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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Skin symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Skin symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Skin symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Skin symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Skin symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Skin symptoms: Itching skin (1218 causes), Skin lesion (416 causes), Mole symptoms (29 causes), Eczema (221 causes), Hives (232 causes), Cyanosis (393 causes), Acne (53 causes), Skin color changes (2330 causes), Redness (523 causes), Skin bumps (157 causes), Pimples (12 causes), Warts (18 causes), Excoriations (2 causes), Dry skin (197 causes), Sores (416 causes), Weak skin (156 causes), Tough skin (404 causes), Skin thickening (8 causes), Skin infections (74 causes), skin texture changes (491 causes), sun sensitivity (31 causes), peeling skin (41 causes), bleeding under skin (63 causes), yellow skin (378 causes), skin changes (18 causes), skin problems (3404 causes), skin atrophy (33 causes), stretch marks (5 causes), swollen skin (8 causes), skin swelling (87 causes), Excess skin pigmentation (4 causes), skin pigmentation (53 causes), Skin cancer (10 causes), Clammy skin (50 causes), Decreased pigmentation (1 cause), Desquamative erythema, Desquamative rash, Fibrosis of skin, Increased pigmentation (8 causes), Lax Skin (34 causes), Mottled Skin (7 causes), Pressure sore, Skin turgor, decreased, Skin, bronze, Skin, clammy, Skin, mottled, Stretch Mark, Chafing, Weals (82 causes), Whitening (48 causes), Bleeding under the skin (7 causes), Blue skin (392 causes), Bronze skin (10 causes), Cold skin (118 causes), Cracked skin (36 causes), Dark skin (110 causes), Flaking skin (5 causes), Flaky skin (4 causes), Irritation of scrotum skin, Oily skin (8 causes), Orange skin (11 causes), Purple skin (6 causes), Red skin (135 causes), Rough skin (12 causes), Scabbing skin, Scaly skin (435 causes), Skin blistering (46 causes), Skin discoloration (15 causes), Skin eruptions (15 causes), Skin inflammation (37 causes), Skin lump (19 causes), Skin nodules (44 causes), Skin pain (110 causes), Skin peeling (3 causes), Skin redness (212 causes), Skin sores (9 causes), Skin spots (29 causes), Skin thinning (3 causes), Skin ulcer (90 causes), Thin skin (96 causes), Tingling skin (22 causes), White skin patches (1 cause), Genital warts (5 causes), Acne-like rash, Mild acne, Spots (2 causes), Ecchymosis (1 cause), Clamminess, Cracked mouth corner (1 cause), Eczematous rash (3 causes), Mild allergic skin rash, Allergic skin reaction (2 causes), Allergic skin rash, Local itching, Thumb itch, Shin itch, Buttock itch (1 cause), Back itch, Sole itch, Eyebrow itch, Cheek itch, Lip itch, Head itch, Ankle itch, Eye twitching (383 causes), Upper arm itch, Foreskin itch, Mouth itch (137 causes), Heel itch, Chest itch, Vulva itch (7 causes), Palm itch, Wrist itch (1 cause), Nose itch (40 causes), Finger itch, Itching all over (4 causes), Generalized Pruritus, Tongue itch, Rib itch, Elbow itch, Penile itch (1 cause), Nipple itch (1 cause), Neck itch, Gum itch, Fingernail itch, Calf itch, Vaginal itching (11 causes), Twitches (35 causes), Foot itch (2 causes), Forearm itch, Pruritis (8 causes), Pruritus Vulvae, Shoulder itch, Kneecap itch, Knuckle itch, Knee itch, Arm itch, Itchy rash (33 causes), Genital itching (20 causes), Eyelid twitch (13 causes), Pruritus (62 causes), Ear itching (1 cause), Behind-knee itch, Testicle itch, Stomach itch, Scalp itch, Jaw itch, Facial itch, Breast itch (1 cause), Anogenital pruritus, Mild itch, Muscle twitch (38 causes), Anal itching (19 causes), Clitoris itch, Underarm itch (2 causes), Thigh itch, Leg itch, Hand itch, Groin itch, Eye itch, Buffalo Hump, Persistent lump at site of injection, Skin tumors (3 causes), Blue hands (2 causes), Pustules (8 causes), Eschar (2 causes), Paleness (504 causes), Hypopigmentation (24 causes), White fingers, Tongue discolouration (12 causes), Hyperpigmentation (34 causes), Leg blueness, Eye blueness (1 cause), Ear blueness, Buttock blueness, Back blueness, Ankle blueness, Chest blueness, Wrist blueness, Nose blueness, Finger blueness (3 causes), Eyelid blueness, Elbow blueness, Nipple blueness, Fingernail blueness, Calf blueness, Chin blueness, Knee blueness, Arm blueness, Facial blueness, Breast blueness, Hive-like face swelling, White Nails (9 causes), White patches (4 causes), Blisters (346 causes), Pus (29 causes), Cold sores (1 cause), Bed sores, Abrasion, Foreskin symptoms (2 causes), Foreskin rash, Foreskin tingling/ paresthesia, Foreskin paresthesia/ tingling, Decubitus ulcers (1 cause), Black patches of skin, Cafe-au-lait spots (33 causes), Shin redness, Local redness (5 causes), Flushing (150 causes), Knuckle redness, Red eyelids (7 causes), Scaly eruptions, Scaly rash (2 causes), Arm lump (3 causes), Pigmented lesion, Rash (992 causes), 1 litre of sweat per hour, Abnormal skin texture, Acanthosis nigrican due to neoplastic disorders, Acanthosis nigricans (19 causes), Acanthosis nigricans in children, Acne in pregnancy, Acneiform eruption, Acneiform rashes in children, Acne-like arm skin symptoms, Acne-like back skin symptoms, Acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acne-like calf skin symptoms, Acne-like cheek symptoms, Acne-like chest skin symptoms, Acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Acne-like facial skin symptoms, Acne-like facial symptoms, Acne-like forearm skin symptoms, Acne-like forehead symptoms, Acne-like hand skin symptoms, Acne-like knee skin symptoms, Acne-like leg skin symptoms, Acne-like neck skin symptoms, Acne-like nose symptoms, Acne-like rash in pregnancy, Acne-like skin symptoms, Acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Acrodermatitis in children, Acute acne-like arm skin symptoms, Acute acne-like back skin symptoms, Acute acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute acne-like calf skin symptoms, Acute acne-like cheek symptoms, Acute acne-like chest skin symptoms, Acute acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Acute acne-like facial skin symptoms, Acute acne-like facial symptoms, Acute acne-like foot skin symptoms, Acute acne-like forearm skin symptoms, Acute acne-like forehead symptoms, Acute acne-like hand skin symptoms, Acute acne-like knee skin symptoms, Acute acne-like leg skin symptoms, Acute acne-like neck skin symptoms, Acute acne-like nose symptoms, Acute acne-like skin symptoms, Acute acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Acute diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Acute diabetes-like skin rash, Pityriasis rosea in children, Acute fever in children, Acute herpes-like genital rash, Acute herpes-like genital ulcers, Acute herpes-like penile ulcers, Acute herpes-like vaginal ulcers, Acute ichthyosis-like arm skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like facial skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like forearm skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like hand skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like