abdominal sepsis, Severe crohns-like diarrhea symptoms, Severe Crohns-like rectal bleeding, Severe Crohns-like rectal symptoms, Severe digestive ulcer like symptoms, Severe heartburn after eating, Severe heartburn after exercise, Severe heartburn pain resistant to treatment, Severe heartburn unrelated to eating, Severe heartburn with acid reflux, Severe heartburn without reflux, Severe ibd-like diarrhea, Severe ibs-like diarrhoea, Severe reflux-like regurgitation, Severe reflux-like vomiting, Severe stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Severe vomiting in pregnancy, Sick to your stomach, Signs of circulatory collapse as seen in intestinal hemorrhage, Slow peristalsis, Small liquid stools, Smelly stool in children, Spleen symptoms (1167 causes), Steatorrhea (17 causes), Steatorrhea similar to Celiac disease, Stomach ache in pregnancy, Stomach growling, Stomach pain in pregnancy, Stomach problems in pregnancy, Stomach upset in pregnancy, Stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Stool color (377 causes), Stool odor (63 causes), Stools, clay-colored, Streptococcal pharyngitis, Stringy stool in children, Sudden onset of bowel obstruction, High sphincter of oddi manometry, Sphincter of oddi manometry, Hiatus hernia (3 causes), Hiatus hernia related to chronic digestive disorders, Anatomic obstruction, Sudden onset of constipation, Sudden onset of diarrhoea, Sudden onset of hematemesis, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in adults, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in newborn, Sudden onset of increased bowel sounds, Sudden onset of projectile vomiting, Swollen spleen (1163 causes), Tenesmus in pregnancy, Toxic impairment of bowel innervation, Toxic megacolon, Tracheal Deviation, Tracheal deviation in pregnancy, Tracheal displacement away from the side of the lung lesion, Tracheal displacement towards the side of the lung lesion, Tracheal shift, Tracheal Stenosis, Tracheal tug, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction in children, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction in newborns, Ulcerative colitis-like dysentery, Uncontrollable passage of motion, Unusual stool odor in children, Unusual vomitus odor in children, Vomit blood, Vomiting blood in pregnancy, Vomiting due to chemotherapy, Vomiting in children, Vomiting in first trimester, Vomiting in infants (10 causes), Vomiting in newborns, Vomiting in pregnancy, White stool (83 causes), White stool in pregnancy, Yellow stool (83 causes), Yellow-green vomit in newborn, Abnormal stool texture, Acute heartburn-like chest pain, Allergic colitis, Altered stool texture, Anal triangle blister, Anal triangle bruise, Anal triangle deformity, Anal triangle infection, Anal triangle inflammation, Anal triangle itch, Anal triangle obstruction, Anal triangle rash, Anal triangle redness, Anal triangle swelling, Anal triangle ulcer, Anal triangle weakness, Borborgymi as in case of inflammatory bowel disease, Candida esophagitis, Chronic afferent loop syndrome, Colon bleeding, Colon redness, Colon stiff, Colon swelling, Colon weakness, Crohn's-like symptoms, Mild Crohns-like abdominal symptoms, Mild crohns-like symptoms, Recurring Crohns-like abdominal symptoms, Recurring Crohn's-like symptoms, Severe Crohns-like abdominal symptoms, Severe Crohn's-like symptoms, Acute Crohns-like abdominal symptoms, Acute Crohn's-like symptoms, Chronic Crohns-like abdominal symptoms, Chronic Crohn's-like symptoms, Crohns-like abdominal symptoms, Intermittent Crohns-like abdominal symptoms, Intermittent Crohn's-like symptoms, Cyclic vomiting syndrome, Cyclical vomiting syndrome, Digestive system burning sensation, Digestive system deformity, Digestive system inflammation, Digestive system itch, Digestive system lump, Digestive system numb, Digestive system obstruction, Digestive system pain, Digestive system redness, Digestive system swelling, Digestive system tingling, Digestive system weakness, Gastric burning sensation, Gastric deformity, Gastric inflammation, Gastric itch, Gastric lump, Gastric numb, Gastric obstruction, Gastric pain (1 cause), Gastric redness, Gastric swelling, Gastric tingling, Gastric weakness, Lower abdominal symptoms (3002 causes), Lower Digestive system burning sensation, Lower digestive system deformity, Lower Digestive system inflammation, Lower digestive system itch, Lower digestive system lump, Lower Digestive system numb, Lower digestive system obstruction, Lower digestive system pain, Lower Digestive system redness, Lower Digestive system swelling, Lower digestive system tingling, Lower Digestive system weakness, Lower abdomen bleeding, Lower abdomen bruise, Lower abdomen burning sensation, Lower abdomen infection, Lower abdomen inflammation, Lower abdomen lump, Lower abdomen numbness, Lower abdomen obstruction, Lower abdomen rash, Lower abdomen redness, Lower abdomen sensitivity, Lower abdomen spasm, Lower abdomen tingling, Lower abdominal cramps, Esophagus burning sensation, Esophagus infection, Esophagus itch, Esophagus lump, Esophagus obstruction, Esophagus rash, Esophagus redness, Esophagus sensitive, Esophagus spasm, Esophagus swelling, Esophagus ulcer, Intestine infection, Intestine