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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Swelling symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Swelling symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Swelling symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Swelling symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Swelling symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Swelling symptoms: Abdominal swelling (388 causes), Swollen spleen (1163 causes), Eyelid swelling (47 causes), Corneal swelling (8 causes), Swollen lymph nodes (415 causes), Neck swelling (101 causes), Breast swelling (62 causes), Joint swelling (115 causes), Leg swelling (505 causes), Knee swelling (17 causes), Ankle swelling (74 causes), Arm swelling (12 causes), Hand swelling (41 causes), Finger swelling (6 causes), Face swelling (35 causes), Swollen testes (24 causes), jaw swelling (10 causes), local swelling (16 causes), edema (136 causes), generalized edema (10 causes), oedema (16 causes), localized swelling (44 causes), tissue swelling (5 causes), fluid retention (49 causes), swollen glands (411 causes), mouth swelling (24 causes), brain swelling (353 causes), swollen skin (8 causes), Arm swelling (12 causes), Back swelling (1 cause), Buttock swelling, Ear swelling (6 causes), Elbow swelling (7 causes), Finger swelling (6 causes), Genital swelling (12 causes), Heel swelling (1 cause), Rib swelling (3 causes), Scalp swelling (1 cause), Testicle swelling (7 causes), Thigh swelling (1 cause), Toe swelling (6 causes), Vein swelling, Vulva swelling (1 cause), Shin swelling, Cheek swelling (3 causes), Sole swelling, Knuckle swelling (1 cause), Kneecap swelling, Behind-knee swelling, Abdominal swelling (388 causes), Anal swelling (11 causes), Ankle swelling (74 causes), Brain swelling (353 causes), Breast swelling (62 causes), Calf swelling (7 causes), Eye swelling (101 causes), Eyelid swelling (47 causes), Face swelling (35 causes), Foot swelling (405 causes), Groin swelling (18 causes), Hand swelling (41 causes), Jaw swelling (10 causes), Joint swelling (115 causes), Knee swelling (17 causes), Leg swelling (505 causes), Lip swelling (182 causes), Neck swelling (101 causes), Penis swelling (4 causes), Wrist swelling (15 causes), Axillary Swelling (2 causes), Bone swelling (26 causes), Facial mass, Flank mass (1 cause), Generalised Oedema, Muscular Hypertrophy, Oedema of the lower extremity, Oedema of the upper extremity, Parotid Swelling, Vaginal Swelling (1 cause), Vulval swelling (2 causes), Hive-like face swelling, Dactylitis, Pleural effusion (10 causes), Inguinal swelling, Nipple swelling (1 cause), Popliteal swelling, Pulsatile Abdominal swelling, Salivary Gland Swelling, Scrotum swelling, Skin swelling (87 causes), Swollen bone (173 causes), Swollen finger (3 causes), Swollen gums (58 causes), Swollen head (573 causes), Swollen lymph glands (46 causes), Swollen neck lymph nodes (38 causes), Swollen tongue (221 causes), Macroglossia (8 causes), Unilateral oedema of the lower extremity, Abdominal distention (57 causes), Ascites (75 causes), Abdominal fullness (19 causes), Abdominal mass (96 causes), Enlarged liver and spleen (1163 causes), Lymphatic oedema, Lymphoedema (19 causes), Pulmonary oedema (2 causes), Cervical lymphadenopathy (3 causes), Male breast enlargement (12 causes), Gynecomastia (2 causes), Bone changes (173 causes), Rickets (34 causes), Periorbital oedema (2 causes), Enlarged lymph nodes (146 causes), Generalised lymphadenopathy (1 cause), Lymphedema (33 causes), Lymphadenopathy (57 causes), Anal lump (9 causes), Rectal lump (9 causes), Testicle lump (3 causes), Increased intracranial pressure (44 causes), Hydrocephaly (112 