neck skin symptoms, Acute ichthyosis-like skin rash, Acute ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Acute papular dermatitis, Acute pimples on abdomen, Acute pimples on arms, Acute pimples on back, Acute pimples on cheek, Acute pimples on chest, Acute pimples on ears, Acute pimples on forehead, Acute pimples on legs, Acute pimples on lips, Acute pimples on nose, Acute pimples on stomach area, Acute psoriasis-like arm rash, Acute psoriasis-like back rash, Acute psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Acute psoriasis-like calf rash, Acute psoriasis-like chest rash, Acute psoriasis-like elbow rash, Acute psoriasis-like facial rash, Acute psoriasis-like foot rash, Acute psoriasis-like forearm rash, Acute psoriasis-like hand rash, Acute psoriasis-like knee rash, Acute psoriasis-like leg rash, Acute psoriasis-like neck rash, Acute psoriasis-like stomach rash, Acute rosacea-like cheek redness, Acute rosacea-like facial redness, Acute rosacea-like symptoms, Viral exanthems due to enterococaal infection, Anal rash (4 causes), Angioedema (24 causes), Anhidrosis (1 cause), Anhidrosis in children, Ankle bruise (3 causes), Ankle burning sensation, Ankle coldness, Ankle numbness (2 causes), Ankle paresthesia (tingling) (1 cause), Ankle paresthesia of both sides, Ankle paresthesia of one side, Ankle rash (2 causes), Ankle tingling/paresthesias, Annular eruption in children, Annular erythematous plaques in children, Annular rash, Annular rashes in children, Aquagenic pruritus, Areas of depigmentation, Areolar lesions, Arm bruise (1 cause), Arm burning sensation, Arm coldness (1 cause), Arm coldness in children, Arm numbness (65 causes), Arm paresthesia (66 causes), Arm rash (8 causes), Armpit rash in children, Negative heaf and tine test, Ashen gray skin, Auricular pits and/or tags in children, Back bruise (1 cause), Back burning sensation, Back coldness, Back coldness sensation, Back numbness (1 cause), Back paresthesia (tingling) (5 causes), Back rash (3 causes), Back rash in children, Back tingling/ paresthesias, Battle's sign (1 cause), Behind knee rash, Blackheads with acne, Blanching in the fingers, Blanching vascular reactions in children, Blebs, Blistering lesions in children, Blue face in children, Blue hands in children, Blue lips (52 causes), Blue lips in children, Bluish discoloration around the umbilicus, Bluish discoloration of both arms, Bluish discoloration of both hands, Bluish discoloration of one arm, Bluish discoloration of one hand, Bluish discoloration of the skin, Bluish discoloration of the skin similar to that in case of acute severe asthma, Bluish discoloration of the skin similar to that in the case of acute severe asthma, Breast bruise (1 cause), Breast burning sensation, Breast coldness, Breast dimpling, Breast numbness, Breast paresthesia's/ tingling, Breast rash (1 cause), Breast tingling/ paresthesias, Breast Ulcer (2 causes), Bright red papular patches, Bronze skin in children, Brown grey skin in children, Bruising (350 causes), Bruising in children, Bruising in pregnancy, Burning (62 causes), Burning during urination (35 causes), Burning ear sensation in children, Burning feet (8 causes), Burning feet in children, Burning foot, Burning Legs, Burning pain (7 causes), Burning pain at rest, Burning sensation of the hand, Burning symptoms (444 causes), Butterfly rash (1 cause), Butterfly rash due to SLE, Butterfly rash in children, Buttock bruise (1 cause), Buttock burning sensation, Buttock coldness, Buttock numbness, Buttock paresthesia (tingling), Buttock rash (10 causes), Buttock rash in children, Buttock tingling/ paresthesias, Cafe-au-lait spots in children, Calf bruise, Calf burning sensation, Calf coldness, Calf numbness, Calf paresthesia/ tingling, Calf rash, Calf tingling/ paresthesias, Caput medusae (1 cause), Central cyanosis, Cheek rash (3 causes), Cheek rash in children, Chest bruise, Chest bruise in children, Chest numbness, Chest paresthesia/ tingling, Chest rash (1 cause), Chest rash in children, Chest tingling/ paresthesias, Chin bruise, Chin burning sensation, Chin coldness, Chin numbness, Chin paresthesia/ tingling, Chin rash, Chin tingling/paresthesias, Cholestatic pruritus, Cholinergic urticaria, Chronic acne-like arm skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like back skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like calf skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like cheek symptoms, Chronic acne-like chest skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like facial skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like facial symptoms, Chronic acne-like foot skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like forearm skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like forehead symptoms, Chronic acne-like hand skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like knee skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like leg skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like neck skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like nose symptoms, Chronic acne-like skin symptoms, Chronic acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Chronic diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Chronic diabetes-like skin rash, Chronic herpes-like genital rash, Chronic herpes-like genital ulcers, Chronic herpes-like penile ulcers, Chronic ichthyosis-like arm skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like facial skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like forearm skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like hand skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like neck skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like skin rash, Chronic ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Chronic pimples on abdomen, Chronic pimples on arms, Chronic pimples on back, Chronic pimples on cheek, Chronic pimples on chest, Chronic pimples on ears, Chronic pimples on forehead, Chronic pimples on legs, Chronic pimples on lips, Chronic pimples on nose, Chronic pimples on stomach area, Chronic psoriasis-like arm rash, Chronic psoriasis-like back rash, Chronic psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Chronic psoriasis-like calf rash, Chronic psoriasis-like chest rash, Chronic psoriasis-like elbow rash, Chronic psoriasis-like facial rash, Chronic psoriasis-like foot rash, Chronic psoriasis-like forearm rash, Chronic psoriasis-like hand rash, Chronic psoriasis-like knee rash, Chronic psoriasis-like leg rash, Chronic psoriasis-like neck rash, Chronic psoriasis-like skin rash, Chronic psoriasis-like stomach rash, Chronic rosacea-like cheek redness, Allergic rash (1 cause), Chronic rosacea-like facial redness, Chronic rosacea-like symptoms, Clammy skin in children, Clitoris rash, Cold ears in children, Cold feet (18 causes), Cold feet in children, Cold hands (21 causes), Cold hands in children, Cold legs (5 causes), Cold skin in children, Cold sweat (203 causes), Coldness (12 causes), Hospital acquired fever, Chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenia, Cool