lump, Intestine pain, Intestine redness, Intestine swelling, Intestine symptoms (4 causes), Intestine ulcer, Itchy anus inn children, Large intestine bleeding, Large intestine deformity, Large intestine inflammation, Large intestine redness, Large intestine stiffness, Large intestine swelling, Large intestine ulcer, Large intestine weakness, Pharynx bleeding, Pharynx blister, Pharynx bruise, Pharynx burning sensation, Pharynx infection, Pharynx inflammation, Pharynx itch, Pharynx lump, Pharynx numb, Pharynx pain, Pharynx rash, Pharynx redness, Pharynx swelling, Pharynx symptoms (18 causes), Pharynx tingling, Pharynx ulcer, Rectal blister, Rectal bruise, Rectal deformity (3 causes), Rectal inflammation (3 causes), Rectal obstruction (1 cause), Rectal rash, Rectal redness, Rectal ulcer, Rectal weakness, Rectum symptoms (81 causes), Small intestine inflammation, Small intestine lump, Small intestine redness, Small intestine swelling, Small intestine ulcer, Upper digestive system burning sensation, Upper digestive system deformity, Upper digestive system inflammation, Upper digestive system itch, Upper digestive system lump, Upper digestive system numb, Upper digestive system obstruction, Upper digestive system pain, Upper digestive system redness, Upper Digestive system swelling, Upper digestive system tingling, Upper digestive system weakness, Gall bladder deformity (3 causes), Gall bladder lump, Gall bladder redness, Gall bladder swelling, Gerd-like symptoms, Thick, tenacious sputum, Tracheal symptoms (1 cause), Worsening heartburn, Yellow stool in pregnancy, Gnawing, Sudden onset of watery diarrhoea, Sudden onset of soft unformed stools, Gradual onset of altered bowel habits, Gradual onset of chronic diarrhoea, Gradual onset of foul smelling fatty stools, Gradual onset of hematochezia, Gradual onset of intestinal disorders, Gradual onset of intestinal malabsorption, Gradual onset of malabsorption syndrome, Gradual onset of pancreatitis, Gradual onset of retropharyngeal abscess, Gradual onset of stomach ulcers, Gradual onset of toxic megacolon, Gradual onset of upper abdominal discomfort, Gradual onset of watery diarrhoea, Graft versus host disease esophagitis, Heartburn-like symptoms, Hemoptysis similar to lung cancer, Herniation, Hirschsprung disease (13 causes), Hypogastric swelling, Hypogastric pain, Hypogastric weakness, IBS-like symptoms, Incontinence symptoms (321 causes), Lactose hydrogen test, Painful pharyngeal spasms, Strangulation of a mechanically obstructed bowel, Stringy stool, Sudden onset of abnormal stools, Sudden onset of dark colored stools, Sudden onset of dark coloured stools, Sudden onset of foul smelling stools, Sudden onset of hematochezia, Sudden onset of intestinal disorders, Sudden onset of pancreatitis, Sudden onset of quinsy, Sudden onset of retropharyngeal abscess, Sudden onset of pharyngeal spasm, Sudden onset of intestinal malabsorption, Obstruction in the hypogastric area, Positive Chymotrypsin, Sudden onset of anal itching, Sudden onset of anal rash, Sudden onset of dumping syndrome, Sudden onset of dysentery, Sudden onset of exercise induced inguinal hernia, Exercise induced inguinal hernia, Indirect inguinal hernia, Sudden onset of fatty stools, rectal infection (1 cause), rectal swelling (1 cause), Recurring crohns-like weight loss symptoms, Severe Crohns-like weight loss symptoms, Acute Crohns-like weight loss symptoms, Chronic Crohns-like weight loss symptoms, Intermittent Crohns-like weight loss symptoms, Crohns-like weight loss symptoms, Mild Crohns-like weight loss symptoms, Laryngotracheobronchitis, stomach swelling, Abdominal tumor (2 causes), Protruding abdomen (24 causes), Mild gerd-like chest pain, Severe reflux-like symptoms, Acute reflux-like symptoms, Chronic reflux-like symptoms, Intermittent gerd-like sternum pain, Gerd-like sternum pain, Intermittent gerd-like symptoms, Mild gerd-like sternum pain, Mild gerd-like symptoms, Recurring reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Intermittent reflux-like symptoms, Reflux-like symptoms, Mild reflux-like symptoms, Acute reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Recurring gerd-like chest pain, Severe gerd-like chest pain, Acute gerd-like chest pain, Chronic gerd-like chest pain, Recurring gerd-like sternum pain, Reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Recurring gerd-like symptoms, Severe gerd-like sternum pain, Acute gerd-like sternum pain, Severe gerd-like symptoms, Intermittent gerd-like chest pain, Chronic gerd-like sternum pain, Acute gerd-like symptoms, Recurring reflux-like symptoms, Gerd-like chest pain, Chronic gerd-like symptoms, Colicky pain (3 causes), bellyache, abdominal tenderness (22 causes), Liver tenderness (4 causes), Colicky abdominal pain (1 cause), Chronic kidney pain, Severe abdominal cramps (2 causes), Adnexal tenderness (1 cause), Cramping abdominal pain (6 causes), Sudden onset of odynophagia, Vigorous appetite as seen in diabetes mellitus, Dysphagia in children, Dysphagia due to achalasia cardia, Poor feeding (246 causes), Increased cravings, Female athlete triad, undereating (43 causes), Sudden onset of swallowing difficulties in children, Bulimia nervosa, Sudden