causes), Hydrocephalus (179 causes), Large head (202 causes), Enlarged forehead (1 cause), Inflammatory joint effusion, Heberden's nodes, Goitre (2 causes), Goiter (36 causes), Abdominal distension (20 causes), Abdominal distension in children, Abdominal Distension in Pregnancy, Abdominal Fullness in Pregnancy, Abdominal swelling in pregnancy, Abnormal enlargement of bladder, Anal swelling in pregnancy, Angioedema (24 causes), Back symptoms (1069 causes), Bladder distention (2 causes), Bladder fullness (1 cause), Bone swelling in children (15 -- 20 years old), Bone swelling in children (5 -- 15 years old), Bone swelling in children (birth -- 5 years old), Calf swelling in pregnancy, Cerebral edema (3 causes), Cerebral oedema, Conjunctival edema of both eyes, Conjunctival edema of one eye, Crimson swollen lesions, Dependant edema, Distended neck veins (3 causes), Distension of the renal capsule, Edema in children, Edema in pregnancy, Edema of larynx, Edema of the jaw, Edema of the larynx, Edema of the mouth, Edema of the nose, Edematous rash, Elbow swelling in children, Enlarged tonsils (10 causes), Eye swelling in children, Face swelling in pregnancy, Facial swelling in children, Femoral mass or swelling, Fluid retention around eyes and face, Fluid retention around the eyes and face, Fluid retention around the eyes and face in pregnancy, Fluid retention in pregnancy, Generalised edema in pregnancy, Generalised oedema in pregnancy, Generalised swelling, Generalized adiposity, Gradual abdominal distension, Gradual onset of ankle oedema, Gradual onset of hand swelling, Gradual onset of leg swelling, Gradual onset of scrotal swelling, Hand swelling in children, Dropsy, Exercise-induced anaphylaxis (1 cause), Intermittent feeling of rectal distension, Intermittent periorbital and facial edema, Intermittent swelling of hands, Intermittent swelling of the feet, Joint swelling in children, Jugular vein distension, Jugular vein distention (1 cause), Knee swelling in children, Lacrimal sac swelling, Laryngeal Edema, Laryngeal edema in children, Laryngeal oedema, Laryngeal oedema in children, Leg edema (4 causes), Leg swelling in pregnancy, Localised swelling, Localised swelling in children, Localized swelling in children, Lymph node swelling in children, Lymphedema of the lower limb, Lyphoedema, Nipple swelling in pregnancy, Noncardiogenic Pulmonary edema, Noncardiogenic pulmonary oedema, Oedema in children, Oedema in pregnancy, Oedema of the face (1 cause), Oedema of the face in pregnancy, Oedema of the fingers, Oedema of the fingers in pregnancy, Oedema of the lower extremity in pregnancy, Open wound with local swelling, Painless bladder distension, Painless swelling of a cervical lymph node similar to lymphoma, Painless swelling of one of the cervical lymph nodes, Papilledema in children, Papilloedema (12 causes), Periorbital and facial edema, Periorbital and facial oedema, Periorbital edema in children, Periorbital edema of both eyes, Periorbital edema of one eye, Periorbital oedema in children, Periorbital oedema in pregnancy, Peripheral edema (8 causes), Peripheral edema in pregnancy, Peripheral oedema in pregnancy, Periungual erythema with edema, Pharyngeal edema, Pulmonary edema (26 causes), Pulmonary oedema in pregnancy, Pulsatile swelling, Rectal distension, Red and swollen lips, Red and swollen lips especially at the corners, Retinal edema in both eyes, Retinal edema in one eye, Rosy swollen lesions, Scrotal swelling (1 cause), Scrotal swelling in children, Severe distension, Edematous tonsils, Tonsillar enlargement as in case of acute leukemia, Sudden onset of abdominal mass in newborn, Sudden onset of ankle oedema, Anaphylaxis (33 causes), Sudden onset of hand swelling, Sudden onset of