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Prevalence of Causes of Symptom: Women's health symptoms

About prevalence data for causes of Women's health symptoms: Important! The data below does not indicate the most likely diagnosis for any symptom. Always seek prompt professional diagnosis of any symptoms. This information combines possible causes of symptom Women's health symptoms as noted in various sources, with overall disease prevalence or incidence data from other sources. Hence, this only provides statistical information of a general nature. The likelihood of any disease causing a particular symptom does not strongly depend on the overall disease prevalence, but is affected by numerous other factors including other concurrent symptoms, patient details, and so on. Furthermore, this computer-generated list and data may be incorrect, erroneous, or misleading.

List of causes of symptom Women's health symptoms: Below is a list of possible diseases or medical conditions that have been identified as possible causes of symptom Women's health symptoms in various sources. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate, out-dated, or incorrect.

Types of Women's health symptoms: Abdominal cramps during pregnancy, Abdominal Cramps in Pregnancy, Abdominal Discomfort in Pregnancy, Abdominal Distension in Pregnancy, Abdominal Fullness in Pregnancy, Abdominal Guarding in Pregnancy, Abdominal mass in adults, Abdominal Mass in Pregnancy, Abdominal pain in adults, Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy, Abdominal pain in the second trimester, Abdominal pain that worsens with menses, Abdominal rebound tenderness in Pregnancy, Abdominal swelling in pregnancy, Abdominal Tenderness in Pregnancy, Aberrant behaviour in pregnancy, Abnormal infrequent menstrual bleeding, Abnormal Liver Function Tests in Pregnancy, Abnormal thinking in pregnancy, Abnormal uterine bleeding (2 causes), Abnormal vaginal bleeding (24 causes), Metrorrhagia, Abnormal vaginal bleeding in children, Abnormal vaginal bleeding in pregnancy, Abnormal Walk in Pregnancy, Abortion (1 cause), Fetal alcohol syndrome (1 cause), Abortion in pregnancy, Miscarriage (116 causes), Miscarriage in Pregnancy, Abrupt Mood Swings in Pregnancy, Abruptio placentae (1 cause), Abruptio Placentae in Pregnancy, Absence of vaginal bleeding, Missed period, Absent menses, Aches in pregnancy, Sudden death in a woman who is pregnant, Acid Reflux in pregnancy, Acne in pregnancy, Acne-like rash in pregnancy, Acute abdominal pain in pregnancy, Acute acid reflux into mouth during pregnancy, Acute adhd-like symptoms in adults, Acute chronic vaginal pain, Acute concentration difficulty in adults, Acute difficulty concentrating at work, Acute Dyspnoea in pregnancy, Adult respiratory distress syndrome (3 causes), Polycythemia in pregnancy, Acute flank pain in pregnancy, Acute forgetfulness in pregnancy, Acute herpes-like vaginal ulcers, Acute hyperactivity in adults, Acute inattention in adults, Acute intermittent forgetfulness in pregnancy, Acute liver pain in pregnancy, Acute nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, Acute nausea in pregnancy, Acute oophoritis, Acute pain from intercourse in pregnancy, Acute pain when walking in pregnancy, Acute poorly controlled diabetes symptoms in pregnancy, Acute recurring depression-like symptoms in pregnancy, Acute reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, Acute reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Acute reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Acute salpingitis, Acute stomach ulcer-like symptoms in pregnancy, Acute uterine pain, Acute uterine pain in pregnancy, Candida in pregnancy, ADHD-like symptoms in adults, Adnexal tenderness (1 cause), Altered bladder habits in pregnancy, Altered bowel habit in pregnancy, Altered consciousness in adults, Altered pigmentation in pregnancy, Amenorrhea (94 causes), Female athlete triad, Anaemia in pregnancy, Anal discomfort in pregnancy, Anal disorder in pregnancy, Anal disorders in adults, Anal lump in pregnancy, Anal pain in pregnancy, Anal swelling in pregnancy, Anal symptoms in pregnancy, Anemia in pregnancy, Anxiety disorder in pregnancy, Anxiety in pregnancy, Apprehension in pregnancy, Ascites in adults, Back muscle pain in pregnancy, Gestational diabetes (1 