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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Lower leg symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Lower leg symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Lower leg symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Lower leg symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Lower leg symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Lower leg symptoms: Ankle symptoms (107 causes), Foot symptoms (2232 causes), Acne-like calf skin symptoms, Acute acne-like calf skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Acute psoriasis-like calf rash, Calf blueness, Calf bruise, Calf burning sensation, Calf coldness, Calf itch, Calf lump, Calf lump in children, Calf lump on both sides, Calf lump on one side, Calf numbness, Calf pain (6 causes), Calf pain in children, Calf paresthesia/ tingling, Calf rash, Calf spasm, Calf swelling (7 causes), Calf swelling in pregnancy, Calf tingling/ paresthesias, Chronic acne-like calf skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Chronic psoriasis-like calf rash, Chronic shin pain, Chronic shin pain on both sides, Chronic shin pain on one side, Constant shin pain, Enlarged calf muscle in both legs, Enlarged calf muscle in children, Enlarged calf muscle in one leg, Gradual onset of shin pain, Homans' sign, Intermittent acne-like calf skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Intermittent psoriasis-like calf rash, Lower leg injuries related to sports, Mild acne-like calf skin symptoms, Mild calf pain on both sides, Mild calf pain on one side, Mild ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Mild psoriasis-like calf rash, Muscle weakness and atrophy of lower limb, Numbness of both calves, Numbness of calf, Peroneal tendonitis, Psoriasis-like calf rash, Recurring acne-like calf skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Recurring psoriasis-like calf rash, Recurring shin pain on both sides, Recurring shin pain on one side, Saucony shin, Severe acne-like calf skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Severe psoriasis-like calf rash, Severe shin pain on both sides, Severe shin pain on one side, Shin bruise, Shin burning sensation, Shin coldness, Shin itch, Shin lump, Shin pain (1 cause), Shin paresthesia/ tingling, Shin rash, Shin redness, Shin spasm, Shin swelling, Shin tingling/ paresthesias, Sudden onset of shin pain, Chronic shin disorders, Fibula bleeding, Fibula bruise, Fibula burning sensation, Fibula deformity, Fibula infection, Fibula inflammation, Fibula lump, Fibula numb, Fibula pain, Fibula redness, Fibula stiff, Fibula swelling, Fibula tingling, Fibula weakness, Lower leg bleeding, Lower leg bruise, Lower leg burning sensation, Lower leg deformity (10 causes), Lower leg infection, Lower leg inflammation, Lower leg lump, Lower leg numb, Lower leg pain (3 causes), Lower leg redness, Lower leg stiff, Lower leg swelling (6 causes), Lower leg tingling (1 cause), Lower leg weakness (19 causes), Tibial bruise, Tibial burning sensation, Tibial deformity, Tibial infection, Tibial inflammation, Tibial lump, Tibial numb, Tibial oedema, Tibial redness, Tibial stiff, Tibial swelling, Tibial tingling, Tibial weakness, Shin bleeding, Sudden onset of peroneal tendonitis, Malleolar blister, Swelling of the ankles, Sudden onset of ankle oedema, ankle deformity (9 causes), ankle inflammation, ankle coldness, Intermittent ankle pain on both sides, ankle bruise (3 causes), Ankle pain on both sides, Gradual onset of ankle oedema, Ankle stiffness (6 causes), Ankle tingling/paresthesias, Ankle sprain, Swelling of one ankle, Ankle paralysis, Ankle blueness, Ankle weakness (4 causes), ankle lump, Sudden onset of sinus tarsi syndrome, Malleolar bleeding, Decreased ankle and knee reflexes, Ankle burning sensation, Ankle paresthesia (tingling) (1 cause), ankle ulcer, ankle infection, Sudden onset of ankle clonus, Malleolar inflammation, Malleolar deformity, ankle swelling (74 causes), Sudden onset of ankle swelling due to cardiac etiology, Numbness of one ankle, Ankle clonus (5 causes), Malleolar stiffness, Sudden onset of ankle pain, Intermittent ankle pain, Ankle paresthesia of one side, ankle itch, ankle pain (16 causes), Ankle numbness (2 causes), ankle redness (1 cause), Swollen ankles similar as in pulmonary hypertension, Swelling of both ankles, Gradual onset of ankle pain, Ankle blister, Intermittent ankle pain