leg swelling, Sudden onset of scrotal swelling, Swelling at base of nail, Swelling in both hands, Swelling in both legs, Swelling in both shoulders, Swelling in one hand, Swelling in one leg, Swelling in one shoulder, Swelling of both ankles, Swelling of both legs, Swelling of one ankle, Swelling of one leg, Swelling of the ankles, Swelling of the ankles as in case of cirrhosis, Swelling of the eyes, Swelling of the face, Swelling of the fingers, Swelling of the knees, Swelling of the leg, Swelling on both sides of the jaw, Swelling on one side of the jaw, Swollen ankles similar as in pulmonary hypertension, Swollen belly (82 causes), Swollen cheek in children, Swollen nail, Swollen nail of both hands, Swollen testis, Swollen thyroid gland (1 cause), Swollen thyroid gland in pregnancy, Tissue is visibly edematous, Wrist swelling in pregnancy, Sudden onset of hand swelling related to endocrine disorders, Sudden onset of hand swelling related to musculoskeletal disorders, Sudden onset of leg swelling related to cardiac etiology, Gums lump, Abdomen lump, Abdominal wall lump, Achilles tendon lump, Achilles tendon swelling, Adenoids lump, Adenoids swelling, Adiposis dolorosa, Teeth lump, Teeth swelling, Anal triangle swelling, Appendix lump, Appendix swelling, Artery swelling, Auricle lump, Auricle swelling, Benign jaw growths, Biceps lump, Biceps swelling, Eyebrow lump, Eyebrow swelling, Ear canal swelling, Ear canal lump, Earlobe lump, Earlobe swelling, Bladder lump, Bladder swelling, Bony lump, Brow lump, Brow swelling, Buccal mucosa lump, Calcaneal bone lump, Calcaneal bone swelling, Cervix lump, Cervix swelling, Cheekbone lump, Clavicle lump, Clavicle swelling, Colon swelling, Conjunctival lump (1 cause), Connective tissue swelling, Renal lump, Coracobrachialis swelling, Cubital fossa lump, Dental lump, Dental swelling, Digestive system lump, Digestive system swelling, Digit lump, Digit swelling, Femur lump, Femur swelling, Fibula lump, Fibula swelling, Finger pulp lump, Fingers lump, Fingers swelling, Forehead lump, Forehead swelling, Gastric lump, Gastric swelling, Humerus lump, Humerus swelling, Ilium lump, Ilium swelling, Lower digestive system lump, Lower Digestive system swelling, Lower abdomen lump, Esophagus lump, Esophagus swelling, External os lump, External os swelling, Gingival lump, Hinge joint( elbow joint) lump, Internal os lump, Internal os swelling, Intestine lump, Intestine swelling, Ischial tuberosity lump, Ischial tuberosity swelling, Joints lump, Joints swelling, Large intestine swelling, Laryngeal spasticity, Larynx lump, Larynx swelling, Lateral epicondyle lump, Liver lump (2 causes), Lower jaw lump, Lower jaw swelling, Lower leg lump, Lower leg swelling (6 causes), Lumbar lump, Mandible lump, Mandible swelling, Maxillary bone lump, Medial epicondyle lump, Metacarpal lump, Metacarpal swelling, Metacarpophalangeal joint lump, Metacarpophalangeal joint swelling, Middle ear lump, Middle ear swelling, Nail lump, Nasopharyngeal tonsil lump, Nasopharyngeal tonsil swelling, Nostril lump, Nostril swelling, Ocular lump, Optical lump, Optical nerve lump, Palmar swelling, Pelvis lump, Periosteum lump, Periosteum swelling, Phalanges lump, Phalanges swelling, Pharynx lump, Pharynx swelling, Prostate lump (4 causes), Prostate swelling, Radius lump, Radius swelling, Right lower quadrant lump, Right lower quadrant swelling, Ring finger lump, Sacrum lump, Scapula lump, Scapula swelling, Small intestine lump, Small intestine swelling, Spinal lump, Temple lump, Temple swelling, Temporal lump, Temporal swelling (1 cause), Tendon swelling, Thoracic lump, Thoracic vertebrae lump, Tibial lump, Tibial oedema, Tibial swelling, Toenail swelling, Tooth lump, Tooth pulp lump, Tooth pulp