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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Musculoskeletal symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Musculoskeletal symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Musculoskeletal symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Musculoskeletal symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Musculoskeletal symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Musculoskeletal symptoms: Abdominal cramps (313 causes), Abdominal cramps during pregnancy, Abdominal Cramps in Pregnancy, Abnormal carrying angle of elbow in children, Abnormal extensor reflex, Abnormal flexor response, Abnormal involuntary movements of the face (2 causes), Abnormal involuntary movements of the neck, Abnormal movement during inspiration, Abnormal muscle tone (4 causes), Abnormal muscle tone in children, Abnormal neuromuscular transmission, Abnormal rigidity, Abnormal spasm of the facial muscles, Abnormal spasm of the facial nerve, Abnormally brisk muscle contraction, Absent abdominal reflexes (2 causes), Accessory muscle use (2 causes), Aching joints (46 causes), Aching muscles in children, Aching muscles of both arms, Acquired facial paralysis in children, Rapid, synchronous muscle jerking, Acute chronic joint pain, Acute chronic knuckle pain, Acute chronic pain in multiple bones, Acute collarbone pain, Acute injuries of the knee related to sports, Acute muscle strain, Acute pain in multiple joints, Acute pelvic pain in children, Adduction and extension of the arms, Adduction of the arms, Altered muscle tone (1 cause), Ankle clonus (5 causes), Ankle paralysis, Ankle spasm (7 causes), Ankle weakness (4 causes), Anterior knee pain related to sports, Areflexia (49 causes), Arm paralysis (14 causes), Arm spasm (1 cause), Arm tremor (7 causes), Arm weakness (69 causes), Arm weakness in children, Nuchal rigidity due to meningitis, Arms are adducted and extended, Arthralgia (29 causes), Arthralgia in lower limb, Arthralgia of both lower limbs, Arthralgia similar to that in Inflammatory bowel disease, Asterixes, Asterixis (8 causes), Asymmetrical facial muscles, Asymmetrical paralysis in the legs, Ataxia (408 causes), Ataxia in children, Ataxic gait (16 causes), Athetosis (18 causes), Autonomic hypereflexia, Autonomic hyperreflexia, Trismus (14 causes), Babinski's reflex, Babinski's sign (4 causes), Back muscle pain, Back muscle pain in pregnancy, Gilmore's groin, Back paralysis, Back spasm, Back weakness (1 cause), Badly damaged cartilage, Balance symptoms (1671 causes), Bell's palsy (1 cause), Bilateral cerebellar ataxia, Bilateral chorea, Black necrotic muscle, Blepharospasm in both eyes, Blepharospasm in one eye, Boardlike abdominal rigidity, Bowel spasm, Breast spasm, Breast weakness, Bronchospasm (177 causes), Brudzinski's sign, Buttock spasm, Calf spasm, Carpal spasm, Carpal spasm in both the upper limbs, Carpal spasm in upper limb, Carpopedal spasm, Cerebellar ataxia (50 causes), Cerebellar ataxia in children, Cerebral palsy in children, Cervical motion tenderness (1 cause), Chest spasm, Chin spasm, Arthrogryposis (21 causes), Arthrogryposis in children, Chorea (33 causes), Chorea gravidarum, Chorea in adults, Chorea in children, Choreathetoid movement, Choreathetosis in children, Choreiform movements (7 causes), Choreoathetoid movements (8 causes), Choreoathetosis (35 causes), Choreoathetotic gait, Choreoathetotic movements, Chronic joint pain related to sports, Chronic knuckle pain, Chronic knuckle pain in both hands, Chronic knuckle pain in one hand, Chronic myalgia and exercise, Chronic pain in both elbows, Elbow of one elbow, Chronic pain in multiple bones, Chronic pain in multiple joints, Chronic pain in multiple muscles, Clonus (12 causes), Clonus in children, Clumsiness (395 causes), Combination of rigidity and tremor, Combination of rigidity and tremor in both arms, Combination of rigidity and tremor in one arm, Combination of rigidity and tremor similar to Parkinson's disease, Complete hemifacial weakness, Constant aching muscles of both arms, Constant Arthralgia, Constant collarbone pain, Constant distal muscle weakness, Constant elbow pain, Lateral epicondylitis, Constant hip pain in children, Constant knee pain, Constant knee pain in children, Constant knuckle pain, Constant lateral knee pain, Constant medial knee pain, Constant pelvic pain, Constant pelvic pain in children, Constant posterior knee pain, Constant proximal muscle weakness, Constant vertigo, Contracture deformity, Contracture deformity in children, Contralateral athetosis, Contralateral limb weakness, Contralateral paralysis, Coordination problems (2120 causes), Costovertebral angle tenderness, Cramping pain in both legs, Tetany (24 causes), Cramping pain in one leg, Cramping abdominal pain (6 causes), Cramping leg pain, Cramping pain in the lower abdomen, Cramps (300 causes), Cramps in children, Cramps in pregnancy, Cranial nerve dysfunction (3 causes), Cranial nerve palsies (32 causes), Cranial nerve palsy (45 causes), CVA tenderness, Dark red necrotic muscle, Decerebrate posture, Decerebrate posture in children, Decerebrate posturing, Decerebrate rigidity (4 causes), Decorticate posture, Decorticate posture in children, Decreased ankle and knee reflexes, Decreased chest wall movement, Decreased mobility (20 causes), Decreased motion, Decreased range of motion (1 cause), Decreased reflex response, Decreased reflexes (3 causes), Descending weakness in the muscles of the trunk, Carpel tunnel syndrome in pregnancy, Difficulty chewing (43 causes), Difficulty climbing stairs (14 causes), Climbing stairs, Difficulty making fine hand movements on both sides, Difficulty opening mouth (7 causes), Difficulty opening mouth in children, Difficulty rising from a chair (1 cause), Difficulty sleeping the supine position, Diffuse myalgia, Diminished Deep tendon reflexes, Diminished Deep tendon reflexes in lower limb, Diminished Moro's reflex, Dislocated hip (93 causes), Dislocation following weight training, Disorientation (175 causes), Distal muscle weakness in children, Dorsiflexion of the wrist, Dystonia-like movements in children, Dystonia (72 causes), Dystonia in children, Elbow lump (1 cause), Elbow pain (15 causes), Elbow pain in children, Elbow paralysis, Elbow spasm, Elbow swelling (7 causes), Elbow swelling in children, Elbow symptoms (125 causes), Elbow weakness (1 cause), Enlarged calf muscle in both legs, Enlarged calf muscle in children, Enlarged calf muscle in one leg, Excessive muscle tone (19 causes), Excruciating pain in the supraclavicular area, Exercise and chronic elbow pain, Exercise and vertigo, Extraocular muscle palsies of both eyes, Extremely painful pharyngeal spasms, Eyelid weakness (7 causes), Facial and muscular rigidity, Facial palsy (26 causes), Facial paralysis (33 causes), Facial paralysis in children, Facial paralysis in newborns, Facial spasms (31 causes), Facial spasms in children, Facial weakness (52 causes), Feet paralysis, Feet weakness, Feet weakness exacerbated following exercise, Finger paralysis, Finger spasm, Finger weakness (2 causes), Fixed knee flexion deformities, Flaccid paralysis (12 causes), Flapping tremors as seen in cirrhosis of liver, Flattened vertebrae (45 causes), Flexion of the elbows, Floppy baby (5 causes), Foot paralysis (3 causes), Foot paralysis in children, Foot Spasm, Foot weakness (33 causes), Foot weakness exacerbated following exercise, Foot weakness in children, Forced plantar flexion of the feet, Forearm weakness (2 causes), Forward slippage of one