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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Inflammatory symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Inflammatory symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Inflammatory symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Inflammatory symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Inflammatory symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Inflammatory symptoms: Achilles tendon bursitis due to running, Ulnar neuritis of both arms, Achilles tendonitis, Acrodermatitis in children, Mesenteric adenitis due to HIV, Mesenteric lymphadenitis, Acute appendicitis, Acute canaliculitis, Acute conjunctival inflammation, Acute epididymitis, Acute epiglottitis, Acute gastritis, Acute gouty arthritis, Acute oophoritis, Acute pancreatitis (1 cause), Acute papular dermatitis, Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, Acute prostatitis, Acute salpingitis, Acute sinusitis, Acute Vision Changes in Both Eyes (with pain or inflammation), Acute vision changes in one eye (painful or inflamed eye), Alternating constipation and diarrhea as in case of ulcerative colitis, Angular cheilitis, Allergic inflammation, Arthritic signs, Arthritis (79 causes), Arthritis in children, Arthritis in multiple joints as in case of rheumatoid arthritis, Arthritis in multiple joints in children, Arthritis in single joint in children, Arthritis-like symptoms (725 causes), Ulnar neuritis, Bacterial corneal ulcer, Bacterial corneal ulcer of both eyes, Bacterial corneal ulcer of one eye, Bacterial gingivitis, Bacterial prostatitis, Bicipital tendinitis, Bicipital tendonitis, Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, Acute hepatitis in children, Dactylitis, Gastroenteritis (7 causes), Bladder inflammation (2 causes), Blepharitis (4 causes), Blood vessel inflammation (8 causes), Bowel inflammation (1 cause), Bronchiolitis (7 causes), Bronchitis (240 causes), Bursitis, Bursitis in both arms, Bursitis of one arm, Cellulitis (6 causes), Cellulitis in mrsa, Cervicitis (3 causes), Cheilitis in children, Cheilosis (5 causes), Anxiety due to labyrinthitis, Chronic bronchitis (9 causes), Chronic rhinitis in children, Allergic rhinitis (4 causes), Allergic conjunctivitis (1 cause), Intermittent Stomatitis, Chronic sinusitis (18 causes), Diverticulitis (1 cause), Conjunctivitis (202 causes), Conjunctivitis in children, Labyrinthitis, Lateral epicondylitis, Gastritis (6 causes), Glomerulonephritis (7 causes), Constrictive pericarditis, Contact stomatitis, Corneal inflammation (11 causes), Cranial neuritis (3 causes), Cystitis in males, Dermatitis (97 causes), Dermatitis herpetiformis (22 causes), Dermatitis in pregnancy, Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, Myocarditis (11 causes), Pelvic inflammatory disease (2 causes), Diskitis, Disorders of the appendix, Dysphagia due to esophagitis, Eczematous seborrheic dermatitis in children, Encephalitis (42 causes), Encephalopathy (154 causes), Endocarditis (9 causes), Eosinophilic cellulitis, Epiglottitis, Epiglottitis in children, Episcleritis (4 causes), Erysipelas, Ethmoidal sinusitis, Sudden onset of stye, Adhesive capsulitis, Mild cellulitis, Extensor tendonitis in runners, Eye inflammation (53 causes), Frontal sinusitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Cholecystitis (3 causes), Glossitis (3 causes), Glossitis in children (1 cause), Gouty arthritis (5 causes), Gradual onset of monoarthritis, Gram negative folliculitis, Heart inflammation (2 causes), Hemopytsis as in case of bronchitis, Hepatitis (13 causes), Hepatitis in children, Inflamed lips, Inflamed sclera, Inflamed sclera of both eyes, Inflamed sclera of one eye, Inflammation in the areolae, Inflammation in the papillary ducts, Inflammation of the fatty tissue of the breast, Inflammation of the retina, Inflammation of the sebaceous glands of Montgomery, Inflammatory bowel disease esophagitis, Inflammatory joint effusion, Inflammatory lesions, Inflammatory papules and nodules in children, Styes, Intermittent inflamed sclera, Intervertebral disc inflammation, Iritis (8 causes), Kidney inflammation (8 causes), Laryngitis (6 causes), Maternal chorioamnionitis, McBurney's sign, Mediastinitis, Laryngotracheobronchitis, Liver inflammation (20 causes), Liver inflammation in pregnancy, Altered vital signs in meningitis, Lung inflammation (169 causes), Lymphadenitis (14 causes), Lymphadenitis in children, Lymphangitis (2 causes), Micturition