onset of substernal pain after eating, Decreased appetite and poor growth in children, Pain after a high-fat meal, Odynophagia in children, Binge eating (3 causes), Poor infant feeding (23 causes), Odynophagia similar to that in achalasia cardia, Infant feeding problems (77 causes), Decreased appetite and poor growth in infants, Swallowing difficulty (564 causes), Cachexia (16 causes), Salt craving (9 causes), Food hypersensitivity, Dysphagia due to esophagitis, Vigorous appetite, Odynophagia similar to that of Barrett's oesopahgus, Intermittent difficulty in swallowing, Elevated BMI (2 causes), Anorexia (266 causes), Phlegm symptoms (1 cause), Difficulty chewing (43 causes), Voracious appetite, Sudden onset of polyphagia, Constant difficulty in swallowing, Pain swallowing (28 causes), Sudden onset of anorexia in children, Excessive eating before fullness, Dysphagia due to quinsy, Change in appetite similar to that in depression, Anorexia in children, cravings (15 causes), Gradual onset of polyphagia, Sudden onset of dysphagia, Excessive eating in children, Swallowing symptoms (659 causes), Pica (2 causes), Craving and eating inedible substances, overeating (20 causes), Gaining weight for no reason, Cravings in children, Truncal obesity (9 causes), Pathological obesity, Loss of appetite in children, Malnutrition (37 causes), Fasting (1 cause), Unusually hungry (1 cause), Uncomfortable fullness after meals, Sucking and swallowing difficulty in children, Chewing difficulty (12 causes), Gestational diabetes (1 cause), diabetes-like symptoms (160 causes), Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Organ rupture, Glucosuria (3 causes), Glycosuria (4 causes), Decreased sugar tolerance in diabetics, NIDDM, Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (1 cause), Hyperglycemia (39 causes), Diabetes insipidus (19 causes), Diabetic retinopathy (1 cause), High blood sugar (14 causes), IDDM, Diabetic neuropathy, Sudden onset of hypogastric pain, Kidney bleeding, Severe, continuous abdominal pain, Severe chronic kidney pain, Recurring pimples on stomach area, Recurring ibd-like abdominal pain, Mild ibs-like abdominal pain, Liver failure (16 causes), Kidney pain in pregnancy, Enlarged liver (1163 causes), Bilateral adnexal tenderness, Benign ovarian cyst, Belly pain, Acute liver pain, Acute chronic kidney pain, Upper abdominal rash, Single umbilical artery (34 causes), Severe psoriasis-like stomach rash, Recurring acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Occlusion of renal arteries, Mild pimples on abdomen, Large tender liver, Jaundice in children, Intermittent chronic liver pain, Herniated umbilicus, Succussion sounds, Cirrhosis of liver (31 causes), Ascites due to liver cirrhosis, Acute psoriasis-like stomach rash, Hepatomegaly similar to that in hematochromatosis, Liver lump (2 causes), Internal os weakness, External os inflammation, External os deformity, Abdomen lump, Stiffness in abdomen, Severe ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Severe chronic internal organ pain, Periumbilical pain (1 cause), Omphalitis, Nephropathy (4 causes), Gall bladder symptoms (23 causes), Diuresis (1 cause), Chronic liver pain, Bluish discoloration around the umbilicus, Acute ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Mesenteric adenitis due to HIV, Abdominal muscle spasm, Sudden onset of abdominal rigidity, Gradual onset of chronic abdominal pain, Upper abdominal obstruction, Internal os lump, External os bruise, Appendix bleeding, Abdominal wall bleeding, Abdomen sensitivity, Abdomen burning sensation, Severe pimples on stomach area, Severe ibd-like abdominal pain, Renal calculi (4 causes), Ovarian cyst (4 causes), Nausea during pregnancy, Kidney inflammation (8 causes), Kidney damage in pregnancy, Gradual onset of hypogastric pain, Enlarged kidneys (23 causes), Constant pain in the inguinal region, Chronic psoriasis-like stomach rash, Acute pimples on stomach area, Acute ibd-like abdominal pain, Abnormal liver function tests (12 causes), Abdominal Mass in Pregnancy, Abdominal Cramps in Pregnancy, Internal os burning sensation, Varicose Abdominal Veins, Severe acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Renal dysfunction similar to that of diabetes mellitus, Mild chronic liver pain, Lower abdominal pain in pregnancy, Liver problems (1525 causes), Kidney symptoms in pregnancy, Jaundice-like symptoms (686 causes), Inguinal freckling (1 cause), Gallstones (14 causes), Constant renal pain in children, Constant periumbilical pain in adults, Chronic ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Ascites in children, Acute acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Absent abdominal reflexes (2 causes), Abdominal mass in newborns, Right lower quadrant lump, Liver ulcer, Abdomen infection, Upper abdominal discomfort in pregnancy, Underdeveloped ovaries (14 causes), Pyelonephritis (6 causes), Neonatal jaundice (7 causes), Midepigastric pain, Jaundice in infants, Jaundice due to infection in children, Intense uterine contractions, Girdle pain, Cholecystitis (3 causes), Enlarged ovaries (4 causes), Constant hypogastric pain, Chronic pimples on stomach area, Chronic ibd-like