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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Skeletal symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Skeletal symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Skeletal symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Skeletal symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Skeletal symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Skeletal symptoms: Bone symptoms (2770 causes), Abnormal bowing of bones in children, Abnormal carrying angle of elbow in children, Abnormal curvature of the spine (37 causes), Abnormal head shape in children, Abnormal rib number (19 causes), Accessory bone pain in children, Aching joints (46 causes), Acute chronic joint pain, Acute chronic knuckle pain, Acute chronic pain in multiple bones, Acute collarbone pain, Acute gouty arthritis, Acute injuries of the knee related to sports, Acute pain in multiple joints, Acute pelvic pain in children, Acutely arched back, Adactyly, Female athlete triad, Anterior fontanelle bulging, Anterior knee pain related to sports, Arachnodactyly (25 causes), Arachnodactyly in children, Arthralgia (29 causes), Arthralgia in lower limb, Arthralgia of both lower limbs, Arthralgia similar to that in Inflammatory bowel disease, Arthritic signs, Arthritis (79 causes), Arthritis in children, Arthritis in multiple joints as in case of rheumatoid arthritis, Arthritis in multiple joints in children, Arthritis in single joint in children, Arthritis-like symptoms (725 causes), Arthropathies, Arthropathies similar to that in inflammatory bowel disease, Asymmetric limbs in children, Asymmetrical chest expansion, Asymmetrical face (77 causes), Elbow of both elbows, Badly damaged cartilage, Barrel chest (17 causes), Barrel chest in children, Basilar skull fracture, Benign jaw growths in children, Bone changes (173 causes), Bone crepitation, Bone ends rubbing together, Bone growth suppression (2 causes), Bone loss (3 causes), Bone loss in children, Bone pain (237 causes), Bone swelling (26 causes), Bone swelling in children (15 -- 20 years old), Bone swelling in children (5 -- 15 years old), Bone swelling in children (birth -- 5 years old), Bone thinning (9 causes), Bony abnormalities, Bony crepitation, Bony foot mass in children, Brachydactyly (34 causes), Brittle bones in children, Broad nose bridge (48 causes), Bulging fontanel in children, Bulging fontanelle (6 causes), Bulging soft spots on a baby's head, Bumps on ribs, Bursitis, Bursitis in both arms, Bursitis of one arm, Burst of intense pain, Cervical injury, Charcot joint, Arthrogryposis (21 causes), Arthrogryposis in children, Chronic joint pain related to sports, Chronic knuckle pain, Chronic knuckle pain in both hands, Chronic knuckle pain in one hand, Chronic pain in both elbows, Elbow of one elbow, Chronic pain in multiple bones, Chronic pain in multiple joints, Clavicle fracture, Cloverleaf skull in children, Coccydynia, Coccydynia related to sports, Coccyx pain, Cogwheel rigidity (1 cause), Constant Arthralgia, Constant coccydynia, Constant coccyx pain, Constant collarbone pain, Constant elbow pain, Lateral epicondylitis, Constant hip pain in children, Constant in toeing, Constant knee pain, Constant knee pain in children, Constant knuckle pain, Constant lateral knee pain, Constant medial knee pain, Constant out-toeing, Constant pelvic pain, Constant pelvic pain in children, Constant posterior knee pain, Constant sacroiliac pain, Colicky pain in the lower sacrum, Constant Sacrum pain, Costovertebral angle tenderness, Coxa valga (24 causes), Curved fifth finger (111 causes), CVA tenderness, Degenerative joint changes (1 cause), Delayed bone age (78 causes), Depressed nasal bridge (71 causes), Depressed nose bridge (67 causes), Depressed nose bridge in children, Disk herniation, Diskitis, Dislocated hip (93 causes), Dislocation following weight training, Disorders of the bone in children, Dwarfism (94 causes), Dwarfism in children, Elbow lump (1 cause), Elbow pain (15 causes), Elbow pain in children, Elbow swelling (7 causes), Elbow swelling in children, Elbow symptoms (125 causes), Enlarged anterior fontanelle in infants, Enlarged