cause), Back pain in pregnancy, Back symptoms in pregnancy, Backache in pregnancy, Bad back in pregnancy, Behavior problems at work, Behavior problems in adults, Behaviour changes in pregnancy, Benign ovarian cyst, Bilateral nasal discharge in adults, Birth defects (323 causes), Birth symptoms (666 causes), Birth trauma, Bladder infections in pregnancy, Bladder pain in pregnancy, Bladder symptoms in pregnancy, Bleeding after sex in pregnancy, Bleeding gums in pregnancy, Bleeding that occurs after a woman has stopped menstruating, Adenomyosis, Blood clot in pregnancy, Blood clots in pregnancy, Blood loss in pregnancy, Bloody vaginal discharge (1 cause), Bloody vaginal discharge in pregnancy, Boredom-related behavior problems at work, Bowel infrequency in pregnancy, Bowel movements in pregnancy, Bowel problems in pregnancy, Breakthrough bleeding, Breast discomfort in pregnancy, Breast lump during pregnancy, Breast symptoms in pregnancy, Breast tenderness in pregnancy, Breath symptoms in pregnancy, Breathing difficulties in pregnancy, Breathing problems worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Breathing symptoms in pregnancy, Breathing worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Breathlessness on exertion in pregnancy, Bruising in pregnancy, Burning during urination in pregnancy, Burning urination in pregnancy, Calf swelling in pregnancy, Cardiac arrest in pregnancy, Cervical dilatation, Cervical dilation (1 cause), Cervical erosion, Cervix symptoms (28 causes), Change in sexual desire in pregnancy, Changes in normal menstrual cycle, Cheesy vaginal discharge, Chest discomfort in pregnancy, Chest pain in pregnancy, Chorea gravidarum, Chorea in adults, Chronic adhd-like symptoms in adults, Chronic concentration difficulty in adults, Chronic difficulty concentrating at work, Chronic herpes-like vaginal ulcers, Chronic hyperactivity in adults, Chronic hyperactivity in the workplace, Chronic impulsivity in adults, Chronic inattention in adults, Chronic inattentiveness in the workplace, Group B streptococcus infection in pregnancy, Eclampsia (1 cause), Chronic uterine pain, Chronic vaginal pain, Clitoris itch, Clitoris pain, Clitoris rash, Clitoris symptoms (28 causes), Cloudy urine during pregnancy, Collapse during pregnancy, Collapse in pregnancy, Colorless vaginal discharge, Concentration difficulty in adults, Constant nocturia in elderly females, Constant periumbilical pain in adults, Bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy, Constant uterine pain, Constipation during pregnancy, Constipation in pregnancy, Cramps in pregnancy, Daytime drowsiness in pregnancy, Daytime tiredness in pregnancy, Decreased bowel sounds in adults, Decreased menses, Decreased oxygen saturation in pregnancy, Decreased urine output in pregnancy, Deep vein thrombosis in pregnancy, Leucorrhea, Depressive symptoms in pregnancy, Dermatitis in pregnancy, Dermatologic disorder in pregnancy, Diabetes-like symptoms in pregnancy, Carpel tunnel syndrome in pregnancy, Decreased diaphragmatic excursion in pregnancy, Difficulty concentrating at work (4 causes), Difficulty concentrating in adults, Disorders of the liver in adults, Disorders of the lung in adults, Disorders of the neck in young adults, Disorders of the ovaries, Disorders of the spleen in young adults, Disorders of the thyroid in young adults, Disorders of the tongue in young adults, Disorders of the uterus in the reproductive age group, Drowsiness in pregnancy, Dysmenorrhea (20 causes), Dysmenorrhea in young adults, Dyspepsia in pregnancy, Ear disorders in adults, Ectopic pregnancy, Eczematous rash in pregnancy, Edema in pregnancy, Elevated blood pressure in pregnancy, Emotional disturbance in pregnancy, Emotional lability in pregnancy, Emotional symptoms in pregnancy, Endocrine disorders in adults, Enlarged ovaries (4 causes), Enlarged ovary, Epigastric discomfort in pregnancy, Epigastric pain in pregnancy, Epigastric tenderness in pregnancy, Epigastrium pain in pregnancy, Epilepsy in pregnancy, Epistaxis in pregnancy, Excess amniotic fluid (47 causes), Excess amniotic fluid in pregnancy, Excessive menstrual bleeding (20 causes), Thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy, Cervical cancer (16 causes), Ovarian cancer, Ovarian tumour, Elevated troponin in pregnancy, Extreme fatigue in