vertebra over another, Acromioclavicular separation, Acromioclavicular separation on both sides, Gradual onset of limping, Gag reflex abnormalities, Gait ataxia (39 causes), Imbalance (6 causes), Ganglion, Gastroparesis (1 cause), Gastroparesis in children, Generalised musculoskeletal pain, Golfer's elbow, Gradual onset of hyperreflexia, Gradual onset of hypotonia, Grip Disorders, Grip disorders in children, Groin spasm, Groin weakness, Gross rhythmic movements of the extremities, Gross rhythmic movements of the head, Gross rhythmic movements of the trunk, Hamstring spasms, Hand cramps (1 cause), Hand Spasm (7 causes), Hand tremor (41 causes), Hand tremor in children, Hand tremors (4 causes), Hand weakness (58 causes), Hand weakness in children, Handlebar palsy, Hemifacial spasm, Hemiparesis (34 causes), Hemiparesis in children, Hemiplegia (14 causes), Hemiplegia in in children, Hemivertebrae (34 causes), Hip pain (66 causes), Hip pain in children, Hip pain in pregnancy, Hip symptoms (273 causes), Hip symptoms in pregnancy, Hoyne's signs, Hyperactive deep tendon reflexes (16 causes), Hyperactive DTRs, Hyperactive DTRs in the legs, Hyperactive reflexes (1 cause), Hyperactive reflexes in both lower limb, Hyperactive reflexes in the lower limb, Hyperextensible joints (74 causes), Hyperextensible joints of the lower limb, Hyperreflexia (151 causes), Hyperreflexia in children, Hypoactive deep tendon reflexes (24 causes), Hypoactive deep tendon reflexes of the lower limb, Hypoactive DTRs, Hypoactive reflexes, Hyporeflexia (111 causes), Hyporeflexia in children, Inappropriate, repetitive movements, Hypotonia in children (1 cause), Immobility (1 cause), Impaired coordination (161 causes), Impaired joint mobility (42 causes), Impaired motor movement, Inability to hold balance, Inability to relax a muscle after its contraction, Incoordination (254 causes), Increased (brisk) Reflexes, Increased (brisk) reflexes in pregnancy, Esophageal spam, Dysfunction of the extrapyramidal system, Increased tendon reflexes (7 causes), Increased use of accessory muscles, Infantile spasms (15 causes), Insidious tremor, Intense Muscle aches, Intense Muscle aches related to exercise, Intention tremor (17 causes), Intermittent ataxia (2 causes), Intermittent ataxia in children, Intermittent chronic collarbone pain, Intermittent chronic elbow pain, Intermittent chronic joint pain, Intermittent chronic knuckle pain, Intermittent chronic pain in multiple joints, Intermittent elbow pain on both sides, Intermittent elbow pain on one side, Intermittent foot weakness, Intermittent golfer's elbow, Intermittent groin pain, Intermittent hip pain, Intermittent hip pain on both sides, Intermittent hip pain on one side, Intermittent hyperreflexia, Intermittent hyporeflexia, Intermittent knee pain, Intermittent kneecap pain, Intermittent kneecap pain on both sides, Intermittent kneecap pain on one side, Intermittent knuckle pain on both sides, Intermittent knuckle pain on one side, Intermittent muscle spasm, Intermittent nuchal rigidity, Intermittent paravertebral muscle spasm, Intermittent tennis elbow, Intervertebral disc inflammation, Disc prolapse, Intestinal cramps (1 cause), Involuntary body movements in children, Involuntary movements (23 causes), Involuntary tonic movements, Involuntary twitches in the face, Involuntary twitches in the hands, Involuntary twitches in the neck, Involuntary twitches in the shoulders, Involuntary twitches in the trunk, Ipsilateral loss of facial muscle control, Jaw paralysis (1 cause), Jaw spasm, Jerky movements (4 causes), Jerky trunk movements (1 cause), Joint disease (6 causes), Joint hypermobility (24 causes), Joint hypermobility on both sides, Joint laxity (19 causes), Joint pain (704 causes), Joint pain in children, Joint swelling (115 causes), Joint swelling in children, Joint symptoms (1214 causes), Joint tenderness (36 causes), Joints stiffen after inactivity, Joints stiffen after inactivity similar to psoriatic arthropathy, Knee collapse, Knee locking (4 causes), Knee lump, Knee pain (42 causes), Knee pain in children, Knee paralysis, Knee spasm, Knee symptoms (144 causes), Kneecap lump, Kneecap pain, Knock-knees (27 causes), Knock kneesn children, Knock-knee (21 causes), Knuckle pain (1 cause), Knuckle pain similar to that of gout, Lateral knee pain and sports, Leg cramps (10 causes), Leg cramps in pregnancy, Leg paralysis (8 causes), Leg spasm, Leg weakness (155 causes), Legs are stiffly extended and internally rotated, Legs stiffly extended, Life threatening bronchospasm in pregnancy, Limb ataxia (14 causes), Limb weakness (21 causes), Limited mobility (1 cause), Limited range of joint motion in children, Limp in children, Limp muscles in infant, Limping (30 causes), Local muscle wasting in children, Loose joints in children, Loss of balance (25 causes), Loss of coordination (7 causes), Loss of muscle control (5 causes), Lower motor neuron facial weakness, Medial knee pain related to sports, Menstrual cramps (7 causes), Mild chronic collarbone pain, Mild chronic elbow pain, Mild chronic joint pain, Mild chronic knuckle pain, Mild chronic pain in multiple joints, Mild chronic pelvic pain, Monoplegia (2 causes), Moro's reflex, Motor deficits (1 cause), Motor weakness (4 causes), Movement disorders (24 causes), Movement symptoms (5881 causes), Multiple joint contractures (16 causes), Muscle aches (858 causes), Muscle atrophy (234 causes), Muscle contractions (58 causes), Muscle contusion, Muscle cramps (217 causes), Muscle cramps following exercise, Muscle cramps in children, Muscle cramps in the lower limb following exercise, Muscle cramps of both lower limbs following exercise, Muscle dysmorphia, Muscle Flaccidity, Muscle hypertrophy (1 cause), Muscle pain (858 causes), Muscle paralysis (16 causes), Muscle pulls following exercise, Muscle rigidity (61 causes), Muscle rupture, Muscle spasm (23 causes), Muscle spasms (1787 causes), Muscle spasticity (9 causes), Muscle spasticity of one side of the body, Muscle spasticity affecting both sides of the body, Muscle stiffness (158 causes), Muscle symptoms (7199 causes), Muscle tension (9 causes), Muscle tremor (5 causes), Muscle twitch (38 causes), Muscle twitching of both arms, Muscle twitching of one arm, Muscle twitching in children, Muscle wasting and weakness, Muscle wasting in children, Muscle wasting of both arms, Muscle wasting of one arm, Muscle weakness (4189 causes), Muscle weakness and atrophy of lower limb, Muscle weakness worsened by exercise, Muscular Hypertrophy, Muscular hypotonia (1 cause), Musculoskeletal disorder, Musculoskeletal hemorrhages, Myoclonic jerking, Myoclonus (59 causes), Myoclonus in children, Neck is resistant to passive motions, Neck Spasm (1 cause), Neck stiffness (25 causes), Neck strain following exercise, Neck weakness (3 causes), Neuromuscular disorder, Neuromuscular failure, Neuromuscular irritability (1 cause), Neuromuscular irritability of lower limbs, Neuromuscular irritability of the lower limb, Nodules on the joints of both hands, Motormental retardation in children, Nodules on the joints of one hand, Nodules on the joints of the hands, Non inflammatory joint effusion, Nuchal rigidity (2 causes), Nuchal rigidity in children, Nystagmus ataxia, Nystagmus in children, Opisthotonos (19 causes), Opisthotonus (10 causes), Opsoclonus in children, Orthostatic vertigo, Overuse knee injuries, Overuse knee injury, Painful joints (4 causes), Paralysis of the chest wall muscles, Paralysis of the muscles in the trunk, Paralysis of the muscles of the extremities, Paralysis symptoms (313 