difficulties due to interstitial cystitis, Migratory arthritis, Mild arthritis symptoms, Mild ulcerative colitis in children, Mouth inflammation (4 causes), Neonatal meningitis, Non inflammatory joint effusion, Non-viral myocarditis, Nuchal rigidity due to meningitis, Occasional iritis, Omphalitis, Oophoritis, Optic neuritis (4 causes), Osteoarthritis (9 causes), Osteomyelitis (15 causes), Otalgia in acute otitis media, Pancreatic inflammation (3 causes), Pancreatitis (21 causes), Paraosmia due to amebic meningitis, Bacterial colitis, Pericarditis (10 causes), Periodontitis in children, Periorbital cellulitis, Peroneal tendonitis, Pharyngitis (18 causes), Photoallergic dermatitis, Posterior blepharitis, Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation in children, Postpartum thyroiditis, Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis, Prostate inflammation (1 cause), Prostatitis (1 cause), Cmv esophagitis, Cmv retinitis, Pyelonephritis (6 causes), Pyelonephritis in pregnancy, Red inflamed tongue (1 cause), Red throat (31 causes), Retinitis pigmentosa (62 causes), Rheumatoid arthritis (13 causes), Rheumatoid arthritis particle agglutination test, Scleritis, Intra-abdominal sepsis, Interstitial nephritis, Chronic pyelonephritis (1 cause), Severe tonsillitis, Sinusitis (283 causes), Skin inflammation (37 causes), Sore inflamed tongue, Tonsillitis (6 causes), Spinal arthiritis, Spinal arthritis, Sports related osteoarthritis, Sports related tendonitis, Stasis dermatitis, Stomatitis (4 causes), Stomatitis in children, Streptococcal pharyngitis, Sudden onset of monoarthritis, Sudden onset of monoarthritis in children, Sudden onset of polyarthritis in adults, Sudden onset of polyarthritis in children, Proctitis (1 cause), Symptoms resembling arthritis, Systemic inflammatory response syndrome, Tendinitis (3 causes), Urethra inflammation (1 cause), Urethritis (5 causes), Urethritis in males, Urosepsis, Urosepsis in pregnancy, Secondary infection (1 cause), Sepsis (14 causes), Sepsis in pregnancy, Septic shock (4 causes), Severe systemic infection, Significant infection, Uveitis (21 causes), Vaginitis (5 causes), Vaginitis in pregnancy, Vasculitis (3 causes), Vulvitis, Vulvitis in pregnancy, Vulvovaginitis (1 cause), Vulvovaginitis in pregnancy, Sudden onset of GB syndrome, Sudden onset of plantar fasciitis, Gums inflammation, Abdomen inflammation, Abdominal wall inflammation, Achilles tendon inflammation, Acute paronychia, Adenoids infection, Adenoids inflammation, Adenoids redness, Adiposis dolorosa, Allergic colitis, Teeth inflammation, Anal triangle inflammation, Appendix inflammation, Arm inflammation, Artery inflammation, Auricle inflammation, Biceps inflammation, Big toe inflammation, Eyebrow inflammation, Eyelash inflammation, Eyelid inflammation (4 causes), Ear canal inflammation, Bladder redness, Bronchial inflammation, Intermittent chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Acute chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Bronchitis-like symptoms, Brow inflammation, Buccal mucosa inflammation, Calcaneal bone inflammation, Candida esophagitis, Cardiac inflammation, Choroidal tissue inflammation, Chronic gout, Chronic invasive fungal sinusitis, Clavicle inflammation, Colon redness, Conjunctival inflammation (4 causes), Renal inflammation, Cubital fossa inflammation, Dacrocystitis, Dacryoadenitis, Deep stromal fungal keratitis, Dental inflammation, Diffuse redness of the cornea, Digestive system inflammation, Digestive system redness, Digit inflammation, Femur inflammation, Fibula inflammation, Fingernail inflammation, Fingers inflammation, Forehead inflammation, Gastric inflammation, Humerus inflammation, Ilium inflammation, Lower Digestive system inflammation, Lower abdomen inflammation, External os inflammation, Gingival inflammation, Heel inflammation, Hinge joint( elbow joint) inflammation, Inguinal area inflammation, Internal os inflammation, Ischial tuberosity inflammation, Joints inflammation, Kneecap inflammation, Large intestine inflammation, Larynx inflammation, Lateral epicondyle inflammation, Lower jaw inflammation, Lower leg inflammation, Lumbar inflammation, Malleolar inflammation, Mandible inflammation, Medial epicondyle inflammation, Metacarpal inflammation, Metacarpophalangeal joint inflammation, Nail inflammation (1 cause), Nasopharyngeal tonsil inflammation, Nostril inflammation, Ocular inflammation, Optical inflammation, Optical nerve inflammation, Pelvis inflammation, Perineum