pregnancy, Extreme tiredness in pregnancy, Eye floaters in pregnancy, Face swelling in pregnancy, Fainting in pregnancy, Fallopian tube symptoms (2 causes), Fatigue in pregnancy, Female frigidity, Female infertility (9 causes), Female sexual symptoms (489 causes), Fetal death (55 causes), Fetal distress in neonate, Fetal hydrops in neonates, Fever in pregnancy, Fibroids, Flank pain in pregnancy, Floaters in pregnancy, Fluid retention around the eyes and face in pregnancy, Fluid retention in pregnancy, Forgetfulness in pregnancy, Frequency of urination in pregnancy, Frequent urination in pregnancy, Gait disturbances in pregnancy, Galactorrhea (8 causes), Galactorrhea due to pituitary adenoma, Gastrooesophageal reflux in pregnancy, Generalised edema in pregnancy, Generalised oedema in pregnancy, Genital paresthesia/ tingling, Genital rash (14 causes), Genital sores (23 causes), Genital swelling (12 causes), Genital symptoms (966 causes), Genital ulcer (1 cause), Genital warts (5 causes), Giddiness in pregnancy, Glycosuria in pregnancy, Green vaginal discharge, Greenish vaginal discharge, Groin pain in pregnancy, Groin symptoms in pregnancy, Gum symptoms in pregnancy, Gynaecologic infection, Gynecologic infection, Haemorrhoids in pregnancy, Headache in pregnancy, Heart failure in pregnancy, Heartburn after eating in pregnancy, Heartburn in pregnancy, Heartburn pain resistant to treatment in pregnancy, Heartburn that worsens if lying down after eating in pregnancy, Heartburn unrelated to eating in pregnancy, Heartburn with acid reflux in pregnancy, Heartburn without reflux in pregnancy, Heavy periods (63 causes), Hematuria during menses, Herpes-like vaginal ulcers, High blood pressure in pregnancy, High blood sugar in pregnancy, Hip pain in pregnancy, Hip symptoms in pregnancy, Hyperactive behavior in adults, Hyperactivity in the workplace, Hyperpigmented patches of skin in pregnancy, Hypertension-like symptoms in pregnancy, Hyperthyroidism in pregnancy, Hyperventilation in pregnancy, Hypogonadism (107 causes), Hypopigmented lesions in adults, Hypoxia in pregnancy, Icterus in pregnancy, Idiopathic dysmenorrhea, Impaired vision in pregnancy, Impulsive behavior at work, Impulsive behavior in adults, Impulsivity in adults, Inattention in adults, Inattentive behavior at work, Inattentiveness in the workplace, Incontinence of urine in pregnancy, Increased (brisk) reflexes in pregnancy, Increased frequency of urination in adults, Increased pigmentation in pregnancy, Increased skin pigmentation in pregnancy, Indecision at work, Indecision in adults, Indigestion in pregnancy, Thrush in pregnancy, Yawning excessively in pregnancy, Insomnia in pregnancy, Intense uterine contractions, Intercourse symptoms in pregnancy, Intermittent adhd-like symptoms in adults, Intermittent chronic uterine pain, Intermittent chronic vaginal pain, Intermittent concentration difficulty in adults, Intermittent difficulty concentrating at work, Intermittent herpes-like vaginal ulcers, Intermittent hyperactivity in adults, Intermittent hyperactivity in the workplace, Intermittent impulsivity in adults, Intermittent inattention in adults, Intermittent inattentiveness in the workplace, Intermittent menstrual disturbances, Intermittent projectile vomiting in adults, Intermittent pruritus in adults, Itch vagina, Itching all over in pregnancy, Itching skin in pregnancy, Jaundice in pregnancy, Kidney damage in pregnancy, Kidney pain in pregnancy, Kidney symptoms in pregnancy, Lactation in females, Maternal chorioamnionitis, Late start of menstruation (5 causes), Leg cramps in pregnancy, Leg pain during pregnancy, Leg swelling in pregnancy, Lethargy in pregnancy, Libido symptoms in pregnancy, Life threatening bronchospasm in pregnancy, Light periods (10 causes), Listlessness in pregnancy, Liver abnormalities in pregnancy, Liver damage in pregnancy, Liver dysfunction during pregnancy, Liver dysfunction in pregnancy, Liver enlargement in pregnancy, Liver inflammation in pregnancy, Liver pain in pregnancy, Liver problems in pregnancy, Liver symptoms in pregnancy, Liver tenderness in pregnancy, Loin pain during pregnancy, Loin pain in pregnancy, Loss of female libido, Loss of libido in pregnancy, Loss of sex drive in pregnancy, Loud bowel sounds in adults, Low blood platelet level in pregnancy, Low blood pressure