causes), Paraplegia (12 causes), Paravertebral Muscle spasm, Parkinsonism in children, Parkinson's tremor, Paroxysmal dystonia in children, Partial paralysis (3 causes), Pathological reflexes, Pathologically hyperactive muscle contraction, Pathologies of the Achilles tendon related to sports, Pelvic discomfort (1 cause), Pelvic discomfort in pregnancy, Pelvic disorders, Pelvic disorders in pregnancy, Pelvic pain (94 causes), Pelvic pain in pregnancy, Pelvic pain worsened by exercise, Pelvic pain worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Pelvic symptoms (355 causes), Pelvic symptoms in pregnancy, Pill rolling hand movements, Pill rolling hand movements of both hands, Poor balance (21 causes), Progressive bulbar palsy, Progressive descending muscle weakness, Progressive respiratory muscle weakness, Progressive weakness (11 causes), Proximal muscle weakness (19 causes), Proximal muscle weakness in children, Psoas sign (1 cause), Psoriasis- like joint stiffening after inactivity, Psychomotor hyperactivity, Psychomotor retardation (187 causes), Quadriceps muscle weakness, Quadriparesis (4 causes), Quadriplegia (6 causes), Radial nerve palsy, Ratchetlike movements, Recurring chronic collarbone pain, Recurring chronic elbow pain, Recurring chronic joint pain, Recurring chronic knuckle pain, Recurring chronic pain in multiple joints, Recurring chronic pelvic pain, Recurring collarbone pain on both sides, Recurring collarbone pain on one side, Recurring knee pain on both sides, Recurring knee pain on one side, Recurring kneecap pain, Recurring knuckle pain in both hands, Recurring knuckle pain in one hand, Reduced muscle tone (667 causes), Reduced tendon reflexes (17 causes), Reduction in one arm movement, Reduction in arm movement, Reduction in both arm movements, Reflex Abnormality (3 causes), Reflex symptoms (469 causes), Repetitive unwanted movements, Resistance to neck flexion, Respiratory muscle paralysis, Resting tremor (8 causes), Restless leg syndrome, Restless legs (1 cause), Rhythmic arm tremors, Rigidity (75 causes), Risus sardonicus, Romberg's sign (2 causes), Rotator cuff injury, Runner's knee following jogging, Runner's knee in the lower limb, Ruptured intervertebral disk, Sensory ataxia (4 causes), Sensory ataxia gait in children, Sensory ataxia in children, Sensory deficits, Severe abdominal cramps (2 causes), Severe chronic collarbone pain, Severe chronic elbow pain, Severe chronic joint pain, Severe chronic knuckle pain, Severe chronic pain in multiple joints, Severe chronic pelvic pain, Severe collarbone pain, Severe elbow pain on both sides, Severe elbow pain on one side, Severe joint pain (6 causes), Severe knuckle pain on both sides, Severe knuckle pain on one side, Severe opisthotonos, Shin spasm, Slow continuous and twisting involuntary movements, Slow relaxing reflexes, Slowed body movements, Slowed motor activity, Slowness of movement (19 causes), Slowness of voluntary movements and speech, Spasm of the jaw muscles, Spasms (2049 causes), Spastic hemiplegia (2 causes), Spastic paralysis (6 causes), Spasticity (260 causes), Spasticity in children, Spasticity of both legs, Spasticity of the leg, Spasticity of the legs, Speech ataxia, Spinal pain experienced on movement, Spinal pain on palpation of the spinal vertebrae, Spine pain (1 cause), Spine symptoms (800 causes), Spine Tenderness, Sports related Fibromyalgia, Sports related knee injuries, Sports related osteoarthritis, Sports related weakness of the forearms, Staggering (4 causes), Staggering gait (4 causes), Stiff elbow (9 causes), Stiff hip (16 causes), Stiff joints (233 causes), Stiff muscles (71 causes), Stomach cramps (375 causes), Strong muscle contractions, Subluxation of the proximal interphalangeal joints, Sucking reflex diminished (1 cause), Sudden extreme slowness of movement, Sudden onset of chorea, Sudden onset of chorea due to electrolyte abnormalities, Sudden onset of distal muscle weakness, Sudden onset of drug induced chorea, Sudden onset of hip pain in children, Sudden onset of hypotonia in children, Sudden onset of knee pain, Sudden onset of proximal muscle weakness, Symmetrical deep tendon reflexes, Tender muscles (4 causes), Tender vertebral processes, Tennis elbow, Thigh Paralysis, Thigh Spasm, Thigh Weakness, Thoracic movement, Toe weakness (2 causes), Total loss of voluntary movement, Total paralysis (1 cause), Truncal ataxia (11 causes), Uncontrolled tongue movements (1 cause), Unequal motor movement, Unilateral paralysis, Unilateral paresis, Unilateral pill- roll tremor, Upper arm spasm, Upper arm weakness, Upper motor neuron facial weakness, Vague arthralgias, Vague myalgias, Vertebral fracture (3 causes), Vertebral spasms, Vertigo (106 causes), Vertigo in children, Vertigo in pregnancy, Vocal cord paralysis (8 causes), Wasted foot muscles (30 causes), Wasted hand muscles (29 causes), Weak and soft muscles, Weak bones (84 causes), Weakness (3689 causes), Weakness in pregnancy, Weakness of both hands, Weakness of feet exacerbated following exercise, Weakness of one hand, Weakness of the forearms, Weakness of the forearms similar to diabetes, Weakness of the hands, Weakness of the hands similar to diabetic neuropathy, Weakness of the legs, Wrist paralysis, Wrist spasm, Wrist weakness (5 causes), Wrist weakness in pregnancy, Sudden onset of gross rhythmic movements of the head, Sudden onset of gross rhythmic movements of the trunk, Sudden onset of hand swelling related to musculoskeletal disorders, Sudden onset of involuntary tonic movements, Sudden onset of plantar fasciitis, Abdominal wall spasm, Achilles tendon bruise, Achilles tendon burning sensation, Achilles tendon deformity, Achilles tendon infection, Achilles tendon inflammation, Achilles tendon lump, Achilles tendon numb, Achilles tendon pain, Achilles tendon redness, Achilles tendon sensitive, Achilles tendon spasm, Achilles tendon stiff, Achilles tendon swelling, Achilles tendon tingling, Anal triangle weakness, Arm deformity (40 causes), Asymmetrical paralysis of the lower limbs, Back rigidity, Biceps burning sensation, Biceps deformity, Biceps infection, Biceps inflammation, Biceps spasm, Biceps weakness, Big toe spasm, Big toe stiff, Body stiffens, Bone burning sensation, Bone sensitivity, Bone tingling sensation, Bony lump, Calcaneal bone deformity, Calcaneal bone infection, Calcaneal bone inflammation, Calcaneal bone lump, Calcaneal bone numb, Calcaneal bone pain, Calcaneal bone sensitive, Calcaneal bone spasm, Calcaneal bone stiff, Calcaneal bone swelling, Cataplexy (6 causes), Cheek weakness, Chest stiff, Chest weakness, Clavicle weakness, Connective tissue spasm, Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, Coracobrachialis infection, Coracobrachialis weakness, Cubital fossa weakness, Descending weakness in the muscles of the extremities, Deteriorating respiratory muscle weakness, Digit spasm, Digit stiff, Digit weakness, Femur stiff, Femur weakness, Fibula stiff, Fibula weakness, Finger pulp spasm, Finger stiff, Fingernail spasm, Fingers spasm, Fingers stiff, Foot stiff, Forearm stiff, Humerus weakness, Ilium deformity, Ilium stiff, Ilium weakness, Head weakness, Heel spasm, Heel stiff, Hinge joint( elbow joint) weakness, Ischial tuberosity bruise, Ischial tuberosity deformity, Ischial tuberosity infection, Ischial tuberosity inflammation, Ischial tuberosity lump, Ischial tuberosity numb, Ischial tuberosity redness, Ischial tuberosity sensitive, Ischial tuberosity stiff, Ischial tuberosity swelling, Ischial tuberosity weakness, Joints weakness, Kneecap spasm, Kneecap