abdominal pain, Rigid, tender abdomen, Abdominal pain worsened by exercise, Gradual onset of abdominal rigidity, Internal os ulcer, Internal os infection, Renal bleeding, Appendix inflammation, Appendix deformity, Abdominal wall inflammation, Elevated Anti-liver/ kidney microsomal antibodies, Renal pain in pregnancy, Recurring colitis-like abdominal pain, Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis, Liver enlargement (9 causes), Enlarged liver in children, Constant periumbilical pain, Constant Lower abdominal pain similar to inflammatory bowel disease, Chronic acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Abdominal paradox, Upper abdominal bleeding, Abdominal wall tingling, Abdominal wall bruise, Upper abdominal pain in pregnancy, Hepatic encephalopathy (7 causes), Sudden onset of periumbilical pain in children, Single umbilical artery in children, Renovascular stenosis of both sides, Pulsating periumbilical mass, Liver inflammation in pregnancy, McBurney's sign, Jaundice in pregnancy, Internal bleeding (6 causes), Herniated umbilicus in children, Acute hepatitis in children, Acute appendicitis, Abdominal pain in adults, Dull thoracic and abdominal sounds, Right lower quadrant ulcer, Right lower quadrant swelling, Right lower quadrant infection, External os weakness, Underdeveloped kidney (59 causes), Sudden onset of abdominal mass in newborn, Placenta symptoms (3 causes), Periumbilical pain in children, Liver dysfunction during pregnancy, Kidney failure (115 causes), Intermittent abdominal pain (4 causes), Hepatic failure (2 causes), Abdominal pain in the elderly, Abdominal pain exacerbated by exercise, Stomach symptoms (3208 causes), External os lump, Renal inflammation, Severe colitis-like abdominal pain, Intermittent chronic uterine pain, Intermittent chronic kidney pain, Acute ulcerative colitis-like abdominal symptoms, Acute colitis-like abdominal pain, Kidney lump (1 cause), Tender, fixed adenexal mass, Upper abdominal inflammation, External os burning sensation, Abdomen itch, Suprapubic pain (2 causes), Interstitial nephritis, Right upper quadrant tenderness in a woman who is pregnant, Renal disorder, Kidney cysts (41 causes), Intermittent psoriasis-like stomach rash, Fallopian tube symptoms (2 causes), Seasickness, Continuous abdominal pain, Abdominal rigidity in children, Referred pain of the abdomen, Upper abdominal tingling, Upper abdominal bruise, Internal os pain, Internal os itch, Abdomen numbness, Renal artery stenosis (1 cause), Psoriasis-like stomach rash, Intermittent ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Intermittent chronic internal organ pain, Hepatitis (13 causes), Chronic colitis-like abdominal pain, Cholestatic pruritus, Ascites in newborns, Acute abdominal pain in pregnancy, Severe continuous abdominal pain in pregnancy, Liver redness, External os ulcer, External os swelling, External os infection, Abdomen redness, Unresponsive Postictal state as in case of hepatic encephalopathy, Suprapubic fullness, Sudden onset of right lower quadrant pain, Mild chronic kidney pain, Liver dysfunction (30 causes), Liver abnormalities (9 causes), Intermittent pimples on stomach area, Intermittent ibd-like abdominal pain, Increased bilirubin, Ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Hepatorenal syndrome, Enlarged kidney on one side, Constant periumbilical pain in children, Chronic internal organ pain, Acute liver pain in pregnancy, Abdominal pain that worsens with menses, Abdominal pain in the second trimester, Kidney ulcer, Hepatic ulcer, Internal os redness, Appendix lump, Abdominal wall lump, Abdomen blister, Right lower quadrant pain, Pimples on stomach area, Nausea in children, Mild psoriasis-like stomach rash, Liver damage (78 causes), Intermittent acne-like stomach skin symptoms, IBD-like abdominal pain, Air sickness, Disorders of the liver in adults, Abdominal distension (20 causes), Internal os blister, Abdominal wall sensitivity, Abdominal wall burning sensation, Abdomen spasm, Renal failure (8 causes), Pulsating abdominal mass, Mild ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Mild chronic internal organ pain, Liver symptoms (1549 causes), Kidney enlargement, Inguinal swelling, Hepatic porphyria, Glomerulonephritis (7 causes), Acute oophoritis, Mesenteric lymphadenitis, Acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Abdominal guarding (2 causes), Stomach numb, Right lower quadrant redness, Internal os spasm, Ulcerative colitis-like abdominal pain, Right-upper-quadrant tenderness, Renal artery stenosis on one side, Recurring ibs-like abdominal pain, Mild pimples on stomach area, Mild ibd-like abdominal pain, Gradual onset of right hypochondrium pain, Enlarged ovary, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Boardlike abdominal rigidity, Abnormal Liver Function Tests in Pregnancy, Abdominal pain in children, Gradual onset of nephropathy due to chronic disorders, Flat sound, Renal lump, Appendix ulcer, Appendix swelling, Appendix infection, Appendicular pain, Abdominal wall infection, Abdomen rash, Suprapubic pain in children, Right upper quadrant pain (3 causes), Mild acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Liver problems