jaw (5 causes), Enlarged supraorbital ridge, Exercise and chronic elbow pain, Audible crunching sound, Fifth finger clinodactyly (28 causes), Fixed knee flexion deformities, Flat back of skull (30 causes), Flat cheek bones (33 causes), Flat face (109 causes), Flat nose (50 causes), Flat nose bridge (70 causes), Flattened nose (31 causes), Flattened vertebrae (45 causes), Flexion of the elbows, Fontanel bulging, Fontanelle bulging, Fontanelle depression, Forward slippage of one vertebra over another, Fracture clavicle, Fracture of the base of the skull, Fractures (110 causes), Fractures following excessive exercise, Fragile bones in children, Frontal bossing (64 causes), Frozen shoulder, Acromegaly (6 causes), Acromioclavicular separation, Acromioclavicular separation on both sides, Frozen shoulder following sports, Flail chest (4 causes), Generalised musculoskeletal pain, Golfer's elbow, Gouty arthritis (5 causes), Gradual onset of monoarthritis, Gradual onset of rib pain, Heberden's nodes, Hemivertebrae (34 causes), High nasal bridge (16 causes), Hip pain (66 causes), Hip pain in children, Hip pain in pregnancy, Hip symptoms (273 causes), Hip symptoms in pregnancy, Humeral neck fracture, Humeral neck fracture of one side, Hyperextensible joints (74 causes), Hyperextensible joints of the lower limb, Cuboid syndrome in athletes, Idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis, Increased head circumference (3 causes), Increased pressure inside skull (24 causes), Inflammatory joint effusion, Widened suture, Intermittent chronic collarbone pain, Intermittent chronic elbow pain, Intermittent chronic joint pain, Intermittent chronic knuckle pain, Intermittent chronic pain in multiple bones, Intermittent chronic pain in multiple joints, Intermittent chronic tailbone pain, Intermittent elbow pain on both sides, Intermittent elbow pain on one side, Intermittent golfer's elbow, Intermittent groin pain, Intermittent hip pain, Intermittent hip pain on both sides, Intermittent hip pain on one side, Intermittent knee pain, Intermittent kneecap pain, Intermittent kneecap pain on both sides, Intermittent kneecap pain on one side, Intermittent knuckle pain on both sides, Intermittent knuckle pain on one side, Intermittent rib pain, Intermittent rib pain on both sides, Intermittent rib pain on one side, Intermittent tennis elbow, Intervertebral disc inflammation, Disc prolapse, Involuntary flexion of the knees and hips, Jaw clicking (2 causes), Jaw deformity (8 causes), Jaw locking (2 causes), Jaw symptoms (901 causes), Joint disease (6 causes), Joint laxity (19 causes), Joint pain (704 causes), Joint pain in children, Joint swelling (115 causes), Joint swelling in children, Joint symptoms (1214 causes), Joint tenderness (36 causes), Joints stiffen after inactivity, Joints stiffen after inactivity similar to psoriatic arthropathy, Knee collapse, Knee locking (4 causes), Knee lump, Knee pain (42 causes), Knee pain in children, Knee symptoms (144 causes), Kneecap lump, Kneecap pain, Knock-knees (27 causes), Knock kneesn children, Knock-knee (21 causes), Knuckle pain (1 cause), Knuckle pain similar to that of gout, Kyphoscoliosis (84 causes), Kyphosis (158 causes), Kyphosis in children, Large anterior fontanel (21 causes), Large fontanel (27 causes), Large fontanel in children, Large fontanelle (21 causes), Lateral knee pain and sports, Legs are stiffly extended and internally rotated, Localised articular signs, Long face (56 causes), Long head (65 causes), Long nose (41 causes), Long thin fingers (86 causes), Loose joints in children, Lordosis (85 causes), Lordosis in children, Low nasal bridge (51 causes), Macrocephaly in children, Medial knee pain related to sports, Microcephaly (22 causes), Microcephaly in children, Micrognathism in children, Migratory arthritis, Mild arthritis symptoms, Mild chronic collarbone pain, Mild chronic elbow pain, Mild chronic joint pain, Mild chronic knuckle pain, Mild chronic pain in multiple joints, Mild chronic pelvic pain, Multiple joint contractures (16 causes), Musculoskeletal disorder, Musculoskeletal hemorrhages, Narrow chest (42 causes), Narrow rib cage (34 causes), Neck flexed forward, Nodules