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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Upper abdominal symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Upper abdominal symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Upper abdominal symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Upper abdominal symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Upper abdominal symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Upper abdominal symptoms: Abnormal liver function tests (12 causes), Abnormal Liver Function Tests in Pregnancy, Acute chronic kidney pain, Acute kidney failure (11 causes), Acute liver pain, Acute liver pain in pregnancy, Acute pancreatitis (1 cause), Acute stomach ulcer-like symptoms in pregnancy, Acute stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Ascites due to liver cirrhosis, Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, Acute hepatitis in children, Biliary Colic (5 causes), Cholestatic pruritus, Chronic kidney pain, Chronic liver pain, Chronic loin pain as seen in chronic renal pathologies, Chronic stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Cirrhosis of liver (31 causes), Constant epigastric pain, Constant left hypochondrium pain, Constant renal pain, Constant renal pain in children, Glomerulonephritis (7 causes), Constant upper abdominal pain, Continuous upper abdominal pain, Intravenous urography, Kernicterus (6 causes), Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Disorders of the liver in adults, Disorders of the liver in children, Disorders of the spleen in young adults, Disorders of the stomach, Distension of the renal capsule, Diuresis (1 cause), Enlarged kidney on both sides, Enlarged kidney on one side, Enlarged kidneys (23 causes), Enlarged liver (1163 causes), Enlarged liver and spleen (1163 causes), Enlarged liver in children, Enlarged spleen in children, Epigastric discomfort (3 causes), Epigastric discomfort in pregnancy, Epigastric pain (67 causes), Epigastric pain in children, Epigastric pain in pregnancy, Epigastric tenderness (4 causes), Epigastric tenderness in pregnancy, Epigastrium pain, Epigastrium pain in pregnancy, Liver cancer, Fatty liver (26 causes), Flapping tremors as seen in cirrhosis of liver, Cholecystitis (3 causes), Gall bladder symptoms (23 causes), Cholelithiasis (1 cause), Gallstones (14 causes), Gradual onset of clubbing due to hepatobiliary causes, Gradual onset of epigastric pain, Gradual onset of left hypochondrium pain, Gradual onset of right hypochondrium pain, Gradual onset upper abdominal pain, Hepatic failure (2 causes), Hepatic porphyria, Hepatitis (13 causes), Hepatitis in children, Hepatomegaly similar to that in cirrhosis of liver, Hepatorenal syndrome, Icterus (11 causes), Icterus in pregnancy, Icterus similar to that in case of cirrhosis of liver, Impaired renal function, Increased bilirubin, Intermittent stomach pain (1 cause), Intermittent chronic kidney pain, Intermittent chronic liver pain, Intermittent renal pain, Intermittent stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Jaundice (664 causes), Jaundice due to infection in children, Jaundice in children, Jaundice in infants, Jaundice in older children, Jaundice in pregnancy, Jaundice-like symptoms (686 causes), Kidney abnormalities (52 causes), Kidney cysts (41 causes), Kidney damage (142 causes), Kidney damage in pregnancy, Kidney enlargement, Kidney failure (115 causes), Kidney inflammation (8 causes), Kidney pain (9 causes), Kidney pain in pregnancy, Kidney stones (44 causes), Kidney symptoms (874 causes), Kidney symptoms in pregnancy, Large tender liver, Liver abnormalities (9 causes), Liver abnormalities in pregnancy, Liver damage (78 causes), Liver damage in pregnancy, Liver dysfunction (30 causes), Liver dysfunction during pregnancy, Liver dysfunction in pregnancy, Liver enlargement (9 causes), Liver enlargement in pregnancy, Liver failure (16 causes), Liver inflammation (20 causes), Liver inflammation in pregnancy, Liver mass (1 cause), Liver pain (11 causes), Liver pain in pregnancy, Liver problems (1525 causes), Liver problems in pregnancy, Liver symptoms (1549 causes), Liver symptoms in pregnancy, Liver tenderness (4 causes), Liver tenderness in pregnancy, Mild chronic kidney pain, Mild chronic liver pain, Mild stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Neonatal