weakness, Knee joint spasm, Knee joint weakness, Knuckle stiff, Knuckle weakness, Larynx spasm, Larynx weakness, Lateral curvature of the spine, Lateral epicondyle weakness, Lower jaw stiff, Lower jaw weakness, Lower leg deformity (10 causes), Lower leg stiff, Lower leg weakness (19 causes), Lumbar sprain following weight-lifting, Lumbar deformity, Lumbar spasm, Malleolar stiffness, Mandible spasm, Mandible stiff, Mandible weakness, Medial epicondyle weakness, Metacarpal spasm, Metacarpal stiff, Metacarpal weakness, Metacarpophalangeal joint spasm, Metacarpophalangeal joint stiffness, Metacarpophalangeal joint weakness, Neck rigidity, Optical nerve weakness, Optical weakness, Pelvis stiff, Pelvis weakness, Periosteum weakness, Phalanges deformity, Phalanges spasm, Phalanges stiff, Phalanges weakness, Popliteal fossa spasm, Popliteal fossa weakness, Underdeveloped or absent radius in children, Radius deformity, Radius spasm, Radius stiff, Radius weakness, Ring finger spasm, Sacral spasm, Sacrum deformity, Scapula stiff, Scapula weakness, Spinal deformity (13 causes), Spinal spasm, Temple spasm, Temple weakness, Temporal spasm, Temporal weakness, Tendon spasm, Tendon stiff, Tendon weakness (1 cause), Thoracic spasm, Thoracic spine deformity, Thoracic vertebrae spasm, Thoracic wall deformity (1 cause), Thoracic wall stiff, Thoracic wall weakness, Thorax stiff, Thorax weakness, Tibial stiff, Tibial weakness, Toe stiff, Toenail stiff, Triceps spasm, Triceps weakness, Upper abdominal spasm, Vertebra symptoms (609 causes), Vertebral blister, Vertebral bruise, Vertebral burning sensation, Vertebral deformity, Vertebral infection, Vertebral inflammation, Vertebral itch, Vertebral lumbar bleeding, Vertebral lump, Vertebral numbness, Vertebral pain, Vertebral rash, Vertebral redness, Vertebral spasm, Vertebral tingling, Vertebral ulcer, Voice box spasm, Wrist stiff, Disc herniation, Disoriented state, Distal arthropathies, Duputyren's contracture, Dyskinesia of the extremities, Excruciating myalgia, Forward bending of the spine, Forward displacement of the sternum, Forward slippage of one vertebra, Fragile weak bones, Stiff arm (27 causes), Stiff back (25 causes), Stiff knee (21 causes), Stiff leg (33 causes), Stiff neck (74 causes), Stiff neck in infants, Stiff shoulder (14 causes), Stiff thigh (1 cause), Stiffness (682 causes), Stiffness in jaw, Stiffness in the back, Gradual onset in difficulty of making fine hand movements, Sudden onset of spastic gait, Sudden onset of spastic gait in adults, Sudden onset of spasticity of both upper and lower limbs, Sudden onset of spasticity of the lower limbs, Sudden onset of spinal rigidity, Sudden onset of sports related chondromalacia patellae, Sudden onset of sports related hand injuries, Sudden onset of sports related knee injuries, Sudden onset of sternocleidomastoid weakness, Sudden onset of stiff neck in the newborn, Sudden onset of stress fractures, Sudden onset of tonic spasms, Sudden onset of trapezius muscle weakness, Sudden onset of unilateral pill-rolling tremor, Sudden onset of vertigo, Sudden shock-like contractions of a single muscle, Tardive dystonia, Gradual onset of arthrogryposis, Gradual onset of back pain in children, Gradual onset of brittle bones, Gradual onset of cranial nerve dysfunction, Gradual onset of foot weakness, Gradual onset of hip pain in children, Gradual onset of hypotonia in children, Gradual onset of lower limb weakness, Gradual onset of muscle cramps, Gradual onset of muscle pain, Myotonia (13 causes), Gradual onset of pill rolling hand movements, Gradual onset of progressive bulbar palsy, Gradual onset of respiratory muscle weakness, Gradual onset of rigidity and tremor, Gradual onset of steadily aching pelvic pain, Gradual onset of stooped posture, Gradual onset of barrel shaped chest in children, Gradual onset of hyperreflexia due to tumors, Hamstring rigidity, Hypogastric weakness, Jumper's knee, Kyphosis in children, Monoarthropathy, Myotonic contractions, Mallet's fracture, Neuroacanthocytosis, Painful pharyngeal spasms, Pill rolling hand movements as in case of Parkinson's disease, Sudden onset of back stiffness, Sudden onset of blepharospasm, Sudden onset of bulbar palsy, Sudden onset of foot weakness, Sudden onset of foot weakness exacerbated by exercise, Sudden onset of hyperreflexia of the lower limbs, Sudden onset of increased deep tendon reflexes in the lower limbs, Sudden onset of lower limb weakness, Sudden onset of jaw stiffness, Sudden onset of joint pain, Sudden onset of loss of posture control, Sudden onset of muscle cramps in children, Sudden onset of myotonia, Sudden onset of profound weakness, Sudden onset of pseudobulbar palsy, Sudden onset of ratchet-like movements, Sudden onset of rigidity and tremor, Sudden onset of Runner's knee, Sudden onset of sinus tarsi syndrome, Sudden onset of oculomotor palsy with contralateral hemiplegia, Sudden onset of laryngeal spasm, Sudden onset of asymmetrical paralysis of the legs, Sudden onset of arm weakness, Sudden onset of contralateral ataxic tremor, Paralysing weakness in the muscles of the extremities, Peripheral polyarthropathy, Plantar fasciitis (1 cause), Posture symptoms (96 causes), Progressive descending myalgia, Protruded lumbar spine, Roughening of the articular cartilage, Sudden onset in difficulty of making fine hand movements, Sudden onset of abnormal muscle tone in children, Sudden onset of ankle clonus, Sudden onset of descending weakness in the muscles of the trunk, Sudden onset of disorientation, Sudden onset of facial diplegia, Sudden onset of facial muscle weakness, Eyelid paralysis (1 cause), Sudden onset of GB syndrome, Loss of limb function, 7th cranial nerve palsy, Ocular and facial palsies, Extraocular muscle palsies of one eye, Ophthalmoplegia (19 causes), Oculomotor palsy due to diabetes, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Ophthalmoplegia in both eyes, Oculomotor palsy, Upgaze palsy in children, Inability to move (11 causes), Progressive external ophthalmoplegia (2 causes), Ophthalmoplegia in children, Oculomotor palsy due to multiple sclerosis, Inability to move extremities, Eye paralysis (14 causes), Sudden onset of cranial nerve dysfunction, Double elevator palsy in children, sleep paralysis (9 causes), Ophthalmoplegia as present in acute congestive glaucoma, Intermittent Stomatitis, Heberden's nodes, Unresponsiveness (21 causes), Eye spasm, Generalized Myokymia, Epilepsy (111 causes), twitches (35 causes), tremor (288 causes), paroxysmal coughing (1 cause), Shaking hands, Sydenham's chorea (2 causes), Myokymia (7 causes), Autonomic seizure, Spastic gait (14 causes), Spasmodic Torticollis, croup (6 causes), Eyelid spasm, Coughing spasms (13 causes), tics (7 causes), Eyelid Myokymia (3 causes), Facial Myokymia (1 cause), Grand mal seizures (20 causes), Convulsions (446 causes), Tic (35 causes), seizures (2166 causes), Fasciculations (9 causes), Camptodactyly (162 causes), reduced alertness (12 causes), Hinge joint( elbow joint) itch, Severe acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Acute acne-like elbow skin symptoms, elbow itch, Elbow of both elbows, Hinge joint( elbow joint) redness, Chronic acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Elbow numbness (1 cause), elbow redness (3 causes), Hinge joint( elbow joint) blister, Mottled elbows, Elbow blister, Medial epicondyle lump, Medial epicondyle burning sensation, Lateral epicondyle lump, Lateral epicondyle burning sensation, Intermittent psoriasis-like elbow rash, Medial epicondyle ulcer, Medial epicondyle