on the joints of both hands, Nodules on the joints of one hand, Nodules on the joints of the hands, Non inflammatory joint effusion, Ortolani's sign, Osteoarthritis (9 causes), Osteomyelitis (15 causes), Osteopenia (55 causes), Osteoporosis (193 causes), Overuse knee injuries, Overuse knee injury, Pain below the 12th rib, Painful joints (4 causes), Painful rib cage in children, Paravertebral Muscle spasm, Pectus carinatum (56 causes), Pectus excavatum (129 causes), Pelvic discomfort (1 cause), Pelvic discomfort in pregnancy, Pelvic disorders, Pelvic disorders in pregnancy, Pelvic pain (94 causes), Pelvic pain in pregnancy, Pelvic pain worsened by exercise, Pelvic pain worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Pelvic symptoms (355 causes), Pelvic symptoms in pregnancy, Pigeon breast in children, Polydactyly (138 causes), Polydactyly in children, Postaxial polydactyly (14 causes), Premature fusion of skull bones (128 causes), Prominent back of skull (24 causes), Prominent brow in children (7 causes), Prominent forehead (253 causes), Protruding jaw (59 causes), Psoriasis- like joint stiffening after inactivity, Recessed jaw (65 causes), Recurring chronic collarbone pain, Recurring chronic elbow pain, Recurring chronic joint pain, Recurring chronic knuckle pain, Recurring chronic pain in multiple joints, Recurring chronic pelvic pain, Recurring collarbone pain on both sides, Recurring collarbone pain on one side, Recurring hip pain related to osteoporosis, Recurring knee pain on both sides, Recurring knee pain on one side, Recurring kneecap pain, Recurring knuckle pain in both hands, Recurring knuckle pain in one hand, Recurring thigh pain related to osteoporosis, Rheumatoid arthritis (13 causes), Rheumatoid arthritis particle agglutination test, Rheumatoid factor positive, Rib abnormalities (21 causes), Rib Bruise (1 cause), Rib Itch, Rib pain (5 causes), Rib pain on both sides, Rib Rash, Rib swelling (3 causes), Rib symptoms (156 causes), Ribcage hurt, Rounded chest, Runner's knee following jogging, Runner's knee in the lower limb, Ruptured intervertebral disk, Sacral dimple (17 causes), Sacroiliac pain, Sacrum pain, Salter harris type I fracture, Salter harris type II fracture, Salter harris type III fracture, Salter harris type IV fracture, Salter harris typeV fracture, Scoliosis (384 causes), Scoliosis in children, Rickets (34 causes), Severe chronic collarbone pain, Severe chronic elbow pain, Severe chronic joint pain, Severe chronic knuckle pain, Severe chronic pain in multiple joints, Severe chronic pelvic pain, Severe collarbone pain, Severe elbow pain on both sides, Severe elbow pain on one side, Severe joint pain (6 causes), Severe knuckle pain on both sides, Severe knuckle pain on one side, Severe rib pain on one side, Short stature (1131 causes), Short toes (115 causes), Short trunk (32 causes), Skeletal anomalies (47 causes), Skeletal deformities (22 causes), Skeletal pain (1 cause), Skull deformity (107 causes), Spinal arthritis, Spinal pain on palpation of the spinal vertebrae, Spine pain (1 cause), Spine symptoms (800 causes), Spine Tenderness, Sports related Fibromyalgia, Sports related knee injuries, Sports related osteoarthritis, Sports related stress fractures of the ribs, Sternum pushed forward, Stiff elbow (9 causes), Stiff hip (16 causes), Stiff joints (233 causes), Stress fractures, Stress fractures related to running, Subluxation of the proximal interphalangeal joints, Crepitus (1 cause), Crunching sound (1 cause), Sudden onset of hip pain in children, Sudden onset of knee pain, Sudden onset of monoarthritis, Sudden onset of monoarthritis in children, Sudden onset of polyarthritis in adults, Sudden onset of polyarthritis in children, Sudden onset of rib pain, Sunken chest in children, Superior maxillary lesion, Spina bifida (29 causes), Spondylolisthesis (3 causes), Swollen bone (173 causes), Symptoms resembling arthritis, Syndactyly (75 causes), Syndactyly in children, Tall stature in children (1 cause), Tallness (13 causes), Tapered fingers (33 causes), Tender vertebral processes, Tennis elbow, Vague arthralgias, Vertebral fracture (3 causes), Vertebral spasms, Visible fracture lines, Weak