in pregnancy, Ascites in newborn, Acute gastritis, Mesenteric ischemia, Abdominal swelling in pregnancy, Upper abdominal lump, Internal os rash, External os pain, External os itch, Umbilical hernia (119 causes), Stomach itch in pregnancy, Rigid tender abdomen in pregnancy, Pyelonephritis in pregnancy, Occlusion of renal veins, Icterus (11 causes), Hepatitis in children, Intravenous urography, Abdominal cramps during pregnancy, Truncal paresthesia, Upper abdominal sensitivity, Upper abdominal burning sensation, Abdomen obstruction, Umbilical discomfort, Swollen belly (82 causes), Severe ibs-like abdominal pain, Osmotic diuresis, Liver enlargement in pregnancy, Left lower quadrant pain, Intermittent colitis-like abdominal pain, Girdle obesity, Fatty liver (26 causes), Acute ibs-like abdominal pain, External os redness, Renal ulcer, Renal infection, Sudden onset of umbilical pain, Severe pimples on abdomen, Right lower quadrant pain in children, Recurring chronic liver pain, Portal hypertension similar to cirrhosis of liver, Nausea in pregnancy, Constant right-upper-quadrant tenderness, Constant abdominal pain in children, Colitis-like abdominal pain, Colicky pain in the lower abdomen, Chronic loin pain as seen in chronic renal pathologies, Acute pimples on abdomen, Abdominal pain similar to Inflammatory bowel disease, Abdominal mass in adults, Abdominal distension in children, Abdominal Discomfort in Pregnancy, Upper abdominal infection, External os blister, Umbilical pain, Placenta Symptoms in Pregnancy, Kidney abnormalities (52 causes), Gradual onset of left hypochondrium pain, Disorders of the ovaries, Constant suprapubic pain in children, Chronic ibs-like abdominal pain, Abdominal Tenderness in Pregnancy, Right lower quadrant obstruction, External os spasm, Abdominal wall itch, Underdeveloped fallopian tubes (12 causes), Mild colitis-like abdominal pain, Liver tenderness in pregnancy, Kidney damage (142 causes), Direct inguinal hernia, Intermittent lower abdominal pain, Icterus similar to that in case of cirrhosis of liver, Distension of the renal capsule, Disorders of the liver in children, Cullen's sign, Chronic pimples on abdomen, Caput medusae (1 cause), Mesenteric venous thrombosis, Abdominal rebound tenderness in Pregnancy, Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy, Flank symptoms (21 causes), Abdominal wall numbness, Abdomen bleeding, Severe, tearing pain in the abdomen, Severe chronic liver pain, Obstructive uropathies, Liver pain in pregnancy, Liver mass (1 cause), Kidney symptoms (874 causes), Kidney stones (44 causes), Gradual onset of umbilical pain, Constant Left lower quadrant pain, Constant left hypochondrium pain, Lower abdomen itch, Internal os bleeding, External os rash, Appendix redness, Abdominal wall redness, Midabdominal pain, Intermittent renal pain, Impaired renal function, Gradual onset of epigastric pain, Cholelithiasis (1 cause), Constant right lower quadrant pain in children, Chest abdomen asynchrony, Abdominal Fullness in Pregnancy, Umbilical symptoms (142 causes), Abdominal wall blister, Upper abdominal tenderness, Sudden onset of upper abdominal pain, Substernal ache in the abdomen, Renal pain, Oophoritis, Liver dysfunction in pregnancy, Liver abnormalities in pregnancy, Gradual onset upper abdominal pain, Flapping tremors as seen in cirrhosis of liver, Enlarged kidney on both sides, Of the structures related to the hypogastric area redness, Upper abdominal itch, Right lower quadrant bleeding, Liver deformity (3 causes), External os obstruction, Continuous renal pain, Abdominal wall spasm, Abdomen inflammation, Suprapubic pressure, Liver inflammation (20 causes), Liver damage in pregnancy, Jaundice in older children, Jaundice (664 causes), Abdominal Distension in Pregnancy, Upper abdominal numbness, Stomach weakness, Lower abdomen blister, Liver bruise, Internal os inflammation, Internal os deformity, Renal dysfunction similar to that of SLE, Abdomen tingling, Abdomen bruise, Renovascular disorders, Renal failure in pregnancy, Liver symptoms in pregnancy, Liver cancer, Disorders of the appendix, Continuous upper abdominal pain, Gastritis (6 causes), Constant Lower abdominal pain, Ascites in adults, Abdominal Guarding in Pregnancy, Sudden onset of colicky pain in lower abdomen, Gradual onset of abdominal abscess, Upper abdominal redness, Internal os bruise, Abdominal wall rash, Chronic pyelonephritis (1 cause), Renal damage (2 causes), Renal artery stenosis on both sides, Recurring chronic kidney pain, Intermittent ibs-like abdominal pain, Chronic recurrent abdominal pain, Abdominal mass in children, Sudden onset of lower back pain due to renal etiology, Hirsutism in polycystic ovarian disease, Upper abdominal blister, Stomach burning sensation, Right lower quadrant inflammation, Right lower quadrant deformity, Umbilicus disorders, Recurring psoriasis-like stomach rash, Ovarian cysts (5 causes), Intermittent pimples on abdomen, Gradual onset of clubbing due to hepatobiliary causes, Ecchymosis of the abdomen or flank, Delayed separation of umbilicus in children, Cramping pain in the lower abdomen, Constant renal pain, Colicky pain in lower abdomen, Acute kidney failure (11 