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Heartburn Treatments

Heartburn: Treatments Inroduction

Treatment plans for GERD are individualized depending on the underlying cause, the presence of coexisting diseases, the age and medical history of the patient, and other factors. Treatment generally involves a multifaceted plan that addresses the cause, minimizes the discomfort of heartburn and indigestion, and decreases the risk of developing complications, such as esophageal ulcers and Barrett's esophagus.

The first step in treating GERD is the prevention of acid reflux. This includes not smoking or drinking alcohol, coffee and acidic beverages to excess.

It is also important to lose excess weight and to avoid large meals and eat several small meals every day. People with acid reflux or GERD should not eat late at night or up to two hours before bedtime. Clothing should be loose and not increase pressure on or constrict the abdomen.

It is also often advised to keep a food diary to help determine what foods or beverages causing or increasing acid reflux so they can be avoided.

People with acid reflux or GERD may need to sleep in a semi-upright position, which allows gravity to help keep stomach acid from flowing up into the esophagus. They also should not lie flat after eating.

Medications are also used in the treatment of GERD. They may include the use of over-the-counter antacids, such as Tums, Tagamet or Pepcid.

For more serious cases of GERD, drug treatment may include a proton pump inhibitor, which decreases the production of stomach acid. Drugs called H2 blockers also reduce stomach acid. Medications called prokinetics may be prescribed to make the stomach empty faster.

If GERD is caused by a hiatal hernia, treatment will include addressing the hiatal hernia. Hiatal hernia and severe cases of GERD may require hospitalization and surgery.

Heartburn: Treatments

Some of the possible treatments for Heartburn from various sources may include:

Treatments for Heartburn

The following treatments are listed for Heartburn in our knowledge base:

  • Antacids
  • Coping measures
    • Smaller more frequent meals
    • Eat slowing
    • Sleep with head raised - e.g. elevated your bed at one end or use more pillows
    • Lose weight if overweight
  • Avoid triggering attacks of heartburn:
    • Avoid the stomach getting overly full
    • Avoid eating or drinking before bed
    • Avoid lying down for 2 to 3 hours after eating
    • Avoid bending over after eating
    • Avoid straining to urinate
    • Avoid straining to pass stool
    • Avoid foods that may trigger reflux or heartburn - see triggers of heartburn
    • Wear loose-fitting clothing
    • Avoid clothing to presses on chest or abdomen
    • Avoid smoking
  • See also treatment of reflux and also treatment of GERD

Alternative Treatments for Heartburn

Alternative treatments, home remedies, other other complementary therapies that have been listed as possibly helpful for Heartburn in various sources may include:

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Licorice (deglycyrrhizinated form, or DGL)
  • Aloe
  • Slippery elm
  • Dietary change
  • Methylsulfonylmethane
  • Sleep on right side
  • Almonds
  • Meadowsweet
  • Bananas
  • Ginger
  • Low-fat diet
  • Avoid peppermint
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Avoid tomatoes
  • Avoid citrus fruit
  • Avoid fried food
  • Avoid spicy food
  • Eat slowly
  • Salt water mouthwash
  • Hydration
  • Anise, caraway and fennel seed tea
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Cardamom tea
  • Marshmallow root
  • Baking soda with lemon juice
  • Vegetable juice (e.g. carrot, cucumber, radish)
  • Lie with head elevated
  • Avoid red wine
  • Avoid beer
  • Avoid milk
  • Avoid coffee
  • Avoid tea
  • Avoid cola
  • Avoid chocolate
  • Avoid soda
  • Avoid fruit juice
  • Avoid spearmint
  • Lime juice, raw sugar and baking soda
  • Papaya juice, raw sugar and cardamom
  • Ayurvedic dietary changes
  • Breathing exercises
  • Aloe vera gel (for consumption)
  • Chew sesame seeds
  • Baked eggshell powder
  • Baked dates
  • Warm milk with ginger
  • Apple and potato smoothie
  • Raw peanuts
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan Chinese herb
  • Antacids before bedtime
  • Chew gum
  • Hard candy
  • Avoid bending or lifting after a meal
  • Antacids containing simethicone
  • Investigate whether your condition is a side effect from a medication

Drugs and Medications used to treat Heartburn:

Some of the drugs and medications used in the treatment of Heartburn may include:

  • Histamine
  • Tagamet HB 200
  • Acid Reducer 200
  • Acid Reducer Cimetidine
  • Heartburn 200
  • Heartburn Relief 200
  • Pepcid
  • Pepcid AC
  • Pepcid Complete
  • Acid Control
  • Acid Controller
  • Lansoprazole
  • Prevacid
  • Prevacid delayed release oral suspension
  • Prevpac
  • Omeprazole
  • Losec
  • Prilosec
  • Risek
  • Calcium Carbonate and Simethicone
  • Titralac Plus
  • Novo-Cimetidine
  • Gen-Cimetidine
  • PMS-Cimetidine
  • Pantoprazole
  • Protonix
  • Panto IV
  • Pantoloc
  • Pantozol
  • Zurcal
  • Alu-Tab
  • Andrews Tums
  • Degas Extra
  • DeWitt's Antacid
  • Dexsal
  • Eno
  • Gastrogel Tablets
  • Gelusil
  • Mylanta Original
  • Mylanta Double Strength
  • Sigma Liquid Antacid
  • Gaviscon
  • Meracote
  • Gaviscon Double Strength
  • Mucaine
  • Mucaine 2 in 1
  • Mylanta Heartburn Relief
  • Mylanta Rolltabsa
  • Rennie
  • Salvital
  • Sodibic
  • Titralac
  • Titralac SIL

Latest treatments for Heartburn

The following medications/drugs/procedures are some of the latest treatments for Heartburn:

Treatments for Causes of Heartburn

Review the treatment information pages for various causes of Heartburn:

More causes: not all possible causes for Heartburn are listed above; for a full list refer to causes of Heartburn.

Treatment Notes

Only your doctor can advise whether any of these treatments are appropriate for your specific medical situation. Always discuss all treatment options with your doctor before making a decision, including whether to start or discontinue any treatment plan.

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