bones (84 causes), Weakness of bones, Achilles tendon stiff, Arm deformity (40 causes), Big toe stiff, Body stiffens, Bone burning sensation, Bone sensitivity, Bone tingling sensation, Bony lump, Calcaneal bone deformity, Calcaneal bone infection, Calcaneal bone inflammation, Calcaneal bone lump, Calcaneal bone pain, Calcaneal bone stiff, Calcaneal bone swelling, Cheekbone deformity, Chest stiff, Chronic gout, Clavicle infection, Clavicle inflammation, Clavicle lump, Clavicle numb, Clavicle stiff, Clavicle swelling, Clavicle tingling, Clavicle weakness, Collarbone symptoms (3 causes), Curving of the little finger, Digit stiff, Femur bruise, Femur burning sensation, Femur deformity (16 causes), Femur infection, Femur inflammation, Femur lump, Femur stiff, Femur swelling, Femur weakness, Fibula deformity, Fibula stiff, Finger stiff, Fingers stiff, Foot stiff, Forearm stiff, Ilium deformity, Ilium stiff, Heel stiff, Ischial tuberosity bruise, Ischial tuberosity deformity, Ischial tuberosity infection, Ischial tuberosity inflammation, Ischial tuberosity lump, Ischial tuberosity numb, Ischial tuberosity redness, Ischial tuberosity sensitive, Ischial tuberosity stiff, Ischial tuberosity swelling, Kneecap deformity (18 causes), Kneecap infection, Kneecap inflammation, Kneecap numb, Kneecap sensitive, Kneecap weakness, Knee joint bruise, Knee joint deformity, Knee joint infection, Knee joint weakness, Knuckle stiff, Lateral curvature of the spine, Lower jaw deformity, Lower jaw stiff, Lower leg deformity (10 causes), Lower leg stiff, Lumbar deformity, Malleolar deformity, Malleolar stiffness, Mandible stiff, Maxillary bone deformity, Maxillary bone lump, Maxillary bone numb, Metacarpal deformity, Metacarpal infection, Metacarpal stiff, Metacarpophalangeal joint deformity, Metacarpophalangeal joint stiffness, Pelvis stiff, Periosteum bruise, Periosteum burning sensation, Periosteum infection, Periosteum inflammation, Periosteum lump, Periosteum numbness, Periosteum redness, Periosteum sensitivity, Periosteum swelling, Periosteum tingling sensation, Periosteum weakness, Phalanges deformity, Phalanges stiff, Popliteal fossa deformity, Underdeveloped or absent radius in children, Radius deformity, Radius stiff, Ring finger deformity, Sacrum deformity, Scapula stiff, Spinal deformity (13 causes), Temple deformity, Temporal deformity, Tendon stiff, Thoracic spine deformity, Thoracic vertebrae deformity, Thoracic wall deformity (1 cause), Thoracic wall stiff, Thorax stiff, Tibial deformity, Tibial stiff, Toe stiff, Toenail stiff, Upper maxillary bone bruise, Upper maxillary bone burning sensation, Upper maxillary bone deformity, Upper maxillary bone infection, Upper maxillary bone lump, Upper maxillary bone numb, Upper maxillary bone pain, Upper maxillary bone tingling, Vertebra symptoms (609 causes), Vertebral blister, Vertebral bruise, Vertebral burning sensation, Vertebral deformity, Vertebral infection, Vertebral inflammation, Vertebral itch, Vertebral lumbar bleeding, Vertebral lump, Vertebral numbness, Vertebral pain, Vertebral rash, Vertebral redness, Vertebral spasm, Vertebral tingling, Vertebral ulcer, Wrist stiff, Disc herniation, Distal arthropathies, Forward bending of the spine, Forward displacement of the sternum, Forward slippage of one vertebra, Fragile weak bones, Sudden onset of sports related chondromalacia patellae, Sudden onset of sports related knee injuries, Sudden onset of sports related osteoarthritis, Sudden onset of stress fractures, Tailbone symptoms (17 causes), Gradual onset of arthrogryposis, Gradual onset of brittle bones, Gradual onset of hip pain in children, Gradual onset of steadily aching pelvic pain, Gradual onset of barrel shaped chest in children, Juvenile osteoporosis, Monoarthropathy, Mallet's fracture, Sudden onset of back stiffness, Sudden onset of collarbone pain, Sudden onset of jaw stiffness, Sudden onset of sinus tarsi syndrome, Sudden onset of cuboid syndrome in athletes, Peripheral polyarthropathy, Protruded lumbar spine, Roughening of the articular cartilage, jaw spasm, Lower jaw weakness, Decreased salivation (2 causes), Constant jaw pain, Lower jaw sensitive, Lower jaw lump, Swelling