in pregnancy, Low libido in pregnancy, Low oestrogen, Lower abdominal pain in pregnancy, Lower back pain during pregnancy, Lower back pain in pregnancy, Lump in the groin during pregnancy, Lump in the rectum during pregnancy, Maculopapular rash in pregnancy, Major depression in pregnancy, Mastalgia during pregnancy, Mastalgia in pregnancy, Memory Disturbances in pregnancy, Memory loss in pregnancy, Memory symptoms in pregnancy, Menopause (10 causes), Menorrhagia (15 causes), Menstrual bleeding that occurs between menstrual periods, Menstrual changes (19 causes), Menstrual cramps (7 causes), Menstrual disorders (16 causes), Menstrual irregularities (493 causes), Menstrual pain (4 causes), Mental changes in pregnancy, Mental depression in pregnancy, Mental problems in pregnancy, Migraine like symptoms in pregnancy, Mild adhd-like symptoms in adults, Mild chronic uterine pain, Mild chronic vaginal pain, Mild concentration difficulty in adults, Mild depression in pregnancy, Mild depression-like symptoms in pregnancy, Mild difficulty concentrating at work, Mild herpes-like vaginal ulcers, Mild hyperactivity in adults, Mild hyperactivity in the workplace, Mild impulsivity in adults, Mild inattention in adults, Mild inattentiveness in the workplace, Moderate depression in pregnancy, Mood lability in Pregnancy, Mood Swings in Pregnancy, Moodiness in Pregnancy, Nasal congestion during pregnancy, Nausea during pregnancy, Nausea in pregnancy, Neck mass in adults, Nervousness in pregnancy, Night time urination in pregnancy, Night urination in pregnancy, Nipple discharge in pregnancy, Nipple itch in pregnancy, Nipple swelling in pregnancy, Nitrites in the urine in pregnancy, Nocturia in pregnancy, Not getting a menstrual period, Oedema in pregnancy, Oedema of the face in pregnancy, Oedema of the fingers in pregnancy, Oedema of the lower extremity in pregnancy, Oligomenorrhoea (1 cause), Oliguria in pregnancy, Oophoritis, Orthopnea in pregnancy, Orthostatic hypotension in pregnancy, Ovarian cyst (4 causes), Curdy white discharge, Ovarian cysts (5 causes), Ovary symptoms (64 causes), Painful intercourse in pregnancy, Painful menstruation (4 causes), Painful sexual intercourse in pregnancy, Paleness in pregnancy, Palpitations during pregnancy, Pelvic discomfort in pregnancy, Pelvic disorders in pregnancy, Pelvic pain in pregnancy, Pelvic pain worsened by exercise in pregnancy, Pelvic symptoms in pregnancy, Perianal lesions in pregnancy, Perineal discomfort in pregnancy, Perineum pain in pregnancy, Periorbital oedema in pregnancy, Peripheral edema in pregnancy, Peripheral oedema in pregnancy, Perisitent headache during pregnancy, Petechial rashes in adults, Petichiae in pregnancy, Placenta symptoms (3 causes), Placenta Symptoms in Pregnancy, Pleuritic chest pain in pregnancy, Poor concentration in adults, Post-menopausal bleeding (5 causes), Postpartum blues, Postpartum depression, Postpartum fever, Postpartum hemorrhage (6 causes), Postpartum psychosis, Postpartum thyroiditis, Precocious puberty (15 causes), Pregnancy symptoms (467 causes), Premenstrual syndrome, Premenstrual tension (2 causes), Primary amenorrhea (16 causes), Primary amenorrhea in children, Primary amenorrhoea in children, Profuse or extended menstrual bleeding, Profuse or prolonged menstrual bleeding, Progressive confusion in pregnancy, Proteinuria in pregnancy, Pruritis in pregnancy, Pruritis vulvae, Pruritis vulvae in pregnancy, Pruritus Vulvae, Pruritus vulvae in pregnancy, Psychotic symptoms in pregnancy, Pulmonary oedema in pregnancy, Pulse irregularity in pregnancy, Purpura in adults, Purulent vaginal discharge, Pyelonephritis in pregnancy, Pyuria in pregnancy, Raised testosterone levels in a female, Rash in pregnancy, Rectal bleeding in pregnancy, Rectal disorders in adults, Rectal lump in pregnancy, Recurring adhd-like symptoms in adults, Recurring chronic uterine pain, Recurring chronic vaginal pain, Recurring concentration difficulty in adults, Recurring difficulty concentrating at work, Recurring heart-burn like chest pain in pregnancy, Recurring herpes-like vaginal ulcers, Recurring hyperactivity in adults, Recurring hyperactivity in the workplace, Recurring impulsivity in adults, Recurring inattention in adults, Recurring inattentiveness in the workplace, Recurring reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, Recurring reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Recurring reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Reduced amniotic fluid (53 causes), Reduced amniotic fluid in pregnancy, Reduced menstrual flow (3 causes), Reflux-like regurgitation in pregnancy, Reflux-like symptoms in pregnancy, Reflux-like vomiting in pregnancy, Regurgitation in adults, Renal failure in pregnancy, Renal pain in pregnancy, Respiratory distress in pregnancy, Respiratory rales in adults, Rhonchi in pregnancy, Leukocytosis in pregnancy, Right upper quadrant tenderness in a woman who is pregnant, Rigid tender abdomen in pregnancy, Sadness in pregnancy, Sciatica in pregnancy, Secondary amenorrhea (1 cause), Secondary amenorrhea in children, Secondary amenorrhea in young adults, Secondary amenorrhoea in children, Seeing spots in pregnancy, Seizures in pregnancy, Septate vagina (14 causes), Severe adhd-like symptoms in adults, Severe chronic uterine pain, Severe chronic vaginal pain, Severe concentration difficulty in adults, Severe, continuous abdominal pain, Severe difficulty concentrating at work, Severe herpes-like vaginal ulcers, Severe hyperactivity in adults, Severe hyperactivity in the workplace, Severe impulsivity in adults, Severe inattention in adults, Severe inattentiveness in the workplace, Septic shock in pregnancy, Severe vomiting in pregnancy, Sexual dysfunction in pregnancy, Sexual pain in pregnancy, Sexual symptoms in pregnancy, Sharp chest pain in pregnancy, Shock in pregnancy, Shortness of breath from exercise in pregnancy, Shortness of breath in pregnancy, Side pain in pregnancy, Signs of circulatory collapse in pregnancy, Silver striae in pregnancy, Skin changes in pregnancy, Skin colour changes in pregnancy, Skin discolouration in pregnancy, Skin pigmentation changes in pregnancy, Skin pigmentation in pregnancy, Sleep disorders in pregnancy, Sleep disturbance in pregnancy, Sleeping difficulty in pregnancy, Sleeping problems in pregnancy, Sleeplessness in pregnancy, Sore vagina (1 cause), Sore vagina in pregnancy, Spider naevi in pregnancy, Spiking fever in pregnancy, Spontaneous abortion (18 causes), Spontaneous abortion in pregnancy, Spoon-shaped nails in pregnancy, Spotting (7 causes), Spotting in pregnancy, Stillbirth (106 causes), Stillbirth in pregnancy, Stomach ache in pregnancy, Stomach itch in pregnancy, Stomach pain in pregnancy, Stomach problems in pregnancy, Stomach upset in pregnancy, Stress incontinence in pregnancy, Stretch Mark in pregnancy, Stretch marks in pregnancy, Striae in pregnancy, Stridor in adults, Stuffed nose in pregnancy, Sudden loss of orientation in adults, Sudden onset of abnormal vaginal bleeding in adults, Sudden onset of amenorrhoea, Sudden onset of hemoptysis in adults, Sudden onset of polyarthritis in adults, Sudden onset of vaginal bleeding in children, Sugar in urine during pregnancy, Sweating in pregnancy, Swollen thyroid gland in pregnancy, Symmetrically enlarged globular uterus, Syncopal episode in pregnancy, Syncope in pregnancy, Tachycardia in pregnancy, Tenderness of the symphysis pubis during pregnancy, Tenesmus in pregnancy, The blues during pregnancy, Thick vaginal discharge, Thick vaginal discharge in pregnancy, Thickening of body hair in pregnancy, Thin purple streaks on the skin in pregnancy, Thin vaginal discharge, Thin vaginal discharge in pregnancy, Thirst in pregnancy, Throbbing headache in pregnancy, Thrombocytopenia in pregnancy, Thunder clap headache in pregnancy, Thyroid problems in pregnancy, Tingling hands in pregnancy, Tiredness in pregnancy, Tracheal deviation in pregnancy, Twitches in pregnancy, Underarm lump in pregnancy, Underdeveloped fallopian tubes (12 causes), Underdeveloped ovaries (14 causes), Underdeveloped uterus (19 causes), Upper abdominal discomfort in pregnancy, Upper abdominal pain in pregnancy, Urethral pain in pregnancy, Urinary burning in pregnancy, Urinary pain in pregnancy, Urinary problems in pregnancy, Urinary symptoms in pregnancy, Urinary tract infection in pregnancy, Urinating blood in pregnancy, Urination pain in pregnancy, Urosepsis in pregnancy, Sepsis in pregnancy, Acute poor glucose tolerance in pregnancy, Uterus contractions, Uterus contractions in pregnancy, Uterus duplex (14 causes), Uterus symptoms (403 causes), Vaginal