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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Lung symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Lung symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Lung symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Lung symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Lung symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Lung symptoms: Cough (1332 causes), Coughing blood (110 causes), Dry cough (183 causes), Wet cough (278 causes), Coughing spasms (13 causes), Persistent cough (95 causes), Chronic cough (95 causes), Severe cough (95 causes), Night cough (6 causes), Mild cough (10 causes), Pneumonia (72 causes), Bronchitis (240 causes), Pulmonary hypertension (34 causes), Lung inflammation (169 causes), Pleuritic chest pain (6 causes), Pulmonary embolism (8 causes), Pulmonary congestion (3 causes), Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (10 causes), allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, lung congestion (6 causes), lung cancer (2 causes), lung embolism, lung damage (19 causes), lung cavitation, lung abscess (4 causes), lung granuloma (1 cause), lung infection (8 causes), lung fibrosis (9 causes), pneumocystis (1 cause), pulmonary edema (26 causes), cor pulmonale (9 causes), Apneustic respirations, Pulmonary oedema (2 causes), Pleural effusion (10 causes), Pleural friction rub, Pleural rub, Croup (6 causes), Non-productive cough (24 causes), Barking cough (4 causes), Increased chest phlegm, Productive cough (101 causes), Sputum symptoms (209 causes), Pneumonia, non-infectious, Hemoptysis (110 causes), Increased cough, Coughing (255 causes), Acute cough, Bronchial obstruction (1 cause), Bronchiolitis (7 causes), Chronic bronchitis (9 causes), Laryngotracheobronchitis, Acute asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Rapid rushing gurgling waves of sound, Acute wheezing symptoms, Polycythemia vera as in case of chronic lung disease, Pink puffer, Acute expiratory wheeze in children, Acute expiratory wheeze in infants, Acute lung fibrosis symptoms, Acute wheezing at night, Acute wheezing attacks, Acute wheezing worse when lying down, Agonal respiration, Air and water in the pleura, Air in the pleura, Amphoric breath sounds, Aspiration lung infection, Aspiration of foreign body, Asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Augmented lung volumes, Trapped air, Fetor hepaticus (2 causes), Bibasilar crackles, Bilateral crackles, Breath-holding (2 causes), Breathing difficulties (2710 causes), Bronchial breath sounds, Bronchospasm (177 causes), Cardiopulmonary disorder, Cardiopulmonary insufficiency, Cellophane -type crackles, Cellophane-like crackles, Chest abdomen asynchrony, Chest expansion, asymmetrical, Chest pain due to respiratory cause, Chest pain from the lungs, Atelectasis, Asthma (275 causes), Chronic asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Chronic wheezing symptoms, Chronic expiratory wheeze in children, Chronic expiratory wheeze in infants, Chronic lung fibrosis symptoms, Chronic wheezing at night, Chronic wheezing attacks, Chronic wheezing worse when lying down, Coarse crackles, Complete respiratory arrest, Constant emphysema, Children's interstitial lung disease, Constant wheezing, Cor pulmonale due to copd, Cor pulmonale due to obstructive sleep apnea, Cor pulmonale due to sarcoidosis, Cough in lung abscess, Crackles (1 cause), Crackles in children, Wheezing symptoms, Crowing breathing noises, Decreased transfer factor on lung function, Delayed expiration, Dependent crackles, Dependent crackles similar to that in pulmonary fibrosis, Diffuse moist crackles, Diminished breath sounds, Disorders of the lung in adults, Dry crackles, End-inspiratory crackles, Succussion sounds, Palpable vibration, Bronchial cancer, Expiratory wheeze, Expiratory wheeze in children, Expiratory wheeze in infants, Extrinsic lung disorders, Fine crackles heard at the lung bases, Foul smelling sputum similar to lung abscess, Hamman's sign, Hemopytsis as in case of bronchitis, Hemothorax, Hyperresonant lung fields, Hyperresonant lung fields as in case of COPD, Hyperresonant sounds, Hyperventilation (24 causes), Hyperventilation in children, Hyperventilation in pregnancy, Hypoventilation (6 causes), Moist, bubbling crackles, Idiopathic lung fibrosis, Decreased tactile fremitus, Decreased vocal fremitus, Depressed diaphragm, Dull sounds, Dullness on percussion, Increased respiratory excursion, Increased secretions in the lung, Increased tactile fremitus with crackles, Increased transfer factor on lung function, Inspiratory arrest, Inspiratory whoop, Intercostal retractions (3 causes), Intermittent wheezing attacks, Rattling noises, Intermittent asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Intermittent crackles, Intermittent wheezing symptoms, Intermittent lung fibrosis symptoms, Intermittent wheezing at night, Intermittent wheezing worse when lying down, Diaphragmatic pleurisy, Life threatening bronchospasm in pregnancy, Life-threatening