on both sides of the jaw, Pain in jaw, jaw deformities (2 causes), jaw rash, Mandible numb, Lower jaw burning sensation, Severe jaw pain on both sides, Jaw pain in children, jaw ache, Sudden onset of submandibular swelling, Lower jaw cold, Decreased salivary function, Chin numbness, Mandible bleeding, Lower jaw ulcer, Lower jaw swelling, Lower jaw infection, Chin symptoms (65 causes), Chin spasm, Mandible inflammation, Mandible deformity, Enlarged parotid gland (1 cause), Mandible tingling, Mandible bruise, Spasm of the jaw muscles, Chin rash, Maxillary bone tingling, Maxillary bone bruise, Lower jaw pain, Lower jaw redness, Intermittent jaw pain on both sides, Trismus (14 causes), jaw bruise (1 cause), Lower jaw blister, Mandible weakness, Lower jaw spasm, Pointy chin (24 causes), Mandible sensitive, Mandible lump, Temporomandibular disorders, Edema of the jaw, Chin bleeding, Jaw tingling/paresthesias, Sudden onset of jaw lump with pain, Mandible burning sensation, Lower jaw rash, Maxillary bone burning sensation, Mandible cold, Difficulty chewing (43 causes), Jaw paralysis (1 cause), Mandible ulcer, Mandible swelling, Mandible infection, Chin coldness, Maxillary bone infection, Stiffness in jaw, Chin bruise, Lower jaw numb, Jaw burning sensation, Swelling on one side of the jaw, Jaw paresthesia/ tingling, Severe jaw pain on one side, Chin tingling/paresthesias, jaw ulcer, jaw swelling (10 causes), Lower jaw bleeding, Benign jaw growths, Mandible pain, Chronic jaw pain on one side, Maxillary bone pain, Chin blueness, Mandible redness, Lower jaw inflammation, Chin lump, Sudden onset of jaw pain, Mandible blister, Lower jaw tingling, Lower jaw bruise, Intermittent jaw pain, Chin paresthesia/ tingling, Chin burning sensation, jaw itch, Mandible spasm, jaw pain (22 causes), Bilateral parotid gland enlargement, Mandible rash, Jaw blister, Intermittent jaw pain on one side, Temporary increase in bone pain, Hinge joint( elbow joint) itch, Severe acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Acute acne-like elbow skin symptoms, elbow itch, Hinge joint( elbow joint) redness, Chronic acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Elbow numbness (1 cause), elbow redness (3 causes), Medial epicondyle weakness, Hinge joint( elbow joint) blister, Mottled elbows, Elbow blister, Medial epicondyle lump, Lateral epicondyle weakness, elbow spasm, Medial epicondyle burning sensation, Lateral epicondyle lump, Lateral epicondyle burning sensation, Intermittent psoriasis-like elbow rash, Medial epicondyle ulcer, Medial epicondyle infection, Psoriasis-like elbow rash, Intermittent ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Elbow rash (2 causes), Lateral epicondyle ulcer, Lateral epicondyle infection, Ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Numbness of both elbows (55 causes), Mild psoriasis-like elbow rash, Intermittent acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Mediterranean spotted fever, Medial epicondyle itch, Hinge joint( elbow joint) bleeding, Mild acne-like elbow skin symptoms, elbow bleeding, Lateral epicondyle itch, Elbow rash in children, Medial epicondyle redness, Medial epicondyle blister, Lateral epicondyle redness, Hinge joint( elbow joint) inflammation, Hinge joint( elbow joint) deformity, elbow deformity (8 causes), elbow inflammation, elbow coldness, Lateral epicondyle blister, Hinge joint( elbow joint) tingling, Hinge joint( elbow joint) bruise, elbow bruise (1 cause), elbow tingling, Flexural rashes in children, Ulnar neuritis, Elbow tingling/paresthesias, Hinge joint( elbow joint) weakness, Acute elbow pain, Elbow paralysis, Hinge joint( elbow joint) lump, Elbow blueness, Elbow weakness (1 cause), Hinge joint( elbow joint) burning sensation, Chronic elbow pain, Medial epicondyle bleeding, Recurring psoriasis-like elbow rash, Elbow burning sensation, Elbow paresthesia/ tingling, Lateral epicondyle bleeding, Hinge joint( elbow joint) ulcer, Hinge joint( elbow joint) infection, Recurring ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, elbow ulcer, elbow infection, Flexural psoriasis, Medial epicondyle inflammation, Medial epicondyle deformity, Severe psoriasis-like elbow