causes), Upper abdominal symptoms (2427 causes), Upper abdominal spasm, External os bleeding, Cardboard rigidity of the abdomen, Appendix obstruction, Abdominal wall obstruction, Renovascular stenosis, Recurring ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Recurring chronic internal organ pain, Pimples on abdomen, Ovary symptoms (64 causes), Icterus in pregnancy, Hepatomegaly similar to that in cirrhosis of liver, Gradual abdominal distension, Kernicterus (6 causes), Constant upper abdominal pain, Palpable stone, gallbladder inflammation (1 cause), yellow skin (378 causes), yellow eyes (369 causes), Abruptio Placentae (1 cause), stomach redness, stomach deformity, stomach lump, Uremic frost, liver infection (1 cause), Reye's syndrome, Chronic renal failure (1 cause), Rectal itch, clay-colored stools (1 cause), Severe heartburn-like chest pain, Chronic heartburn-like chest pain, Recurring heartburn-like sternum pain, Severe heartburn-like sternum pain, Acute heartburn-like sternum pain, Intermittent heartburn-like chest pain, Chronic heartburn-like sternum pain, Heartburn-like chest pain, Mild heartburn-like chest pain, Intermittent heartburn-like sternum pain, Mild heartburn-like sternum pain, Recurring heartburn-like chest pain, Black tarry stools (1 cause), bright red blood on toilet paper (1 cause), Obstructive nephropathies, Uremia (18 causes), kidney infection (4 causes), Uric acid nephropathy, Severe, tearing pain in the flank, Flank pain in pregnancy, Severe Unilateral flank pain, Acute flank pain, Waves of waxing and waning flank pain, Flank to loin pain, Turner's sign, Acute flank pain in pregnancy, Peritonsillar abcess, Erythematous tonsils, Severe tonsillitis, Sudden inflammation of tonsils, Edematous tonsils, Tonsil symptoms (21 causes), Tonsillitis (6 causes), Reddened tonsils, Tonsillar enlargement as in case of acute leukemia, Enlarged tonsils (10 causes), Tonsillar biopsy, Peritonsillar abscess, Sudden onset of hiccups, Hiccups (8 causes), esophagus inflammation (1 cause), Hiccups in children, esophagus pain (1 cause), Intermittent overflow incontinence, Chronic prostate-related urinary dribbling, Overflow incontinence, Urge incontinence, Stress incontinence (2 causes), Mild prostate-related urinary symptoms, Intermittent prostate-related urinary dribbling, Uncontrollable passage of urine, Prostate-related urinary dribbling, Urinary dribbling (3 causes), Incontinence of urine in pregnancy, Mild prostate-related urinary dribbling, Sudden compelling urge to urinate, Urinary urgency (31 causes), Urinary incontinence (162 causes), Stress incontinence in pregnancy, Bladder incontinence (26 causes), Incontinence (345 causes), Urinary urgency in children, Wet yourself, Recurring prostate-related urinary dribbling, Continuous overflow dribbling, Incontinence of urine, Severe prostate-related urinary dribbling, Acute prostate-related urinary dribbling, Inability to control urination, Bladder weakness, night urination (9 causes), colon inflammation (3 causes), Spotting in pregnancy, Severe chronic uterine pain, Profuse or prolonged menstrual bleeding, Primary amenorrhea (16 causes), Not getting a period, Menstrual pain (4 causes), Disorders of the uterus in the reproductive age group, Sudden onset of menstrual abnormalities, Painful menstruation (4 causes), Bladder pain (10 causes), Altered bladder habits in pregnancy, Uterus contractions, Bladder redness, Vaginal bleeding (68 causes), Light periods (10 causes), Bladder infections in pregnancy, Bladder fullness (1 cause), Abnormal uterine bleeding (2 causes), Sudden onset of abnormal vaginal bleeding in adults, Premenstrual syndrome, Disorders of the urinary bladder, Abnormal enlargement of bladder, Internal os swelling, Secondary amenorrhea in young adults, Primary amenorrhea in children, PMS, Menstrual changes (19 causes), Bladder symptoms (985 causes), Vaginal bleeding within 24 hours of delivery, Vaginal bleeding after menopause (1 cause), Dysmenorrhea (20 causes), Bladder distention (2 causes), Amenorrhea (94 causes), Acute uterine pain, Absence of vaginal bleeding, Abnormal vaginal bleeding (24 causes), Sudden onset of vaginal bleeding in children, Heavy periods (63 causes), Bladder obstruction, Hematuria during menses, Fibroids, Chronic uterine pain, Idiopathic dysmenorrhea, Premenstrual tension (2 causes), Mild chronic uterine pain, Menstrual irregularities (493 causes), Menstrual disorders (16 causes), Endometritis, Vaginal bleeding in the first trimester, Symmetrically enlarged globular uterus, Secondary amenorrhoea in children, Menstrual cramps (7 causes), Menopause (10 causes), Underdeveloped uterus (19 causes), Bladder pain in pregnancy, Abnormal vaginal bleeding in children, Uterus contractions in pregnancy, Secondary amenorrhea (1 cause), Cystitis in males, Bladder inflammation (2 causes), Uterus duplex (14 causes), Spotting (7 causes), Changes in normal menstrual cycle, Bladder symptoms in pregnancy, Decreased menses, Oligomenorrhoea (1 cause), Altered bladder habits, Acute uterine pain in pregnancy, Abnormal vaginal bleeding in pregnancy, Vaginal bleeding before normal menarche in children, Secondary amenorrhea in children, Menstrual bleeding that