swelling, Tooth swelling, Triceps lump, Triceps swelling, Upper abdominal lump, Upper digestive system lump, Upper Digestive system swelling, Upper maxillary bone lump, Vertebral lump, Voice box swelling (1 cause), Voice box bleeding, Voice box lump, Gall bladder lump, Gall bladder swelling, Sudden onset of submandibular swelling, Sudden onset of swelling of floor of the mouth, Tender, fixed adenexal mass, Gradual onset of neck mass, Hypogastric swelling, Kidney lump (1 cause), Sudden onset of jaw lump with pain, Sudden onset of neck mass, Sudden onset of swelling of floor of mouth, Sudden onset of periorbital cellulitis, Sudden onset of arm lump with pain in children, Puffy eyes (149 causes), Puffy face in children, Puffy feet (7 causes), Puffy foot, Puffy hand, Puffy hands (7 causes), Sudden onset of puffy face, Sudden onset of ankle swelling due to cardiac etiology, Anal lump in children, Anal lump in pregnancy, Ankle lump, Arm lump (3 causes), Armpit lump in children, Axillary lump infection, Back lump, Behind knee lump, Breast lump (19 causes), Breast lump during pregnancy, Calf lump on one side, Buttock lump, Calf lump, Calf lump in children, Chest lump (6 causes), Calf lump on both sides, Chin lump, Ear lump, Fibrotic lump, Elbow lump (1 cause), Eye lump (4 causes), Eyelid lump (6 causes), Facial lump (1 cause), Facial lump in children, Femoral lump, Finger lump, Fingernail lump, Foot lump (1 cause), Groin lump (26 causes), Groin lump in children, Heel lump, Knee lump, Kneecap lump, Leg lump (2 causes), Lip lump (1 cause), Lump in the armpit, Lump in the breast (12 causes), Lump in the groin, Lump in the groin during pregnancy, Lump in the neck, Lump in the rectum, Lump in the testicle, Lump in the rectum during pregnancy, Lumps on head in children, Lumps on limbs in children, Lumps on skin in children, Mouth lump (2 causes), Neck lump (48 causes), Nipple lump, Nipple lump (male), Nose lump (1 cause), Lump (328 causes), Palm lump, Persistent lump at site of injection, Rectal lump in pregnancy, Shin lump, Skin lump (19 causes), Thigh lump (4 causes), Toe lump (1 cause), Underarm lump (20 causes), Underarm lump in pregnancy, Wrist lump (4 causes), Wrist lump in pregnancy, Liver mass (1 cause), Neck mass in adults, Neck mass in children, Pelvic mass (15 causes), Pulsating abdominal mass, Pulsating periumbilical mass, Rectal mass, Scrotal mass, Tongue mass, Vaginal mass (3 causes), Vaginal mass in pregnancy, Vulval mass, Abdominal mass in adults, Abdominal mass in children, Abdominal mass in newborns, Abdominal Mass in Pregnancy, Axillary mass, Bony foot mass in children, Breast mass (1 cause), Pulsating mass, Firm mass beneath the nipple, Head mass, eyelid infection (1 cause), generalized lymphadenopathy (6 causes), increased head circumference (3 causes), stomach swelling, Abdominal tumor (2 causes), Protruding abdomen (24 causes), big toe swelling (1 cause), Buffalo Hump, Skin tumors (3 causes), Disk herniation, back deformity, back coldness, Scoliosis in children, Recurring chronic spinal pain, Costovertebral angle tenderness, back bruise (1 cause), Sudden onset of back stiffness, Intervertebral disc inflammation, Intermittent chronic tailbone pain, Forward slippage of one vertebra over another, Constant spinal pain in children, Back symptoms in pregnancy, Spinal pain experienced on movement, Upper back pain (3 causes), Thoracic vertebrae burning sensation, Lumbar inflammation, Lumbar deformity, Constant Whiplash pain, Constant backache in children, Chronic tailbone pain, Scapular numb, Lumbar tingling, Lumbar bruise, Severe chronic spinal pain, Intermittent pimples on back, Intermittent paravertebral muscle spasm, Incomplete spinal cord lesion, Excessive hair growth on lower