infection, Psoriasis-like elbow rash, Intermittent ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Elbow rash (2 causes), Lateral epicondyle ulcer, Lateral epicondyle infection, Ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Numbness of both elbows (55 causes), Mild psoriasis-like elbow rash, Intermittent acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Mediterranean spotted fever, Medial epicondyle itch, Hinge joint( elbow joint) bleeding, Mild acne-like elbow skin symptoms, elbow bleeding, Lateral epicondyle itch, Elbow rash in children, Medial epicondyle redness, Medial epicondyle blister, Lateral epicondyle redness, Hinge joint( elbow joint) inflammation, Hinge joint( elbow joint) deformity, elbow deformity (8 causes), elbow inflammation, elbow coldness, Lateral epicondyle blister, Hinge joint( elbow joint) tingling, Hinge joint( elbow joint) bruise, elbow bruise (1 cause), elbow tingling, Flexural rashes in children, Ulnar neuritis, Elbow tingling/paresthesias, Acute elbow pain, Hinge joint( elbow joint) lump, Elbow blueness, Hinge joint( elbow joint) burning sensation, Chronic elbow pain, Medial epicondyle bleeding, Recurring psoriasis-like elbow rash, Elbow burning sensation, Elbow paresthesia/ tingling, Lateral epicondyle bleeding, Hinge joint( elbow joint) ulcer, Hinge joint( elbow joint) infection, Recurring ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, elbow ulcer, elbow infection, Flexural psoriasis, Medial epicondyle inflammation, Medial epicondyle deformity, Severe psoriasis-like elbow rash, Recurring acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Numbness of one elbow, Acute psoriasis-like elbow rash, Medial epicondyle tingling, Medial epicondyle bruise, Lateral epicondyle inflammation, Lateral epicondyle deformity, Severe ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Lateral epicondyle tingling, Lateral epicondyle bruise, Chronic psoriasis-like elbow rash, Spinal pain experienced when lying still, Popliteal fossa tingling, Popliteal fossa bruise, Severe ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Sports related Chondromalacia patellae, Chronic psoriasis-like knee rash, Severe pain in both knees, Severe acne-like knee skin symptoms, Mild acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Jogger's knee, Chronic ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Acute acne-like knee skin symptoms, knee itch, Knee joint sensitive, Kneecap sensitive, Patellofemoral pain on one side, Knee joint burning sensation, Knee swelling in children, Chronic acne-like knee skin symptoms, Patellofemoral pain in children, Knee joint cold, Mottled knees, Cystic lesions in the knee, Constant anterior knee pain, knee redness (2 causes), Popliteal fossa sensitive, Knee joint ulcer, Knee joint infection, Kneecap ulcer, Kneecap infection, Knee blister, Kneecap swelling, Popliteal fossa burning sensation, Popliteal fossa cold, Intermittent psoriasis-like knee rash, Popliteal fossa ulcer, Popliteal fossa infection, Psoriasis-like knee rash, Popliteal swelling, Intermittent ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Knee rash (1 cause), Ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Severe knee pain in lower limb, Mild psoriasis-like knee rash, Intermittent pain behind the knee, Intermittent acne-like knee skin symptoms, Kneecap itch, Posterior knee pain and sports, Mild ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Acne-like knee skin symptoms, Knee joint redness, Kneecap redness, Knee numb, Behind knee lump, Knee joint blister, Kneecap blister, Recurring psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Mild pain behind the knee, Mild acne-like knee skin symptoms, knee bleeding, Recurring ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Knee rash in children, Involuntary flexion of the knees and hips, Popliteal fossa redness, Severe psoriasis-like calf rash, Behind knee swelling, Patellar pain, Popliteal fossa blister, Swelling of the knees, Severe psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Recurring acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Kneecap rash, knee deformity (16 causes), knee inflammation (2 causes), knee coldness, Severe ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Popliteal pulses, McMurray's sign, Acute ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, knee bruise, knee tingling, Chronic psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Severe acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Knee joint numb, Kneecap numb, Behind knee pain, Behind knee itch, Knee tingling/paresthesias, Chronic acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Knee joint bleeding, Kneecap bleeding, Mild behind-knee pain, Popliteal fossa numb, Intermittent pain behind both knees, Knee blueness, Knee sensitive, Mild ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Constant behind-knee pain, Popliteal fossa bleeding, Knee joint deformity, Kneecap inflammation, Kneecap deformity (18 causes), Recurring psoriasis-like knee rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Acute injuries of both knees related to sports, Knee burning sensation, Knee paresthesia/ tingling, Knee joint tingling, Knee joint bruise, Kneecap tingling, Kneecap bruise, Recurring ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Intermittent ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Behind knee rash, knee ulcer, knee infection, Ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, knee swelling (17 causes), Patellofemoral pain, Popliteal fossa inflammation, Popliteal fossa deformity, Severe psoriasis-like knee rash, Recurring acne-like knee skin symptoms, Mild psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Intermittent acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute psoriasis-like knee rash, Inflammatory joint effusion, Scoliosis in children, Recurring chronic spinal pain, Disk herniation, Thoracic vertebrae lump, Intermittent chronic tailbone pain, Constant spinal pain in children, Thoracic vertebrae burning sensation, Lumbar inflammation, Chronic tailbone pain, Lumbar tingling, Lumbar bruise, Severe chronic spinal pain, Incomplete spinal cord lesion, Acute chronic spinal pain, Epidural abscess, Thoracic vertebrae ulcer, Thoracic vertebrae infection, Sacral pain, Sacral itch, Sacroiliac pain, Mild chronic tailbone pain, Colicky pain in the lower sacrum, Abnormal curvature of the spine (37 causes), spinal cord injury, Sacrum numb, Sacral dimple (17 causes), Acutely arched back, Spinal inflammation, spina bifida (29 causes), Thoracic spine ulcer, Spinal tingling, Sacral blister, Continuous spine pain, Constant sacroiliac pain, Thoracic vertebrae pain, Thoracic vertebrae itch, Lumbar lump, Kyphoscoliosis (84 causes), Coccydynia related to sports, lordosis (85 causes), Thoracic vertebrae numbness, Sacrum inflammation, Sacral rash, Lumbar burning sensation, Hunched shoulders (1 cause), Thoracic vertebrae redness, Sacrum tingling, Sacrum bruise, Spinal cord lesion (1 cause), Thoracic vertebrae blister, Lumbar ulcer, Lumbar infection, Spondylolisthesis (3 causes), Intermittent chronic spinal pain, Coccydynia, Hunching (2 causes), Spinal lump, Spinal arthritis, Chronic spinal pain, Tailbone symptoms (17 causes), Thoracic spine redness, Spinal burning sensation, Cervical injury, Thoracic vertebrae rash, Thoracic spine blister, Mild chronic spinal pain, Lordosis in children, Spinal ulcer, Spinal lumbar bleeding, Spinal infection, Sacral bleeding, Constant coccydynia, Sacrum lump, Lumbar itch, Sacrum burning sensation, Palpation of the lumbar