bleed in pregnancy (3 causes), Vaginal bleeding (68 causes), Vaginal bleeding after 24 hours of delivery, Vaginal bleeding after menopause (1 cause), Vaginal bleeding after mmenopause, Vaginal bleeding from 28 weeks onwards, Vaginal bleeding in the first trimester, Vaginal bleeding within 24 hours of delivery, Vaginal bulge (2 causes), Vaginal burning sensation (4 causes), Vaginal burning sensation in pregnancy, Vaginal discharge (55 causes), Vaginal discharge in adults, Vaginal discharge in pregnancy, Vaginal dryness (22 causes), Vaginal irritation (5 causes), Vaginal irritation in pregnancy, Vaginal itching (11 causes), Vaginal itching in pregnancy, Vaginal lesions (1 cause), Vaginal mass (3 causes), Vaginal mass in pregnancy, Vaginal odor (13 causes), Vaginal pain (46 causes), Vaginal pain in pregnancy, Vaginal paresthesia/ tingling, Vaginal rash (5 causes), Vaginal secretions with itching, Vaginal secretions with itching in pregnancy, Vaginal swelling (1 cause), Vaginal symptoms (429 causes), Vaginal symptoms in pregnancy, Vaginal thrush, Vaginal ulceration, Vaginitis (5 causes), Vaginitis in pregnancy, Varicose veins in pregnancy, Vertigo in pregnancy, Vesicular rash in pregnancy, Vision changes in both eyes in pregnancy, Vision changes in pregnancy, Vision distortion in pregnancy, Visual blurring in pregnancy, Visual disturbance in pregnancy, Visual floaters in pregnancy, Visual problems in pregnancy, Vomiting blood in pregnancy, Vomiting in pregnancy, Vulva bruise, Vulva burning sensation, Vulva burning sensation in pregnancy, Vulva itch (7 causes), Vulva itch in pregnancy, Vulva paresthesia/ tingling, Vulva rash (3 causes), Vulva swelling (1 cause), Vulva symptoms (20 causes), Vulva symptoms in pregnancy, Vulva tingling/ paresthesias, Vulvae pruritis, Vulvae pruritis in pregnancy, Vulvae pruritus, Vulval mass, Vulval swelling (2 causes), Vulval Ulceration, Vulvar lesion (1 cause), Vulvitis, Vulvitis in pregnancy, Vulvovaginitis (1 cause), Vulvovaginitis in pregnancy, Waddling gait in pregnancy, Walking symptoms in pregnancy, Weakness in pregnancy, Weals in pregnancy, Weeping in pregnancy, Weight gain in pregnancy, Weight loss in pregnancy, Wheezing in pregnancy, White stool in pregnancy, Wrist itch in pregnancy, Wrist lump in pregnancy, Wrist pain in pregnancy, Wrist swelling in pregnancy, Wrist weakness in pregnancy, Yellow eye discharge in pregnancy, Yellow eyes in pregnancy, Yellow skin in pregnancy, Yellow vaginal discharge (3 causes), Yellow vaginal discharge in pregnancy, Yellowish tinge to skin and eyes in pregnancy, Sudden onset of foul smelling vaginal discharge, Antalgic gait in adults, Cervix bleeding, Cervix blister, Cervix bruise, Cervix burning sensation, Cervix deformity, Cervix itch, Cervix lump, Cervix obstruction, Cervix pain, Cervix rash, Cervix redness, Cervix spasm, Cervix swelling, Cervix weakness, Chlamydia in pregnancy, Corpus luteum hematoma, External os bleeding, External os blister, External os bruise, External os burning sensation, External os deformity, External os infection, External os inflammation, External os itch, External os lump, External os obstruction, External os pain, External os rash, External os redness, External os spasm, External os swelling, External os ulcer, External os weakness, Internal os bleeding, Internal os blister, Internal os bruise, Internal os burning sensation, Internal os deformity, Internal os infection, Internal os inflammation, Internal os itch, Internal os lump, Internal os pain, Internal os rash, Internal os redness, Internal os spasm, Internal os swelling, Internal os ulcer, Internal os weakness, Respiratory symptoms in pregnancy, Vulval area bleeding, Vulval area blister, Vulval area bruise, Vulval area burning sensation, Vulval area infection, Vulval area inflammation, Vulval area numb, Vulval area rash, Vulval area redness, Vulval area sensitive, Vulval area tingling, Vulval area ulcer, Eczema in pregnancy, Endometritis, Female genital symptoms (508 causes), Female reproductive symptoms (694 causes), Unusual hunger in a woman who is pregnant, Yellow stool in pregnancy, Sudden onset of spastic gait in adults, Systolic ejection murmur in pregnancy, Tender, fixed adenexal mass, Gradual onset of abnormal gait in adults, Gradual onset of cervical stenosis, Grape like vesicles per vagina, Hirsutism