on one side, ankle spasm (7 causes), Ankle pain on one side, Malleolar ulcer, Malleolar infection, ankle rash (2 causes), Ankle pain in children, Swelling of the ankles as in case of cirrhosis, Numbness of both ankles, Sudden onset of ankle paraesthesia, Sports related ankle injuries, Sprained twisted ankle following jogging, Ankle paresthesia of both sides, ankle bleeding, Malleolar redness, Fingernail weakness, Fingernail blueness, foot rash, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Nail stiff, Heel redness, Calcaneal bone numb, Big toe sensitive, White nails (9 causes), Sclerodactyly (3 causes), Psoriasis-like foot rash, Pseudoclubbing in children, Mild feet arch pain, Intermittent ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Interdigital itchiness, Raynaud's phenomenon (26 causes), Janeway spots, Cyanosis of the extremities, Arachnodactyly in children, Fingernail sensitive, Fingernail bruise in children, clubbed fingers (6 causes), Fingernail lump, Phalanges numb, Recurring heel pain on both sides, Osler's nodes, Jogger's toe, Intermittent toe pain, Ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Clubbing of fingers (1 cause), high arched foot (33 causes), Fingernail burning sensation, Heel spasm, Sudden onset of plantar fasciitis, Smelly feet (3 causes), Mild psoriasis-like foot rash, Intermittent acne-like foot skin symptoms, Horizontal nail ridges in children, Heel pain on one side, Forced plantar flexion of the feet, Feet weakness exacerbated following exercise, Feet arch pain and strain, Leuconychia, Constant heel pain, Bony foot mass in children, Toenail pain, Toe pain (12 causes), Dactylitis, Unilateral oedema of the lower extremity, big toe swelling (1 cause), Fingernail cold, finger clubbing (61 causes), Plantar fasciitis (1 cause), Sudden onset of cuboid syndrome in athletes, Phalanges bleeding, Digit numb, Big toe infection, Sports related foot injuries, Recurring toe pain in both feet, Mild ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Foot odour, Diaphoresis of the feet, Brittle nails (80 causes), Toe numbness (8 causes), Fingernail ulcer, Fingernail infection (1 cause), Paralysing weakness in the muscles of the extremities, Nail itch, Big toe stiff, Achilles tendon inflammation, Achilles tendon deformity, Weak feet (3 causes), Syndactyly in children, Puffy foot, Nail shedding in children, Cuboid syndrome in athletes, Heel pain in children, Foot arch pain similar to arthritis, Constant out-toeing, Cold feet in children, Clubbing in children, Tingling in Both Feet, Fingernail stiff, Separation of the fingernails from the finger beds similar to that in psoriasis, Sudden onset of Achilles tendonitis, Gradual onset of yellow nails, Toe nail blister, Toe blister, Calcaneal bone inflammation, Calcaneal bone deformity, Achilles tendon tingling, Achilles tendon bruise, Weakness of feet exacerbated following exercise, Red spots on palms of hands and soles of feet, Red skin at base of nail in children, Oil spots on nails in children, Mild acne-like foot skin symptoms, Itchy feet (1 cause), Intermittent toe pain on one side, Gradual onset of toe numbness, Clinodactyly (144 causes), Blue nails in children, Acrodermatitis in children, Toe paresthesia (7 causes), toe spasm, Tooth and nail syndrome, foot bleeding, Gradual development of white nails, Toe nail spasm, Phalanges inflammation, Phalanges deformity, Nail redness (1 cause), Calcaneal bone tingling, Sudden onset of foot drop, White nails in children, Recurring toe pain in one foot, Outtoeing in children, Numbness of both heels, Nail abnormalities (69 causes), Foot rash in children, Constant toe pain, Acute toe pain in both feet, Achilles tendonitis, Toenail symptoms (301 causes), foot odor, toe symptoms (1166 causes), Fingers blister, Distal arthropathies, Phalanges tingling, Phalanges bruise, Nail blister, Thickened nail plate (1 cause), Recurring feet pain on both sides, Immune-mediated causes of hand and foot rashes in children, Brown nails (2 causes), Sole paresthesia's/ tingling, Burning feet (8 causes), Tingling in one foot, Foot Drop (44 causes), Brittle fingernails (9 causes), Nail spasm, Heel numb, Digit inflammation, Digit deformity, Toe pain in children, Thickened nails (11 causes), Smelly feet in children, Severe toe pain on both sides, Nail symptoms (308 causes), Nail Ridges, Turf toe syndrome, Toe rash, Toenail Rash, Athlete's foot (2 causes), Fingernail itch, foot deformity (128 causes), foot inflammation, foot coldness, Gradual onset of brown nails, Digit tingling, Digit bruise, Cyanosed nails, Yellow nails in children, Recurring foot arch pain on one side, Oedema of the lower extremity, Broad big toes (14 causes), Brittle nails in children, Bilateral increase of soft tissue around the terminal phalanges, Acute toe pain in one foot, Carpopedal spasm, nail rash (1 cause), foot bruise (2 causes), Gradual onset of koilonychia, Calcaneus burning sensation, Acute paronychia, Sudden onset of policeman's heel, Webbed toes (117 causes), Subluxation of the proximal interphalangeal joints, Short foot (47 causes), Recurring sole pain on one side, Plummer's nails, Intermittent acne-like forearm skin symptoms, Sinus tarsi syndrome, High foot arch (25 causes), Hand and foot rashes in children, Fingernail redness, Peeling skin on hands and feet, Achilles tendon sensitive, Achilles tendon lump, Raynaud phenomenon in children, Policeman's heel, Peripheral cyanosis in the nail beds, Itchy feet in children, High-arched feet (1 cause), Janeway's lesions, Clinodactyly in children, Absence of pedal pulse on both sides, Fingernail blister, Phalanges weakness, Calcaneal bone sensitive, Calcaneal bone lump, Big toe spasm, Achilles tendon burning sensation, Sudden onset of foot drop in children, Sole tingling/ paresthesia, Sole paresthesia/tingling, Nail abnormalities in children, Raynaud's syndrome, Chronic paronychia, Sole burning sensation, Fingernail spasm, Fingernail symptoms (301 causes), Sudden onset of foot weakness exacerbated by exercise, Phalanges sensitive, Phalanges lump, Heel inflammation, Heel deformity, Spoon-shaped nails (8 causes), Short toes (115 causes), Foot-drop in children, Diaphoresis of the soles, Burning feet in children, Brown nails in children, Brown arcs under the nail margins, Acute sole pain on one side, large feet (33 causes), Sudden onset of foot weakness, Red purple nails, Phalanges burning sensation, Heel tingling, Digit weakness, Achilles tendon swelling, Achilles tendon infection, Sole swelling, Puffy feet (7 causes), Polydactyly (138 causes), Overlapping toes (26 causes), Intermittent foot weakness, Inability to move extremities, Heel bruise, Koilonychia in children, Acute foot pain, Foot paralysis (3 causes), Fingernail rash, Phalanges cold, Digit sensitive, Digit lump, Calcaneal bone swelling, Calcaneal bone infection, Achilles tendon stiff, Recurring foot pain on one side, Morton's neuroma, Hyperpigmentation of nails, Raynaud's disease, Chronic sole pain on one side, Brachydactyly (34 causes), Foot weakness (33 causes), foot lump (1 cause), Phalanges ulcer, Phalanges swelling, Phalanges infection, Nail bleeding, Foot sensitive, Digit burning sensation, Calcaneal bone stiff, Thick nails (22 causes), Pedal pulses, Nail abnormality (82 causes), Infectious rash on palms and soles in children, High foot arches (24 causes), Heel tingling/paresthesias, Janeway lesions, Chronic foot pain (1 cause), Calcaneal stress fracture due to running, toe inflammation (1 cause), Gradual onset of foot weakness, Toe nail inflammation, Phalanges stiff, Digit cold, Recurring psoriasis-like foot rash, Pulsations in the capillary nail beds, Peeling skin on hands and feet in children, Numbness of both feet, Intermittent toe pain on both sides, Hand and foot rashes due to skin disorders in children, Toe coldness, Foot burning sensation, toe bruise, Digit swelling, Digit infection, Sudden onset of sole pain, Sensory peripheral neuropathy (1 cause), Ridged nails (10 causes), Red spots of the palms of hands and soles of feet, Recurring ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Toenail bruise, Tingling toe (4 causes), Periungual erythema with edema, foot swelling (405 causes), foot infection, Gradual onset of nail pitting, Yellow nail syndrome, Nail inflammation (1 cause), Nail deformity (11 causes), Digit stiff, Achilles tendon pain, Sole pain, Sole itch, Recurring heel pain on one side, Pathologies of the Achilles tendon related to sports, Large feet in children, Numbness in Both Feet, foot ulcer (8 causes), Fingers bruise, Sudden onset of bunion, Heel sensitive, Foot stiff, Calcaneal bone pain, Thinning of nail plate (29 causes), Swollen nail of both hands, Paronychia (1 cause), Sole numbness, Short feet (53 causes), Severe psoriasis-like foot rash, Red purple nails in children, Recurring acne-like foot skin symptoms, Polydactyly in children, Numbness