spine, Cervical cord injury, Lumbar redness, Recurring chronic tailbone pain, Cervical stenosis, Sacrum infection, Lumbar blister, Sudden onset of spinal pain, Intermittent spinal pain, Chronic spinal pain increased by exercise, Sacroilitis (2 causes), Kyphosis (158 causes), Thoracic vertebrae bleeding, Spinal pain (2 causes), Spinal itch, Spinal epidural abscess, Cerebrospinal fluid leakage, Spinal numbness, Severe chronic tailbone pain, Acute chronic tailbone pain, spine bruise, Spinal redness, Lumbar rash, Gradual onset of spinal pain, Damage to one or both of the corticospinal tracts, Coccyx pain, Thoracic vertebrae inflammation, Thoracic vertebrae deformity, Thoracic spine bleeding, Spinal blister, scoliosis (384 causes), Thoracic vertebrae tingling, Thoracic vertebrae bruise, Thoracic tingling, Tenderness of the spinous processes, Sacrum pain, Herniated disk, Lumbar pathologies, Spinal rash, Sacrum redness, Lumbar numb, Constant coccyx pain, Cervicitis (3 causes), Spinal arthiritis, Diskitis, Sacral ulcer, Lumbar bleeding, Corticospinal damage, Constant Sacrum pain, Foot arch pain similar to arthritis, arthritis-like symptoms (725 causes), Mild arthritis symptoms, osteoarthritis (9 causes), Joint redness (25 causes), Symptoms resembling arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (13 causes), gouty arthritis (5 causes), Migratory arthritis, arthritis (79 causes), Charcot joint, Haemorrhagic joint effusion, Daytime drowsiness in children, Excessive yawning, Diminished corneal reflex in one eye, Mild episodic adhd-like symptoms, agitation (213 causes), Sudden onset of difficulty to walk in adolescents, Suddenon set of oculogyric crisis, Tremors (95 causes), Giddiness in children, Forearm pain worsened on exercise, Yawning excessively in pregnancy, Gradual onset of difficulty to walk in children, Palm weakness, Sudden onset of limping, Scissor gait in children, Fasciculation (192 causes), Excessively sleepy, Sudden onset of waddling gait, Walking difficulty in adolescents, Internal os weakness, Skin disorders related to team sports, Refusal to walk in toddlers, Refusal to walk (1 cause), Recurring chronic pain on exertion, Orthostatic hypotension in pregnancy, Hyperactive behavior in children, Bizarre gait, Antalgic gait in children, Fatigue in pregnancy, Extreme fatigue (87 causes), Intermittent claudication (5 causes), Exertional paroxysmal dyspnea, Sudden onset of cuboid syndrome in athletes, Absent corneal reflex in one eye, Sudden onset of nuchal rigidity, Walking problems in children, Waddling gait (43 causes), Sports related foot injuries, Fractures following excessive exercise, Extensor tendonitis in runners, Proprioception, Cold weather injuries, Sedative effect, Eye fatigue in one eye, Listlessness (33 causes), Claudication (7 causes), Cuboid syndrome in athletes, Sudden onset of tachycardia worsened by exercise, Sudden onset of balance disorders, Sudden onset of stepping gait, Sports related hand injuries, Recurring hyperactivity in adults, Recurring heartburn after exercise, Propulsive gait, Hyperactive behavior in teens, Acute pain sitting down, Feeling under the weather, Sudden onset of sports related eye injuries, Recurring adhd-like symptoms in adults, Gradual onset of abnormal gait in adults, Eyes fixed upward, Severe chronic pain on exertion, Loss of proprioception (5 causes), Involuntary oscillations of one or both eyeballs, Intermittent chronic pain sitting down, Flail chest (4 causes), Eyelid twitch (13 causes), Dizziness (1230 causes), Crying when moved, Breathlessness on exertion in children, Abnormal gait (83 causes), Abdominal pain worsened by exercise, Daytime drowsiness in pregnancy, Excessive yawning in children, Lethargy in pregnancy, Sudden onset of sensory ataxia in adults, Palm stiff, Eyelid stiff, Twitching of the lip, Tremors in children, Sports-related eye injuries, Restlessness (358 causes), Recurring hyperactivity, Exercise induced asthma, Giddiness in pregnancy, Eye movement symptoms (521 causes), Chronic pain sitting down, Drowsiness in pregnancy, Weak, tired and apprehensive, Recurring adhd-like symptoms, eye blinking symptoms (28 causes), Sudden onset of inability to close the eyelids, Bronchial stiffness, Walking symptoms (614 causes), Sports and groin pain, Shuffling gait (27 causes), Severe hyperactivity in adults, Severe heartburn after exercise, Severe fibromyalgia-like symptoms in sports, Refusal to walk in toddler, Magnetic gait in children, Exercise and paraesthesia, Contusion following exercise, Automatisms (4 causes), Acute pain when walking, Acute hyperactivity in adults, Acute heartburn after exercise, Turf toe syndrome, Doll's eye sign, Severe adhd-like symptoms in adults, Acute adhd-like symptoms in adults, Unusual overactivity in children, Unsteady gait (30 causes), Sports related injury of the hand, Mild chronic pain sitting down, Intermittent chronic pain when walking, Abdominal pain exacerbated by exercise, Pulmonary stiff, Waddling gait in children, Time standing still, Crepitus (1 cause), Shakiness (7 causes), Severe hyperactivity, Pain in one leg worsened by exercise, Feeling of being pulled sideways, Exertional dyspnea (6 causes), Chronic pain when walking, Chronic hyperactivity in adults, Chronic heartburn after exercise, Sudden onset of skin disorders related to swimming, Diminished corneal reflex, Severe adhd-like symptoms, Chronic adhd-like symptoms in adults, Acute adhd-like symptoms, Eyebrow weakness, Walking with body bent forwards, Skin disorders related to general sports activities, Recurring hyperactivity in the workplace, Paraesthesia of the face and exercise, Orofacial dyskinesia (1 cause), Gait disturbances in pregnancy, Frozen shoulder following sports, Eye twitching (383 causes), Seasickness, bradykinesia (41 causes), Extreme tiredness in pregnancy, Severe fatigue (5 causes), Intermittent claudication of one lower limb, arm stiffness (24 causes), Sudden onset of sensory ataxic gait, Ocular weakness (131 causes), Stepping gait in children, Skin disorders related to swimming, Prancing gait, Mild chronic pain when walking, Involuntary eyeball movements, Intermittent Psychomotor hyperactivity, Repetition (31 causes), Adhd, Dizziness in children, Breathlessness on exertion in pregnancy, Titubation, Abnormal gait in children, Cachexia (16 causes), Malaise (440 causes), Sudden onset of sports related shoulder injuries, Diminished corneal reflex in both eyes, Chronic adhd-like symptoms, Sudden onset of retropulsive gait, Painful walk, Facial jitteriness, Mouth weakness (1 cause), Limited extraocular muscle movement, Leg pain worsened by exercise, Chronic orthostatic hypotension, Breathing problems worsened by exercise, Abnormal involuntary movements of the mouth, Falling (14 causes), Absent Corneal Reflex (2 causes), Corneal reflex, absent, Recurring adhd-like symptoms in children, Nystagmus (364 causes), Sudden onset of exercise induced inguinal hernia, Sudden onset of breathing worsened by exercise, Gradual onset of abnormal gait in children, Sudden onset of walking difficulties, Akathisia, Tremor symptoms (448 causes), Sports related shoulder injuries, Severe hyperactivity in the workplace, Retropulsive gait, Involuntary eye twitching in children, Air sickness, Acute hyperactivity in the workplace, Abnormal involuntary movements of the eyes, Eye fatigue, Lack of energy (34 causes), Decreased responsiveness to light in one eye, Walking disorders, Wheezing on exertion, Wavelike twitching of the skin, Tremors and twitching similar to Parkinson's disease, Crunching sound (1 