in polycystic ovarian disease, Mild dyspareunia, Painful breast and nipple in pregnancy, Sudden onset of cervical stenosis, Sudden onset of scissor gait in adults, Sudden onset of sensory ataxia in adults, Sudden onset of menstrual abnormalities, Not getting a period, Severe continuous abdominal pain in pregnancy, Scrotal rash, bleeding after sex (13 causes), cervix inflammation (1 cause), cervix infection, cervix ulcer (1 cause), cervicitis (3 causes), Absent anal opening (25 causes), Low birth weight in infants, Oral lesions at birth in infants, Clinodactyly (144 causes), Congenital penile anomalies, neonatal mortality, macrosomia, Birth prematurity, High birth weight in infants, small baby (217 causes), low-birth weight (138 causes), Arachnodactyly (25 causes), Camptodactyly (162 causes), Delayed separation of umbilicus in children, Congenital hearing loss in children, chancre (5 causes), penile sores (1 cause), heavy menstruation (2 causes), itchy vagina, PMS, Delayed puberty (150 causes), menopause symptoms (11 causes), Vaginal bleeding before normal menarche in children, Vaginal bleeding after menarche in children, Early puberty (4 causes), Bilateral adnexal tenderness, Precocious puberty in male children, Vaginal discharge after onset of puberty in children, Puberty symptoms (187 causes), Vaginal discharge before onset of puberty in children, Pubertal delay in children, Delayed sexual development (23 causes), Precocious puberty in female children, Sudden onset of precocious puberty, Abnormal vaginal discharge (6 causes), Vaginal discharge in children, painful sexual intercourse (5 causes), Sudden onset of itchy vagina, Painful intercourse (41 causes), Anemia in fetus (3 causes), Constant vaginal discharge in children, Sudden onset of itchy vagina in children, Itchy vagina in children, Unusual vaginal discharge odour in children, Unusual vaginal discharge odor in children, dyspareunia (16 causes), Angular cheilitis, Fishy vaginal discharge odor in children, Heartburn after exercise in pregnancy, Chlamydial infection, Scrotum ulcer, Scrotum infection, Penis burning sensation, Urogenital sinuses (13 causes), Swollen testis, Scrotum swelling, Ejaculate blood, Chronic prostate-related urinary dribbling, Ambiguous genitalia in children, Prostate deformity, Testicle Rash, Testicle pain in children, Prostate inflammation (1 cause), Intermittent herpes-like genital ulcers, Urogenital triangle bleeding, Prostate bruise, Prostate disorder, Herpes-like genital ulcers, Boggy enlarged prostate, Penis ulcer (1 cause), Penis swelling (4 causes), Testicular atrophy (2 causes), Recurring herpes-like genital symptoms, Pain in the penis, Missing testicle (4 causes), Intermittent chronic herpes-like genital pain, Foreskin symptoms (2 causes), Acute torsion of testis, Testis sensitive, Mild herpes-like genital ulcers, Irritation of scrotum skin, Intermittent prostate-related urinary symptoms, Intermittent prostate blockage like symptoms, Chronic herpes-like genital pain, Impotence (61 causes), Semen symptoms (20 causes), Penile Burning Sensation (1 cause), Urogenital triangle inflammation, Testis burning sensation, Scrotum itch, Undescended testicle (2 causes), Recurring herpes-like genital rash, Prostate-related urinary symptoms, Prostate blockage like symptoms, Genital lesions in male, Foreskin rash, Delayed ejaculation, Ejaculation symptoms (39 causes), Urogenital triangle tingling, Urogenital triangle bruise, Severe herpes-like genital symptoms, Recurring herpes-like penile ulcers, Mild chronic herpes-like genital pain, Genital rash in children, Testis ulcer, Testis infection, Recurring prostate symptoms, Mild prostate-related urinary symptoms, Mild prostate blockage like symptoms, Intermittent prostate-related urinary dribbling, Penis pain (17 causes), Scrotum blister, Prostate lump (4 causes), Sudden onset of scrotal swelling, Severe herpes-like genital rash, Prostate-related urinary dribbling, Chronic herpes-like genital symptoms, Acute testicular pain in children, Bent penis (4 causes), Prostate burning sensation, Penis redness (1 cause), Severe herpes-like penile ulcers, Scrotal Ulcer, Scrotal swelling (1 cause), Benign prostate hypertrophy, Acute herpes-like penile ulcers, Penis blister, Testicle Coldness, Severe prostate symptoms, Recurring prostate-related