rash, Recurring acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Numbness of one elbow, Acute psoriasis-like elbow rash, Medial epicondyle tingling, Medial epicondyle bruise, Lateral epicondyle inflammation, Lateral epicondyle deformity, Severe ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Lateral epicondyle tingling, Lateral epicondyle bruise, Chronic psoriasis-like elbow rash, Foot arch pain similar to arthritis, Joint redness (25 causes), Haemorrhagic joint effusion, Chin sensitive, Spinal pain experienced on movement, Spinal pain experienced when lying still, Popliteal fossa tingling, Popliteal fossa bruise, Severe ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Sports related Chondromalacia patellae, Chronic psoriasis-like knee rash, Severe pain in both knees, Severe acne-like knee skin symptoms, Mild acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Jogger's knee, Chronic ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Acute acne-like knee skin symptoms, knee itch, Knee joint sensitive, Patellofemoral pain on one side, Knee joint burning sensation, Knee swelling in children, Chronic acne-like knee skin symptoms, Patellofemoral pain in children, Popliteal fossa weakness, Knee joint cold, Mottled knees, Cystic lesions in the knee, Constant anterior knee pain, knee redness (2 causes), Popliteal fossa sensitive, Knee joint ulcer, Kneecap ulcer, Knee blister, Kneecap swelling, knee spasm, Popliteal fossa burning sensation, Popliteal fossa cold, Intermittent psoriasis-like knee rash, Popliteal fossa ulcer, Popliteal fossa infection, Psoriasis-like knee rash, Popliteal swelling, Intermittent ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Decreased ankle and knee reflexes, Knee rash (1 cause), Ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Severe knee pain in lower limb, Mild psoriasis-like knee rash, Intermittent pain behind the knee, Intermittent acne-like knee skin symptoms, Kneecap itch, Posterior knee pain and sports, Mild ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Acne-like knee skin symptoms, Knee joint redness, Kneecap redness, Knee numb, Behind knee lump, Knee joint blister, Kneecap blister, Recurring psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Mild pain behind the knee, Mild acne-like knee skin symptoms, knee bleeding, Knee joint spasm, Kneecap spasm, Recurring ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Knee rash in children, Popliteal fossa redness, Severe psoriasis-like calf rash, Behind knee swelling, Patellar pain, Popliteal fossa blister, Swelling of the knees, Severe psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Recurring acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Kneecap rash, knee deformity (16 causes), knee inflammation (2 causes), knee coldness, Popliteal fossa spasm, Severe ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Popliteal pulses, McMurray's sign, Acute ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, knee bruise, knee tingling, Chronic psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Severe acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Knee joint numb, Behind knee pain, Behind knee itch, Brudzinski's sign, Knee tingling/paresthesias, Chronic acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Knee joint bleeding, Kneecap bleeding, Mild behind-knee pain, Jumper's knee, Knee paralysis, Popliteal fossa numb, Intermittent pain behind both knees, Knee blueness, Knee sensitive, Mild ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Constant behind-knee pain, Popliteal fossa bleeding, Recurring psoriasis-like knee rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Acute injuries of both knees related to sports, Knee burning sensation, Knee paresthesia/ tingling, Knee joint tingling, Kneecap tingling, Kneecap bruise, Recurring ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Intermittent ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Behind knee rash, knee ulcer, knee infection, Ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, knee swelling (17 causes), Patellofemoral pain, Sudden onset of Runner's knee, Popliteal fossa inflammation, Severe psoriasis-like knee rash, Recurring