back in children, Acute chronic spinal pain, Back tingling/paresthesias, Forward slippage of one vertebra, Epidural abscess, Vertebral burning sensation, Thoracic vertebrae ulcer, Thoracic vertebrae infection, Sacral pain, Sacral itch, Spinal cord injury, Sacroiliac pain, Pimples on back, Paravertebral Muscle spasm, Mild chronic tailbone pain, Lower back pain in children, Excessive fat on top of back (10 causes), Colicky pain in the lower sacrum, Backache in pregnancy, Abnormal curvature of the spine (37 causes), Back muscle pain, Sacrum numb, Sciatica in pregnancy, Sacral dimple (17 causes), Hump on the back, Acutely arched back, Back paralysis, Vertebral ulcer, Vertebral lumbar bleeding, Vertebral infection, Spinal inflammation, Spinal deformity (13 causes), Mild pimples on back, Bad back, Spina bifida (29 causes), Spine Tenderness, Back blueness, Back weakness (1 cause), Thoracic spine ulcer, Spinal tingling, Sacral blister, Spine pain (1 cause), Sacral spasm, Recurring psoriasis-like back rash, Gross rhythmic movements of the trunk, Continuous spine pain, Constant sacroiliac pain, Constant lower back pain in children, Middle back pain, Back paresthesia (tingling) (5 causes), Back burning sensation, Coccydynia related to sports, Thoracic vertebrae pain, Thoracic vertebrae itch, Recurring ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Kyphoscoliosis (84 causes), Lordosis (85 causes), Thoracic vertebrae numbness, Sacrum inflammation, Sacrum deformity, Sacral rash, Lumbar burning sensation, Lumbar sprain following weight-lifting, Back rigidity, Vertebral spasms, Severe, tearing pain in the lower back, Recurring chronic sciatic back pain, Rash on chest and back in children, Lower back pain in pregnancy, Hunched shoulders (1 cause), Protruded lumbar spine, Forward bending of the spine, Vertebral pain, Vertebral itch, Thoracic vertebrae redness, Sacrum tingling, Sacrum bruise, Spinal cord lesion (1 cause), Severe psoriasis-like back rash, Ruptured intervertebral disk, Recurring acne-like back skin symptoms, Acute psoriasis-like back rash, Spine symptoms (800 causes), stiff back (25 causes), Coccydynia, Spondylolisthesis (3 causes), Ulcer on the back, Vertebral numbness, Thoracic vertebrae blister, Lumbar ulcer, Lumbar infection, Tender vertebral processes, Substernal ache in the lower back, Severe ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Intermittent chronic spinal pain, Acute ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Hunching (2 causes), Vertebral redness, Thoracic vertebrae spasm, Spinal arthritis, Severe chronic sciatic back pain, Subcutaneous crepitation of the upper trunk, Chronic spinal pain, Chronic psoriasis-like back rash, Cervical injury, Tailbone symptoms (17 causes), Vertebral blister, Thoracic spine redness, Spinal burning sensation, Scapula inflammation, Severe acne-like back skin symptoms, Chronic ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Acute acne-like back skin symptoms, back itch, Sudden onset of spinal rigidity, Vertebral spasm, Thoracic vertebrae rash, Thoracic spine blister, Scapula tingling, Scapula bruise, Mild chronic spinal pain, Lordosis in children, back pain (272 causes), Constant coccydynia, back numbness (1 cause), Spinal ulcer, Spinal lumbar bleeding, Spinal infection, Sacral bleeding, Chronic sciatic pain on one side, Chronic acne-like back skin symptoms, Back muscle pain in pregnancy, lumbar pain (4 causes), Opisthotonos (19 causes), back redness, Vertebral rash, Lumbar itch, CVA tenderness, Sacrum burning sensation, Back blister, Severe lower back pain (1 cause), Palpation of the lumbar spine, Cervical cord injury, Bad back in pregnancy, Spinal pain experienced when lying still, Cervical stenosis, back