cause), Orthostatic hypotension due to pheochromocytoma, Intermittent chronic pain on exertion, Exercise-induced anaphylaxis (1 cause), Inability to open the mouth, Breathing worsened by exercise, Exercise induced inguinal hernia, Abductor lurch, Yawning (11 causes), Extreme fatigue in pregnancy, Commotio cordis, Recurring episodic adhd-like symptoms, Forehead weakness, Waddling gait in pregnancy, Refusal to walk in adolescent, Chronic pain on exertion, Chronic hyperactivity in the workplace, Abnormal walk (54 causes), Daytime tiredness (1 cause), Eye fatigue in both eyes, Listlessness in pregnancy, general discomfort (5 causes), Severe adhd-like symptoms in children, Acute adhd-like symptoms in children, Chewing difficulty (12 causes), Wrist drop (2 causes), Squint (52 causes), Digestive system weakness, Sudden onset of gait abnormality, Spastic gait in children, Shortness of breath from exercise (1315 causes), Intermittent hyperactivity in adults, Intermittent heartburn after exercise, Exercise hypertension, Calcaneal stress fracture due to running, Bradykinesia in children, Tiredness (649 causes), Intermittent adhd-like symptoms in adults, alertness (2 causes), Sudden onset of difficulty to walk in school age children, Brow weakness, Twitches in pregnancy, Sports related stress fractures of the ribs, Shuffling walk (3 causes), Mild chronic pain on exertion, Heartburn after exercise, Heart attack and exercise, Gait abnormality (17 causes), Fatigue worsened by exercise, Constant eye fatigue, Easily fatigued (30 causes), Sports related skin disoders, Severe episodic adhd-like symptoms, Chronic adhd-like symptoms in children, ADHD-like symptoms in adults, Acute episodic adhd-like symptoms, Lung stiff, Steppage gait (5 causes), Exercise intolerance (78 causes), Constant limp, Catatonia (17 causes), Yawning Excessively, Episodic severe fatigue, Sudden onset of sports related osteoarthritis, Sudden onset of sports related fibromyalgia, Intermittent adhd-like symptoms, Ocular deviation, Sudden onset of orthostatic hypotension, Gradual onset of gait abnormality, Walking difficulty in school-age children, Walking symptoms in pregnancy, Sports related tendonitis, Mild hyperactivity in adults, Mild heartburn after exercise, Hyperactivity (224 causes), Headache worsened by exercise, Forearm pain worse on exercise, Akathisia in children, Acute pain when walking in pregnancy, Falls (30 causes), Mild adhd-like symptoms in adults, Chronic episodic adhd-like symptoms, Shaky hands (4 causes), Raised ambulatory 24hr pH monitoring, ADHD-like symptoms, Swaying, Scissors gait, Orthostatic hypotension (14 causes), Hyperkinesis (2 causes), Audible crunching sound, Exercise urticaria, Fatigue (3129 causes), Prostration (63 causes), Sudden loss of corneal reflex, Lazy eye (16 causes), Sudden onset of apraxia, Sudden onset of limited eye movement, Wheezing worsened by exercise, Tics in children, Sports related injury of both hands, Sports related facial injuries, Skin disorders related to close contact sports, Unequal, sluggish pupils, Mild adhd-like symptoms, Wandering eye, Sudden onset of scissor gait in adults, Eyelash weakness, Intermittent hyperactivity in the workplace, Apraxia (11 causes), Hemipariesis, Intermittent claudication of both lower limbs, Reeling gait, Tongue weakness (3 causes), Sports related feet injury, Skin disorders related to running and jogging, Recurring chronic pain sitting down, Pain on exertion, Hyperactivity in the workplace, Fasciculation in both lower limbs, Abnormal involuntary movements of the tongue, Daytime drowsiness (2 causes), Lethargy (357 causes), Chronic fatigue syndrome, Forearm pain worse with weight training, Decreased responsiveness to light, Sudden onset of scissor gait, Walking difficulty in toddlers, Antalgic gait in adults, Tremors and twitching, Stress fractures related to running, Standing symptoms (23 causes), Sports related Posterior compartment syndrome, Hyperactive behavior in adults, Heart rhythm problems worsened by exercise, Giddiness (9 causes), Exercise symptoms (1388 causes), Difficulty walking (68 causes), Chronic finger pain related to sporting injuries, Breathing problems worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Achilles tendon bursitis due to running, paralysis (266 causes), Drowsiness (943 causes), bone weakness (2 causes), Intermittent adhd-like symptoms in children, Sudden onset of antalgic gait, Gradual onset of cerebellar ataxia, Clavicle stiff, Twitching of all facial muscles, Sports and thigh injuries, Mild hyperactivity in the workplace, Lower leg injuries related to sports, Hyperactivity in children (5 causes), Heel pain related to sports, Eyelid twitching in both eyes, Increased risk of falls, Sudden onset of skin disorders related to contact sports, Decreased responsiveness to light in both eyes, ADHD-like symptoms in children, Sudden onset of extraocular palsies, Stomach weakness, Antalgic gait, Tarsal tunnel syndrome due to jogging, Sports related ankle injuries, Sleep walking (1 cause), Severe chronic pain sitting down, Recurring chronic pain when walking, Leg pain on walking (1 cause), Hyperactive behavior in toddlers, Heart rate worsened by exercise, Breathing worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Fatigue in children, Intermittent episodic adhd-like symptoms, Tardive dyskinesia, Sprained twisted ankle following jogging, Sports related shoulder injury on one side, Skin disorders related to gymnastics, aerobics and dancing, Refusal to walk in school-age children, Eyelid twitching on one side, Episodic hyperactivity, Abnormal Walk in Pregnancy, Abnormal eye movements (37 causes), Daytime tiredness in pregnancy, Sudden onset of skin disorders related to sports, Mild adhd-like symptoms in children, Episodic adhd-like symptoms, excitement (26 causes), Sudden onset of difficulty to walk in children, Psychomotor aura, Strained lower back injury following exercise, Sports related buttock pain, Shortness of breath from exercise in pregnancy, Off and on shortness of breath occurs at night and is relieved by sitting upright, Gait disturbances (3 causes), Apraxia in children, Extreme tiredness (13 causes), Tiredness in pregnancy, Rhabdomyolysis (24 causes), Gradual onset of extraocular palsies, Connective tissue stiff, Skin disorders related to outdoor sports, Severe chronic pain when walking, Heartburn after exercise in pregnancy, Feeling as if you are spinning despite being still, Eyelid twitching in children, Breathlessness on exertion (5 causes), Postural hypotension (8 causes), abnormal posture (15 causes), Abnormal posture in children, Impaired position, Altered posture, Loss of Posture control, Enhanced postural hypotensive reaction, Testicular atrophy (2 causes), Malleolar blister, Joints burning sensation, Frozen shoulder, Bursitis of one arm, Sudden onset of ankle oedema, Swelling of the ankles, Metacarpophalangeal joint rash, Tenderness of the symphysis pubis, ankle coldness, ankle inflammation, ankle deformity (9 causes), Intermittent ankle pain on both sides, Joints swelling, Joints infection, Arthritis in multiple joints as in case of rheumatoid arthritis, Arthritis in children, ankle bruise (3 causes), wrist itch (1 cause), Pain in the joints (1 cause), Ankle pain on both sides, Wrist pain (17 causes), Sudden onset of polyarthritis in children, Knuckle itch, Ankle stiffness (6 causes), Gradual onset of ankle oedema, Ankle tingling/paresthesias, wrist redness (1 cause), Wrist and fingers flexed on the chest, Metacarpophalangeal joint numb, Knuckle redness, Cogwheel rigidity (1 