skin (12 causes), Cool, clammy skin, Cracked skin in children, Crimson swollen lesions, Cullen's sign, Cutaneous face lesions, Cutaneous horn, Cutaneous vasoconstriction, Cutaneous vasodilation, Cyanosis in children, Cyanosis in infant, Cyanosis of the extremities, Cyanotic newborn, Cyanotic skin (1 cause), Cyclic fever in children, Dandruff (6 causes), Dark and light patches on the skin, Dark areas on the cheek, Dark circles under eyes (98 causes), Dark circles under eyes in children, Decreased body temperature, Decreased skin turgor, Intermittent urticaria in children, Intertrigo, Janeway lesions, Janeway spots, Janeway's lesions, Keloid, Depigmented nevi, Dermatologic disorder, Dermatillomania, Dermatitis (97 causes), Dermatitis herpetiformis (22 causes), Dermatologic disorder in pregnancy, Diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Diabetes-like skin rash, Diabetic skin changes, Diaper rash (1 cause), Diaper rash in children, Diffuse urticaria, Dilated nose and cheek pores, Lupus erythematosus, Raynaud's phenomenon (26 causes), Gradual onset of Raynau'd phenonmenon, Raynaud's disease, Raynaud's syndrome, Discoid lesions, Discoloration of the limb, Doughy skin, Drenching night sweats, Dry cracked skin similar to psoriasis, Dry scaly skin (35 causes), Dry skin in children, Ear bruise (1 cause), Ear burning sensation, Ear coldness, Ear numbness, Ear paresthesia/ tingling, Ear rash (1 cause), Ear rash in children, Ear redness (2 causes), Ear redness in children, Easily bruised skin (22 causes), Easy bruising (231 causes), Ecchymoses (1 cause), Ecchymosis of the abdomen or flank, Ecchymosis over the mastoid process of the temporal bone, Eczematous rash in pregnancy, Eczematous seborrheic dermatitis in children, Edematous rash, Elbow bruise (1 cause), Elbow burning sensation, Elbow coldness, Elbow numbness (1 cause), Elbow paresthesia/ tingling, Elbow rash (2 causes), Elbow rash in children, Elbow tingling/ paresthesias, Endocrine pruritus, Epidermal inclusion cyst, Erysipelas, Erythema in children, Erythema multiforme in children, Erythema nodosum as seen in inflammatory bowel disease, Erythema of skin, Erythroderma in children, Excess neck skin (16 causes), Excessive perspiration, Cold agglutinin disease due to hiv, Excessive sweating (99 causes), Exercise urticaria, Poor healing (40 causes), Tinea (2 causes), Angiokeratoma due to Fabry's disease, Anhidrosis due to fabry's disease, Milia en plaque, Fibrotic lump, Formation of necrosis, Skin tumours, Extreme nipple itching, Eye bruise, Eye paresthesia/ tingling, Eye tingling/ paresthesias, Eyebrow rash (2 causes), Eyelid bruise, Eyelid burning sensation, Eyelid coldness, Eyelid numbness, Eyelid paresthesia/ tingling, Eyelid rash, Eyelid rash in children, Eyelid tingling/paresthesias, Face blueness, Face rash (1 cause), Facial anhidrosis, Facial bruise, Facial burning in children, Facial burning sensation, Facial coldness, Facial numbness (16 causes), Facial numbness on both sides, Facial numbness on one side, Facial paresthesia (18 causes), Facial rash (5 causes), Facial rash in children, Facial ulcer (2 causes), Fatal fever, Fever (2063 causes), Fever in children, Fever in pregnancy, Fever in the returning traveller, Fever of unknown origin in children, Fever over 100, Fever over 37.8, Fibrosis of the skin, Fine wrinkles around the mouth, Finger bruise (1 cause), Finger coldness, Finger numbness (17 causes), Finger numbness in both hands, Finger numbness in one hand, Finger paresthesia (14 causes), Finger rash (1 cause), Finger tip ulcerations, Finger ulcers (3 causes), Fingernail bruise, Fingernail bruise in children, Fingernail rash, Flat white skin lesions in children, Flexural psoriasis, Flexural rashes in children, Flushed skin (15 causes), Flushed skin with heat loss via evaporation, Flushing above lesion, Foot bruise (2 causes), Foot burning sensation, Foot coldness, Foot numbness (22 causes), Foot paresthesia (40 causes), Foot rash, Foot rash in children, Foot ulcer (8 causes), Forearm bruise, Forearm burning sensation, Forearm paresthesia/ tingling, Forearm rash (1 cause), Forearm tingling/ paresthesias, Forehead rash, Formation of bullae, Frostbite (5 causes), Furuncles, Gangrene (5 causes), Dry Gangrene, Gas gangrene (1 cause), Wet Gangrene, Generalised rash in children, Generalized peeling of skin in children, Generalized rash in children, Genital bruise, Genital bruise in children, Genital itching in children, Genital paresthesia/ tingling, Genital rash (14 causes), Genital rash in children, Genital sores (23 causes), Genital sores in children, Genital ulcer (1 cause), Genital ulcer in children, Gradual finger numbness, Gradual onset depigmented nevi, Gradual onset of arm tingling, Gradual onset of cyanosis, Gradual onset of cyanosis due to cardiovascular causes, Gradual onset of cyanosis due to respiratory causes, Gradual onset of leg numbness, Gradual onset of toe numbness, Gram negative folliculitis, Groin bruise, Groin bruise in children, Groin burning sensation, Groin coldness, Groin numbness, Groin paresthesia/ tingling, Groin rash (1 cause), Groin rash in children, Groin tingling/ paresthesias, Gum burning sensation, Gum rash, Hand and foot rashes due to skin disorders in children, Hand and foot rashes in children, Hand bruise (5 causes), Hand bruise in children, Hand coldness, Hand numbness (38 causes), Hand paresthesia (47 causes), Hand rash (6 causes), Hand rash in children, Head paresthesia/ tingling, Head rash, Head rash in children, Head tingling/ paresthesias, Heel bruise, Heel burning sensation, Heel numbness, Heel paresthesia/ tingling, Heel tingling/paresthesias, Hematologic pruritus, Hemorrhagic pus-filled blisters, Hemorrhagic rash (3 causes), Hemorrhagic rashes, Herpes-like genital rash, Herpes-like genital ulcers, Herpes-like penile ulcers, Herpetic lesions, Herpetic lesions similar to that seen in HIV, High fever (67 causes), Hirsutism (36 causes), Hirsutism in children, HPV warts, Hyperhidrosis in children, Hyperpigmentation of fingers, Hyperpigmentation of nipples, Hyperpigmentation of scars, Hyperpigmented patches of skin (18 causes), Hyperpigmented patches of skin in pregnancy, Hypohidrosis in children, Hypopigmentation in children, Hypopigmented lesions in adults, Hypopigmented lesions in children (13 causes), Hypopigmented patches of skin, Mottled, reddish blue skin on the legs, Ichthyosis-like arm skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like facial skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like forearm skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like hand skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like neck skin symptoms, Ichthyosis-like skin rash, Ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Immune-mediated causes of hand and foot rashes in children, Increased pigmentation in pregnancy, Increased skin pigmentation (42 causes), Increased skin pigmentation in children, Increased skin pigmentation in pregnancy, Increased sweat gland activity, Increased sweating (51 causes), Infantile purpura, Infectious causes of hand and foot rashes in children, Infectious