of one foot, Mild foot arch pain, Heel lump, Foot paralysis in children, Clubbing similar to COPD, Acute psoriasis-like foot rash, Fingernail bleeding, Phalanges itch, Achilles tendon redness, Thickened skin on soles (45 causes), Severe ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Separation of the nail bed, Recurring foot arch pain on both sides, Pitted nails in children, Oedema of the lower extremity in pregnancy, Mild sole pain, Gradual onset of sole pain, Foot weakness in children, Bunion, Acute ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Heel paresthesia/ tingling, Heel burning sensation, Hyperkeratosis of the nails, Calcaneal bone redness, Wasted foot muscles (30 causes), Swollen nail, Severe heel pain on one side, Recurring sole pain on both sides, Intermittent swelling of the feet, Foot weakness exacerbated following exercise, Foot arch pain and strain, Constant foot arch pain, Chronic psoriasis-like foot rash, Numbness in one foot, club foot (375 causes), Sole symptoms (56 causes), Dyskinesia of the extremities, Phalanges redness, Heel infection, Digit pain, Big toe inflammation, Achilles tendon spasm, Sports related feet injury, Severe acne-like foot skin symptoms, Rocker-bottom feet in children, Nail pitting in children, Heel swelling (1 cause), Dilated capillaries of the nail fold, Constant sole pain, Chronic ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Change in shoe size, Acute acne-like foot skin symptoms, Toe weakness (2 causes), Flat foot (51 causes), Fingernail inflammation, Fingernail deformity (9 causes), foot itch (2 causes), Sudden onset of foot numbness, Toenail sensitive, Toe sensitive, Phalanges blister, Heel stiff, Calcaneal bone spasm, Thick brittle nails, Syndactyly of toes (16 causes), Pseudoclubbing, Paresthesia of the hands and feet, Onychomadesis in children, Numbness of one heel, Acrodynia, Feet paralysis, Clubbing of toes (1 cause), Acute feet pain, Achilles tendon bursitis due to running, Arachnodactyly (25 causes), Toe lump (1 cause), foot pain (61 causes), Fingernail bruise, Impaired distal circulation, Gradual onset of longitudinal nail grooves, Phalanges spasm, Nail weakness, Digit redness, Thick, pitted nails similar to psoriasis, Spoon-shaped nails in pregnancy, Sole rash (7 causes), Nail discolouration in children, Heel pain related to sports, Feet weakness, Constant in toeing, Chronic acne-like foot skin symptoms, Acute sole pain on both sides, Toe burning sensation, foot numbness (22 causes), Horizontal nail ridges, Nail sensitive, Nail lump, Descending weakness in the muscles of the extremities, Tarsal tunnel syndrome due to jogging, Swelling at base of nail, Severe toe pain on one side, Paresthesia in the hands and feet, Onycholysis in children, Gradual onset of foot pain, Corns and callosities, Chronic feet pain, Camptodactyly (162 causes), toe infection, Fingernail bleeding in children, Toenail infection (1 cause), Periungual erythema, Gradual onset of foot numbness, Toenail swelling, Phalanges rash, Nail burning sensation, Foot blister, Digit spasm, Sudden onset of heel pain, Small feet (48 causes), Pink and white nails in children, Pes planus (39 causes), Intoeing in children, Gradual onset of Raynau'd phenonmenon, Constant sole pain on one side, Chronic sole pain on both sides, Burning foot, Toe swelling (6 causes), foot paresthesia (40 causes), Separation of the fingernails from the finger beds, foot spasm, Toenail stiff, Toe stiff, Nail cold, Tender, red or purple lesions on the palm, soles, finger pads and toes, Syndactyly (75 causes), Nail discoloration in children, Infectious causes of hand and foot rashes in children, Heel itch, Constant foot pain, Clubbing (462 causes), Absent pedal pulse, Heel pain (3 causes), cold feet (18 causes), Pins and needles sensation of the feet, Sudden onset of tarsal tunnel syndrome, Nail ulcer, Nail infection (5 causes), Digit rash, Achilles tendon numb, Thinning of extremities, Sudden onset of Raynaud's phenomenon, Paralysis of the muscles of the extremities, Pale nails in children, Oil spots on nails, Longitudinal nail grooves in children, Intermittent psoriasis-like foot rash, Heel numbness, Dark nails in children, Blue nails (3 causes), Absence of pedal pulse on one side, foot deformities (26 causes)

Lower leg symptoms type of: Leg symptoms (2711 causes), Limb symptoms (3538 causes), Arm symptoms (1604 causes)

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