spasm, Lumbar redness, Recurring chronic tailbone pain, Constant back pain, Scapula weakness, Sacrum infection, Lumbar blister, Sudden onset of spinal pain, Sudden onset of back pain in children, Intermittent spinal pain, Intermittent psoriasis-like back rash, Chronic spinal pain increased by exercise, Sacroilitis (2 causes), Kyphosis (158 causes), Back coldness sensation, Cerebrospinal fluid leakage, Thoracic vertebrae bleeding, Spinal pain (2 causes), Spinal itch, Lumbar spasm, Lateral curvature of the spine, Spinal epidural abscess, Severe upper back pain, Recurring pimples on back, Intermittent ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Flattened vertebrae (45 causes), Back pain in children, Spinal pain on palpation of the spinal vertebrae, Back rash (3 causes), back ache (20 causes), Sudden onset of rash on the back, Gradual onset of sciatic pain, Sudden onset of trapezius muscle weakness, Disc herniation, Spinal numbness, Scapula burning sensation, Substernal back, Severe chronic tailbone pain, Intermittent chronic sciatic back pain, Ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Intermittent sciatica, Acute chronic tailbone pain, Opisthotonus (10 causes), Coccyx pain, spine bruise, Gradual onset of back pain in children, Spinal redness, Scapular pain, Lumbar rash, Sciatica (2 causes), Psoas sign (1 cause), Mild psoriasis-like back rash, Intermittent acne-like back skin symptoms, Gradual onset of spinal pain, Damage to one or both of the corticospinal tracts, Chronic sciatic back pain, Thoracic vertebrae inflammation, Thoracic vertebrae deformity, Thoracic spine bleeding, Spinal blister, Scapula infection, Severe pimples on back, Mild ichthyosis-like back skin symptoms, Lower back pain during pregnancy, Acute pimples on back, Acne-like back skin symptoms, Scoliosis (384 causes), Thoracic vertebrae tingling, Thoracic vertebrae bruise, Thoracic tingling, Spinal spasm, Scapula stiff, Tenderness of the spinous processes, Sacrum pain, Mild chronic sciatic back pain, Accumulation of cervicodorsal fat, Herniated disk, Constant Back pain in children, Chronic aching back pain, Vertebral inflammation, Vertebral deformity, Lumbar pathologies, Mild acne-like back skin symptoms, Low hairline at back of neck (25 causes), Kyphosis in children, Chronic pimples on back, Cervicitis (3 causes), Constant coccyx pain, back bleeding, Vertebral tingling, Vertebral bruise, Vertebra symptoms (609 causes), Thoracic spine deformity, Spinal rash, Sacrum redness, Lumbar numb, Back rash in children, Back pain in pregnancy, Vertebral fracture (3 causes), Diskitis, Sudden onset of rash on the back in children, Sudden onset of lower back pain due to renal etiology, Strained lower back injury following exercise, Stiffness in the back, Spinal arthiritis, Lower back pain (62 causes), Sacral ulcer, Lumbar bleeding, Disc prolapse, Hemivertebrae (34 causes), Corticospinal damage, Constant Sacrum pain, Enlarged thyroid gland (1 cause), enlarged tongue (28 causes), rectal swelling (1 cause), pustules (8 causes), Head lump (3 causes), genital warts (5 causes), Pimples (12 causes), nodules (9 causes), nodule, Warts (18 causes), skin bumps (157 causes), Skin nodules (44 causes), penis lump (2 causes)

Symptoms related to Swelling symptoms: Edema (136 causes), Injury, Pain (6380 causes), Tingling (851 causes), Numbness (435 causes), Swollen ankles (74 causes), Circulation symptoms (1396 causes), Infection (851 causes), Abdominal swelling (388 causes), Swollen spleen (1163 causes), Eyelid swelling (47 causes), Corneal swelling (8 causes), Swollen lymph nodes (415 causes), Neck swelling (101 causes), Breast swelling (62 causes), Joint swelling (115 causes)

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