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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Trauma-related symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Trauma-related symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Trauma-related symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Trauma-related symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Trauma-related symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Trauma-related symptoms: Acute dyspnea following trauma, Noxious stimuli, Acute injuries of both knees related to sports, Acute injuries of the knee related to sports, Anal bruise, Ankle bruise (3 causes), Arm bruise (1 cause), Hydrocarbon inhalation injury, Back bruise (1 cause), Badly damaged cartilage, Basilar skull fracture, Birth trauma, Blood vessel damage (3 causes), Blow to head, Blow to the head, Bone crepitation, Brain damage (17 causes), Brain damage in children, Breast bruise (1 cause), Breast trauma, Buttock bruise (1 cause), Calcaneal stress fracture due to running, Calf bruise, Cerebral injury, Cervical cord injury, Cervical injury, Chest bruise, Chest bruise in children, Chest trauma (1 cause), Chin bruise, Chronic finger pain related to sporting injuries, Clavicle fracture, Cold weather injuries, Concurrent brain stem and cerebral damage, Contusion (1 cause), Contusion following exercise, Corticospinal damage, Damage to one or both of the corticospinal tracts, Damage to the upper brain stem, Keloid, Ear bruise (1 cause), Ear damage, Easily bruised skin (22 causes), Elbow bruise (1 cause), Subcutaneous crepitation, Subcutaneous crepitation in the chest wall, Subcutaneous crepitation in the clavicular fossa, Subcutaneous crepitation in the neck, Subcutaneous crepitation of the eyelid and orbit, Subcutaneous crepitation of the upper trunk, Organ rupture, Falls (30 causes), Increased risk of falls, Falling (14 causes), Formation of necrosis, Laceration, Eye bruise, Eye damage (14 causes), Eyelid bruise, Facial bruise, Fatal heart damage, Feeling as if the world is revolving around you, Finger bruise (1 cause), Fingernail bruise, Fingernail bruise in children, Foot bruise (2 causes), Forearm bruise, Fracture clavicle, Fracture of the base of the skull, Fractures (110 causes), Fractures following excessive exercise, Genital bruise, Genital bruise in children, Groin bruise, Groin bruise in children, Gum bruise, Hand bruise (5 causes), Hand bruise in children, Head injury (2 causes), Head trauma (1 cause), Heart damage (4 causes), Heel bruise, Humeral neck fracture, Humeral neck fracture of one side, Chemical burns, Heat burn, Jaw bruise (1 cause), Kidney damage (142 causes), Kidney damage in pregnancy, Knee bruise, Leg bruise, Lip bruise, Liver damage (78 causes), Liver damage in pregnancy, Altered vital signs due to road traffic accident, Lower leg injuries related to sports, Lung damage (19 causes), Minor head trauma, Mouth Bruise, Muscle contusion, Muscle rupture, Neck Bruise (1 cause), Neck trauma, Nerve damage (8 causes), Neurovascular damage, Nipple Bruise, Nose Bruise (2 causes), Open-head injury, Optic nerve damage (1 cause), Orbital fracture, Overuse knee injuries, Overuse knee injury, Palm bruise, Patches on the skin look like bruises, Penile Bruise (1 cause), Peripheral arterial trauma, Permanent brain damage (1 cause), Postoperative fever, Renal damage (2 causes), Rib Bruise (1 cause), Rotator cuff injury, Rupture alveoli, Rupture of both biceps, Rupture of alveoli, Rupture of blebs, Rupture of esophagus, Rupture of the biceps, Ruptured intervertebral disk, Ruptured spleen, Salter harris type I fracture, Salter harris type II fracture, Salter harris type III fracture, Salter harris type IV fracture, Salter