weak urinary stream, Mild prostate-related urinary dribbling, Chronic herpes-like genital rash, Acute prostate symptoms, Genital bruise, Recurring prostate pain symptoms, Prostate ulcer, Prostate swelling, Prostate infection, Testicle Bruise, Scrotum rash (1 cause), Inhibited ejaculation, Induration of the prostate, Gradual onset of scrotal swelling, Chronic herpes-like penile ulcers, Erectile dysfunction (12 causes), Penile Itch (1 cause), Penis symptoms (337 causes), Penis discharge (8 causes), Testis itch, Testicular pain (5 causes), Genital sores in children, Chronic prostate symptoms, Acute prostatitis, genital itching (20 causes), Urogenital triangle sensitivity, Urogenital triangle burning sensation, Severe prostate-related weak urinary stream, Persistent painful erection, Lump in the testicle, Acute prostate-related weak urinary stream, Testis redness, Severe prostate pain symptoms, Acute prostate pain symptoms, Urogenital triangle ulcer, Urogenital triangle infection, Testis blister, Scrotum numb, Scrotal swelling in children, Intermittent herpes-like genital symptoms, Enlarged testicle (9 causes), Chronic prostate-related weak urinary stream, Bloody semen (19 causes), Scrotal redness, Prostate itch, Prostate pain (1 cause), Herpes-like genital symptoms, Genital bruise in children, Chronic prostate pain symptoms, Bloody ejaculation (1 cause), Scrotum bleeding, Testicle lump (3 causes), Intermittent herpes-like genital rash, Penile rash (7 causes), Testis rash, Prostate redness, Tender enlarged prostate, Small testicle (66 causes), Retrograde Ejaculation, Premature ejaculation, Mild herpes-like genital symptoms, Intermittent herpes-like penile ulcers, Herpes-like genital rash, Genital itching in children, Constant scrotal pain, Anogenital pruritus, Painful erection (3 causes), Prostate blister, Tensed enlarged prostate, Recurring herpes-like genital ulcers, Penis rash in children, Intermittent prostate symptoms, Herpes-like penile ulcers, Scrotum inflammation, Testicular nodules, Testicle swelling (7 causes), Scrotal pain in children, Prostate symptoms (7 causes), Mild herpes-like genital rash, Epididymal nodules, Scrotum tingling, Scrotum bruise, Recurring chronic herpes-like genital pain, Mild herpes-like penile ulcers, Urogenital triangle redness, Prostate rash, Penis deformity (3 causes), Severe herpes-like genital ulcers, Recurring prostate-related urinary symptoms, Recurring prostate blockage like symptoms, Prostatitis (1 cause), Mild prostate symptoms, Intermittent prostate-related weak urinary stream, Foreskin tingling/ paresthesia, Foreskin paresthesia/ tingling, Male genital symptoms (420 causes), Urogenital triangle blister, Testis Scrotum numb, Prostate-related weak urinary stream, Intermittent prostate pain symptoms, Hypogenitalism in children, Testis bleeding, Severe chronic herpes-like genital pain, Prostatic rigidity, Prostate pain symptoms, Chronic herpes-like genital ulcers, Acute epididymitis, Ambiguous Genitalia (55 causes), Warm enlarged prostate, Underdeveloped scrotum (38 causes), Testicle pain (13 causes), Testicle Itch, Severe prostate-related urinary symptoms, Severe prostate blockage like symptoms, Recurring prostate-related urinary dribbling, Prostatic enlargement, Mild prostate-related weak urinary stream, Genital ulcer in children, Acute prostate-related urinary symptoms, Acute prostate blockage like symptoms, Decreased penile sensation, Urogenital triangle rash, Swollen testes (24 causes), Scrotal mass, Mild prostate pain symptoms, Genital lesions in the male, Testis inflammation, Scrotum sensitive, Discharge from penis, Chronic prostate-related urinary symptoms, Chronic prostate blockage like symptoms, Bacterial prostatitis, Penile Tingling, Penile Bruise (1 cause), Testis tingling, Testis bruise, Scrotum burning sensation, Prostate bleeding, Severe prostate-related urinary dribbling, Acute prostate-related urinary dribbling, Penis sensitive, Testicle symptoms (243 causes), Foreskin itch, Priapism (1 cause), Penile tingling/ paresthesias, Reduced sperm count (9 causes), Painful ejaculation (26 causes), Cryptorchidism in children, penis infection, Constant testicular pain, Sperm symptoms (30 causes), penis inflammation (1 cause), Spermatocele, penis lump (2 causes)

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