occurs between menstrual periods, Constant uterine pain, Bladder infections (2 causes), Intermittent menstrual disturbances, Bleeding that occurs after a woman has stopped menstruating, Bladder lump, Curdy white discharge, Late start of menstruation (5 causes), Bladder burning sensation, Vaginal bleeding from 28 weeks onwards, Vaginal bleeding after menarche in children, Menorrhagia (15 causes), Adenomyosis, Metrorrhagia, Vaginal bleeding after mmenopause, Abnormal infrequent menstrual bleeding, Bladder ulcer, Bladder swelling, Recurring chronic uterine pain, Primary amenorrhoea in children, Dysmenorrhea in young adults, Vaginal bleeding after 24 hours of delivery, Vaginal bleed in pregnancy (3 causes), Uterus symptoms (403 causes), Sudden onset of amenorrhoea, Overactive bladder, Not getting a menstrual period, Excessive menstrual bleeding (20 causes), Absent menses, Missed period, Reduced menstrual flow (3 causes), Profuse or extended menstrual bleeding, Painless bladder distension, bleeding after sex (13 causes), Bloody vaginal discharge (1 cause), Abnormal vaginal discharge (6 causes), Hematuria (14 causes), Difficulty starting a stream, Unusual urine odor in children, Urogenital sinuses (13 causes), Blood in urine (282 causes), Protein in urine (28 causes), Chyluria in children, Constant nocturia in elderly males, Intermittent proteinuria, Sudden onset of proteinuria, Lack of urine (166 causes), Urine retention (228 causes), Proteinuria (157 causes), Green urine in children, Hematuria with proteinuria in children, Mousy urine odor in children, Oliguria in pregnancy, Ripe cheese urine odor in children, Urogenital triangle bleeding, urethra inflammation (1 cause), Inability to urinate (2 causes), Urinary pain (91 causes), Cloudy urine (18 causes), Burning during urination in pregnancy, Burning urination in male children, Excessive thirst and urination in children, interrupted urine flow (1 cause), yellow vaginal discharge (3 causes), Caramel urine odor in children, Decreased urine output (6 causes), Gradual onset of proteinuria, Intermittent prostate-related urinary symptoms, Night time urination (17 causes), Pain on urination in female children, Persistent urethral discharge, Urologic dysfunction, Musty smelling urine, Urologic dysfunction similar to that of SLE, Penile Burning Sensation (1 cause), Infrequent urination (4 causes), Frequent urination in children, Night urination in pregnancy, Prostate-related urinary symptoms, Urinating blood, Sudden onset of hematuria in children, Urogenital triangle inflammation, Suddenon set of pyuria, urethral pain (2 causes), Dark urine (86 causes), Urinary burning (47 causes), Pyuria (2 causes), Blood in urine in children, Constant proteinuria, Ectopic urethra (13 causes), Urogenital triangle bruise, Urogenital triangle tingling, Urinary hesitancy (7 causes), Urinary discharge (57 causes), urinary symptoms (1201 causes), Positive water deprivation test, Burning on urination in female children, Decreased urine chloride, Elevated urinary 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid, Haematuria (21 causes), Micturition difficulties due to interstitial cystitis, Musty urine odor in children, Involuntary act of urination, Sudden onset of sweet smelling urine, Hypercalcuria, Proteinuria in children, Sweaty feet urine odor in children, Urinary problems in pregnancy, Sweet smelling urine, burning when urinating (3 causes), Enuresis (31 causes), Burning micturition in males, Cloudy urine in children, Malt urine odor in children, Microscopic hematuria (5 causes), Deep yellow urine, urethral discharge (7 causes), Constant pyuria, Musty smelling urine in children, Proteinuria similar to that of diabetes mellitus, Recurring prostate-related weak urinary stream, Yeasty urine odor in children, Sudden onset of dark urine in children, Urine substances (265 causes), Blue urine, Dark urine in children, Excessive urination at night (1 cause), Frequent urination in pregnancy, Nocturia in pregnancy, Pain on urination in a female children, Pain on urination in male children, Urinary tract infection in pregnancy, Urination pain in pregnancy, Sudden onset of yellow coloured urine in children, Black urine in children, Low urinary copper excretion, Odorous urine in children, Pyuria in children, Urinary hesitancy in children, Urologic dysfunction similar to that of diabetes mellitus, Urethral syndrome, Orange urine (2 causes), Acute prostate-related weak urinary stream, Urinoma, Celery urine odor in children, Dead fish urine odor in children, Increased urinary urobilinogen, Severe prostate-related weak urinary stream, Micturating cystourethrogram, Urogenital triangle burning sensation, Urogenital triangle sensitivity, Sudden onset of enuresis in children, urethral obstruction (6 causes), Burning micturition, Burning on urination in male children, Burning urination in pregnancy, Enuresis in children, Ketones in the urine, Proteinuria in pregnancy, Sudden onset of polyuria, Sugar in urine during pregnancy, Sweet smelling urine in children, Urinary pain in pregnancy, Ammonia-smelling urine, Chronic prostate-related weak urinary stream, Deep yellow urine in children, High 24 hour urine volume, Nitrites