bronchospasm, Altered vital signs in pulmonary embolism, Lung fibrosis symptoms, Mechanical airflow obstruction, Mild asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Mild wheezing symptoms, Mild lung fibrosis symptoms, Mild wheezing at night, Mild wheezing attacks, Mild wheezing worse when lying down, Moist crackles, Moist crackles as seen asthma, Congestion (4 causes), Nocturnal dyspnoea (1 cause), Noisy breathing in children, Noisy respirations as seen in asthma, Noncardiogenic Pulmonary edema, Noncardiogenic pulmonary oedema, Nonidiopathic lung fibrosis, Off and on shortness of breath occurs at night and is relieved by sitting upright, Pleural effusion as occurs in case of pulmonary embolism, Pleural pressure gradient disruption, Pleuritic chest pain in pregnancy, Pleuritic chest pain that exacerbates by deep inspiration, Pleurodynia, Pneumatocele, Intermittent bacterial pneumonia, Intermittent viral pneumonia, Pneumothorax (3 causes), Pneumothorax as in case of tuberculosis, Prolonged expiration (3 causes), Prolonged expiratory time, Pulmonary capillary pressure perfusion, Pulmonary disorders, Pulmonary embolus, Pulmonary oedema in pregnancy, Pus accumulation in the pleural space, Rales (14 causes), Recurring asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Recurring wheezing symptoms, Recurring lung fibrosis symptoms, Recurring wheezing at night, Recurring wheezing attacks, Recurring wheezing worse when lying down, Respiratory rales in adults, Respiratory rales in children, Rhonchi (3 causes), Rhonchi in pregnancy, Rhythmic arm tremors, Rupture alveoli, Rupture of alveoli, Scattered rhonchi, Secretions into the lungs, Severe asthma-like wheezing symptoms, Severe wheezing symptoms, Severe lung fibrosis symptoms, Severe wheezing at night, Severe wheezing attacks, Severe wheezing worse when lying down, Severe wheezing worse when lying down as in case of COPD, Shortness of breath (1320 causes), Shortness of breath from exercise (1315 causes), Shortness of breath from exercise in pregnancy, Shortness of breath in pregnancy, Shortness of breath similar as in pulmonary hypertension, Spasmodic croup, Suffocation (3 causes), Tracheal displacement away from the side of the lung lesion, Tracheal displacement towards the side of the lung lesion, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction in children, Tracheobronchial airway obstruction in newborns, Underdeveloped lungs (73 causes), Unilateral crackles, Wheeze (5 causes), Wheezing (740 causes), Wheezing at night, Wheezing attacks, Wheezing due to asthma, Wheezing in adolescents, Wheezing in children, Wheezing in infants, Wheezing in pregnancy, Wheezing in toddlers and children, Wheezing on exertion, Wheezing similar to asthma, Wheezing worse when lying down, Wheezing worsened by exercise, Sudden onset of pneumothorax, Breath sound symptoms (757 causes), Breathing rate symptoms (339 causes), Bronchial bleeding, Bronchial bruise, Bronchial deformity, Bronchial inflammation, Bronchial redness, Bronchial sensitive, Bronchial stiffness, Bronchial ulcer, Intermittent chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Acute chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Bronchitis-like symptoms, Catamenial pneumothorax, Lung bleeding (1 cause), Lung bruise, Lung deformity (4 causes), Lung obstruction, Lung redness, Lung sensitive, Lung sound symptoms (742 causes), Lung stiff, Lung ulcer, Cyanosis due to respiratory etiology, Dependent lower lobe crackles, Pulmonary bleeding, Pulmonary bruise, Pulmonary deformity, Pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Pulmonary inflammation, Pulmonary obstruction, Pulmonary redness, Pulmonary sensitive, Pulmonary stiff, Pulmonary ulcer, Respiratory distress in infants, Respiratory depression as in case of respiratory coma, Respiratory wheeze, Enhanced lung volumes, Trapped lung volume, Wet crackles, Wheeze as of asthma, Gradual onset of pleural effusion, Gradual onset of pulmonary embolism, Hyperresonant chest breath sounds, Intercostal rib retractions, Rattling or crackling noises, Sudden onset of pleural effusion, Sudden onset of rales in children, Nonmusical clicking, Bloody sputum (104 causes), Sputum (4 causes), Spitting blood (110 causes), Wheezing symptoms with stridor, shallow breathing (160 causes), irregular breathing (28 causes), Retractions, costal and sternal, Respirations, grunting, Accessory muscle use (2 causes), Nasal flaring (34 causes), ARDS (1 cause), rapid breathing (336 causes), Respirations, shallow, Cheyne-Stokes Respiration (1 cause), Hyperpnea, Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea (2 causes), Respirations, stertorous, orthopnea (18 causes), Acute Dyspnoea, choking (40 causes), Bradypnea (1 cause), Asthma-like reaction, Asphyxiation (2 causes), difficulty breathing when lying down (5 causes), Stridor (740 causes), Breathlessness on exertion (5 causes), Rapid respirations, Rapid respiratory rate, Slow breathing (3 causes), Fast breathing, Rust-colored sputum (2 causes), Foul sputum odour in children, Foul smelling sputum, Clear