inflammation, Periosteum inflammation, Phalanges inflammation, Pharynx inflammation, Popliteal fossa inflammation, Pubic area inflammation, Pulmonary inflammation, Pulmonary redness, Radius inflammation, Rectal inflammation (3 causes), Respiratory inflammation, Respiratory redness, Retina inflammation, Right lower quadrant inflammation, Sacrum inflammation, Scapula inflammation, Scrotum inflammation, Small intestine inflammation, Small intestine redness, Spinal inflammation, Temple inflammation, Temporal inflammation, Testis inflammation, Thoracic inflammation, Thoracic vertebrae inflammation, Thoracic wall inflammation, Thorax inflammation, Tibial inflammation, Toe nail inflammation, Tooth inflammation, Tooth pulp inflammation, Triceps inflammation, Upper abdominal inflammation, Upper digestive system inflammation, Urogenital triangle inflammation, Uveal tissue inflammation, Vertebral inflammation, Voice box inflammation, Vulval area inflammation, Erythematous tonsils, Uncomplicated cellulitis, Sudden onset of sports related osteoarthritis, Suddenon set of blepharitis, Gradual onset of pancreatitis, Graft versus host disease esophagitis, Painful urination (40 causes), Sudden onset of pancreatitis, Sudden onset of quinsy, Sudden onset of peroneal tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis (1 cause), Sudden inflammation of tonsils, Sudden onset of Achilles tendonitis, Sudden onset of extensor tendonitis, Acute allergy-like eye redness, Acute rosacea-like cheek redness, Acute rosacea-like facial redness, Allergy-like eye redness, Chronic allergy-like eye redness, Chronic rosacea-like cheek redness, Chronic rosacea-like facial redness, Conjunctival redness, Ear redness (2 causes), Ear redness in children, Intermittent allergy-like eye redness, Intermittent rosacea-like cheek redness, Intermittent rosacea-like facial redness, Joint redness (25 causes), Joint redness in children, Knuckle redness, Local redness (5 causes), Localised redness of cornea, Localised redness of cornea of both eyes, Localised redness of cornea of one eye, Mild allergy-like eye redness, Mild rosacea-like cheek redness, Mild rosacea-like facial redness, Mouth redness (22 causes), Nonuniform redness of the conjunctiva, Peripheral redness of cornea, Peripheral redness of cornea of both eyes, Peripheral redness of cornea of one eye, Recurring allergy-like eye redness, Recurring rosacea-like cheek redness, Severe rosacea-like cheek redness, Severe rosacea-like facial redness, Recurring rosacea-like facial redness, Severe allergy-like eye redness, Redness of both ears, Rosacea-like facial redness, Redness of one ear, Rosacea-like cheek redness, Shin redness, Skin redness (212 causes), Redness (523 causes), Conjunctival Injection (2 causes), Severe joint pain (6 causes), Stiff joints (233 causes), Foot arch pain similar to arthritis, Joint swelling (115 causes), joint tenderness (36 causes), Heberden's nodes, joint pain (704 causes), Aching joints (46 causes), Arthrogryposis (21 causes), Charcot joint, Haemorrhagic joint effusion, red skin (135 causes), eyelid infection (1 cause), Hot flushes (10 causes), Flushed skin (15 causes), Red eyelids (7 causes), inflamed eyelids (2 causes), Hot flashes (10 causes), flushing (150 causes), Mild chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Recurring chronic bronchitis-like cough, Severe chronic bronchitis-like cough, Acute chronic bronchitis-like cough, Intermittent chronic bronchitis-like cough, Chronic bronchitis-like cough, Recurring chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Mild chronic bronchitis-like cough, Severe chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Cough with sputum similar to chronic bronchitis, sinus swelling (10 causes), sinus pain (220 causes), throat rash (3 causes), meningoencephalitis (14 causes), brain infection (3 causes), Ear inflammation (11 causes), Middle ear inflammation (5 causes), Mouth pigmentation, mouth rash (8 causes), allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, Bronchospasm (177 causes), Life-threatening bronchospasm, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction, Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (10 causes), Tracheobronchial airway obstruction in children, Life threatening bronchospasm in pregnancy, Bronchial breath sounds, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction in newborns, Bronchial obstruction (1 cause), Nasal allergies

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