rash on palms and soles in children, Inflammatory papules and nodules in children, Inguinal freckling (1 cause), Telangiectasia (28 causes), Telangiectasias (6 causes), Vitiligo (9 causes), Intense itching (1 cause), Chancre (5 causes), Chemical burns, Interdigital itchiness, Intermittent acne-like arm skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like back skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like calf skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like cheek symptoms, Intermittent acne-like chest skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like facial skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like facial symptoms, Intermittent acne-like foot skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like forearm skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like forehead symptoms, Intermittent acne-like hand skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like knee skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like leg skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like neck skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like nose symptoms, Intermittent acne-like skin symptoms, Intermittent acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Intermittent annular rashes, Eye rash, Heat burn, Positive histoplasmin test, Positive casoni test, Positive heaf and tine test, Intermittent cyanosis, Intermittent diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Intermittent diabetes-like skin rash, Intermittent diffuse urticaria, Intermittent generalised rashes, Intermittent herpes-like genital rash, Intermittent herpes-like genital ulcers, Intermittent herpes-like penile ulcers, Intermittent ichthyosis-like arm skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like facial skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like forearm skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like hand skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like neck skin symptoms, Intermittent ichthyosis-like skin rash, Intermittent ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Intermittent itchiness of the eye, Intermittent palmar erythema, Intermittent pimples on abdomen, Intermittent pimples on arms, Intermittent pimples on back, Intermittent pimples on cheek, Intermittent pimples on chest, Intermittent pimples on ears, Intermittent pimples on forehead, Intermittent pimples on legs, Intermittent pimples on nose, Intermittent pimples on stomach area, Intermittent pruritus in adults, Intermittent pruritus in children, Intermittent psoriasis-like arm rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like back rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like calf rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like chest rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like elbow rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like facial rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like foot rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like forearm rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like hand rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like knee rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like leg rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like neck rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like skin rash, Intermittent psoriasis-like stomach rash, Intermittent rosacea-like cheek redness, Intermittent rosacea-like facial redness, Intermittent rosacea-like symptoms, Intermittent tingling sensation in both arms, Intertriginous rash, Itch vagina, Itchiness of both eyes, Itchiness of one eye, Itching all over in pregnancy, Itching skin in pregnancy, Itchy anus in children, Itchy cheek in children, Itchy ear in children, Itchy eyebrow in children, Itchy eyelid (5 causes), Itchy face in children, Itchy feet (1 cause), Itchy feet in children, Itchy groin in children, Itchy gums in children, Itchy hand in children, Itchy head in children, Itchy macular rash, Itchy rash in children, Itchy scalp (2 causes), Itchy scalp in children, Itchy vagina in children, Jaw bruise (1 cause), Jaw paresthesia/ tingling, Jaw rash, Jaw tingling/ paresthesias, Joint redness (25 causes), Joint redness in children, Knee bruise, Knee burning sensation, Knee coldness, Knee paresthesia/ tingling, Knee rash (1 cause), Knee rash in children, Knee tingling/paresthesias, Kneecap rash, Knuckle coldness, Knuckle rash, Large lesions (1 cause), Lax skin in children, Leg bruise, Leg burning sensation, Leg coldness (1 cause), Leg numbness (55 causes), Leg paresthesia (67 causes), Leg rash (7 causes), Leg ulcer, Leg ulcers (8 causes), Leopard skin due to onchocerciasis, Lip bruise, Lip burning sensation, Lip coldness, Lip paresthesias (24 causes), Local viral rash, Localised rash in children, Localized erythema, Localized rash in children, Loss of elasticity, Low-grade fever (28 causes), Lumps on skin in children, Lumpy skin (1 cause), Macular rash, Macules, Maculopapular and punctuate rashes in children, Maculopapular lesions, Maculopapular rash (9 causes), Maculopapular rash in pregnancy, Malar erythema, Malar rash, Malar rash due to SLE, Migrating red and white patches, Mild acne-like arm skin symptoms, Mild acne-like back skin symptoms, Mild acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Mild acne-like calf skin symptoms, Mild acne-like cheek symptoms, Mild acne-like chest skin symptoms, Mild acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Mild acne-like facial skin symptoms, Mild acne-like facial symptoms, Mild acne-like foot skin symptoms, Mild acne-like forearm skin symptoms, Mild acne-like forehead symptoms, Mild acne-like hand skin symptoms, Mild acne-like knee skin symptoms, Mild acne-like leg skin symptoms, Mild acne-like neck skin symptoms, Mild acne-like nose symptoms, Mild acne-like skin symptoms, Mild acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Mild allergic rash, Mild diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Mild diabetes-like skin rash, Mild fever (61 causes), Mild herpes-like genital rash, Mild herpes-like genital ulcers, Mild herpes-like penile ulcers, Mild ichthyosis-like arm skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like facial skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like forearm skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like hand skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like neck skin symptoms, Mild ichthyosis-like skin rash, Mild ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Mild pimples on abdomen, Mild pimples on arms, Mild pimples on back, Mild pimples on cheek, Mild pimples on chest, Mild pimples on ears, Mild pimples on forehead, Mild pimples on legs, Mild pimples on lips, Mild pimples on nose, Mild pimples on stomach area, Mild psoriasis-like arm rash, Mild psoriasis-like back rash, Mild psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Mild psoriasis-like calf rash, Mild psoriasis-like chest rash, Mild psoriasis-like elbow rash, Mild psoriasis-like facial rash, Mild psoriasis-like foot rash, Mild psoriasis-like