harris typeV fracture, Scalp Bruise, Severe head injury, Shin bruise, Shoulder bruise, Spinal cord injury, Sports and thigh injuries, Sports related ankle injuries, Sports related facial injuries, Sports related feet injury, Sports related foot injuries, Sports related hand injuries, Sports related injury of both hands, Sports related injury of the hand, Sports related knee injuries, Sports related shoulder injuries, Sports related shoulder injury on one side, Sports related stress fractures of the ribs, Sports-related eye injuries, Stomach Bruise, Strained lower back injury following exercise, Stress fractures, Stress fractures related to running, Crepitus (1 cause), Testicle Bruise, Thigh bruise (1 cause), Thumb bruise, Toenail bruise, Trauma of fatty tissue of breast, Trauma ulcer, Traumatic Chest injury, Traumatic lesion, Traumatic ulcer, Underarm bruise, Upper brain stem damage, Upper bruise, Vascular damage, Vein bruise, Vertebral fracture (3 causes), Visible fracture lines, Vulva bruise, Lisfranc's injury, Wrist bruise (2 causes), Sudden onset of iridodialysis, Gums bruise, Abdomen bleeding, Abdomen bruise, Abdominal wall bruise, Achilles tendon bruise, Adenoids bruise, Anal triangle bruise, Animal bites, Auricle bruise, Biceps bruise, Big toe bruise, Eyelash bleeding, Eyelash bruise, Eyelid bleeding, Ear canal bruise, Earlobe bruise, Brow bruise, Buccal mucosa bruise, Calcaneal bone bruise, Lung bruise, Cervix bruise, Cheekbone bruise, Clavicle bruise, Conjunctival bruise, Connective tissue bruise, Coracobrachialis bruise, Cornea bruise, Cubital fossa bruise, Digit bruise, Femur bruise, Fibula bruise, Fingers bruise, Forehead bruise, Humerus bruise, Ilium bruise, Lower abdomen bruise, External os bruise, Hinge joint( elbow joint) bruise, Inguinal area bruise, Internal os bruise, Ischial tuberosity bruise, Joints bruise, Kneecap bruise, Knee joint bruise, Larynx bruise, Lateral epicondyle bruise, Liver bruise, Lower jaw bruise, Lower leg bruise, Lumbar sprain following weight-lifting, Lumbar bruise, Mandible bruise, Maxillary bone bruise, Medial epicondyle bruise, Metacarpal bruise, Metacarpophalangeal joint bruise, Midbrain injury, Middle ear bruise, Nasopharyngeal tonsil bruise, Nostril bruise, Ocular bruise, Optical bruise, Optical nerve bruise, Pelvis bruise, Perineum bruise, Periosteum bruise, Phalanges bruise, Pharynx bruise, Popliteal fossa bruise, Prostate bruise, Pubic area bruise, Pulmonary bruise, Radius bruise, Rectal bruise, Respiratory bruise, Sacrum bruise, Scapula bruise, Scrotum bruise, Skin bruise, Temple bruise, Temporal bruise, Tendon bruise, Testis bruise, Thoracic bruise, Thoracic vertebrae bruise, Tibial bruise, Triceps bruise, Upper abdominal bruise, Upper maxillary bone bruise, Urogenital triangle bruise, Vertebral bruise, Voice box bruise, Vulval area bruise, Ecchymosis of the temporal bone, Electrical injuries, Thermal burns, Sudden onset of skin disorders related to contact sports, Sudden onset of skin disorders related to sports, Sudden onset of sports related chondromalacia patellae, Sudden onset of sports related eye injuries, Sudden onset of sports related hand injuries, Sudden onset of sports related knee injuries, Sudden onset of sports related osteoarthritis, Sudden onset of sports related shoulder injuries, Sudden onset of stress fractures, Granulomatous infection, Mallet's fracture, Sudden onset of sports related fibromyalgia, Sports related skin disoders, Sudden onset of midbrain injury, Sudden onset of Runner's knee, Sudden onset of pons injury, Sudden onset of posterior fossa hematoma, Sudden onset of Lisfranc's injury, Pons injury, Battle's sign (1 cause), Chafing

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