cause), Burst of intense pain, Wrist blister, Ankle sprain, Knuckle blister, knuckle spasm, Wrist lump in pregnancy, Swelling of one ankle, Wrist symptoms (33 causes), Constant wrist pain, Metacarpophalangeal joint bleeding, Knuckle symptoms (1 cause), Ankle blueness, Malleolar bleeding, ankle lump, Wrist rash (1 cause), Severe wrist pain on both sides, Mild wrist pain on one side, Joints redness, Knuckle rash, Ankle paresthesia (tingling) (1 cause), Ankle burning sensation, Wrist swelling in pregnancy, Metacarpophalangeal joint inflammation, Metacarpophalangeal joint deformity, Metacarpophalangeal joint tingling, Metacarpophalangeal joint bruise, Malleolar deformity, Malleolar inflammation, ankle infection, ankle ulcer, Ankle swelling (74 causes), Numbness of one ankle, Sudden onset of ankle swelling due to cardiac etiology, Wrist numb (1 cause), Knuckle numb, Bursitis in both arms, Acute gouty arthritis, knuckle bleeding, Wrist itch in pregnancy, Wrist pain in pregnancy, Bursitis, Ankle paresthesia of one side, Intermittent ankle pain, Sudden onset of ankle pain, Sudden onset of monoarthritis, Rheumatoid factor positive, Arthritis in multiple joints in children, ankle itch, Sudden onset of Lisfranc's injury, Ankle pain (16 causes), Metacarpophalangeal joint sensitive, Metacarpophalangeal joint lump, Joints numb, Ankle numbness (2 causes), knuckle inflammation, knuckle deformity, wrist coldness, wrist inflammation, wrist deformity (5 causes), Metacarpophalangeal joint burning sensation, Lisfranc's injury, Rheumatoid arthritis particle agglutination test, Knuckle coldness, Arthritic signs, Gradual onset of ankle pain, Swollen ankles similar as in pulmonary hypertension, ankle redness (1 cause), knuckle tingling, knuckle bruise, wrist bruise (2 causes), Swelling of both ankles, Metacarpophalangeal joint cold, Chronic gout, Gradual onset of monoarthritis, Ankle blister, Intermittent ankle pain on one side, Metacarpophalangeal joint ulcer, Metacarpophalangeal joint swelling, Metacarpophalangeal joint infection, Joint redness in children, Wrist tingling/paresthesias, Wrist tingling/paresthesia in a woman who is pregnant, Ankle symptoms (107 causes), Ankle pain on one side, Mild wrist pain on both sides, Malleolar infection, Malleolar ulcer, Wrist drop in children, Flap of the wrist, Joints inflammation, Sudden onset of monoarthritis in children, ankle rash (2 causes), Ankle pain in children, Voice box stiff, Joints tingling, Joints bruise, Wrist blueness, Wrists pronated and fingers flexed, Degenerative joint changes (1 cause), Arthropathies similar to that in inflammatory bowel disease, Numbness of both ankles, knuckle lump, Wrist sensitive, wrist lump (4 causes), Swelling of the ankles as in case of cirrhosis, Metacarpophalangeal joint itch, Knuckle sensitive, Sudden onset of polyarthritis in adults, Sudden onset of ankle paraesthesia, Wrist burning sensation, Wrist paresthesia/ tingling, Knuckle burning sensation, Arthropathies, Wrist cold, Severe wrist pain on one side, Flapping of the wrists, Metacarpophalangeal joint redness, Knuckle cold, Tenderness of the symphysis pubis during pregnancy, Arthritis in single joint in children, Ankle paresthesia of both sides, knuckle infection, knuckle ulcer, wrist infection, Wrist swelling (15 causes), Metacarpophalangeal joint blister, Knuckle swelling (1 cause), Malleolar redness, ankle bleeding, Joints sensitive, Joints lump, Localised articular signs, Intermittent stomach pain (1 cause), Stomach pain (29 causes), Stomache, stomach ache (375 causes), pelvic inflammatory disease (2 causes), Adnexal tenderness (1 cause), Ilium sensitive, Ilium lump, Ilium burning sensation, Ischial tuberosity bleeding, Ilium swelling, Ilium infection, Recurring hip pain related to osteoporosis, Pelvis redness, Ischial tuberosity tingling, Intermittent chronic pelvic pain, Colicky pain in pelvis, Ilium redness, Suprapubic pain (2 causes), Suprapubic fullness, Pelvis numb, Ischial tuberosity burning sensation, Pelvis bleeding, Left iliac fossa pain, Suprapubic pain in children, Pelvic colicky pain, Pelvis inflammation, Pelvis deformity, Ilium numb, Pelvis tingling, Pelvis bruise, Ilium bleeding, Constant suprapubic pain in children, Ilium inflammation, Ilium tingling, Ilium bruise, Pelvis sensitive, Pelvis lump, Suprapubic pressure, Pelvis burning sensation, Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, Pelvis infection, pelvis swelling (2 causes), Pelvic mass (15 causes), myalgia (53 causes), Vague muscle aches, Rectal weakness, Brow spasm, Peristaltic contractions, Myocardial abscess, Upper digestive system weakness, Stiffness in abdomen, Seizures in pregnancy, Intermittent seizures in newborns, Abdominal muscle spasm, Sudden onset of abdominal rigidity, Visible peristalsis, Seizures in newborns (3 causes), Lower abdominal cramps, Violent Shivering, Extraocular muscles fail to work together in one eye, Abdominal rigidity (5 causes), Cervix spasm, Eyelash spasm, Rupture of the biceps, Intermittent onset of seizures, Compartment syndrome, Gradual onset of abdominal rigidity, Toe nail spasm, Tenderness with guarding, Slow peristalsis, Cataract in myotonic dystrophy, Intercostal rib retractions, Unilateral ptosis, Intermittent seizures in early childhood, Sudden onset of tightening of laryngeal muscles, External os weakness, Life-threatening bronchospasm, Generalized myokymia in children, Endomyocardial fibrosis, Generalised tonic clonic seizures, Pharyngeal muscle spasms, Chvostek's sign (1 cause), Gradual onset of torticollis, Skull weakness, Suprasternal retraction on inspiration, Abdominal rigidity in children, Biceps rupture, Supraclavicular retraction on inspiration, Sudden intermittent neonatal seizures, Seizures in later childhood and adolescence, Constrictive pericarditis, Sudden onset of ptosis, Lower jaw spasm, Laryngeal spasm in children, Endocarditis (9 causes), Abdomen spasm, Torticollis in children, Ptosis (15 causes), Gluteus medius, Abdominal guarding (2 causes), Internal os spasm, Shivering (362 causes), Droopy eye-lid (399 causes), Intercostal bulging, Extraocular muscles fail to work together in both eyes, Atrophy of the neck, Sinus weakness, Cardiomyopathy (64 causes), Voice box weakness, Myoglobinuria in burns, Kernig's sign (3 causes), Constant ptosis, Sudden onset of proptosis, Twitching of ocular muscles, Laryngeal spasticity, Seizures in infants and early childhood, Ptosis in children, Intercostal retractions (3 causes), External os spasm, Congenital myopathies, Shivering in children, Impaired myocardial contractility, Elevated troponin, Wry neck (40 causes), Myopathy (42 causes), Cervix weakness, Laryngospasm (7 causes), Esophagus spasm, Sprain, Rupture of both biceps, Myopathy due to AIDS, Chest abdomen asynchrony, Sudden onset of pharyngeal spasm, Gastric weakness, Cardiomyopathy in danon disease, Facial myokymia in children, Suprasternal retractions, Sudden onset of seizures in children, Supraclavicular retractions, Ocular myokymia, Abdominal Guarding in Pregnancy, Biceps rupture on both sides, Large intestine weakness, Lower abdomen spasm, Forehead spasm, Tonic-clonic seizure (15 causes), Sudden onset of MELAS syndrome (mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, stroke), Sudden onset of seizures in the newborn, Peristaltic waves, visible, Lower Digestive system weakness, Cardiac spasm, Cardboard rigidity of the abdomen, Sudden onset of neonatal seizures, bone thinning (9 causes), bone loss (3 causes), Ortolani's sign, Coxa valga (24 causes)

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