acne-like knee skin symptoms, Mild psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Intermittent acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute psoriasis-like knee rash, stiff knee (21 causes), Ilium lump, Ilium sensitive, Recurring chronic spinal pain, Ilium burning sensation, Clavicle redness, Constant spinal pain in children, Thoracic vertebrae lump, Tenderness of the symphysis pubis, Chronic tailbone pain, Lumbar inflammation, Thoracic vertebrae burning sensation, Ilium infection, Ilium swelling, Ischial tuberosity bleeding, Acute chronic spinal pain, Incomplete spinal cord lesion, Intermittent paravertebral muscle spasm, Severe chronic spinal pain, Lumbar bruise, Lumbar tingling, Chronic collarbone pain, spinal cord injury, Mild chronic tailbone pain, Sacral itch, Sacral pain, Thoracic vertebrae infection, Thoracic vertebrae ulcer, Epidural abscess, Pelvis redness, Sacrum numb, bone numbness, pelvic inflammatory disease (2 causes), Spinal inflammation, bone redness, Intercostal rib retractions, Ischial tuberosity tingling, Sacral blister, Spinal tingling, Thoracic spine ulcer, Colicky pain in pelvis, Intermittent chronic pelvic pain, Continuous spine pain, Sacral spasm, Lumbar lump, Thoracic vertebrae itch, Thoracic vertebrae pain, Suprapubic pain (2 causes), Ilium redness, Hunched shoulders (1 cause), Lumbar sprain following weight-lifting, Lumbar burning sensation, Sacral rash, Sacrum inflammation, Thoracic vertebrae numbness, Spinal cord lesion (1 cause), Sacrum bruise, Sacrum tingling, Thoracic vertebrae redness, Suprapubic fullness, Ischial tuberosity weakness, Hunching (2 causes), Intermittent chronic spinal pain, Lumbar infection, Lumbar ulcer, Thoracic vertebrae blister, Rotator cuff injury, Pelvis numb, Chronic spinal pain, Spinal lump, Thoracic vertebrae spasm, Contracture deformity, Ischial tuberosity burning sensation, Spinal burning sensation, Thoracic spine redness, Left iliac fossa pain, Pelvis bleeding, Clavicle bruise, Mild chronic spinal pain, Thoracic spine blister, Thoracic vertebrae rash, Sudden onset of spinal rigidity, Intercostal bulging, Suprapubic pain in children, Adnexal tenderness (1 cause), Chewing difficulty (12 causes), Sacral bleeding, Spinal infection, Spinal lumbar bleeding, Spinal ulcer, Cheekbone numb, Calcaneal stress fracture due to running, Pelvic colicky pain, Subcutaneous crepitation in the clavicular fossa, Opisthotonos (19 causes), Lumbar itch, Sacrum lump, Chest expansion, asymmetrical, Kernig's sign (3 causes), Ilium numb, Pelvis deformity, Pelvis inflammation, Cervical cord injury, Palpation of the lumbar spine, Sacrum burning sensation, Pelvis bruise, Pelvis tingling, Cervical stenosis, Recurring chronic tailbone pain, Lumbar redness, bone inflammation (4 causes), Recurring chronic pain in multiple bones, Contracture deformity in children, Intercostal retractions (3 causes), Constant suprapubic pain in children, Ilium bleeding, Sacroilitis (2 causes), Chronic spinal pain increased by exercise, Intermittent spinal pain, Sudden onset of spinal pain, Lumbar blister, Sacrum infection, bone bruise, Cerebrospinal fluid leakage, Spinal epidural abscess, Lumbar spasm, Spinal itch, Spinal pain (2 causes), Thoracic vertebrae bleeding, Clavicle burning sensation, Acute chronic tailbone pain, Severe chronic tailbone pain, Spinal numbness, Cheekbone tingling, Psoas sign (1 cause), Ilium inflammation, Opisthotonus (10 causes), Damage to one or both of the corticospinal tracts, Gradual onset of spinal pain, Lumbar rash, Spinal redness, spine bruise, Ilium bruise, Ilium tingling, Pelvis weakness, Spinal blister, Thoracic spine bleeding, Thoracic vertebrae inflammation, Suprapubic pressure, Pelvis lump, Pelvis sensitive, Herniated disk, Spinal spasm, Thoracic tingling, Thoracic vertebrae bruise, Thoracic vertebrae tingling, Tenderness of the spinous processes, Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, Pelvis burning sensation, Lumbar pathologies, Cervicitis (3 causes), Lumbar numb, Sacrum redness, Spinal rash, Tenderness of the symphysis pubis during pregnancy, pelvis swelling (2 causes), Pelvis infection, Spinal arthiritis, Cheekbone lump, Pelvic mass (15 causes), Ilium weakness, Corticospinal damage, Lumbar bleeding, Sacral ulcer, bone infection (1 cause), Malleolar blister, Joints burning sensation, Sudden onset of ankle oedema, Swelling of the ankles, Metacarpophalangeal joint rash, ankle coldness, ankle inflammation, ankle deformity (9 causes), Intermittent ankle pain on both sides, Joints swelling, Joints infection, ankle bruise (3 causes), wrist itch (1 cause), Pain in the joints (1 cause), Ankle pain on both sides, Wrist pain (17 causes), Knuckle itch, Ankle stiffness (6 causes), Gradual onset of ankle oedema, Ankle tingling/paresthesias, wrist redness (1 cause), Wrist and fingers flexed on the chest, Dorsiflexion of the wrist, Metacarpophalangeal joint numb, Knuckle redness, Wrist weakness in pregnancy, Wrist blister, Ankle sprain, Knuckle blister, Eyelid stiff, knuckle spasm, Wrist lump in pregnancy, wrist spasm, Ankle paralysis, Swelling of one ankle, Wrist symptoms (33 causes), Constant wrist pain, Metacarpophalangeal joint bleeding, Knuckle symptoms (1 cause), Ganglion, Ankle weakness (4 causes), Ankle blueness, Malleolar bleeding, ankle lump, Wrist rash (1 cause), Severe wrist pain on both sides, Mild wrist pain on one side, Joints redness, Knuckle rash, Joint hypermobility on both sides, Ankle paresthesia (tingling) (1 cause), Ankle burning sensation, Wrist swelling in pregnancy, Metacarpophalangeal joint inflammation, Sudden onset of joint pain, Metacarpophalangeal joint tingling, Metacarpophalangeal joint bruise, Malleolar inflammation, Sudden onset of ankle clonus, ankle infection, ankle ulcer, Ankle swelling (74 causes), Numbness of one ankle, Sudden onset of ankle swelling due to cardiac etiology, Wrist numb (1 cause), Ankle clonus (5 causes), Knuckle numb, Impaired joint mobility (42 causes), knuckle bleeding, Wrist itch in pregnancy, Wrist pain in pregnancy, Ankle paresthesia of one side, Intermittent ankle pain, Sudden onset of ankle pain, Wrist drop (2 causes), Metacarpophalangeal joint weakness, ankle itch, Sudden onset of Lisfranc's injury, Ankle pain (16 causes), Metacarpophalangeal joint sensitive, Metacarpophalangeal joint lump, Joints numb, Ankle numbness (2 causes), knuckle inflammation, knuckle deformity, wrist coldness, wrist inflammation, wrist deformity (5 causes), Metacarpophalangeal joint burning sensation, Lisfranc's injury, Knuckle coldness, Gradual onset of ankle pain, Swollen ankles similar as in pulmonary hypertension, ankle redness (1 cause), knuckle tingling, knuckle bruise, wrist bruise (2 causes), Swelling of both ankles, Metacarpophalangeal joint cold, Ankle blister, Intermittent ankle pain on one side, Metacarpophalangeal joint ulcer, Metacarpophalangeal joint swelling, Metacarpophalangeal joint infection, Joint redness in children, ankle spasm (7 causes), Wrist tingling/paresthesias, Wrist tingling/paresthesia in a woman who is pregnant, Ankle symptoms (107 causes), Ankle pain on one side, Mild wrist pain on both sides, Malleolar infection, Malleolar ulcer, Wrist drop in children, Flap of the wrist, Joints inflammation, ankle rash (2 causes), Wrist paralysis, Ankle pain in children, Voice box stiff, Joints tingling, Joints bruise, Joint hypermobility (24 causes), Wrist weakness (5 causes), Wrist blueness, Wrists pronated and fingers flexed, Knuckle weakness, Numbness of both ankles, knuckle lump, Wrist sensitive, wrist lump (4 causes), Swelling of the ankles as in case of cirrhosis, Metacarpophalangeal joint itch, Knuckle sensitive, Sudden onset of ankle paraesthesia, Wrist burning sensation, Wrist paresthesia/ tingling, Sports related ankle injuries, Knuckle burning sensation, Wrist cold, Sprained twisted ankle following jogging, Severe wrist pain on one side, Flapping of the wrists, Metacarpophalangeal joint redness, Knuckle cold, Ankle paresthesia of both sides, knuckle infection, knuckle ulcer, wrist infection, Wrist swelling (15 causes), Metacarpophalangeal joint blister, Joints weakness, Limited range of joint motion in children, Knuckle swelling (1 cause), Malleolar redness, ankle bleeding, Grip Disorders, Metacarpophalangeal joint spasm, Joints sensitive, Joints lump

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