forearm rash, Mild psoriasis-like hand rash, Mild psoriasis-like knee rash, Mild psoriasis-like leg rash, Mild psoriasis-like neck rash, Mild psoriasis-like skin rash, Mild psoriasis-like stomach rash, Mild rosacea-like cheek redness, Mild rosacea-like facial redness, Mild rosacea-like symptoms, Moderate temporary burning sensation, Moist skin (1 cause), Morbilliform rash, Morbilliform rash in children, Morbilliform rashes in children, Mottled cyanosis, Mottled erythema of the palms, Mottled knees, Mouth Bruise, Mouth numbness (6 causes), Mouth pigmentation, Mouth rash in children, Mouth tingling (1 cause), Mouth tingling/ paresthesias, Neck Bruise (1 cause), Neck Coldness, Neck Numbness, Neck rash (2 causes), Neck Tingling, Neck tingling/paresthesias, Night sweats (192 causes), Night sweats in children, Nipple Bruise, Nipple Coldness, Nipple itch in pregnancy, Nipple rash, Nongenital warts, Nonpathologic cyanosis, Nose Bruise (2 causes), Nose Burning Sensation, Nose Coldness, Nose Rash, Nose Tingling, Nose tingling/ paresthesia, Numb face (3 causes), Numb lips (24 causes), Numb shoulder (4 causes), Numb thigh (6 causes), Numbness (435 causes), Numbness in both arms, Numbness in Both Feet, Numbness in one arm, Numbness in one foot, Numbness in one leg, Numbness of both ankles, Numbness of both calves, Numbness of both ears, Numbness of both elbows (55 causes), Numbness of both eyelids, Numbness of both feet, Numbness of both heels, Numbness of both legs, Numbness of calf, Numbness of leg related to nutrition, Numbness of one ankle, Numbness of one ear, Numbness of one elbow, Numbness of one eyelid, Numbness of one foot, Numbness of one heel, Oculomotor palsy, Oculomotor palsy due to diabetes, Open wound with discoloration, Open wound with foul odour, Open wound with local swelling, Open wounds (1 cause), Orange peel skin, Osler's nodes, Palm bruise, Palm burning sensation, Palm coldness, Palm paresthesia/ tingling, Palm rash (4 causes), Palm tingling/ paresthesias, Papular rash in children, Papular urticaria, Papulosquamous skin disorders in children, Paresthesia in the hands and feet, Paresthesia of the hands and feet, Paresthesia of the legs, Paresthesia of the trunk, Paresthesia of the upper extremity, Paresthesias (452 causes), Paresthesias in children, Partial heterochromia, Partial heterochromia in children, Patches on the skin look like bruises, Peau dórange, Pedunculated nodules, Peeling skin on hands and feet in children, Pel- Ebstein fever pattern (2 causes), Penile Bruise (1 cause), Penile Burning Sensation (1 cause), Penile rash (7 causes), Penile sores (1 cause), Penile Tingling, Penile tingling/ paresthesias, Penis rash in children, Penis ulcer (1 cause), Peripheral cyanosis, Peripheral cyanosis in the nail beds, Peripheral paresthesia, Periungual erythema, Periungual erythema with edema, Persistent brown pigmentation, Persistent high fever, Petechiae (42 causes), Petechiae in children, Petechial rashes in adults, Petechial rashes in children, Petichiae in children, Petichiae in pregnancy, Photoallergic dermatitis, Pigmented lesions in children, Pimples on abdomen, Pimples on arms, Pimples on back, Pimples on cheek, Pimples on chest, Pimples on ears, Pimples on forehead, Pimples on legs, Pimples on lips, Pimples on nose, Pimples on stomach area, Poor skin hygiene, Poor skin perfusion, Poor skin turgor, Poor skin turgor in children, Poor wound healing (30 causes), Positive schick test, Positive sweat test, Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation in children, Postoperative fever, Postpartum fever, Preauricular tags (25 causes), Premature aging (5 causes), Premature aging in children, Pressure ulcer, Pricking sensation, Profuse sweating (3 causes), Profuse sweating in children, Prolonged fever (5 causes), Pruritis in pregnancy, Pruritus in children, Pruritus in pregnancy, Pruritus vulvae in pregnancy, Psoriasis-like arm rash, Psoriasis-like back rash, Psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Psoriasis-like calf rash, Psoriasis-like chest rash, Psoriasis-like elbow rash, Psoriasis-like facial rash, Psoriasis-like foot rash, Psoriasis-like hand rash, Psoriasis-like knee rash, Psoriasis-like leg rash, Psoriasis-like neck rash, Psoriasis-like rash, Psoriasis-like skin rash, Psoriasis-like stomach rash, Puckered skin on breast, Purple Striae, Purpura bleeding, Purpura in adults, Purpura in children, Purpura in infants, Pustular rash, Pustular rash in children, Pustular skin lesions in children, Raccoon eyes, Racoon eyes, Raised white skin lesions in children, Rapidly enlarging lesions, Rash distribution, Rash in children, Rash in pregnancy, Rash morphology, Rash on back of neck in children, Rash on chest and back in children, Rash on one cheek, Rash with filled bubbles, Rashes in children, Rashes in newborn, Rashes on skin covered by clothing in children, Rashes on the feet, Recurrent fever (4 causes), Recurrent fever in children, Recurring acne-like arm skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like back skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like calf skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like cheek symptoms, Recurring acne-like chest skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like facial skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like facial symptoms, Recurring acne-like foot skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like forearm skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like forehead symptoms, Recurring acne-like hand skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like knee skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like leg skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like neck skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like nose symptoms, Recurring acne-like skin symptoms, Recurring acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Recurring diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Recurring diabetes-like skin rash, Recurring herpes-like genital rash, Recurring herpes-like genital ulcers, Recurring herpes-like penile ulcers, Recurring herpes-like symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like arm skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like facial skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like forearm skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like hand skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like neck skin symptoms, Recurring ichthyosis-like skin rash, Recurring ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Recurring pimples on abdomen, Recurring pimples on arms, Recurring pimples on back, Recurring pimples on cheek, Recurring pimples on chest, Recurring pimples on ears, Recurring pimples on forehead, Recurring pimples on legs, Recurring pimples on lips, Recurring pimples on nose, Recurring pimples on stomach area, Recurring psoriasis-like arm rash, Recurring psoriasis-like back rash, Recurring psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Recurring psoriasis-like calf rash, Recurring psoriasis-like chest rash, Recurring psoriasis-like elbow