in the urine, Polyuria (202 causes), Spraying urine in male children, Urosepsis, Urine symptoms (621 causes), Urogenital triangle infection, Urogenital triangle ulcer, Sudden onset of transient urinary retention, Bence Jones Proteins, Clear urine (2 causes), Abnormally decreased urination, Decreased urine output in pregnancy, Irritation of the ureteral lining, Excessive urination in children, Frequency of urination (2 causes), Hematuria without proteinuria in children, Night time urination in pregnancy, Wine-colored urine, urinary frequency (25 causes), Blue urine in children, Brewery urine odor in children, Strangury, Intermittent gross hematuria, Tomcat urine odor in children, Urethral pain in pregnancy, Urinary burning in pregnancy, Urinating blood in pregnancy, Urethral bleeding, Sugar in urine (1 cause), Myoglobinuria in burns, Pain on urination in a male children, Pyuria in pregnancy, Sudden onset of dysuria, Urinary symptoms in pregnancy, Bladder cancer, Brown urine (10 causes), Gradual onset of malodourous urine, Sudden onset of malodorous urine, Dysuria (25 causes), Urine color changes (344 causes), Reduced urine (166 causes), Positive two glass tests, Ammonia-smelling urine in children, Burning when you urinate, Foul smelling urine in children, Oliguria (6 causes), Bence jones protein, Pink urine (5 causes), Increased urine chloride (1 cause), Yellow urine in children, Sudden onset of involuntary urination, Urethra symptoms (34 causes), Burning during urination (35 causes), Red urine (21 causes), Glycosuria in pregnancy, Intermittent prostate-related weak urinary stream, Maple syrup urine odour in children, Recurring prostate-related urinary symptoms, Urethral warts, Urethritis in males, Maple syrup smelling urine, Urogenital triangle redness, Intermittent increased thirst and urination, Prostate-related weak urinary stream, Urogenital triangle blister, Urinary difficulty (621 causes), Urine odor (5 causes), Constant nocturia in elderly females, Increased thirst and urination, Transient hematuria, High coloured urine, Gradual onset of involuntary urination, Acute prostate-related urinary symptoms, Bedwetting in children, Dysuria in children, Maple syrup urine odor in children, Mild prostate-related weak urinary stream, Severe prostate-related urinary symptoms, Transient urine retention, Pneumaturia, Hyperuricaemia, Pus in urine (6 causes), Burning urination in female children, Increased frequency of urination in adults, Intermittent decreased urine stream, Rancid butter urine odor in children, Transient proteinuria, Urogenital triangle rash, Painful urination (40 causes), vaginal discharge (55 causes), Green urine, Urinary problems (1009 causes), Darkened urine (327 causes), Chronic prostate-related urinary symptoms, Decreased urine stream, Having to urinate frequently, Nitrites in the urine in pregnancy, Pink urine in children, Urosepsis in pregnancy, Decreased urine specific gravity, urethritis (5 causes), bladder infection (1 cause), Difficulty starting to urinate, Frequency of urination in pregnancy, Maple syrup smelling urine in children, Pain when urinate, Red urine in children, Cloudy urine during pregnancy, Haemoglobin in urine, Urinary stream changes, Sudden onset of blood in urine, Urination pain (102 causes), Weak urination (166 causes), Nocturia (6 causes), Frequent urination (66 causes), urinary tract infection (34 causes), heavy menstruation (2 causes), Delayed puberty (150 causes), Breakthrough bleeding, Post-menopausal bleeding (5 causes), menopause symptoms (11 causes), Arthralgia similar to that in Inflammatory bowel disease, Ibd-like symptoms, Recurring ibs-like symptoms, Severe ibs-like symptoms, Acute ibs-like symptoms, Chronic ibs-like symptoms, Erythema nodosum as seen in inflammatory bowel disease, Arthropathies similar to that in inflammatory bowel disease, Intermittent ibs-like symptoms, Mild ibs-like symptoms, Severe ibd-like symptoms, Acute ibd-like symptoms, Chronic ibd-like symptoms, Intermittent ibd-like symptoms, Mild ibd-like symptoms, Recurring ibd-like symptoms, Appendix symptoms, cervix symptoms (28 causes), Cervical dilation (1 cause), Cervical erosion, Cervical cancer (16 causes), Cervicitis (3 causes), Cervix pain, Cervix itch, Cervix redness, Cervix blister, Cervix spasm, Cervix rash, Cervix obstruction, Cervix bleeding, Cervix deformity, Cervical dilatation, cervix inflammation (1 cause), Cervix bruise, Sudden onset of cervical stenosis, Gradual onset of cervical stenosis, Cervix weakness, Cervix lump, Cervix burning sensation, Cervix swelling, cervix infection, cervix ulcer (1 cause), Corpus luteum hematoma, ovarian cancer, Ovarian tumour, Coughing blood (110 causes), Spitting blood (110 causes)

Symptoms related to Digestive symptoms: Stomach symptoms (3208 causes), Diarrhea (2028 causes), Nausea (2486 causes), Vomiting (2706 causes), Liver symptoms (1549 causes), Lung symptoms (3101 causes), Chest symptoms (1328 causes), Abdominal symptoms (5780 causes), Abdominal pain (2250 causes), Constipation (562 causes), Belching (26 causes), Flatulence (162 causes)

Digestive symptoms type of: Abdominal symptoms (5780 causes)

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