jaundice (7 causes), Nephropathy (4 causes), Obstruction of common bile duct, Obstructive uropathies, Occlusion of renal arteries, Occlusion of renal veins, Osmotic diuresis, Pancreas symptoms (193 causes), Pancreatic inflammation (3 causes), Pancreatitis (21 causes), Portal hypertension similar to cirrhosis of liver, Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis, Pyelonephritis (6 causes), Pyelonephritis in pregnancy, Recurring chronic kidney pain, Recurring chronic liver pain, Recurring stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Renal artery stenosis (1 cause), Renal artery stenosis on both sides, Renal artery stenosis on one side, Renal calculi (4 causes), Renal damage (2 causes), Renal disorder, Renal dysfunction similar to that of diabetes mellitus, Renal failure (8 causes), Renal failure in pregnancy, Renal pain, Renal pain in pregnancy, Renovascular disorders, Renovascular stenosis, Renovascular stenosis of both sides, Right lower quadrant pain, Right upper quadrant pain (3 causes), Right upper quadrant tenderness in a woman who is pregnant, Right-upper-quadrant tenderness, Ruptured spleen, Severe chronic kidney pain, Interstitial nephritis, Severe chronic liver pain, Severe stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Chronic pyelonephritis (1 cause), Sick to your stomach, Elevated Anti-liver/ kidney microsomal antibodies, Spleen symptoms (1167 causes), Stomach ache (375 causes), Stomach ache in pregnancy, Stomach bleeding (4 causes), Stomach cramps (375 causes), Stomach growling, Stomach pain (29 causes), Stomach pain in pregnancy, Stomach problems in pregnancy, Stomach upset (8 causes), Stomach upset in pregnancy, Stomach-ulcer like symptoms, Hepatic encephalopathy (7 causes), Swollen spleen (1163 causes), Underdeveloped kidney (59 causes), Unresponsive Postictal state as in case of hepatic encephalopathy, Upper abdomen pain, Upper abdominal discomfort (6 causes), Upper abdominal discomfort in pregnancy, Upper abdominal pain (28 causes), Upper abdominal pain in pregnancy, Upper abdominal tenderness, Upset stomach (4 causes), Renal bleeding, Renal dysfunction similar to that of SLE, Renal infection, Renal inflammation, Renal lump, Renal ulcer, Continuous renal pain, Liver bruise, Liver deformity (3 causes), Liver lump (2 causes), Liver redness, Liver ulcer, Upper abdominal bleeding, Upper abdominal blister, Upper abdominal bruise, Upper abdominal burning sensation, Upper abdominal infection, Upper abdominal inflammation, Upper abdominal itch, Upper abdominal numbness, Upper abdominal obstruction, Upper abdominal rash, Upper abdominal redness, Upper abdominal sensitivity, Upper abdominal spasm, Upper abdominal tingling, Upper abdominal lump, Gall bladder deformity (3 causes), Gall bladder lump, Gall bladder redness, Gall bladder swelling, Gradual onset of nephropathy due to chronic disorders, Gradual onset of pancreatitis, Gradual onset of stomach ulcers, Gradual onset of upper abdominal discomfort, Hepatic ulcer, Hepatomegaly similar to that in hematochromatosis, Kidney bleeding, Kidney lump (1 cause), Kidney ulcer, Sudden onset of lower back pain due to renal etiology, Sudden onset of pancreatitis, Positive Chymotrypsin, Sudden onset of upper abdominal pain, Palpable stone, Organ rupture, High sphincter of oddi manometry, Sphincter of oddi manometry, gallbladder inflammation (1 cause), Uremic frost, liver infection (1 cause), Increased faecal urobilinogen, Reye's syndrome, yellow skin (378 causes), yellow eyes (369 causes), Stomache, Severe abdominal cramps (2 causes), Cramping abdominal pain (6 causes), Intestinal cramps (1 cause), Abdominal cramps (313 causes), Gestational diabetes (1 cause), diabetes-like symptoms (160 causes), Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Diabetic neuropathy, Glucosuria (3 causes), Glycosuria (4 causes), Decreased sugar tolerance in diabetics, NIDDM, Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (1 cause), Hyperglycemia (39 causes), Diabetes insipidus (19 causes), Diabetic retinopathy (1 cause), High blood sugar (14 causes), IDDM, Chronic renal failure (1 cause), Obstructive nephropathies, Uremia (18 causes), kidney infection (4 causes), Uric acid nephropathy

Upper abdominal symptoms type of: Abdominal symptoms (5780 causes), Digestive symptoms (5244 causes)

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