rash, Recurring psoriasis-like facial rash, Recurring psoriasis-like foot rash, Recurring psoriasis-like forearm rash, Recurring psoriasis-like hand rash, Recurring psoriasis-like knee rash, Recurring psoriasis-like leg rash, Recurring psoriasis-like neck rash, Recurring psoriasis-like skin rash, Recurring psoriasis-like stomach rash, Recurring rosacea-like cheek redness, Recurring rosacea-like facial redness, Recurring rosacea-like symptoms, Red face (158 causes), Red purpuric rash in children, Red rash (8 causes), Red scaly rash in children, Red skin at base of nail in children, Red spots (48 causes), Red spots of the palms of hands and soles of feet, Red spots on palms of hands and soles of feet, Red streaks radiating from a wound, Reddish purple macular lesions, Reduced sweating (45 causes), Retraction of skin on the breast, Retraction of the skin on the breast, Rhinophyma, Rib Bruise (1 cause), Rib Rash, Rosacea-like cheek redness, Rosacea-like facial redness, Rosacea-like symptoms (1 cause), Rose spots, Rosy swollen lesions, Rupture of blebs, Sacral dimple (17 causes), Salty skin in children, Scabs (7 causes), Scalp Bruise, Scalp Burning Sensation, Scalp Coldness, Scalp Numbness, Scalp rash in children, Scalp Tingling, Scalp tingling/ paresthesias, Scalp tingling/paresthesia, Scaly eruptions in children, Scaly skin in children, Scaly skin lesions similar to psoriasis, Sclerodactyly (3 causes), Sclerotic rash, Scrotal rash, Scrotal Ulcer, Scrotum rash (1 cause), Severe acne-like arm skin symptoms, Severe acne-like back skin symptoms, Severe acne-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Severe acne-like calf skin symptoms, Severe acne-like cheek symptoms, Severe acne-like chest skin symptoms, Severe acne-like elbow skin symptoms, Severe acne-like facial skin symptoms, Severe acne-like facial symptoms, Severe acne-like foot skin symptoms, Severe acne-like forearm skin symptoms, Severe acne-like forehead symptoms, Severe acne-like hand skin symptoms, Severe acne-like knee skin symptoms, Severe acne-like leg skin symptoms, Severe acne-like neck skin symptoms, Severe acne-like nose symptoms, Severe acne-like skin symptoms, Severe acne-like stomach skin symptoms, Severe diabetes-like paresthesia symptoms, Severe diabetes-like skin rash, Severe herpes-like genital rash, Severe herpes-like penile ulcers, Severe ichthyosis-like arm skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like behind-knee skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like calf skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like chest skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like elbow skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like facial skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like foot skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like forearm skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like hand skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like knee skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like leg skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like neck skin symptoms, Severe ichthyosis-like skin rash, Severe ichthyosis-like stomach skin symptoms, Severe pimples on abdomen, Severe pimples on arms, Severe pimples on back, Severe pimples on cheek, Severe pimples on chest, Severe pimples on ears, Severe pimples on forehead, Severe pimples on legs, Severe pimples on lips, Severe pimples on nose, Severe pimples on stomach area, Severe psoriasis-like arm rash, Severe psoriasis-like back rash, Severe psoriasis-like behind-knee rash, Severe psoriasis-like calf rash, Severe psoriasis-like chest rash, Severe psoriasis-like elbow rash, Severe psoriasis-like facial rash, Severe psoriasis-like foot rash, Severe psoriasis-like forearm rash, Severe psoriasis-like hand rash, Severe psoriasis-like knee rash, Severe psoriasis-like leg rash, Severe psoriasis-like neck rash, Severe psoriasis-like skin rash, Severe psoriasis-like stomach rash, Severe rosacea-like cheek redness, Severe rosacea-like facial redness, Severe rosacea-like symptoms, Chronic thrombocytopenic purpura, Shin bruise, Shin burning sensation, Shin coldness, Shin paresthesia/ tingling, Shin rash, Shin tingling/ paresthesias, Shoulder bruise, Shoulder rash, Silver striae, Simian crease (128 causes), Skin changes in pregnancy, Skin colour changes in pregnancy, Skin disorders related to close contact sports, Skin disorders related to general sports activities, Skin disorders related to gymnastics, aerobics and dancing, Skin disorders related to outdoor sports, Skin disorders related to running and jogging, Skin disorders related to swimming, Skin disorders related to team sports, Skin fibrosis in children, Skin mottling (6 causes), Skin pigmentation changes (58 causes), Skin pigmentation changes in pregnancy, Skin pigmentation in pregnancy, Skin rash on sun exposed sites, Skin wound, Skin-colored papules and nodules in children, Small, painless, non-pruritic macules, Small raised bumps, Small spherical patches, Sole burning sensation, Sole numbness, Sole paresthesia/tingling, Sole paresthesia's/ tingling, Sole rash (7 causes), Sole tingling/ paresthesia, Spherical areas of rough skin, Spider angiomas (2 causes), Spider naevi (3 causes), Spiking fever (1 cause), Spiking fever in pregnancy, Spots on the hands or legs, Stasis dermatitis, Stomach Bruise, Stomach itch in pregnancy, Stomach Rash (6 causes), Stomach Tingling, Stomach tingling/ paresthesias, Stretch Mark in pregnancy, Stretch marks in pregnancy, Striae (1 cause), Striae in pregnancy, Brown, blue-black or black skin lesions in children, Sudden onset of arm tingling, Sudden onset of finger numbness, Sudden onset of low grade fever, Sunburn (1 cause), Streaks (3 causes), Steven Johnson syndrome, Stevens Johnson syndrome, Raynaud phenomenon in children, Sudden onset of Raynaud's phenomenon, Sweat gland denervation, Sweat symptoms (1666 causes), Sweating (783 causes), Sweating in pregnancy, Sweaty feet body fluids odor in children, Sweaty feet body odor in children, Sweaty feet breath odor in children, Sweaty feet odor in children, Sweaty feet urine odor in children, Tactile numbness or tingling, Tactile numbness or tingling affecting one side of the body, Tactile numbness or tingling affecting the entire body, Testicle Bruise, Testicle Coldness, Testicle Rash, Thickened skin on palms (46 causes), Thickened skin on soles (45 causes), Thigh bruise (1 cause), Thigh Burning Sensation, Thigh Coldness, Thigh paresthesias (6 causes), Thigh rash (2 causes), Thin purple streaks on the skin, Thin purple streaks on the skin in pregnancy, Thumb bruise, Thumb burning sensation, Thumb coldness, Thumb paresthesia/ tingling, Thumb rash, Thumb tingling/ paresthesias, Tight and drawn skin, Tingling (851 causes), Tingling face (18 causes), Tingling fingers (20 causes), Tingling hands (7 causes), Tingling hands in pregnancy, Tingling in Both Feet, Tingling in both hands, Tingling in one foot, Tingling in one hand, Tingling lips (24 causes), Tingling sensation down the neck, Tingling sensation in both arms, Tingling sensation in one