sputum, Foul sputum odor in children, Tenacious sputum, Mucopurulent sputum, Mucoid sputum, Unusual sputum odour in children, Mucoid sputum as in case of asthma, Mucopurulent secretions, Unusual sputum odor in children, Blood-stained phlegm, Salivary gland symptoms (353 causes), Purulent sputum (1 cause), Cough with sputum similar to chronic bronchitis, Thick, tenacious sputum, Mild chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Recurring chronic bronchitis-like cough, Severe chronic bronchitis-like cough, Acute chronic bronchitis-like cough, Intermittent chronic bronchitis-like cough, Chronic bronchitis-like cough, Recurring chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Mild chronic bronchitis-like cough, Severe chronic bronchitis-like symptoms, Recurring pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Severe pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Late stage finger clubbing as in case of pulmonary fibrosis, Acute pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Chronic pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Intermittent pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, Mild pulmonary fibrosis-like symptoms, paroxysmal coughing (1 cause), Decreased salivation (2 causes), Decreased salivary function, Sudden onset of parotid enlargement, Parotid Swelling, Gradual onset of parotid enlargement, Enlarged parotid gland (1 cause), Salivary Gland Swelling, Sudden onset of copious dribbling of saliva, Ptyalism, Parotid gland enlargement, Increased salivation (29 causes), Sudden onset of sialorrhea, Salivary Gland Pain, Hypersalivation in children (4 causes), Gradual onset of xerostomia, Drooling (348 causes), Dribbling of saliva, Bilateral parotid gland enlargement, Drooling in children, Stridor in children, Sudden onset of stridor in the newborn, Stridor in infants, Sudden onset of stertorous breathing, Acquired stridor in children, Stridor in newborns, Grunting respiration, Recurring wheezing symptoms with stridor, Severe wheezing symptoms with stridor, Acute wheezing symptoms with stridor, Chronic wheezing symptoms with stridor, Gasping respirations, Intermittent wheezing symptoms with stridor, Stridor in adults, Chronic stridor in children, Sudden onset of tubular breath sounds, Sudden onset of stridor, Loud crowing noises, Mild wheezing symptoms with stridor, Phlegm symptoms (1 cause), Recurring hay fever-like cough, Nocturnal non- productive cough, Cough in children, Chronic non- productive cough, Gradual onset of hemoptysis, Cough in COPD, Severe emphysema-like cough symptoms, Ineffective coughing, Chronic cough similar to tuberculosis, Acute emphysema-like cough symptoms, Severe hay fever-like cough, Constant hemoptysis, Acute hay fever-like cough, Intermittent COPD-like cough symptoms, Chronic emphysema-like cough symptoms, Hemoptysis in children, Dry cough in children, COPD-like cough symptoms, Chronic hay fever-like cough, Shallow cough, Sudden onset of barking cough, Mild COPD-like cough symptoms, Hemoptysis in the newborn, Massive hemoptysis, Intermittent emphysema-like cough symptoms, Intermittent hay fever-like cough, Hemoptysis in newborns, Emphysema-like cough symptoms, Sudden onset of acute cough, Hay fever-like cough, Recurring allergy-like cough, Mild emphysema-like cough symptoms, Barking cough in children, Persistant cough, Mild hay fever-like cough, Hemoptysis similar to tuberculosis, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in newborn, Smokers cough (1 cause), Characteristic hacking, Severe allergy-like cough, Dry coughing, Acute allergy-like cough, Harsh cough, Crowing non productive cough, Chronic allergy-like cough, Non productive cough with localised pain, Acute cough in children, Recurring COPD-like cough symptoms, Chronic cough in children, Intermittent cough, Croup syndrome, Chronic cough and children, Brassy cough (9 causes), Severe COPD-like cough symptoms, Persistent cough in children, Cough in tuberculosis, Acute COPD-like cough symptoms, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in adults, Intermittent allergy-like cough, Hemoptysis similar to lung cancer, Chronic COPD-like cough symptoms, Allergy like cough, Resonant cough, Dry cough as in case of allergic conditions, Constant cough, Recurring emphysema-like cough symptoms, Mild allergy-like cough, stertorous breathing

Symptoms related to Lung symptoms: Chest pain (917 causes), Chest symptoms (1328 causes), Breathing symptoms (3301 causes), Respiratory symptoms (4957 causes), Cough (1332 causes), Coughing blood (110 causes), Dry cough (183 causes), Wet cough (278 causes), Coughing spasms (13 causes), Persistent cough (95 causes), Chronic cough (95 causes), Severe cough (95 causes)

Lung symptoms type of: Respiratory symptoms (4957 causes), Respiratory tract symptoms (4957 causes), Throat symptoms (3370 causes), Mouth symptoms (7039 causes), Breathing symptoms (3301 causes), Breath symptoms (2958 causes), Head symptoms (9978 causes), Face symptoms (8039 causes)

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