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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Rash

About prevalence data for causes of Rash: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Rash as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Rash: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Rash in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Rash: Itchy rash (33 causes), Eczema (221 causes), Hives (232 causes), Hemorrhagic rash (3 causes), Leg rash (7 causes), Face rash (1 cause), Underarm rash (6 causes), Red spots (48 causes), Spots (2 causes), Red rash (8 causes), Sunburn (1 cause), Neck rash (2 causes), Allergic rash (1 cause), Allergic dermatitis (5 causes), Dermatitis (97 causes), Dermatitis herpetiformis (22 causes), maculopapular rash (9 causes), butterfly rash (1 cause), diaper rash (1 cause), skin eruptions (15 causes), skin spots (29 causes), Ankle rash (2 causes), Foot rash, Finger rash (1 cause), Leg rash (7 causes), Chin rash, Calf rash, Shin rash, Elbow rash (2 causes), Facial rash (5 causes), Thigh rash (2 causes), Jaw rash, Penile rash (7 causes), Genital rash (14 causes), breast rash (1 cause), arm rash (8 causes), buttock rash (10 causes), ear rash (1 cause), earlobe rash, eye rash, eyelid rash, eyebrow rash (2 causes), finger rash (1 cause), fingernail rash, foot rash, groin rash (1 cause), gum rash, knee rash (1 cause), kneecap rash, behind-knee rash, nipple rash, nose rash, penile rash (7 causes), rib rash, stomach rash (6 causes), back rash (3 causes), testicle rash, thigh rash (2 causes), forearm rash (1 cause), cheek rash (3 causes), clitoris rash, vulva rash (3 causes), vaginal rash (5 causes), toe rash, toenail rash, wrist rash (1 cause), thumb rash, foreskin rash, sole rash (7 causes), knuckle rash, shoulder rash, palm rash (4 causes), upper arm rash, tongue rash (1 cause), Pustular rash, Acne-like rash, Scaly eruptions, Mild allergic rash, Desquamative erythema, Desquamative rash, Eczematous rash (3 causes), Forehead rash, Increased pigmentation (8 causes), Intertriginous rash, Morbilliform rash, Mottled Skin (7 causes), Scrotum rash (1 cause), Stretch Mark, Annular rash, Irritation of scrotum skin, Petechiae (42 causes), Hive-like face swelling, Tongue discoloration (1 cause), Acneiform rashes in children, Acne-like rash in pregnancy, Acute diabetes-like skin rash, Pityriasis rosea in children, Acute herpes-like genital rash, Acute ichthyosis-like skin rash, Acute psoriasis-like arm rash, Acute psoriasis-like back rash, Acute psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Acute psoriasis-like calf rash, Acute psoriasis-like chest rash, Acute psoriasis-like elbow rash, Acute psoriasis-like facial rash, Acute psoriasis-like foot rash, Acute psoriasis-like forearm rash, Acute psoriasis-like hand rash, Acute psoriasis-like knee rash, Acute psoriasis-like leg rash, Acute psoriasis-like neck rash, Acute psoriasis-like stomach rash, Viral exanthems due to enterococaal infection, Anal rash (4 causes), Annular rashes in children, Armpit rash in children, Back rash in children, Butterfly rash due to SLE, Butterfly rash in children, Buttock rash in children, Cheek rash in children, Chest rash (1 cause), Chest rash in children, Chronic diabetes-like skin rash, Chronic herpes-like genital rash, Chronic ichthyosis-like skin rash, Chronic psoriasis-like arm rash, Chronic psoriasis-like back rash, Chronic psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Chronic psoriasis-like calf rash, Chronic psoriasis-like chest rash, Chronic psoriasis-like elbow rash, Chronic psoriasis-like facial rash, Chronic psoriasis-like foot rash, Chronic psoriasis-like forearm rash, Chronic psoriasis-like hand rash, Chronic psoriasis-like knee rash, Chronic psoriasis-like leg rash, Chronic psoriasis-like neck rash, Chronic psoriasis-like skin rash, Chronic psoriasis-like stomach rash, Allergic skin rash, Diabetes-like skin rash, Diaper rash in children, Ear rash in children, Eczematous rash in pregnancy, Edematous rash, Elbow rash in children, Eyelid rash in children, Facial rash in children, Flexural rashes in children, Foot rash in children, Generalised rash in children, Generalized rash in children, Genital rash in children, Groin rash in children, Hand and foot rashes due to skin disorders in children, Hand and foot rashes in children, Hand rash (6 causes), Hand rash in children, Head rash, Head rash in children, Hemorrhagic rashes, Herpes-like genital rash, Ichthyosis-like skin rash, Immune-mediated causes of hand and foot rashes in children, Infectious causes of hand and foot rashes in children, Infectious rash on palms and soles in children, Intermittent annular rashes, Intermittent diabetes-like skin rash, Intermittent generalised rashes, Intermittent herpes-like genital rash, Intermittent ichthyosis-like skin rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like arm rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like back rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like calf rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like chest rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like elbow rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like facial rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like foot rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like forearm rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like hand rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like knee rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like leg rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like neck rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like skin rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like stomach rash, Itchy macular rash, Itchy rash in children, Knee rash in children, Local viral rash, Localised rash in children, Localized rash in children, Macular rash, Maculopapular and punctuate rashes in children, Maculopapular rash in pregnancy, Malar rash, Malar rash due to SLE, Mild allergic skin rash, Mild diabetes-like skin rash, Mild herpes-like genital rash, Mild ichthyosis-like skin rash, Mild psoriasis-like arm rash, Mild psoriasis-like back rash, Mild psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Mild psoriasis-like calf rash, Mild psoriasis-like chest rash, Mild psoriasis-like elbow rash, Mild psoriasis-like facial rash, Mild psoriasis-like foot rash, Mild psoriasis-like forearm rash, Mild psoriasis-like hand rash, Mild psoriasis-like knee rash, Mild psoriasis-like leg rash, Mild psoriasis-like neck rash, Mild psoriasis-like skin rash, Mild psoriasis-like stomach rash, Morbilliform rash in children, Morbilliform rashes in children, Mouth rash in children, Papular rash in children, Penis rash in children, Petechial rashes in adults, Petechial rashes in children, Psoriasis-like arm rash, Psoriasis-like back rash, Psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Psoriasis-like calf rash, Psoriasis-like chest rash, Psoriasis-like elbow rash, Psoriasis-like facial rash, Psoriasis-like foot rash, Psoriasis-like hand rash, Psoriasis-like knee rash, Psoriasis-like leg rash, Psoriasis-like neck rash, Psoriasis-like rash, Psoriasis-like skin rash, Psoriasis-like stomach rash, Pustular rash in children, Rash distribution, Rash in children, Rash in pregnancy, Rash morphology, Rash on back of neck in children, Rash on chest and back in children, Rash on one cheek, Rash with filled bubbles, Rashes in children, Rashes in newborn, Rashes on skin covered by clothing in children, Rashes on the feet, Recurring diabetes-like skin rash, Recurring herpes-like genital rash, Recurring ichthyosis-like skin rash, Recurring psoriasis-like arm rash, Recurring psoriasis-like back rash, Recurring psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Recurring psoriasis-like calf rash, Recurring psoriasis-like chest rash, Recurring psoriasis-like elbow rash, Recurring psoriasis-like facial rash, Recurring psoriasis-like foot rash, Recurring psoriasis-like forearm rash, Recurring psoriasis-like hand rash, Recurring psoriasis-like knee rash, Recurring psoriasis-like leg rash, Recurring psoriasis-like neck rash, Recurring psoriasis-like skin rash, Recurring psoriasis-like stomach rash, Red purpuric rash in children, Red scaly rash in children, Scalp rash in children, Scaly rash (2 causes), Sclerotic rash, Scrotal rash, Severe diabetes-like skin rash, Severe herpes-like genital rash, Severe ichthyosis-like skin rash, Severe psoriasis-like arm rash, Severe psoriasis-like back rash, Severe psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Severe psoriasis-like calf rash, Severe psoriasis-like chest rash, Severe psoriasis-like elbow rash, Severe psoriasis-like facial rash, Severe psoriasis-like foot rash, Severe psoriasis-like forearm rash, Severe psoriasis-like hand rash, Severe psoriasis-like knee rash, Severe psoriasis-like leg rash, Severe psoriasis-like neck rash, Severe psoriasis-like skin rash, Severe psoriasis-like stomach rash, Skin rash on sun exposed sites, Vesicular rash, Vesicular rash in children, Vesicular rash in pregnancy, Vesicular rashes in children, Vesicular rashes in newborn, Vesicular rashes in newborns, Vesiculobullous rash in children, Viral causes of rashes in children, Abdomen rash, Abdominal wall rash, Adenoids rash, Anal triangle rash, Annular eruption, Auricle rash, Eyelash rash, Ear canal rash, Cervix rash, Cheek erythema, Connective tissue rash, Cornea rash, Digit rash, Femur rash, Finger pulp rash, Fingers rash, Lower abdomen rash, Esophagus rash, External os rash, Inguinal area rash, Internal os rash, Larynx rash, Lower jaw rash, Lumbar rash, Mandible rash, Metacarpal rash, Metacarpophalangeal joint rash, Middle ear rash, Nasopharyngeal tonsil rash, Nostril rash, Ocular rash, Optical nerve rash, Optical rash, Perineum rash, Phalanges rash, Pharynx rash, Prostate rash, Pubic area rash, Rectal rash, Ring finger rash, Sacral rash, Skin rash (290 causes), Spinal rash, Temple rash, Temporal rash, Tendon rash, Testis rash, Thoracic rash, Thoracic vertebrae rash, Upper abdominal rash, Urogenital triangle rash, Vertebral rash, Voice box rash, Vulval area rash, Eczema in pregnancy, Gluteal rash, Maculopapular rashes, Sudden onset of rash on the back, Sudden onset of rash on the back in children, Photomorphic eruption, Prickly rash, Psoriasis-like symptoms, Red scaly rash, Seborrheic skin, Sudden onset of anal rash, Ecchymosis (1 cause), Separation of the fingernails from the finger beds similar to that in psoriasis, Psoriasis-like forearm rash, Dry cracked skin similar to psoriasis, Acute psoriasis-like skin rash, Scaly skin lesions similar to psoriasis, Weals (82 causes), Chafing, Scabbing skin, Skin cancer (10 causes), Excess skin pigmentation (4 causes), Allergic skin reaction (2 causes), Skin, mottled

Symptoms related to Rash: Skin itch (1218 causes), Leg rash (7 causes), Arm rash (8 causes), Genital rash (14 causes), Tingling (851 causes), Paresthesias (452 causes), Toe rash, Foot rash, Skin ulcers, Acne (53 causes), Hemorrhagic rash (3 causes), Allergies, Hives (232 causes), Eczema (221 causes), Contact dermatitis, Food allergies (1 cause), Egg allergy, Peanut allergy, Wheat allergy, Milk allergy, Soybean allergy, Fish allergy

Rash type of: Skin symptoms (5929 causes), Skin problems (3404 causes)

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