arm, Tingling sensation of the hand, Tingling shoulder (3 causes), Tingling thigh (6 causes), Tingling toe (4 causes), Toe burning sensation, Toe coldness, Toe numbness (8 causes), Toe paresthesia (7 causes), Toe rash, Toenail bruise, Tongue rash (1 cause), Trauma ulcer, Traumatic lesion, Traumatic ulcer, Ulcer (1 cause), Ulceration of breast tissue, Ulcers (8 causes), Underarm bruise, Underarm burning sensation (1 cause), Underarm paresthesia/ tingling, Underarm rash (6 causes), Underarm tingling/ paresthesia, Unexplained bruising, Unilateral numbness, Upper arm burning sensation, Upper arm numbness, Upper arm numbness of both sides, Upper arm numbness of one side, Upper arm paresthesia/ tingling, Upper arm rash, Upper arm tingling/ paresthesia, Upper bruise, Urticaria in children, Urticarial papules due to filariasis, Vaginal itching in pregnancy, Vaginal lesions (1 cause), Vaginal paresthesia/ tingling, Vaginal rash (5 causes), Vaginal secretions with itching, Vaginal secretions with itching in pregnancy, Vein bruise, Very high fever (1 cause), Vesicle, Vesicular rash, Vesicular rash in children, Vesicular rash in pregnancy, Vesicular rashes in children, Vesicular rashes in newborn, Vesicular rashes in newborns, Vesiculobullous rash in children, Viral causes of rashes in children, Vulva bruise, Vulva burning sensation, Vulva itch in pregnancy, Vulva paresthesia/ tingling, Vulva rash (3 causes), Vulva tingling/ paresthesias, Warm, oily, thickened skin, Warts due to hiv infection, Warty dyskeratoma, Wavelike twitching of the skin, Weals in pregnancy, White skin lesions in children, Winter skin, Wrist bruise (2 causes), Wrist burning sensation, Wrist coldness, Wrist itch in pregnancy, Wrist paresthesia/ tingling, Wrist rash (1 cause), Wrist tingling/paresthesia in a woman who is pregnant, Wrist tingling/paresthesias, Yellow skin in pregnancy, Yellow skin lesions in children, Yellowish tinge to skin and eyes, Yellowish tinge to skin and eyes in pregnancy, Yellow-red nevi, Sudden onset of hypohidrosis, Gums bruise, Groin blister, Abdomen blister, Abdomen bruise, Abdomen burning sensation, Abdomen rash, Abdomen redness, Abdomen sensitivity, Abdomen tingling, Abdominal wall blister, Abdominal wall bruise, Abdominal wall burning sensation, Abdominal wall inflammation, Abdominal wall itch, Abdominal wall numbness, Abdominal wall rash, Abdominal wall redness, Abdominal wall sensitivity, Abdominal wall tingling, Achilles tendon redness, Acne-like symptoms, Acute paronychia, Allergic contact dermatitis of the ear, Anal triangle blister, Anal triangle bruise, Anal triangle rash, Anal triangle redness, Animal bites, Ankle blister, Annular eruption, Appendix redness, Arm blister, Arm cold, Arm redness, Auricle blister, Auricle rash, Auricle redness, Back blister, Biceps blister, Biceps bruise, Biceps cold, Biceps redness, Big toe blister, Big toe bruise, Eyebrow blister, Eyebrow redness, Eyebrow ulcer, Eyelash blister, Eyelash bruise, Eyelash burning sensation, Eyelash numb, Eyelash rash, Eyelash ulcer, Eyelid bleeding, Eyelid blister, Eyelid deformity (2 causes), Eyelid inflammation (4 causes), Eyelid numb, Eyelid sensitive, Eyelid stiff, Eyelid tingling, Eyelid ulcer, Face blister, Face cold, Ear blister, Ear canal blister (1 cause), Ear canal bruise, Ear canal rash, Ear canal redness, Earlobe blister, Earlobe bruise, Bluish discoloration of the skin similar to that of heart failure, Bronzed skin, Brow bleeding, Brow blister, Brow bruise, Brow burning sensation, Brow numb, Brow redness, Brow tingling, Brow ulcer, Brow weakness, Calcaneal bone bruise, Calcaneal bone redness, Cheek blister, Cheek erythema, Cheekbone bruise, Chest blister, Clavicle bruise, Clavicle redness, Coracobrachialis bruise, Coracobrachialis redness, Cubital fossa bleeding, Cubital fossa blister, Cubital fossa bruise, Cubital fossa burning sensation, Cubital fossa itch, Cubital fossa redness, Cubital fossa tingling, Cutaneous porphyria, Digit blister, Digit bruise, Digit burning sensation, Digit cold, Digit rash, Digit redness, Femur blister, Femur bruise, Femur itch, Femur rash, Femur redness, Femur ulcer, Fibula bruise, Finger blister, Finger cold, Finger pulp rash, Finger pulp ulcer, Fingernail blister, Fingers cold, Fingers rash, Fingers redness, Foot blister, Forearm blister, Forearm cold, Forehead blister, Forehead bruise, Forehead cold, Forehead redness, Forehead ulcer, Humerus bruise, Humerus redness, Ilium bruise, Ilium redness, Lower abdomen bruise, Lower abdomen rash, Lower abdomen redness, Head blister, Head cold, Heel redness, Hinge joint( elbow joint) blister, Hinge joint( elbow joint) bruise, Hinge joint( elbow joint) redness, Inguinal area blister, Inguinal area bruise, Inguinal area rash, Inguinal area redness, Inguinal area ulcer, Ischial tuberosity redness, Jaw blister, Joints bruise, Joints redness, Knee blister, Kneecap blister, Kneecap bruise, Kneecap cold, Kneecap redness, Knee joint blister, Knee joint bruise, Knee joint cold, Knee joint redness, Knee joint ulcer, Knuckle blister, Knuckle cold, Lateral epicondyle blister, Lateral epicondyle bruise, Lateral epicondyle redness, Lateral epicondyle ulcer, Lower jaw blister, Lower jaw bruise, Lower jaw cold, Lower jaw rash, Lower jaw redness, Lower jaw ulcer, Lower leg bruise, Lower leg redness, Lower abdomen blister, Lumbar blister, Lumbar bruise, Lumbar rash, Lumbar redness, Malleolar blister, Malleolar redness, Malleolar ulcer, Mandible blister, Mandible bruise, Mandible cold, Mandible rash, Mandible redness, Mandible ulcer, Medial epicondyle blister, Medial epicondyle redness, Medial epicondyle ulcer, Mediterranean spotted fever, Metacarpal blister, Metacarpal bruise, Metacarpal cold, Metacarpal rash, Metacarpal redness, Metacarpal ulcer, Metacarpophalangeal joint blister, Metacarpophalangeal joint bruise, Metacarpophalangeal joint cold, Metacarpophalangeal joint rash, Metacarpophalangeal joint redness, Metacarpophalangeal joint ulcer, Middle ear blister, Middle ear bruise, Middle ear rash, Middle ear redness, Mouth blister, Nail blister, Nail redness (1 cause), Nail ulcer, Nostril blister, Nostril cold, Nostril rash, Nostril redness, Optical blister, Optical nerve blister, Optical nerve bruise, Optical nerve redness, Optical rash, Optical redness, Palm blister, Palm cold, Pelvis bruise, Pelvis redness, Penis blister, Penis redness (1 cause), Perineum blister, Perineum bruise, Perineum rash, Perineum redness, Perineum ulcer, Periosteum bruise, Periosteum redness, Phalanges itch, Phalanges blister, Phalanges bruise, Phalanges cold, Phalanges rash, Phalanges redness, Phalanges ulcer, Popliteal fossa blister, Popliteal fossa bruise, Popliteal fossa cold, Popliteal fossa redness, Popliteal fossa ulcer, Prostate blister, Prostate bruise, Prostate rash, Prostate redness, Prostate ulcer, Pubic area blister, Pubic area bruise, Pubic area rash, Pubic area redness, Pubic area ulcer, Pulmonary bruise, Radius blister, Radius bruise, Radius cold, Radius redness, Rectal blister, Rectal rash, Rectal redness, Rectal ulcer, Right lower quadrant redness, Right lower quadrant ulcer, Ring finger blister, Ring finger cold, Ring finger rash, Sacral blister, Sacral rash, Sacrum bruise, Sacrum redness, Scapula bruise, Scrotal redness, Scrotum blister, Scrotum bruise, Scrotum ulcer, Skin blister, Skin bruise, Skin burning sensation (1 cause), Skin cold, Skin numbness (4 causes), Skin rash (290 causes), Skin-color lesions (148 causes), Skull blister, Skull burning sensation, Skull cold, Small, painless, nonpruritic papules, Spinal blister, Spinal rash, Spinal redness, Spinal ulcer, Temple blister, Temple bruise, Temple cold, Temple rash, Temple redness, Temple ulcer, Temporal blister, Temporal bruise, Temporal cold, Temporal itch, Temporal rash, Temporal redness, Temporal ulcer, Testis blister, Testis bruise, Testis itch, Testis rash, Testis redness, Testis ulcer, Thoracic blister, Thoracic bruise, Thoracic itch, Thoracic rash, Thoracic redness, Thoracic spine blister, Thoracic spine redness, Thoracic spine ulcer, Thoracic vertebrae blister, Thoracic vertebrae bruise, Thoracic vertebrae itch, Thoracic vertebrae rash, Thoracic vertebrae redness, Thoracic vertebrae ulcer, Thoracic wall blister, Throat blister, Thumb cold, Thumb blister, Tibial bruise, Tibial redness, Toe blister, Toe nail blister, Triceps blister, Triceps bruise, Triceps cold, Triceps redness, Upper abdominal blister, Upper abdominal bruise, Upper abdominal itch, Upper abdominal rash, Upper abdominal redness, Upper maxillary bone bruise, Urogenital triangle blister, Urogenital triangle bruise, Urogenital triangle rash, Urogenital triangle redness, Urogenital triangle ulcer, Uveal tissue blister, Vertebral blister, Vertebral bruise, Vertebral itch, Vertebral rash, Vertebral redness, Vertebral ulcer, Voice box blister, Voice box bruise, Vulval area blister, Vulval area bruise, Vulval area rash, Vulval area redness, Vulval area ulcer, Wrist blister, Wrist cold, Discolouration of the limb, Ecchymosis of the temporal bone, Eczema in pregnancy, Elbow blister, Erythematous plaques, Fibrokeratoma, Generalized peeling of skin, Ulcer on the back, Gluteal rash, Gradual onset of acanthosis nigrican, Sudden onset of skin disorders related to contact sports, Sudden onset of skin disorders related to sports, Sudden onset of skin disorders related to swimming, Gradual onset of axillary freckling, Gradual onset of blue lips in children, Gradual onset of foot numbness, Gradual onset of herpetic lesions, Hyperhidrosis, Ichthyosis-like symptoms, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, Maculopapular rashes, Sports related skin disoders, Sudden onset of blue lips in children, Sudden onset of foot numbness, Sudden onset of high fever, Sudden onset of salty skin, Sudden onset of rash on the back, Sudden onset of rash on the back in children, Sudden onset of oculomotor palsy with contralateral hemiplegia, Sudden onset of itchy vagina, Sudden onset of itchy vagina in children, Sudden onset of arm paraesthesia, Sudden onset of cyanosis due to cardiac etiology, Sudden onset of cyanosis of the arms, Peau d'orange (2 causes), Peeling of the lip skin, Peeling skin on hands and feet, Photomorphic eruption, Pigmentation symptoms (300 causes), Pins and needles sensation of the feet, Palmar redness, Prickly rash, Psoriasis-like symptoms, Red purpura, Red scaly rash, Seborrheic scalp, Seborrheic skin, Sudden onset of anal itching, Sudden onset of anal rash, Sudden onset of anhidrosis, Sudden onset of ankle paraesthesia, Chest burning (6 causes), Analgesia (4 causes), Urinary burning (47 causes), McBurney's sign, burning when urinating (3 causes), arm tingling (12 causes), Heartburn (141 causes), acid regurgitation (2 causes), Pyrosis, Vaginal burning sensation (4 causes), Eye burning sensation, Stinging eye (2 causes), Epigastric pain (67 causes), Gum tingling/paresthesias, Chest burning sensation, Burning mouth (62 causes), Mouth Burning (3 causes), Burning eyes (27 causes), Gum paresthesia/ tingling, Gastroesophageal reflux (39 causes), gum numbness, Hemipariesis, Loss of pain sensation (6 causes), eye numbness, Myokymia (7 causes), jerky movements (4 causes), Tics (7 causes), Tic (35 causes), Hot flushes (10 causes), Hot flashes (10 causes), Separation of the fingernails from the finger beds similar to that in psoriasis, Psoriasis-like forearm rash, Acute psoriasis-like skin rash, Tongue discoloration (1 cause), Vaginal irritation (5 causes), Generalized Myokymia, Vulvitis, itchy vagina, Rectal itch, Nystagmus (364 causes), Eyelid Myokymia (3 causes), Flaky scalp, Vulvovaginitis (1 cause), Facial Myokymia (1 cause), Voice box rash, Cervix rash, Pharynx rash, toenail rash, Connective tissue rash, Adenoids rash, Optical nerve rash, Cornea rash, Nasopharyngeal tonsil rash, Internal os rash, Larynx rash, earlobe rash, External os rash, allergic dermatitis (5 causes), Esophagus rash, Ocular rash, Tendon rash, Diaphoresis (32 causes), recurrent skin infections, Altered pigmentation in pregnancy, Pigmented retina (2 causes), Hyperpigmentation of nails, Skin discolouration in pregnancy, Altered pigmentation (1 cause), Hyperpigmentation in children (1 cause), Hyperpigmentation of body folds, Uremic frost, abscess (18 causes), Diaphoresis of the feet, Diaphoresis due to pheochromocytoma, Diaphoresis of the palms, Intermittent diaphoresis, Feeling cold (6 causes), Chills (1075 causes), Diaphoresis of the soles, Shivering (362 causes), Episodic Diaphoresis as in case of diabetes mellitus, Diaphoresis of the forehead, Generalised diaphoresis, Excessive diaphoresis, Temperature sensitivity (56 causes), Generalised diaphoresis with heat loss via evaporation, cold intolerance (16 causes), Heat intolerance (20 causes), Chest coldness, Cold sensitivity (28 causes), Heat sensitivity (6 causes), eyelid infection (1 cause), inflamed eyelids (2 causes), Blue tongue (1 cause), White tongue (6 causes), Red, inflamed tongue (1 cause), Darkened tongue, Coated tongue, Pale tongue (1 cause), furry tongue (3 causes), Ear inflammation (11 causes), Middle ear inflammation (5 causes), Chronic abscess, skin tingling (3 causes), Shoulder tingling, neuropathy (23 causes), Severe temperature increase, Rectal ulceration, FUO (26 causes), Subdural hematoma (1 cause), Hematoma (326 causes), eyebrow bruise, anal bruise, Epidural hematoma, toe bruise, gum bruise, Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, Paleness in pregnancy, Pallor in newborns, Mottled elbows, Erythema of the areola, Nostril bruise, Pallor in children, Waxy pallor

Symptoms related to Skin symptoms: Skin rash (290 causes), Acne (53 causes), Tingling skin (22 causes), Itchy skin (1218 causes), Itching symptoms, Body symptoms (5488 causes), Hair symptoms (836 causes), Scalp symptoms (638 causes), Redness (523 causes), Lumps (328 causes), Bumps (157 causes), Pigmentation, Infection (851 causes), Itching (1218 causes), Skin peeling (3 causes), Skin dryness, mottling of skin, skin spots (29 causes), sunburn (1 cause)

Skin symptoms type of: Skin problems (3404 causes)

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  • Medical conditions causing complication: Skin symptoms (233 conditions)


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